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  1. An Evolving View of Access

    Connell, Tschera Harkness
    Professorial Lecture of Tschera Harkness Connell, Head, Digital Content Services, The Ohio State University Libraries.

  2. An Academic Librarian in the Expanding Universe of Knowledge

    El-Sherbini, Magda
    Professorial Lecture of Magda El-Sherbini, Head of Collection Description and Access, The Ohio State University Libraries.

  3. On The Job: Reflections on One Librarian’s Career Experiences

    Bradigan, Pamela S.
    Professorial Lecture of Pamela S. Bradigan, AVP, Office of Health Sciences / Director, Health Sciences Library, The Ohio State University.

  4. Bind Us Together: Collections of Congregational Song Made Known

    Schneider, Tina
    Professorial Lecture of Tina Schneider, Director, Lima Campus Library, The Ohio State University. The lecture covers what makes hymns and hymnals different from other types of bibliographic items, and how the database works to help people find hymns and hymnals. The variety of pairs of texts and tunes, in addition to poetic liberties taken with hymn texts over the years, complicates the process of finding hymns. However, their study can trace theological, musical, and social trends among various denominations and religions. With the development of the Dictionary of North American Hymnology, and its pairing with, hymn texts and...

  5. Is Library User Privacy still Paramount in the 2.0 Era?

    Zimmer, Michael
    Traditionally, the context of the library brings with it specific norms of information flow regarding library patron activity, including a longstanding professional commitment to user privacy. In the library, a patron's intellectual activities are protected by decades of established norms and practices intended to preserve patron privacy and confidentiality. However, these norms are being increasingly challenged as libraries embrace Web 2.0 and "big data" paradigms and platforms to better serve users. These new so-called "Library 2.0" services promise to improve the delivery of library services and enhance patron activities, yet require the tracking, collecting, retaining, and sharing of large amounts...

  6. Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Global Information Flow

    Donovan, Maureen H.
    Professorial Lecture of Maureen Donovan, Japanese Studies Librarian and Professor, The Ohio State University Libraries

  7. Research Ethics, the Law, and the Use of Social Networking Sites for Academic Research Purposes

    Solberg, Lauren
    Presentation by Lauren Solberg, Assistant Vice President of Human Subjects Protection & Research Integrity at Meharry Medical College, describing the uses of social networking sites for academic research purposes, and exploring both the ethical and legal implications of such uses.

  8. Exploring Consumer Roles in Digital Curation

    McGovern, Nancy Y.
    Presentation by Nancy Y. McGovern, Head of Curation and Preservation Services at MIT Libraries, that considers relevant trends in research libraries and incorporates information and findings from the Dissemination Information Packages (DIPS) for Information Reuse (DIPIR) project.

  9. By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X in Life, Death, and Historical Memory

    Jeffries, Hasan Kwame, 1973-
    Forty years after the death of Malcolm X, his influence is still motivating and influencing individuals all around the world in their struggles for respect and human rights. In this lecture, History Professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries sheds some light on the life of Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabbaz, better known as Malcolm X. His talk will include a discussion of the controversy generated by Professor Manning Marable's book "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention" and will feature audios of some of Malcolm's most important speeches.

  10. Flipping the Model: Making Noise in the Library

    Van Orsdel, Lee C.
    Presentation by Lee Van Orsdel, Dean of University Libraries at Grand Valley State University, discussing plans to build a new main library based on observations of student learning behavior, changing classroom assignments, rising employer expectations, the pervasive influence of media, and other non-traditional ideas.

  11. The Office of Research, Roles and Responsibilities

    Agnoli, Jeffrey
    Presentation by Jeff Agnoli, Senior Staff Training and Development Specialist, discussing the role of The Office of Research in stimulating new research, assisting researchers with identifying new sources of external funding, opportunities for internal and external collaboration and other research support services.

  12. The Library's Role as a 21st-Century Publisher

    Kennison, Rebecca
    Presentation by Rebecca Kennison, Director of the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship at Columbia University, discussing the current state of library publishing and highlighting recent innovations at the Columbia University Libraries in producing scholarly journals, monographic works, and conference proceedings.

  13. Creating the Future through Understanding and Engaging Difference

    Deiss, Kathryn
    Embracing diversity is seen as an unequivocal good. Making diversity one of the keystones of library strategy, however, is not only good – it is a source of power. This presentation describes research that points to diverse workforces having competitive, creative, and strategic advantage and provide stimulus for conversation at The Ohio State University Libraries about what it means to have diversity as part of strategic direction. What does "diversity" mean in action, word, and initiative? Some starting points for dialogue at OSU Libraries will be included. Kathryn Deiss, the presenter, is the Association of College and Resource Libraries' (ACRL)...

  14. The New Research Library: Reading And Writing Spaces for Creating Knowledge

    Boomgaarden, Wesley L.; Confar, Pete; Fields, Anne M.; Lehman, Andrew; Robb, Jenny E.; Walsh, Maureen P.
    Video requires Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or Flash Player to view.

  15. Inside Afghanistan and Pakistan: Political Connections, Pashtun Nationalism and the Taliban

    Herrmann, Richard
    Richard Herrmann, Director of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies and Social and Behavioral Sciences Distinguished Professor of Political Science, will discuss the politics of Afghanistan and Pakistan in conjunction with the Three Cups of Tea book event sponsored by First Year Experience. His talk will cover political connections between Afghanistan and Pakistan, including analysis of the connections between the Taliban and Pashtun nationalism in both countries. Herrmann concentrates on international relations and political psychology. He has written about the role of perception and imagery in foreign policy as well as on the importance of nationalism and identity politics...

  16. 2020 Vision: The Future of Scholarship and Publishing Brochure

    Ohio State University. Libraries
    The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.

  17. The Mystery of the Holy Grail: Crossing the Sword Bridge to a Solution

    Scavone, Daniel, 1934-
    The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.

  18. A Search for Value: An Analysis of Popular Interest in Richard Byrd's First Antarctic Expedition, 1928-1930

    Goerler, Raimund E. (Raimund Erhard), 1948-
    Subsequently published as: Proceedings of the International Polar Libraries Colloquy.

  19. Art Pottery Archaeology in Ohio : Potential & Constraints

    Murphy, James L., 1941-
    The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.

  20. Fostering Innovations in Technical Services and Collections

    Diedrichs, Carol Pitts
    Originally presented: October 1, 2002

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