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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (168.463 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Engineering, computing & technology => Multidisciplinary, general & others

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1. DIRECTED INFORMATION TRANSFER IN SCALP ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHIC RECORDINGS: INSIGHTS ON DISORDERS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Marinazzo, Daniele; Gosseries, Olivia; Boly, Mélanie; LEDOUX, Didier; Rosanova, Mario; Massimini, Marcello; Noirhomme, Quentin; Laureys, Steven
Peer reviewed

2. Boundary impedance adaptation for the acceleration of hybrid simulations of power systems - Plumier, Frédéric; Geuzaine, Christophe; Van Cutsem, Thierry

3. L'heure du bilan - Billen, Roland

4. 3D City Models and urban information: current issues and perspectives - Billen, Roland; Cutting-Decelle, Anne-Françoise; Marina, Ognen; de Almeida, José-Paulo; Caglioni, Matteo; Falquet, Gilles; Leduc, Thomas; Métral, Claudine; Moreau, Guillaume; Perret, Julien; Rabino, Giovanni; San Jose, Roberto; Yatskiv, Irina; Zlatanova, Sisi
Considering sustainable development of cities implies investigating cities in a holistic way taking into account many interrelations between various urban or environmental issues. 3D city models are increasingly used in different cities and countries for an intended wide range of applications beyond mere visualization. Could these 3D City models be used to integrate urban and environmental knowledge? How could they be improved to fulfill such role? We believe that enriching the semantics of current 3D city models, would extend their functionality and usability; therefore, they could serve as integration platforms of the knowledge related to urban and environmental issues allowing...

5. Analyse de la relation entre les propriétés mécaniques et la microstructure de matériaux cellulaires : contribution au développement d’une méthodologie basée sur le suivi microtomographique de tests de compression. - de Bien, Charlotte

6. « Product-oriented engineering » applied to the development of porous scaffolds for tissue engineering. - de Bien, Charlotte; Ounally, Thameur; Collard, Valérie; Jérôme, Christine; Léonard, Angélique; Toye, Dominique
Ce travail vise à appliquer une approche « génie-orienté produit » à la fabrication de matrices poreuses synthétiques (scaffolds) susceptibles d’être utilisées en ingénierie tissulaire [1]. Parmi les différents polymères biosourcés et biodégradables déjà utilisés pour la fabrication de scaffolds, l’acide polylactique (PLA) a été choisi [2]. Des matrices poreuses ont été obtenues par un procédé de moussage par lyophilisation puis leur microstructure 2D/3D a été caractérisée par microtomographie à rayons X avant d’être mise en lien avec les conditions d’élaboration testées [3]. La diminution de la porosité ainsi que l’augmentation de l’épaisseur des parois avec l’augmentation de rapport polymère/solvant...

7. MT-ClustalW: Multithreading multiple sequence alignment - Chaichoompu, Kridsadakorn; Kittitornkun, S.; Tongsima, S.
Peer reviewed

8. Multithreaded ClustalW with improved optimization for intel multi-core processor - Chaichoompu, Kridsadakorn; Kittitornkun, S.
Peer reviewed

9. Speedup bioinformatics applications on multicore-based processor using vectorizing and multithreading strategies. - Chaichoompu, Kridsadakorn; Kittitornkun, Surin; Tongsima, Sissades
Peer reviewed

10. Performance comparison of Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction: JVM vs. Native code - Chaichoompu, Kridsadakorn; Kittitornkun, Surin; Tongsima, Sissades
Peer reviewed

11. Bayesian method for predicting and modelling winter wheat biomass - Mansouri, Majdi; Dumont, Benjamin; Destain, Marie-France
Peer reviewed

12. X-ray microtomography: A porosity-based thresholding method to improve soil pore network characterization? - Beckers, Eléonore; Plougonven, Erwan; Roisin, Christian; Hapca, Simona; Léonard, Angélique; Degré, Aurore
Peer reviewed

13. Classification of positron emission tomography images using multiple kernel learning - Segovia-Román, Fermín; Bastin, Christine; Salmon, Eric; Phillips, Christophe
Peer reviewed

14. Bringing regenerating tissues to life: the importance of angiogenesis in tissue engineering - Carlier, Aurélie; Van Gastel, Nick; Geris, Liesbet; Carmeliet, Geert; Van Oosterwyck, Hans
Peer reviewed

15. Oxygen: a critical component of critically sized defects - Carlier, Aurélie; Van Gastel, Nick; Geris, Liesbet; Carmeliet, Geert; Van Oosterwyck, Hans
Peer reviewed

16. Characterization of tumor heterogeneity using bioimage informatics and 3D computational modeling - Stamatelos, Spyros; Carlier, Aurélie; Kim, Eugene; Pathak, Arvind; Popel, Aleksander
Peer reviewed

17. A mathematical model of the role of oxygen during normal and delayed fracture repair - Carlier, Aurélie; Van Gastel, Nick; Carmeliet, Geert; Geris, Liesbet; Van Oosterwyck, Hans
Peer reviewed

18. Congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia: a mathematical approach - Van Schepdael, An; Carlier, Aurélie; Ashbourn, Joanna; Nica, Ioana; Kerkhofs, Johan; Geris, Liesbet
Peer reviewed

19. Mathematical modeling od the mitral valve. From local to global hemodynamics - Paeme, Sabine
Mitral valve dysfunction is a relatively common heart disease which typically requires mechanical valve replacement, with consequent high social and economic costs. More specifically, ischemic mitral insufficiency following myocardial infarction has a dynamic behavior that can lead to failure in its detection in certain patients, creating a situation with increased risk of morbidity and mortality. Improving the tracking and the control of valvular pathologies is therefore crucial, as it offers significant opportunities to improve care, costs and prognosis for patients with this disease. To study heart and cardiac valve dysfunction, cardiologists need information about detailed pressure and flow dynamics around and...

20. X-ray Computed Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing - Wevers, Martine; Kerckhofs, Greet; Pyka, Gregory; Herremans, Els; Van Ende, Annelies; Hendrickx, Roel; Verstrynge, Els; Mariën, An; Valcke, Elie; Pareyt, Bram
Peer reviewed

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