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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. How a zinc and cadmium transporter can cause sterility in Arabidopsis? Focus on AhZIP6, a duplicated gene with partially specialized copies

    Spielmann, Julien; Deblander, Victor; Scheepers, Maxime; Motte, Patrick; Hanikenne, Marc

  2. How a zinc and cadmium transporter can cause sterility in Arabidopsis? Focus on AhZIP6, a duplicated gene with partially specialized copies

    Spielmann, Julien; Deblander; Scheepers, Maxime; Motte, Patrick; Hanikenne, Marc

  3. Quantifying the Effects of 16p11.2 Copy Number Variants on Brain Structure: A Multisite Genetic-First Study.

    Martin-Brevet, Sandra; Rodriguez-Herreros, Borja; Nielsen, Jared A.; Moreau, Clara; Modenato, Claudia; Maillard, Anne M.; Pain, Aurelie; Richetin, Sonia; Jonch, Aia E.; Qureshi, Abid Y.; Zurcher, Nicole R.; Conus, Philippe; Chung, Wendy K.; Sherr, Elliott H.; Spiro, John E.; Kherif, Ferath; Beckmann, Jacques S.; Hadjikhani, Nouchine; Reymond, Alexandre; Buckner, Randy L.; Draganski, Bogdan; Jacquemont, Sebastien; CABERG, Jean-Hubert
    BACKGROUND: 16p11.2 breakpoint 4 to 5 copy number variants (CNVs) increase the risk for developing autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, and language and cognitive impairment. In this multisite study, we aimed to quantify the effect of 16p11.2 CNVs on brain structure. METHODS: Using voxel- and surface-based brain morphometric methods, we analyzed structural magnetic resonance imaging collected at seven sites from 78 individuals with a deletion, 71 individuals with a duplication, and 212 individuals without a CNV. RESULTS: Beyond the 16p11.2-related mirror effect on global brain morphometry, we observe regional mirror differences in the insula (deletion > control > duplication). Other regions...

  4. Analysis of Genes Associated With Monogenic Primary Immunodeficiency Identifies Rare Variants in XIAP in Patients With Crohn's Disease.

    Amininejad, Leila; Charloteaux, Benoît; Theatre, Emilie; Liefferinckx, Claire; Dmitrieva, Julia; Hayard, Pierre; Muls, Vincianne; Maisin, Jean-Marc; Schapira, Michael; Ghislain, Jean-Michel; Closset, Pierre; Talib, Mehdi; Abramowicz, Marc; Momozawa, Yukihide; Deffontaine, Valerie; Crins, Francois; Mni, Myriam; Karim, Latifa; Cambisano, Nadine; Ornemese, Sandra; Zucchi, Alessandro; Minsart, Charlotte; Deviere, Jacques; Hugot, Jean-Pierre; De Vos, Martine; Louis, Edouard; Vermeire, Severine; Van Gossum, Andre; Coppieters, Wouter; Twizere, Jean-Claude; Georges, Michel; Franchimont, Denis
    Peer reviewed

  5. A successful positional cloning in cattle: characterization of the myostatin gene whose loss of function alleles cause hypermuscularity

    Grobet, Luc
    This talk reports on the pathway from description of the mode of inheritance of muscular hypertrophy (mh) in cattle to identification of the causative gene and mutations.

  6. Genetic engineering in the mouse: from functional genomics to zootechnical applications

    Grobet, Luc
    Peer reviewed

  7. A systematic SNP selection approach to identify mechanisms underlying disease aetiology: Linking height to post-menopausal breast and colorectal cancer risk

    Elands, R. J. J.; Simons, C. C. J. M.; Riemenschneider, M.; Isaacs, A.; Schouten, L. J.; Verhage, B. A.; Van Steen, Kristel; Godschalk, R. W. L.; Van Den Brandt, P. A.; Stoll, M.; Weijenberg, M. P.
    Peer reviewed

  8. Functional characterization of Lmo1, a novel pancreatic regulator, highly expressed and conserved across distant species.

