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1. IL-1 polymorphisms may predict unsuccessful dental implants? - Paula Vaz; João Sampaio Fernandes; AC Braga; Maria João Ponces; António Felino

2. Feasibility of reusing orthodontic bands after trial in the mouth - Control of cross infection. - Helena Rodrigues; Maria João Ponces; M. Henriques; Pedro Mesquita; Jorge Lopes
AIM: To evaluate the effectiveness of two methods of sterilization and disinfection of orthodontic bands, after use in the mouth. Simultaneously, the protocol of the Department of Orthodontics, Dental Faculty, Oporto University (DO-DFOU) was tested. MATERIALS AND METHOD: Thirty-five orthodontic bands were placed on the first molars of 10 individuals. They were removed from the mouth and five were separated for the positive control. The remaining 30 bands were immersed in an ultrasonic bath with disinfectant (Elusept®) for 15 minutes and then divided into three groups. The first served as disinfection control, the second and third were subjected to additional sterilization...

3. IL1 gene polymorphims and dental implant unsucess.[Poster] - Sampaio-Fernandes J.; Paula Vaz; M Gallas; AC Braga; António Felino; MP Tavares

4. Cone beam computed tomography and prosthodontic rehabilitation of cleidocranial dysostosis - Paula Vaz; Maria João Ponces; Inês Côrte-Real; Afonso Pinhão Ferreira; José Reis Campos
The aim of this study is to present a clinical case of a male patient with cleiodocranial dysostosis, in which the cone beam tomography was crucial in the decision making regarding the type of prosthetic rehabilitation to establish.

5. MOUTHGUARD FOR ORTHODONTIC PATIENT TRUMPET PLAYER - Maria João Ponces; Saúl Matos Castro; Maria Cristina Pollmann; Paula Vaz; Jorge Lopes
Mouthguards reduce the occurrence and the severity of damages on intraoral tissues absorbing and diffusing the energy of the impact. The brass instruments, also known as 'lip-vibrated instruments, are played by propelling air through sealed lips. The pressure applied on the lips can cause damage and bruising. The use of mouthguards can prevent those injuries producing some relief on orthodontics patients playing those instruments. The aim of this work was to describe the procedures to construct a custom mouthguard for orthodontic patient trumpet player (MOPTP) that prevents injuries on soft tissues while it allows simultaneously orthodontic tooth movement and a...

6. A clinical study of condylar position of three biotypological facial groups. - Maria João Ponces; Afonso Pinhão Ferreira; José Pedro Tavares; Paula Vaz; Jorge Lopes
Objectives: Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment related to the orthopaedic position of centric relation (CR) requires a comprehensive study of the condylar position (Roth, 1981; Cordray, 2006). According to the craniofacial architecture, the hyperdivergent facial type seems to be more prone to condyle displacement than other facial groups. Therefore, it was put into hypothesis that it is on the hyperdivergent type that the centric slide (CS) is more frequent and wider. This work intended to investigate and compare CS on an hyperdivergent, an hypodivergent and an intermediate group. Materials and methods: The displacement from CR to centric occlusion (CO) namely CS...

7. Tricho-dento-osseous syndrme phenotype

8. Solitary Central Incisor: craniofacial evaluation and treatment planning - Paula Vaz; Ponces, MJ; Carlos Pintado; Nídia Silva; Afonso Pinhão Ferreira

9. Custom brass instrument player mouthguard for orthodontic patient - Ponces, MJ; Paula Vaz; Luís Loureiro; Daniela Afonso; Jorge Dias Lopes

10. Root resorption in orthodontics - Genetic susceptibility? - Ponces, MJ; Paula Vaz; Fred Pinheiro; Inês Côrte-Real; Purificação Tavares


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