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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Priorities for health economic methodological research: results of an expert consultation.

    Tordrup, D.; Chouaid, C.; Cuijpers, P.; Dab, W.; van Dongen, J.M.; Espin, J.; Jönsson, B.; Léonard, C.; McDaid, D.; McKee, M.; Pereira Miguel, J.; Patel, A.; Reginster, Jean-Yves; Ricciardi, W.; Rutten-Van Molken; Prevolnik Rupel, V.; Sach, T.; Sassi, F; Vaugh, N.; Bertollini, R.
    Peer reviewed

  2. Pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate improves knee osteoarthritis symptoms more than placebo and as much as celecoxib: results of the chondroitin vs celecoxib vs placebo trial (CONCEPT).

    Reginster, Jean-Yves; CONCEPT author's group
    Peer reviewed

  3. The risk of subsequent osteoporotic fractures is decreased in patients experiencing fracture while on denosumab.

    Kendler, D.L.; Chines, A.; Brandi, M.L.; Papapoulos, S.; Lewiecki, E.M.; Reginster, Jean-Yves; Roux, C.; Munos Torres, M.; Wang, A.; Bone, H.G.
    Peer reviewed

  4. Chondroitin sulfate reduces pain and improves function in knee osteoarthritis significantly better than placebo, independently of the definition of responders.

    Reginster, Jean-Yves
    Peer reviewed

  5. Liaison externe et soignants du domicile: symphonie et fausses notes

    Belche, Jean Luc
    Analyser le processus en cours pour mieux le comprendre.

  6. Development, dissemination, and applications of a new terminological resource the Q-Code taxonomy for professional aspects of General Practice / Family Medicine.

    Jamoulle, Marc; Resnick, Melissa; Grosjean, Julien; Ittoo, Ashwin; Cardillo, Elena; Vander Stichele, Robert; Darmoni, Stefan; Vanmeerbeek, Marc
    Peer reviewed

  7. Prevenzione quaternaria, primum non nocere

    Jamoulle, Marc
    When presented in Durham during the 1995 WICC workshop, the concept of quaternary prevention, born in 1986, has attracted the consensus of the whole audience. In 2003 it has been discretely published in the Wonca dictionary of general practice. Since this time, medicine has changed. The diffusion of knowledge and the sagacity of some researchers has shown that medicine could become dangerous for health. The concepts of overinformation, overdiagnosis, overtreatment and overscreening are now the bread and butter of numerous medical journals and the themes of numerous books and disputes throughout the world. Quaternary prevention encompasses all those domains and supersedes them...

  8. Coding of papers submitted to the 14th Congresso Brasileiro de Medicina de Família e Comunidade

    Knupp, Daniel Augusto; Rebolho, Ricardo; Jamoulle, Marc; Poli Neto, Paulo; Gusso, Gustavo
    Peer reviewed

  9. Online ICPC-2 & Q-Codes: General Practice / Family Medicine Online Multilingual Terminology & Knowledge Base

    Jamoulle, Marc
    Availability of ICPC-2 and Q-Codes in URI format

  10. Actualites therapeutiques en soins intensifs: le point sur le sepsis severe/choc septique et sur l'embolie pulmonaire

    Lambermont, Bernard
    Peer reviewed

  11. Round table. Quaternary Prevention(P4) or first do not harm.

    Jamoulle, Marc; Widmer, Daniel; La Valle, Ricardo; Pizzanelli, Miguel
    Quaternary prevention (P4), born from a reflection on the doctor-patient relationship, began as an answer of family doctors facing overmedicalization. It aims to protect the patient or population against the danger of medicine. Harmful effects can appear with preventive activities (example: prostate cancer screening by PSA) as well as by therapeutic interventions (example: disruptive medicine). P4 promoted by the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) is practiced in different ways around the world through the activity of the WONCA Special Interest Group on Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalisation (P4&O). There are multiple initiatives and backgrounds of P4. All these multiple initiatives...

  12. Access to multilingual individual rubrics in URI format for ICPC-2 and the Q-Codes

    Jamoulle, Marc; Grosjean, Julien; Darmoni, Stefan

  13. Analysis of definitions of General Practice/Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

    Jamoulle, Marc; Resnick, Melissa; Ittoo, Ashwin; Cardillo, Elena; Vander Stichele, Robert; Vanmeerbeek, Marc
    Peer reviewed

  14. Analysis of definitions of General Practice/Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

    Jamoulle, Marc; Resnick, Melissa; Ittoo, Ashwin; Cardillo, Elena; Vander Stichele, Robert; Vanmeerbeek, Marc
    Peer reviewed

  15. DUSP3 Phosphatase Deficiency or Inhibition Limit Platelet Activation and Arterial Thrombosis

    Musumeci, Lucia; Kuijpers, Marijke; Gilio, Karen; Hego, Alexandre; Theatre, Emilie; Maurissen, Lisbeth; Vandereyken, Maud; Diogo, Catia; LECUT, Christelle; Guilmain, William; Bobkova, Ekaterina; Eble, Johannes; Dahl, Russell; Drion, Pierre; Rascon, Justin; Mostofi, Yalda; Yuan, Hongbin; Sergienko, Eduard; Chung, Thomas; Thiry, Marc; Senis, Yotis; MOUTSCHEN, Michel; Mustelin, Tomas; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Heemskerk, Johan; Tautz, Lutz; Oury, Cécile; Rahmouni, Souad
    Peer reviewed

  16. Interactions between IL-Ibêta, IL-6, IL-8, and LIF produced by human articular chondrocytes

    Henrotin, Yves; Reginster, Jean-Yves; Franchimont, P
    Peer reviewed

  17. Interactions between IL-1bêta, IL-6, IL-8 and LIF produced by human chondrocytes

    Henrotin, Yves; Franchimont, P; Reginster, Jean-Yves
    Peer reviewed

  18. Evaluation d'un an de parcours de patients schizophrenes en service psychiatrique liegeois

    Sarto, D.; Desseilles, Martin; Martin, Michel; Seidel, Laurence; Albert, Adelin
    Peer reviewed

  19. Low dietary calcium in European postmenopausal osteoporotic women

    Bruyère, Olivier; DeCock, Caroline; Mottet, Catherine; Neuprez, Audrey; MALAISE, Olivier; Reginster, Jean-Yves
    Peer reviewed

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