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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (185,679 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Life sciences => Environmental sciences & ecology

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1. Projet MAKALA "Gérer durablement la ressource bois-énergie" - Rapport annuel (septembre 2012 - septembre 2013) - Contribution du WP3 - Dubiez, Emilien; Peltier, Régis; Vermeulen, Cédric

2. Ecosystem services of mixed species forest stands and monocultures: comparing practitioners' and scientists' perceptions with formal scientific knowledge - Carnol, Monique; Baeten, Lander; Branquart, Etienne; Grégoire, Jean-Claude; Heughebaert, André; Muys, Bart; Ponette, Quentin; Verheyen, Kris
Peer reviewed

3. Feeding ecology of harpacticoid copepod species: Insights from stable isotopes analysis and fatty acid profiling - Mascart, Thibaud; De Troch, Marleen; Remy, François; Lepoint, Gilles
Understanding how biodiversity influence ecosystem functioning is a major research question in current ecology research. Trophic diversity within communities strongly affects ecosystem functioning through trophic interactions between species. Various studies tackled ecosystem functioning via interactions between trophic guilds such as bottom-up and top-down control. However, few studies focussed on interspecific variability in the feeding ecology of organisms with overlapping trophic niche. Here, we in a North-Western Corsican Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadow and its variability over one year. The extensive P. oceanica meadows are occasionally interrupted by bare sand patches which serve as deposition and accumulation area for detritus, mainly...

4. Projet MAKALA "Gérer durablement la ressource bois-énergie" - Huitième rapport narratif - Fin de projet - Marien, Jean-Noël; Schure, Jolien; Dubiez, Emilien; Bisiaux, Franck; Vermeulen, Cédric; Peltier, Régis; Louppe, Dominique

5. Seasonal variability of meiofauna, especially harpacticoid copepods, in Posidonia oceanica macrophytodetritus accumulations - Mascart, Thibaud; Lepoint, Gilles; Deschoemaeker, Silke; Binard, Marc; Remy, François; De Troch, Marleen
Peer reviewed

6. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of photovoltaic panels: A review - Gerbinet, Saïcha; Belboom, Sandra; Léonard, Angélique
Peer reviewed

7. Boues de vidange des fosses septiques: Caractérisation et voies de valorisation-Cas du Burundi - Nsavyimana, Gaston
Peer reviewed

8. Co-digestion anaérobie des boues de vidange des fosses septiques avec les déchets des marchés fermentescibles - Nsavyimana, Gaston
Peer reviewed

9. Intraspecific variation of copper tolerance of four endemic plant species from the katangan Copperbelt (D. R. Congo) - Boisson, Sylvain; garin, olivier; Seleck, Maxime; Le Stradic, Soizig; Mahy, Grégory
Peer reviewed

10. Comparison of Indicators to Evaluate the Resilience of Lab Scale Continuously Stirred Anaerobic Reactors Submitted to Biological Dysfunctions - Lemaigre, Sébastien; Adam, Gilles; Goux, Xavier; Delfosse, Philippe

11. Diversity of Bacterial Communities in a Profile of a Winter Wheat Field: Known and Unknown Members - Stroobants, Aurore; Degrune, Florine; Olivier, Claire; Muys, Céline; Roisin, Christian; Colinet, Gilles; Bodson, Bernard; Portetelle, Daniel; Vandenbol, Micheline
Peer reviewed

12. Programmes d’inventaire et de surveillance des invertébrés en Wallonie (objectifs, structure et résultats) - Dufrêne, Marc

13. Carrières & Biodiversité - Les pelouses sèches - Harzé, Mélanie; Boisson, Sylvain; Halford, Mathieu; Le Stradic, Soizig; Monty, Arnaud; Piqueray, Julien; Pitz, Carline; Seleck, Maxime; Mahy, Grégory

14. Carrières & Biodiversité - Les plantes invasives - Halford, Mathieu; Boisson, Sylvain; Harzé, Mélanie; Le Stradic, Soizig; Mahy, Grégory; Piqueray, Julien; Pitz, Carline; Seleck, Maxime; Monty, Arnaud

15. Carrières & Biodiversité - Les plans d'eau - Boisson, Sylvain; Harzé, Mélanie; Halford, Mathieu; Le Stradic, Soizig; Monty, Arnaud; Piqueray, Julien; Pitz, Carline; Seleck, Maxime; Mahy, Grégory

16. Carrières & Biodiversité - Les falaises et éboulis - Seleck, Maxime; Boisson, Sylvain; Harzé, Mélanie; Halford, Mathieu; Le Stradic, Soizig; Monty, Arnaud; Piqueray, Julien; Pitz, Carline; Mahy, Grégory

17. Carrières & Biodiversité - Les arènes minérales - Piqueray, Julien; Boisson, Sylvain; Halford, Mathieu; Harzé, Mélanie; Le Stradic, Soizig; Monty, Arnaud; Pitz, Carline; Seleck, Maxime; Mahy, Grégory

18. Évaluation de la sensibilité des sols au transfert des pesticides vers les eaux souterraines en Wallonie (Belgique) avec le métamodèle MetaPEARL - Bah, Boubacar Billo; Mattern, Samuel; Vanclooster, Marnik; Oger, Robert
Peer reviewed

19. Islands as reference stations for environmental studies: the case of Calvi Bay in Corsica - Abadie, Arnaud; Gobert, Sylvie; Lejeune, Pierre
Islands are subject to human activities and their impacts on land and marine ecosystems. They are also often isolated from some of the continental influences but on the other hand different kind of human activities can be concentrated in small areas. These characteristics make possible the management of many programs that use whole islands, or some of their parts, as a reference station for environmental studies. From this perspective, the program STARE-CAPMED has begun in 2012 at STARESO, an oceanographic research station established at Calvi Bay (Corsica) since the early 70’s. It aims to create a reference station for the...

20. Soil contamination near a former Zn-Pb ore-treatment plant: Evaluation of deterministic factors and spatial structures at the landscape scale - Liénard, Amandine; Brostaux, Yves; Colinet, Gilles
Peer reviewed

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