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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Effet of drying methods on the chemical composition of essential oils of Xylopia aethiopicafruits (Dunal) A. Richard (Annonaceae) from southern Senegal

    Thiam, Abdoulaye; Guèye, Momar Talla; Ndiyae, Ibrahima; Diop, Sérigné Mbacké; Ndiaye, El Hadji Barka; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Lognay, Georges
    Peer reviewed

  2. Effets des gènes FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) et TWIN SISTER OF FT (TSF) sur le développement racinaire d’Arabidopsis thaliana

    Mathieu, Laura
    Flowering is a critical step in plant development. It is induced by various signals produced in response to environmental and endogenous cues, such as photoperiod, temperature or plant age. A master flowering signal is the FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) protein, which is produced in the leaves and transported through the phloem toward the shoot apical meristem, where it triggers the morphogenesis switch. The biological question examined in this thesis is whether the systemic effect of FT encompasses the roots, coordinating their growth with the aerial part. We used the model species Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., where FT shares its function with a paralog, TWIN SISTER OF FT (TSF). In...

  3. The peculiar NPQ regulation in the stramenopile Phaeomonas sp. challenges the xanthophyll cycle dogma

    Berne, Nicolas; Fabryova, T.; Istaz, B.; Cardol, Pierre; Bailleul, B.
    Peer reviewed

  4. Anthropisation des paysages katangais

  5. DNA taxonomy in the timber genus Milicia: evidence of unidirectional introgression in the West African contact zone

    Daïnou, Kasso; Flot, J.-F.; Degen, B.; Blanc-Jolivet, C.; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Lassois, Ludivine; Hardy, O. J.
    Peer reviewed

