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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (216,373 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Life sciences => Environmental sciences & ecology

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1. Comparative study of the methane production based on the chemical composition of Mangifera Indica and Manihot Utilissima leaves - Mambanzulua Ngoma, Philippe; Hiligsmann, Serge; Sumbu Zola, Eric; Culot, Marc; Fievez, Thierry; Thonart, Philippe
Peer reviewed

2. Habitat use by white-thighed colobus in the Kikélé sacred forest: ativity budget, feeding ecology and selection of sleeping trees - Djègo-Djossou, Sylvie; Koné, I; Fandohan, A.B.; Djègo, J.G.; Huynen, Marie-Claude; Sinsin, Brice
Peer reviewed

3. Kin recognition and inbreeding avoidance in a butterfly - Fischer; Karl, Isabell; Heuskin, Stéphanie; Janowitz, Susann; Dötterl, Stefan
Peer reviewed

4. Different responses of bees and hoverflies to land use in an urban–rural gradient show the importance of the nature of the rural land use - Verboven, Hans; Uyttenbroeck, Roel; Brys, Rein; Hermy, Martin
Peer reviewed

5. Large predatory marine reptiles from the Albian–Cenomanian of Annopol, Poland - Bardet, Nathalie; Fischer, Valentin; Machalski, Marcin
Peer reviewed

6. Global parasite and Rattus rodent invasions: The consequences for rodent-borne diseases - Morand, Serge; Bordes, Frédéric; Chen, Hsuan-Wien; Claude, Julien; Cosson, Jean-François; Galan, Maxime; Czirják, Gábor Á.; Greenwood, Alex D.; Latinne, Alice; Michaux, Johan; Ribas, Alexis
Peer reviewed

7. Multi-decadal carbon and water relations of African tropical humid forests: a tree-ring stable isotope analysis - Hufkens, Koen; Helle, Gerd; de Haulleville, Thalès; Kearsley, Elizabeth; Boeckx, Pascal
Peer reviewed

8. Density variations and their influence on carbon stocks: case-study on two Biosphere Reserves in the Democratic Republic of Congo - De Ridder, Maaike; de Haulleville, Thalès; Kearsley, Elizabeth; Van den Bulcke, Jan; Van Acker, Joris; Beeckman, Hans
Peer reviewed

9. GISER- Gestion intégrée Sol Erosion Ruissellement - rapport d'activités année 4 - Demarcin, Pierre; Dewez, Arnaud; Maugnard, Alexandre; Pineux, Nathalie; Swerts, Gilles; Vilret, Amélie; Bielders, Charles; Degré, Aurore

10. How Tightly Linked Are Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae) Patches to Anthropogenic Disturbances in Southeastern Cameroon? - Bourland, Nils; Cerisier, François; Daïnou, Kasso; Livingstone Smith, Alexandre; Hubau, Wannes; Beeckman, Hans; Brostaux, Yves; Fayolle, Adeline; Biwolé, Achille; Feteke, Fousseni; Gillet, Jean-François; Morin-Rivat, Julie; Lejeune, Philippe; Ntoundé Tiba, Eric; Van Acker, Joris; Doucet, Jean-Louis
Peer reviewed

11. La gestion participative : vernis à la mode ou vrai outil de l'ingénieur ? - Vermeulen, Cédric

12. Assessment of the risk of dermal exposure to pesticide during treatment with a back-pack sprayer in the presence and absence of vegetation - Kadri, Z.; Sylla, S.; Lebeau, Frédéric; Schiffers, Bruno
Peer reviewed

13. Experimental Evidence of Large Changes in Terrestrial Chlorine Cycling Following Altered Tree Species Composition - Montelius, Malin; Thiry, Yves; Marang, Laura; Ranger, Jacques; Cornelis, Jean-Thomas; Svensson, Teresia; Bastviken, David
Peer reviewed

14. Combining remote sensing and ancillary data to improve species distribution models - Delangre, Jessica; Radoux, Julien; Jacquemin, Floriane; Dufrêne, Marc
Correlative distribution models are increasingly used in biological conservation. They often require the compilation of various environmental attributes (climate, topography, land cover,…), which can be very time-consuming. In the Lifewatch project, a database combining segmentation in homogeneous landscape units (“ecotopes”) and environmental attributes derived from regularly updated remote sensing data (land cover, potential solar energy,…) and other data sources (climate, topography,…) has been designed. Our aim was to assess the usefulness of this database for species distribution modelling and to propose further improvements. The distribution of ten species (four butterflies, three birds, two reptiles and one mammal) was modelled across...

15. Végetation aquatique et supra-aquatique des cours d'eau luxembourgeois - Sossey Alaoui, Khadija
La répartition des Macrophytes aquatiques (Phanérogames et Bryophytes) a été étudiée sur l’ensemble des cours d’eau luxembourgeois. Des prospections macrophytiques ont été réalisées pour 340 stations entre 2000 et 2003. Dans chacune d’entre elles, des paramètres mésologiques ont été mesurés et des analyses physico-chimiques des eaux ont été effectuées dans 63% des stations. La relation macrophytes-habitat a été envisagée selon deux approches : multidimensionnelle d’une part et par des profils écologiques d’autre part. Les principales espèces aquatiques et semi-aquatiques des rivières luxembourgeoises ont été classées en différents groupes par une Analyse Factorielle Multiple (AFM) sur base des descripteurs physico-chimiques et morpho-métriques impliqués...

16. Walphy, la restauration des cours d’eau en Wallonie: premiers retours d’expériences, Guide technique - Peeters, Alexandre; De le Court, Bernard; Verniers, Gisèle

17. Proteome variations in Macrobrachium rosenbergii exposed to chlordecone: a gel-free proteomic approach - Lafontaine, Anne; De Pauw, Edwin; Forget-Leray, Joelle; Thomé, Jean-Pierre

18. Relative expression of vitellogenin and vitellogenin-receptor genes in Macrobrachium rosenbergii exposed to chlordecone: an in-situ study case - Lafontaine, Anne

19. Globally, functional traits are weak predictors of juvenile tree growth, and we do not know why - Paine, C.E. Thimothy; Amissah, Lucy; Auge, Harald; Baraloto, Christopher; Baruffol, Martin; Bourland, Nils; Bruelheide, Helge; Daïnou, Kasso; de Gouvenain, Roland C.; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Doust, Susan; Fine, Paul V.A.; Fortunel, Claire; Haase, Joséphine; Holl, Karen D.; Jactel, Hervé; Li, Xuefei; Kitajima, Kaoru; Koricheva, Julia; Martinez-Garza, Cristina; Messier, Christian; Paquette, Alain; Philipson, Christopher; Piotto, Daniel; Poorter, Lourens; Posada, Juan M.; Potvin, Catherine; Rainio, Kalle; Russo, Sabrina E.; Ruiz-Jaen, Mariacarmen; Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael; Webb, Campbell O.; Wright, S. Joseph; Zahawi, Rakan A.; Hector, Andy
Peer reviewed

20. La géographie physique et les risques naturels : une introduction - Ozer, Pierre; Ozer, André
Peer reviewed

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