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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. A Comparison between four Techniques to Measure Cardiac Output

    Pironet, Antoine; Dauby, Pierre; Chase, J. Geoffrey; MORIMONT, Philippe; JANSSEN, Nathalie; LAMBERMONT, Bernard; Davidson, Shaun M.; Desaive, Thomas
    Peer reviewed

  2. Modelling afferent nerve responses to bladder filling

    Argungu, Maryam; Bayram, Saziye; Brook, Bindi; Chakrabarti, Buddhapriya; Clayton, Richard H; Daly, Donna M; Dyson, Rosemary J; Holloway, Craig; Manhas, Varun; Naire, Shailesh; Shearer, Tom; Simitev, Radostin D

  3. Preparation and characterization of sonosensitive nanoparticles for cavitation-aided therapeutics

    Manhas, Varun

  4. Efficient combination of feature networks

    Bellot, Pau; Meyer, Patrick
    Peer reviewed

  5. Study of Meta-Analysis Strategies for Network Inference using Information-Theoretic Approaches

    Pham, Cam Ngoc; Haibe-Kains; Bellot, Pau; Bontempi, Gianluca; Meyer, Patrick
    Peer reviewed

  6. A coupled electro-thermo-mechanical discontinuous Galerkin method applied on composite materials

    Homsi, Lina; Noels, Ludovic
    Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites have become increasingly important due to their unique properties which are appreciated in many practical applications such as low weight, low cost, low density, high mechanical characteristics. Moreover the range of their electrical conductivity can be controlled by the amount of carbon fibers. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites consist of at least two components, a polymer matrix (generally dielectric) and electrically conductive fillers. This combination results in multifunctional composites, both structural and conductive. The existence of the polymer matrix will avoid catastrophic failure due to fiber breaking, and the existence of the carbon fibers will...

  7. How do droplets form?

    Van Loo, Stéphanie; Stoukatch, Serguei; Kraft, Michael; Gilet, Tristan
    Peer reviewed

  8. The mysteries of droplet birth in microfluidic cross junctions

    Van Loo, Stéphanie; Gilet, Tristan
    In microfluidics, flow focusing is widely used to produce water-in-oil droplets in microchannels at high frequency. We here present an experimental study of droplet formation in a microfluidic cross-junction with a minimum number of geometrical parameters. We mostly focus on the dripping regime. The dynamics of droplet formation is composed of two distinct steps : filling and pinching. The duration of each step (and cor- responding volumes of each phase) are analyzed. They vary according to both water and oil flow rates. These variations reveal several insights about the fluid flows in both phases. We propose some scaling laws to...

  9. A Comparison between four Techniques to Measure Cardiac Output

    Pironet, Antoine; Dauby, Pierre; Chase, J. Geoffrey; MORIMONT, Philippe; JANSSEN, Nathalie; LAMBERMONT, Bernard; Davidson, Shaun M.; Desaive, Thomas

  10. Modelling Urban Expansion: A Multiple Urban-Densities Approach

    El Saeid Mustafa, Ahmed Mohamed; Saadi, Ismaïl; Cools, Mario; Teller, Jacques
    Peer reviewed

  11. Forecasting travel behavior using Markov Chains-based approaches

    Saadi, Ismaïl; El Saeid Mustafa, Ahmed Mohamed; Teller, Jacques; Cools, Mario
    Peer reviewed


    Coppieters't Wallant, Dorothé

  13. Lifetime stability study of a NIR hyperspectral imaging system

    Eylenbosch, Damien; Bodson, Bernard; Baeten, Vincent; Fernández Pierna, Juan Antonio

  14. Dynamics of a thin radial liquid flow

    De Cock, Nicolas; Massinon, Mathieu; Ouled Taleb Salah, Sofiene; Mercatoris, Benoît; Vetrano, Maria Rosaria; Lebeau, Frédéric
    Peer reviewed


    Boulanger, Christelle; Rahhal, Anabelle; Delfosse, Vincent; Lorquet, Cyril; Leclercq, Pierre
    Peer reviewed

  16. Capturing the wide variety of impaired fracture healing phenotypes in Neurofibromatosis Type 1 with eight key factors: a computational study.

    carlier, aurelie; brems, h.; ashbourn, j.m.a.; nica, i; legius, e; Geris, Liesbet
    Peer reviewed

  17. The combined mechanism of bone morphogenetic protein- and calcium phosphate-induced skeletal tissue formation by human periosteum derived cells.

    Bolander, J.; Ji, W.; Geris, Liesbet; Bloemen, V.; Chai, Y. C.; Schrooten, J.; Luyten, F. P.
    Peer reviewed

  18. Early BMP, Wnt and Ca(2+)/PKC pathway activation predicts the bone forming capacity of periosteal cells in combination with calcium phosphates.

    Bolander, Johanna; Chai, Yoke Chin; Geris, Liesbet; Schrooten, Jan; Lambrechts, Dennis; Roberts, Scott J.; Luyten, Frank P.
    Peer reviewed

  19. Computational modeling of bone fracture non-unions: four clinically relevant case studies.

    Carlier, Aurelie; Lammens, Johan; Van Oosterwyck, Hans; Geris, Liesbet
    Peer reviewed

  20. A comprehensive system of control characters for Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text in Unicode

    Nederhof, Mark-Jan; Rajan, Vinodh; Lang, Johannes; Polis, Stéphane; Rosmorduc, Serge; Richter, Tonio Sebastian; Hafemann, Ingelore; Schweitzer, Simon
    We propose a comprehensive system of control characters for encoding Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in Unicode.

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