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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Structure des populations de renard roux, Vulpes vulpes, dans le sud de la Belgique en relation avec l'enzootie rabique et les campagnes de vaccination orale

    AFIADEMANYO, Komlan; Libois, Roland; Brochier, Bernard; Coppens, Paul; Pastoret, Paul-Pierre
    From 1989 to 1991, 549 fox carcasses were examined in oder to assess the impact of rabies control measures (oral vaccination with VVTGgRAB recombinant vaccinia-rabies virus). Their age was determined using a lower canine tooth. The distinction between young and adults was made on radiographs, measuring the relative importance of the pulp cavity. Adult animals were aged by counting the annual growth cementum layers in tooth sections. The sex-ratio is in favour of the males and the age-pyramid is a large-base flattened one, with more than 60% of young (< 1 year) animals. Life expectancy at birth is 1.14 y....

  2. Competitively Neutral Universal Service Obligations

    Gautier, Axel; Wauthy, Xavier
    Peer reviewed

  3. Pathologies canalaires et sport (CIU de Médecine du sport et de Kinésithérapie)

    WANG, François-Charles

  4. ENMG appliquée à la pathologie (Second Master Médecine)

    WANG, François-Charles

  5. Techniques d'ENMG (Second Master Médecine)

    WANG, François-Charles

  6. Evolution des populations de blaireaux (Meles meles) dans le Luxembourg belge au cours de la période 1986/1988

    Bauduin, Bernard; Brochier, Bernard; Paquot, Anne; Libois, Roland; Ryelandt, Daniel; Thomas, Isabelle; Pastoret, Paul-Pierre
    During the years '86 to '88, 192 badger dens were visited in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium. Ninety of them were occupied by badgers. The previous census ('82/'85) revealed only 66 inhabited setts. The situation of the species seems therefore better now. That small population increase is thought to be the consequence of the change in the rabies control policy. Systematic gassing of dens was stopped in 1982 and oral vaccination of foxes started in 1986. Three vaccination campaigns were conducted in 1986 and 1987 in an area extending along the border of the grand duchy of Luxembourg and...

  7. Characterisation of hydroxyapatite powders and grain surface functionalisation using TEOS

    Ozhukil Kollath, Vinayaraj; Traina, Karl; Boschini, Frédéric; Cloots, Rudi

  8. Carte géologique de la wallonie à l'échelle 1:25 000. Notice explicative. Huy-Nandrin n°48/3-4

    Mottequin, Bernard; Marion, Jean-Marc
    Révision et 2ème édition

  9. The Code of conduct on invasive plants in Belgium

    Halford, Mathieu; Mathys, Catherine; Heemers, Leen; Vanderhoeven, Sonia; Branquart, Etienne; Van Gossum, Hans; Beck, Olivier; Collin, Claire; Wallens, Sabine; Rebella, Damien; Mahy, Grégory

  10. Politiques de la littérature : Sartre, Bourdieu, Foucault

  11. Linguistic variation in Ancient Egyptian. An introduction to the state of the art (with special attention to the community of Deir el-Medina)

    Polis, Stéphane
    Peer reviewed

  12. Spin-orbit alignment in planetary systems: what can we learn from resolved debris disks?

    Absil, Olivier
    Since the first detection of the spectroscopic transit of a hot Jupiter by Queloz et al. (2000), the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect, which allows the measurement of the sky-projected angle between the stellar rotation axis and a planet's orbit axis, has been investigated for a large number of planetary systems. These observations have lead to the detection of spin-orbit misalignments for many hot Jupiters, and even of retrograde orbits in some cases (e.g., Triaud et al. 2010). Such misalignments are generally interpreted as the signature of either Kozai migration, or of planet-planet scattering followed by inward migration of the planet (e.g., Morton...

  13. 'Gomorra' e l'estetica documentale nel nuovo millennio

    Ricciardi, Stefania
    Peer reviewed

  14. Circadian preference modulates the neural substrate of conflict processing across the day

    Schmidt, Christina; Peigneux, Philippe; Leclercq, Yves; Sterpenich, Virginie; Vandewalle, Gilles; Phillips, Christophe; Berthomier, Pierre; Berthomier, Christian; Tinguely, Gilberte; Gais, Steffen; Schabus, Manuel; Desseilles, Martin; Dang Vu, Thien Thanh; Salmon, Eric; Degueldre, Christian; Balteau, Evelyne; Luxen, André; Cajochen, Christian; Maquet, Pierre; Collette, Fabienne
    Peer reviewed

  15. Application of Lactoperoxidase system against Botrytis cinerea and Penicillum expansum, 2 fungal pathogens infecting apples

    Bafort, Françoise; Perraudin, Jean-Paul; Jijakli, Haissam
    Peer reviewed

  16. Situation des industries agroalimentaires de proximité en RDC

    Malumba Kamba, Paul; Bera, François; Sindic, Marianne

  17. Posidonia oceanica, a usefull tool to biomonitor the pollution of Mediterranean coastal areas by trace elements

    Richir, Jonathan; Biondo, Renzo; Bouquegneau, Jean-Marie; Gobert, Sylvie

  18. Report of the OECD Workshop on Statistical Analysis of Aquatic Toxicity Data

    Halleux, Isabelle; Bornatowicz, Norbert; Grillitsch, Britta; Delbeke, Katrien; Janssen, Colin; Atkinson, Glen; Delorme, Peter; Moore, Dwayne; Hansen, Claus; Holst, Helle; Jagers op Akkerhuis, Gerard; Nyholm, Niels; Braunschweiler, Hannu; Férard, Jean-François; Vindimian, Eric; Lange, Arno W.; Martin, Sabine; Ratte, Toni; Streloke, Martin; Marchini, Silvia; Bedaux, Jacques; Bogers, Rinus; van Leeuwen, Cees J.; Spikkerud, Erlend; Moliner, Enrique Andreu; Dahl, Björn; Lindqvist, Lars; Fisch, Roland D.; Crane, Marc; Fenlon, John S.; Riddle, Andrew; Sparks, Tim; Clements, Richard G.; Farrar, David; Newman, Michael C.; Harras, Michael C.; Maisch, Roland; Jaworska, Joanna; Van Egmond, Roger; Steward, Kathleen M.; Tattersfield, Lisa; Romijn, Kees; Isnard, Pascal; Joermann, Gerhard; Kooijman, Bas; Meister; Tarazona, José; Touart, Les; Chapman, Peter; Park, Simon; Grandy, Nicky; Huet, Marie-Chantal
    OECD Environmental Health and Safety Publications

  19. L'anti-magie de Salman Rushdie

    Delrez, Marc

  20. Sequencing of Bovine herpesvirus 4 V.test strain reveals important genome features

    Palmeira, Leonor; Machiels, Bénédicte; Lété, Céline; Vanderplasschen, Alain; Gillet, Laurent
    Peer reviewed

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