  6. Early stage litter decomposition across biomes

    Djukic, I.; Kepfer-Rojas, S.; Schmidt, I. K.; Larsen, K. S.; Beier, C.; Berg, B.; Verheyen, K.; Caliman, A.; Paquette, A.; Gutiérrez-Girón, A.; Humber, A.; Valdecantos, A.; Petraglia, A.; Alexander, H.; Augustaitis, A.; Saillard, A.; Fernández, A. C. R.; Sousa, A. I.; Lillebø, A. I.; da Rocha Gripp, A.; Francez, A.-J.; Fischer, A.; Bohner, A.; Malyshev, A.; Andrić, A.; Smith, A.; Stanisci, A.; Seres, A.; Schmidt, A.; Avila, A.; Probst, A.; Ouin, A.; Khuroo, A. A.; Verstraeten, A.; Palabral-Aguilera, A. N.; Stefanski, A.; Gaxiola, A.; Muys, B.; Bosman, Bernard; Ahrends, B.; Parker, B.; Sattler, B.; Yang, B.; Juráni, B.; Erschbamer, B.; Ortiz, C. E. R.; Christiansen, C. T.; Carol Adair, E.; Meredieu, C.; Mony, C.; Nock, C. A.; Chen, C.-L.; Wang, C.-P.; Baum, C.; Rixen, C.; Delire, C.; Piscart, C.; Andrews, C.; Rebmann, C.; Branquinho, C.; Polyanskaya, D.; Delgado, D. F.; Wundram, D.; Radeideh, D.; Ordóñez-Regil, E.; Crawford, E.; Preda, E.; Tropina, E.; Groner, E.; Lucot, E.; Hornung, E.; Gacia, E.; Lévesque, E.; Benedito, E.; Davydov, E. A.; Ampoorter, E.; Bolzan, F. P.; Varela, F.; Kristöfel, F.; Maestre, F. T.; Maunoury-Danger, F.; Hofhansl, F.; Kitz, F.; Sutter, F.; Cuesta, F.; de Almeida Lobo, F.; de Souza, F. L.; Berninger, F.; Zehetner, F.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Vourlitis, G.; Carreño-Rocabado, G.; Arena, G.; Pinha, G. D.; González, G.; Canut, G.; Lee, H.; Verbeeck, H.; Auge, H.; Pauli, H.; Nacro, H. B.; Bahamonde, H. A.; Feldhaar, H.; Jäger, H.; Serrano, H. C.; Verheyden, H.; Bruelheide, H.; Meesenburg, H.; Jungkunst, H.; Jactel, H.; Shibata, H.; Kurokawa, H.; Rosas, H. L.; Rojas Villalobos, H. L.; Yesilonis, I.; Melece, I.; Van Halder, I.; Quirós, I. G.; Makelele, I.; Senou, I.; Fekete, I.; Mihal, I.; Ostonen, I.; Borovská, J.; Roales, J.; Shoqeir, J.; Lata, J.-C.; Theurillat, J.-P.; Probst, J.-L.; Zimmerman, J.; Vijayanathan, J.; Tang, J.; Thompson, J.; Doležal, J.; Sanchez-Cabeza, J.-A.; Merlet, J.; Henschel, J.; Neirynck, J.; Knops, J.; Loehr, J.; von Oppen, J.; Þorláksdóttir, J. S.; Löffler, J.; Cardoso-Mohedano, J.-G.; Benito-Alonso, J.-L.; Torezan, J. M.; Morina, J. C.; Jiménez, J. J.; Quinde, J. D.; Alatalo, J.; Seeber, J.; Stadler, J.; Kriiska, K.; Coulibaly, K.; Fukuzawa, K.; Szlavecz, K.; Gerhátová, K.; Lajtha, K.; Käppeler, K.; Jennings, K. A.; Tielbörger, K.; Hoshizaki, K.; Green, K.; Yé, L.; Pazianoto, L. H. R.; Dienstbach, L.; Williams, L.; Yahdjian, L.; Brigham, L. M.; van den Brink, L.; Rustad, L.; Zhang, Lipeng; Morillas, L.; Xiankai, L.; Carneiro, L. S.; Di Martino, L.; Villar, L.; Bader, M. Y.; Morley, M.; Lebouvier, M.; Tomaselli, M.; Sternberg, M.; Schaub, M.; Santos-Reis, M.; Glushkova, M.; Torres, M. G. A.; Giroux, M.-A.; de Graaff, M.-A.; Pons, M.-N.; Bauters, M.; Mazón, M.; Frenzel, M.; Didion, M.; Wagner, M.; Hamid, M.; Lopes, M. L.; Apple, M.; Schädler, M.; Weih, M.; Gualmini, M.; Vadeboncoeur, M. A.; Bierbaumer, M.; Danger, M.; Liddell, M.; Mirtl, M.; Scherer-Lorenzen, M.; Růžek, M.; Carbognani, M.; Di Musciano, M.; Matsushita, M.; Zhiyanski, M.; Pușcaș, M.; Barna, M.; Ataka, M.; Jiangming, M.; Alsafran, M.; Carnol, Monique; Barsoum, N.; Tokuchi, N.; Eisenhauer, N.; Lecomte, N.; Filippova, N.; Hölzel, N.; Ferlian, O.; Romero, O.; Pinto, O. B.; Peri, P.; Weber, P.; Vittoz, P.; Turtureanu, P. D.; Fleischer, P.; Macreadie, P.; Haase, P.; Reich, P.; Petřík, P.; Choler, P.; Marmonier, P.; Muriel, P.; Ponette, Q.; Guariento, R. D.; Canessa, R.; Kiese, R.; Hewitt, R.; Rønn, R.; Adrian, R.; Kanka, R.; Weigel, R.; Gatti, R. C.; Martins, R. L.; Georges, R.; Meneses, R. I.; Gavilán, R. G.; Dasgupta, S.; Wittlinger, S.; Puijalon, S.; Freda, S.; Suzuki, S.; Charles, S.; Gogo, S.; Drollinger, S.; Mereu, S.; Wipf, S.; Trevathan-Tackett, S.; Löfgren, S.; Stoll, S.; Trogisch, S.; Hoeber, S.; Seitz, S.; Glatzel, S.; Milton, S. J.; Dousset, S.; Mori, T.; Sato, T.; Ise, T.; Hishi, T.; Kenta, T.; Nakaji, T.; Michelan, T. S.; Camboulive, T.; Mozdzer, T. J.; Scholten, T.; Spiegelberger, T.; Zechmeister, T.; Kleinebecker, T.; Hiura, T.; Enoki, T.; Ursu, T.-M.; di Cella, U. M.; Hamer, U.; Klaus, V. H.; Rêgo, V. M.; Di Cecco, V.; Busch, V.; Fontana, V.; Piscová, V.; Carbonell, V.; Ochoa, V.; Bretagnolle, V.; Maire, V.; Farjalla, V.; Zhou, W.; Luo, W.; McDowell, W. H.; Hu, Y.; Utsumi, Y.; Kominami, Y.; Zaika, Y.; Rozhkov, Y.; Kotroczó, Z.; Tóth, Z.; TeaComposition
    Peer reviewed

