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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Degree of Centrality within the motor network for Parkinson’s Disease

    Baquero Duarte, Katherine Andrea; Guldenmund, Pieter; Rouillard, Maud; DEPIERREUX, Frédérique; Balteau, Evelyne; Phillips, Christophe; Bahri, Mohamed Ali; Garraux, Gaëtan
    Peer reviewed

  2. Brain plasticity after implanted peroneal nerve electrical stimulation to improve gait in chronic stroke patients: Two case reports.

    Thibaut, Aurore; Moissenet, Florent; Di Perri, Carol; Schreiber, Celine; Remacle, Angélique; Kolanowski, Elisabeth; Chantraine, Frederic; BERNARD, Claire; HUSTINX, Roland; Tshibanda, Jean-Flory; Filipetti, Paul; Laureys, Steven; Gosseries, Olivia
    Peer reviewed

  3. Automatic Classification of FDG-PET imaging data in Disorders of Consciousness

    Antonopoulos, Georgios; Wannez, Sarah; Thibaut, Aurore; Bahri, Mohamed Ali; HUSTINX, Roland; Bernard, Claire; Bruno, Marie-Aurelie; Chatelle, Camille; Luxen, André; Phillips, Christophe; Laureys, Steven
    Peer reviewed

  4. Diagnostic accuracy of cerebral metabolic imaging in disorders of consciousness

    Antonopoulos, Georgios; Wannez, Sarah; Thibaut, Aurore; Bahri, Mohamed Ali; HUSTINX, Roland; BERNARD, Claire; Bruno, Marie-Aurelie; Chatelle, Camille; Luxen, André; Phillips, Christophe; Maquet, Pierre; Laureys, Steven
    Peer reviewed

  5. Emergency department overcrowding: a survey among European neurotrauma centres

    VELT, Kimberley Bernadette; CNOSSEN, Maryse; ROOD, Pleunie PM; STEYERBERG, Ewout W; POLINDER, Suzanne; LINGSMA, Hester F; Martin, Didier
    Peer reviewed

  6. Collaborative European NeuroTrauma effectiveness research in traumatic brain injury (Center TBI): A prospective longitudinal observational study

    MAAS, Andrew; MENON, David; STEYERBERG, Ewout; CITERIO, Giuseppe; LECKY, Fiona; MANLEY, Geoffrey; HILL, Sean; LEGRAND, Valérie; SORGNER, Annina; Martin, Didier
    Peer reviewed

  7. La prise en charge des anévrismes intracrâniens non rompus

    Martin, Didier; OTTO, Bernard; DARSAUT, Tim; Scholtes, Félix
    Peer reviewed

  8. Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis from solid tumours : a systematic review of the literature

    FRERES, Pierre; GENNIGENS, Christine; Martin, Didier; Jerusalem, Guy
    Peer reviewed

  9. p27Kip1 Modulates Axonal Transport by Regulating α-Tubulin Acetyltransferase 1 Stability

    Morelli, Giovanni; Even, Aviel; Gladwyn-Ng, Ivan; Le Bail, Romain; Shilian, Michal; Godin, Juliette; Peyre, Elise; Hassan, Bassem; Besson, Arnaud; Rigo, Jean-Michel; Weil, Miguel; Brône, Bert; Nguyen, Laurent
    Peer reviewed

  10. Brain, behavior and cognitive interplay in disorders of consciousness: A multiple case study

    Aubinet, Charlène

  11. Secondary transfer for thrombectomy: which factors modify the outcome of patients ? Results of a prospective observational study in a network of belgian hospitals.

    Levecque, Emmanuelle; Simon, Jessica; Cornet, Olivier; Brisbois, Denis; Reginster, Pierre; Ciobanu, Clara; Gillet, Simone; Windhausen, Konrad; Heinen, Peter; Bolyn, S; Dieudonné, Luc; Desfontaines, Pierre
    Peer reviewed

  12. Randomized controlled trial of home-based 4-week tDCS in chronic minimally conscious state

    Martens, Géraldine; Lejeune, Nicolas; O'Brien, Anthony; Fregni, Felipe; Martial, Charlotte; Wannez, Sarah; Laureys, Steven; Thibaut, Aurore
    Peer reviewed

  13. Cluster Headache

    May, Arne; Schwedt, Todd; MAGIS, Delphine; Pozo-Rosich; Evers, Stefan; Wang, Shuu-Jung
    Peer reviewed

  14. Spasticity Management in Disorders of Consciousness

    Martens, Géraldine
    Peer reviewed

  15. Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment in disorders of consciousness

    Cassol, Helena; Aubinet, Charlène; Thibaut, Aurore; Wannez, Sarah; Martial, Charlotte; Martens, Géraldine; Laureys, Steven
    Peer reviewed

  16. Regional brain volumetry and brain function in severely brain-injured patients

    Annen, Jitka; Frasso, Gianluca; Crone, Julia; Heine, Lizette; Di Perri, Carol; Martial, Charlotte; Cassol, Helena; Demertzi, Athina; Naccache, Lionel; LAUREYS, Steven
    Peer reviewed

  17. Variant intestinal-cell kinase in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

    bailey, JN; de Nijs, L; Bai, D; Suzuki, T; Miyamoto, H; Tanaka, M; Patterson, C; Lin, Y-C; Medina, MT; Alonso, ME; Serratosa, JM; Duron, RM; Nguyen, VH; Wight, JE; Martinez-Juarez, IE; Ochoa, A; Jara-Prado, A; Guilhoto, L; Molina, Y; Yacubian, EM; Lopez-Ruiz, M; Inoue, Y; Kaneko, S; Hirose, S; Osawa, M; Oguni, H; Fujimoto, S; Grisar, Thierry; Stern, JM; Yamakawa, K; Lakaye, Bernard; Delgado-Escueta, AV
    Peer reviewed

  18. La conscience dans tous ses états

    Sanz, Leandro; Aubinet, Charlène

  19. Cerveau, Coma et Conscience

    Sanz, Leandro

  20. Une longue histoire (SCA43)

    WANG, François-Charles

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