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  1. Genetic evidence fails to discriminate between Macroramphosus gracilis Lowe 1839 and Macroramphosus scolopax Linnaeus 1758 in Portuguese waters

    Robalo, J. I.; Sousa-Santos, C.; Cabral, H.; Castilho, Rita; Almada, V. C.
    Fish belonging to the genus Macroramphosus are distributed throughout the Atlantic, Indian and PaciWc oceans. Some authors consider this genus monotypic, Macroramphosus scolopax being the only valid species. Other authors consider (based on several morphological and ecological characters) that another species (Macroramphosus gracilis) exists and occurs frequently in sympatry with the Wrst one. Intermediate forms are also reported in literature. In this paper, using the mitochondrial control region and the nuclear Wrst S7 intron markers, we failed to Wnd genetic diVerences between individuals considered to belong to both species as well as the intermediate forms. Our results suggest that in...
    - 07-jun-2018

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