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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Cardiovascular Effects of New Oral Glucose-Lowering Agents: DPP-4 and SGLT-2 Inhibitors.

    Scheen, André
    Peer reviewed

  2. Le médicament du mois l'insuline «faster aspart» (Fiasp®)

    Paquot, Nicolas; Scheen, André
    Peer reviewed

  3. Quelle place pour les diuretiques thiazidiques et apparentes chez les patients diabetiques de type 2 ?

    Scheen, André; Krzesinski, Jean-Marie
    Peer reviewed

  4. Does lower limb amputation concern all SGLT2 inhibitors?

    Scheen, André
    Peer reviewed

  5. Investigation of solid surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates for the quantification of dopamine in cell culture media

    Dumont, Elodie; De Bleye, Charlotte; Cailletaud, Johan; Deidda, Riccardo; Sacre, Pierre-Yves; Hubert, Philippe; Ziemons, Eric
    Since its discovery, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has constantly gained ground among the analytical techniques. One field of SERS that is rapidly expanding concerns the development of solid SERS substrates. These are made up of metallic nanomaterials set in a fixed configuration: either by complex and expensive techniques (lithography, printing) or by the immobilisation of suspensions of nanoparticles (NPs) previously synthesised. In bioanalysis, solid SERS substrates allow the performance of real-time monitoring of biological or cellular processes such as the release of neurotransmitters by stimulated cells or intercellular communications between cancer cells and the immune system. Dopamine (DA) is an...

  6. Conception, développement et optimisation des Nanoparticules lipidiques solides contenant du Temozolomide comme agent anticancéreux

    Ciza Hamuli, Patient; Ilangala Booka, Ange; Prakash Rao, B.; Usha, G.K.; Rajarajan, S.; Beni, Baby; Marini Djang'Eing'A, Roland
    Peer reviewed

  7. The use of SFC from research and development to quality control laboratories: dream or reality?

    Guillarme, Davy; Dispas, Amandine; Desfontaine, Vincent; Hubert, Philippe; Veuthey, Jean-Luc
    Peer reviewed

  8. Terahertz hyperspectral imaging of lab-prepared versus commercial paracetamol tablets and potential applications

    Nguyen, Dinh; Dortu, Fabian; Dispas, Amandine; Hubert, Philippe; Ziemons, Eric; Hernandez, Yves
    Peer reviewed

  9. Transfer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) Raman library from bench top towards handheld spectrometers

    Clavaud, Matthieu; Sacre, Pierre-Yves; Hubert, Philippe; Ziemons, Eric
    Peer reviewed

  10. Compromise in uncertainty estimation by modelling and validation approaches for an HPLC-UV method for measurement of biochemical indicators of vitamins A and E

    Djellouli, Omar; Rozet, Eric; Dahmani, B; Hubert, Philippe
    Peer reviewed

  11. Antiplasmodial activity of polyphenolic derivatives.

    Degotte, Gilles; Alson, S.G.; Hans, Aurore; Jansen, Olivia; Cieckiewicz, Ewa; Rakotoarimanana, H.; Rafatro, H.; Randimbivololona, F.; Francotte, Pierre; Frederich, Michel
    Peer reviewed

  12. Cooperation activities of the CIRM: Valorization of the anti-infectious properties of essential oils through the formulation and the optimization of pharmaceutical dosage forms for cutaneous application

    Sounouvou, Axel Gérald Hope Tognidé

  13. Pulmonary delivery of a liposome formulation encapsulating a natural flavonoid in the treatment of lung cancer

    Cao, Martine; Karim, Reatul; CATALDO, Didier; Frederich, Michel; Evrard, Brigitte; Piel, Géraldine
    Development of new chemotherapeutic agents remains a continuing challenge in oncology, as the disease represents the major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Lung cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and was the leading cause of deaths due to cancer in the last recent years [1]. In Belgium, one cancer out of four was associated to lung cancer in 2013 [2]. There is therefore an urgent need to discover new chemotherapeutic options. To date, the treatment of patients with lung cancer is a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and/or oral or IV chemotherapy. But there is currently no direct pulmonary...

  14. Cationic Liposomes Carrying siRNA: Impact of Lipid Composition on Physicochemical Properties, Cytotoxicity and Endosomal Escape

    Lechanteur, Anna; Sanna, Vincent; Duchemin, Amandine; Evrard, Brigitte; Mottet, Denis; Piel, Géraldine
    Peer reviewed

  15. Statistical methods in Quality by Design approach to Liquid Chromatography method development

    Avohou, Tonakpon Hermane; Hubert, Cédric; Debrus, Benjamin; Lebrun, Pierre; Rudaz, Serge; Boulanger, Bruno; Hubert, Philippe
    Peer reviewed

  16. Travaux Pratiques: Introduction à la Chimie Analytique Pharmaceutique_Présentation

    De Bleye, Charlotte; Dumont, Elodie; Hubert, Cédric; Jambo, Hugues; Lejeune, Robert; Ziemons, Eric; Hubert, Philippe

  17. Is it possible to claim or refute sputum eosinophils ≥ 3% in asthmatics with sufficient accuracy using biomarkers?

    Demarche, Sophie; Schleich, Florence; PAULUS, Virginie; HENKET, Monique; Van Hees, Thierry; Louis, Renaud
    Peer reviewed

  18. Evaluation and optimization of home care and follow-up of patients treated with an oral anti-cancer therapy

    PAULUS, Géraldine; Gaspard, Olivier; Van Hees, Thierry; Duvivier, France

  19. Evaluation et optimalisation de la prise en charge et du suivi à domicile des patients oncologiques traités par voie orale

    PAULUS, Géraldine; Gaspard, Olivier; Van Hees, Thierry; Duvivier, France

  20. Stability of 90 mg/ml cefuroxime sodium solution for administration by continuous infusion

    STREEL, Sophie; Vercheval, Christelle; Servais, Anne-Catherine; Fillet, Marianne; Van Hees, Thierry

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