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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Middle Ordovician cryptospores from the Saq-Hanadir transitional beds in the QSIM-801 well, Saudi Arabia

    Vecoli, M.; Wellman, C.H.; Gerrienne, Philippe; Le Hérissé, A.; Steemans, Philippe
    Peer reviewed

  2. A distinctive marginal marine palynological assemblage from the Pridoli of Northwestern Saudi Arabia

    Breuer, P.; Le Hérissé, A.; Paris, F.; Steemans, Philippe; Verniers, J.; Wellman, C.H.
    Peer reviewed

  3. Noël 2010 en Belgique : neige en Flandre et pluie en Haute-Ardenne

    Fettweis, Xavier; Wyard, Coraline; Doutreloup, Sébastien; Belleflamme, Alexandre
    Peer reviewed

  4. Ordovician to Early Devonian from South America: a state of the art - review

    Rubinstein, C.V.; Garcia Muro, V.J.; Gerrienne, Philippe; Steemans, Philippe
    Peer reviewed

  5. Imaging of Vanadium in Microfossils: A New Potential Biosignature

    Marshall, C.P.; Marshall, A.O.; Aitken, J.B.; Lai, B.; Vogt, S.; Breuer, P.; Steemans, Philippe; Lay, P.
    Peer reviewed

  6. Land surface interactions modeling (Agent-Based-Model - Dynamic Vegetation Model) over Belgium: current state and crop yield assessment for future (at the Belgian and European scales)

    Jacquemin, Ingrid; Beckers, Veronique; Henrot, Alexandra-Jane; Berckmans, Julie; Hamdi, Rafiq; François, Louis; Dendoncker, Nicolas
    Agriculture in Europe is under substantial pressure. Farmers need to adapt to an ever-increasing global market, resulting in increasing competition and a high dependency on global food prices. Furthermore, they have to deal with an increasing urbanization pressure and to comply with increasingly strict environmental rules and policies, sometimes requiring heavy investments. Combined to potential impacts of climate changes on ecosystems functions and structures, these factors could lead to a change in land use structure. In the framework of the MASC project ("Modelling and Assessing Surface Change impacts on Belgium and Western European climate"), we aim at providing a better understanding...

  7. Carte géologique de Wallonie à l'échelle 1:25 000. Hamoir-Ferrières n°49/1-2

    Marion, Jean-Marc; Barchy, Laurent
    Révision et 2ème édition

  8. Carte géologique de Wallonie à l'échelle 1:25 000. Notice explicative. Hamoir-Ferrières n°49/1-2

    Marion, Jean-Marc; Barchy, Laurent

  9. Enhancing CIDOC - CRM and compatible models with the concept of multiple interpretation

    Van Ruymbeke, Muriel; Van Ruymbeke, Muriel; Hallot, Pierre; Hallot, Pierre; Billen, Roland; Billen, Roland
    Peer reviewed

  10. Enhancing CIDOC - CRM and compatible models with the concept of multiple interpretation

    Van Ruymbeke, Muriel; Hallot, Pierre; Billen, Roland
    Peer reviewed

  11. Détection de l’érosion dans un bassin versant agricole par comparaison d’images multidates acquises par drone

    Lisein, Jonahtan; Pineux, Nathalie; Pierrot-Deseilligny, Marc; Degré, Aurore; Lejeune, Philippe
    Peer reviewed

  12. An update on ozone profile trends for the period 2000 to 2016

    Steinbrecht, Wolfgang; Froidevaux, Lucien; Fuller, Ryan; Wang, Ray; Anderson, John; Roth, Chris; Bourassa, Adam; Degenstein, Doug; Damadeo, Robert; Zawodny, Joseph; Frith, Stacey; McPeters, Richard; Bhartia, Pawan; Wild, Jeannette; Long, Craig; Davis, Sean; Rosenlof, Karen; Sofieva, Viktoria; Walker, Kaley; Rahpoe, Nabiz; Rozanov, Alexei; Weber, Mark; Laeng, Alexandra; von Clarmann, Thomas; Stiller, Gabriele; Kramarova, Natalya; Godin-Beekmann, Sophie; Leblanc, Thierry; Querel, Richard; Swart, Daan; Boyd, Ian; Hocke, Klemens; Kämpfer, Niklaus; Maillard Barras, Eliane; Moreira, Lorena; Nedoluha, Gerald; Vigouroux, Corinne; Blumenstock, Thomas; Schneider, Matthias; Garcìa, Omaira; Jones, Nicholas; Mahieu, Emmanuel; Smale, Dan; Kotkamp, Michael; Robinson, John; Petropavlovskikh, Irina; Harris, Neil; Hassler, Birgit; Hubert, Daan; Tummon, Fiona
    Peer reviewed

  13. LiDAR aérien et autres nuages de points pour la cartographie multi-échelles

    Poux, Florent; Neuville, Romain; Kasprzyk, Jean-Paul; Nys, Gilles-Antoine; Hallot, Pierre; Luczfalvy Jancsó, Andrea; Jonlet, Benoît; Billen, Roland
    Utilisation de nuage de points pour la cartographie 3D multi-échelles. Exemples d'utilisation et définition de workflows pour assurer l'interopérabilité lors de la fusion de données issues de différents capteurs.

  14. Macro- et microfossiles végétaux dans le contexte litho-biostratigraphique du Sénonien-Paléocène de la rive gauche de la Meuse au nord de Liège, Belgique

    Streel, Maurice; Bick, H.; Fairon-Demaret, Muriel; Schumacker-Lambry, Jeannine; Vanguesrtaine, Michel

  15. Surface solar radiation modelling over 1900-2014: comparison between the regional climate model MAR and reanalyses

    Wyard, Coraline; Doutreloup, Sébastien; Belleflamme, Alexandre; Fettweis, Xavier
    Peer reviewed

  16. Des terrasses de fond de vallée de la Meuse dans la région de Huy (Belgique)

    Juvigné, Etienne; Demoulin, Alain; Houbrechts, Geoffrey; Paulissen, Etienne
    Peer reviewed

  17. Understanding the causes and consequences of past marine carbon cycling variability through models

    Hülse, Dominik; Arndt, Sandra; Wilson, Jamie D.; Munhoven, Guy; Ridgwell, Andy
    Peer reviewed

  18. The metal elements traces dregs with the unstable fraction of the sediment of Sebou which risk?

    Hassimi H.; Bouezmarni, Mohamed; Taleb A.; Kherbeche A.; Taleb M.; Debbaut, Vincent
    Peer reviewed

  19. Minéralogie de l’ancienne mine plomb-zinc de Rabotrath (Lontzen, Belgique)

    Blondieau, Michel; Puccio, Stéphane; Compère, Philippe; Hatert, Frédéric
    Peer reviewed

  20. How errors on meteorological variables impact simulated ecosystem fluxes: A case study for six French sites

    Zhao, Yan; Ciais, P.; Peylin, P.; Viovy, N.; Longdoz, Bernard; Bonnefond, J. M.; Rambal, S.; Klumpp, K.; Olioso, A.; Cellier, P.; Maignan, F.; Eglin, T.; Calvet, J. C.
    Peer reviewed

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