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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Inventaires forestiers d'aménagement: retour de formation

    Claessens, Laureline; Petit, Sébastien; Lejeune, Philippe
    Les inventaires forestiers d’aménagement sont des outils indispensables pour une gestion durable des forêts. Ils permettent de quantifier la ressource d’une propriété ou d’un massif et d’en planifier l’exploitation, mais aussi d’en suivre l’évolution. Dans l’optique de la mise au point d’un plan d’aménagement forestier, le recours à des inventaires par échantillonnage permet de dresser l’état initial de la forêt. L’application informatique IFA (pour inventaire forestier d’aménagement) a été conçue pour faciliter la mise en place et l’utilisation de tels inventaires. Une session de formation a eu lieu l’hiver passé sur la phase de récolte des données « terrain » dans le cadre de l’utilisation d’IFA. Les éléments importants tels que la conception...

  2. Does fertilization practices increase residual nitrate nitrogen in soil irrigated with treated wastewater? An experimental trial on maize

    Khelil, Naceur Mohamed; Rejeb, Seloua; Destain, Jean-Pierre; Xanthoulis, Dimitri
    Peer reviewed

  3. Synthetic rhamnolipid bolaforms trigger an innate immune response in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Luzuriaga-Loaiza, Patricio; Schellenberger, Romain; De Gaetano, Yannick; Obounou Akong, Firmin; Villaume, Sandra; Crouzet, Jérôme; Haudrechy, Arnaud; Baillieul, Fabienne; Clément, Christophe; Lins, Laurence; Allais, Florent; Ongena, Marc; Bouquillon, Sandrine; Deleu, Magali; Dorey, Stephan
    Peer reviewed

  4. Effect of irrigation at critical stages on the phenology of flowering and fruiting of the cactus Opuntia spp.

    Arba, Mohamed; Falisse, André; Choukr-Allah, Redouane; Sindic, Marianne
    Peer reviewed

  5. Improving the Technical Efficiency of Sengcu Rice Producers through Better Financial Management and Sustainable Farming Practices in Mountainous Areas of Vietnam

    Bui Thi Lam; Tran, Huu Cuong; Azadi, Hossein; Lebailly, Philippe
    Peer reviewed

  6. Detection and identification of viruses infected in wheat and its pests

    Zhang, Peipei
    Wheat is the second important crop in the world, nevertheless its production is hampered by viral diseases causing severe economic losses. More than 50 wheat viruses have been reported so far. Some of the viruses cause similar symptoms and their observation in the field does not allow the identification of the virus species. Some wheat samples with the known symptoms but could not detect the known virus, some wheat samples exhibit new symptoms. Identification of the species and biological characteristics of the wheat viruses is the key to control the occurrence of wheat viral diseases. Planthopper s are also the...

  7. Can satellites help organic crops certification?

    Denis, Antoine

  8. Design of an agricultural nozzle: Experimental investigation of a round jet impacting vertically a horizontal disk

    Ouled Taleb Salah, Sofiene; De Cock, Nicolas; Duchesne, Alexis; Massinon, Mathieu; Lebeau, Frédéric; Dorbolo, Stéphane
    This study is the first step to optimize a design of a hydraulic nozzle producing a narrow droplet spectrum based on the Rayleigh-Plateau break up mode.

  9. La culture associée de pois protéagineux d'hiver et de froment d'hiver: une culture attrayante et sécurisant la production de protéine dans nos régions.

    Pierreux, Jérome; Bodson, Bernard; Dumont, Benjamin

  10. Exposition des travailleurs aux résidus de pesticides sur les fleurs coupées et sur les produits horticoles

    Toumi, Khaoula
    Persons who, during their professional tasks, come in contact with pesticide residues are exposed by various routes, with possible negative effects on their health. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the exposure risks of two categories of workers indirectly exposed to pesticide residues (parent compounds and metabolites): Belgian florists and Tunisian market gardeners. As a first step, the exposure of Belgian florists to pesticide residues present on cut flowers was studied. A survey of florists reveals that, despite a fairly long work period, they do not protect themselves enough from contact with residues. The analysis of residues on...

  11. L’intérêt des cultures en association dans un objectif d’autonomie protéique

    Pierreux, Jérome; Bodson, Bernard; Delaplace, Pierre

  12. Developing winter wheat and winter pea for intercropping purposes - Optimising the management itinerary

    Pierreux, Jérome; Dumont, Benjamin; Bodson, Bernard

  13. Produire durablement des blés riches en protéines par la culture en association de blé d’hiver et de pois protéagineux d’hiver.

    Pierreux, Jérome; Delaplace, Pierre; Bodson, Bernard

  14. Effect of plant age and species on population growth of two Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch) lineages

    Guo, Jianqin; Hatt, Séverin; Wang, Zhenying; Francis, Frédéric
    Peer reviewed

  15. Impact of crop residue management on crop production and soil chemistry after seven years of crop rotation in temperate climate, loamy soils

    Hiel, Marie-Pierre; Barbieux, Sophie; Pierreux, Jérome; Olivier, Claire; Lobet, Guillaume; Roisin, Christian; Garré, Sarah; Colinet, Gilles; Bodson, Bernard; Dumont, Benjamin
    Peer reviewed

  16. Evaluation of food quality from the point of view of consumer health and environmental protection

    Petrescu, Dacinia Crina; Petrescu-Mag, Ruxandra Malina; Malschi, Dana; Burny, Philippe; Lebailly, Philippe; Dogot, Thomas
    Starting from the premise that consumers play an important role in influencing the pressure that the food sector puts on the environment through their food choices and that these choices are influenced by their assessment of food quality, this study presents the results of a survey that investigated consumer attitude toward food quality. The objective was to obtain an image of consumer perceptions and knowledge on food quality and habits regarding food quality evaluation. Results show that freshness, taste and price are among the most important quality indicators for tested consumers. Environmental concerns are present in consumer minds, but they...

  17. Evaluation of food quality from the point of view of consumer health and environmental protection

    Petrescu, Dacinia Crina; Petrescu-Mag, Ruxandra Malina; Malschi, Dana; Burny, Philippe; Lebailly, Philippe; Dogot, Thomas

  18. Evolution of Walloon agriculture towards an environment-friendly model

    Burny, Philippe; Ho Thi Minh, Hop
    Since the 1980's, the Common Agricultural Policy proposes voluntary measures in favour of the environment. These measures are continuously reinforced since then, some of them became compulsory if the farmers want to get direct payments, through the so-called "cross-compliance" after the 2003 reform and "green payment" after the 2013 reform. At the same time, organic farming received a legal status and was more and more supported and successful, like specific quality products, including origin-labelled products and products friendly to the environment. This paper examines and discusses: 1) the evolution of organic farming in Wallonia (South of Belgium) which represented 10%...

  19. Impacts of the north migration of China’s rice production on its ecosystem service value during the last three decades

    Li, Fengbo
    Peer reviewed

  20. Integerated assessment of the impact of enhanced-efficiency nitrogen fertilizer on N2O emission and crop yield

    Li, Fengbo
    Peer reviewed

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