    Bernard, Alice; Tarifeno, Estefania; Lavergne, Arnaud; Peers, Bernard; Voz, Marianne

  9. Reference gene identification and validation for quantitative real-time PCR studies in developing Xenopus laevis.

    Mughal, Bilal Babar; Leemans, Michelle; Spirhanzlova, Petra; Demeneix, Barbara; Fini, Jean-Baptiste
    Peer reviewed

  10. 2-Org-Cows: adapter les races bovines mixtes aux systèmes biologiques et à bas intrants

    Hammami, Hedi; Vanderick, Sylvie; Colinet, Frédéric; Gengler, Nicolas

  11. Germline mutations in Bos taurus

    Harland, Chad

  12. DNA taxonomy in the timber genus Milicia: evidence of unidirectional introgression in the West African contact zone

    Daïnou, Kasso; Flot, J.-F.; Degen, B.; Blanc-Jolivet, C.; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Lassois, Ludivine; Hardy, O. J.
    Peer reviewed

  13. Mapping, modeling, and characterization of protein–protein interactions on a proteomic scale

    Desbuleux, Alice(*); Cafarelli, Tiziana(*); Wang, Yang; Choi, Soon Gang; De Ridder, David; Vidal, Marc
    Peer reviewed

  14. Contact hypersensitivity testing shows long-term hapten-specific memory associated with increased liver NK cell populations up to 32 days post-sensitization.

    Powell, Ellis J; Boettcher, Adeline N; Varley, Lisa; Cunnick, Joan; Sauer, Mary; Putz, Austin; Schroyen, Martine; Charley, Sara; Tuggle, Chris K

  15. Pleistocene mitochondrial genomes suggest a single major dispersal of non-Africans and a Late Glacial population turnover in Europe

    Posth, C.; Renaud, G.; Mittnik, A.; Drucker, D.G.; Rougier, H.; Cupillard, C.; Valentin, F.; Thevenet, C.; Furtwängler, A.; Wissing, C.; Franken, M.; Malina, M.; Bolus, M.; Lari, M.; Gigli, E.; Capecchi, G.; Crevecoeur, I.; Beauval, C.; Flas, Damien; Germonpré, M.; van der Plicht, J.; Cottiaux, R.; Gély, B.; Ronchitelli, A.; Wehrberger, K.; Grogorescu, D.; Svoboda, J.; Semal, P.; Caramelli, D.; Bocherens, H.; Harvati, K.; Conard, N.J.; Haak, M.; Powell, A.; Krause, J.
    Peer reviewed

  16. HUWE1 variants cause dominant X-linked intellectual disability: a clinical study of 21 patients.

    Moortgat, Stephanie; Berland, Siren; Aukrust, Ingvild; Maystadt, Isabelle; Baker, Laura; Benoit, Valerie; Caro-Llopis, Alfonso; Cooper, Nicola S.; Debray, François-Guillaume; Faivre, Laurence; Gardeitchik, Thatjana; Haukanes, Bjorn I.; Houge, Gunnar; Kivuva, Emma; Martinez, Francisco; Mehta, Sarju G.; Nassogne, Marie-Cecile; Powell-Hamilton, Nina; Pfundt, Rolph; Rosello, Monica; Prescott, Trine; Vasudevan, Pradeep; van Loon, Barbara; Verellen-Dumoulin, Christine; Verloes, Alain; Lippe, Charlotte Von Der; Wakeling, Emma; Wilkie, Andrew O. M.; Wilson, Louise; Yuen, Amy; Study, Ddd; Low, Karen J.; Newbury-Ecob, Ruth A.
    Peer reviewed

  17. Brain MRI abnormalities and genetic results in a series of 30 patients with congenital isolated hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism (CIHH)

    HARVENGT, Julie; LIBIOULLE, Cécile; Debray, François-Guillaume; DIDEBERG, Vinciane; Bours, Vincent; VALDES SOCIN, Hernan Gonzalo

  18. Dosage des anticorps antitetaniques avec la proteine "A" marquee a l'iode 125.

    Sebestyen, G.; MAGGIPINTO, Gianni; André, Adrien
    Peer reviewed

  19. In silico analysis of structural modifications in and around the integrin alphaIIb genu caused by ITGA2B variants in human platelets with emphasis on Glanzmann thrombasthenia.

    Pillois, Xavier; PETERS, Pierre; Segers, Karin; Nurden, Alan T.
    Peer reviewed

  20. Another case of Galloway-Mowat syndrome associated with a biallelic mutation of the OSGEP gene

    D'OTREPPE DE BOUVETTE, Stéphanie; Lombet, Jacques; Tebache, M; CABERG, Jean-Hubert; BULK, Saskia

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