  7. Volatolomics

    Fauconnier, Marie-Laure

  8. Proximate composition, amino acid profile, carbohydrate and mineral content of seed meals from four safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) varieties grown in north-eastern Morocco

    Mansouri, Farid; Ben Moumen, Abdessamad; Richard, Gaetan; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Sindic, Marianne; Elamrani, Ahmed; Serghini Caid, Hana
    Peer reviewed

  9. Biochemical composition of Tunisian Nigella sativa L. at different growth stages and assessment of the phytotoxic potential of its organic fractions

    Zribi, Ines; Ghezal, Nadia; Sbai, Haifa; Richard, Gaetan; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Haouala, Rabiaa
    Peer reviewed

  10. Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of Thymus fontanesii essential oil from Algeria

    Sidali, Lamia; Brada, Moussa; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Lognay, Georges
    Peer reviewed

  11. Eco-extraction of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) seed oil

    Bettaieb Rebey, Iness; Bourgou, Soumaya; Detry, Pauline; Hamrouni Sellami, Ibtissem; Ksouri, Riadh; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure
    Peer reviewed

  12. Seaweed distribution in Calvi bay : from 35 years of temporal changes towards R modelling of distribution maps.

    Sirjacobs, Damien; Pelaprat, Corinne; Leduc, Michèle; Volpon, Alexandre; Chery, Aurelia; Gobert, Sylvie; Lejeune, Pierre
    During 1978-1979 and 1991-1992 periods, the STARESO and Liège University initiated an early systematic monitoring of seaweed communities along 24 reference transects (0-15 m) in Calvi bay (Corsica). This defined important historical references for long term dynamical studies of that remarkable coastal environment. In 2013-2015, new records of macroalgae specific composition and cover rate were collected in these reference sites, as along additional and deeper transects (0-40 m). Macroalgal distribution profiles are compiled to allow exploitation by R codes for several goals : a) Allow an improved synthesis and vision on statistics associated to distribution profiles, from average profiles at...

  13. Impact des essences et des mesures de gestion sylvicole sur les activités microbiennes et la biogéochimie des écosystèmes forestiers

    Bosman, Bernard; Carnol, Monique

  14. Etude à long terme de la biogéochimie des écosystèmes forestiers

    Bosman, Bernard; Ratcliffe, Sophia; Klenkenberg, Sophie; Carnol, Monique

  15. Subvention CARBIOSOL III: Carbone organique, biomasse et activité microbienne des sols: vers un indicateur de la qualité des sols en Wallonie

    Chartin, Caroline; Krüger, Inken; van Wesemael, Bas; Carnol, Monique

  16. CARBIOSOL 4 - Développement d'indicateurs de la qualité biologique et du carbone organique du sol pour l'évaluation de l'état des sols en Wallonie

    Krüger, Inken; Chartin, Caroline; Carnol, Monique; van Wesemael, Bas

  17. Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology in terrestrial ecosystems. Research at the laboratory of Plant and Microbial Ecology

    Carnol, Monique

  18. Rapport de clôture : SOLINDIC : Etude de l’activité biologique du système « Sol-Plante » en vue de préserver les fonctionnalités des sols agricoles

    Blondel, Alodie; Durenne, Bastien; Mingeot, D.; Ninane, V.; Ducat, N.; Pigeon, O.; Roisin, Ch.; Romnée, J.-M.; Planchon, V.; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Druart, Ph.

  19. Soil microbial properties and soil nutrients content under exotic and native tree species in Southern Rwanda

    Rwibasira, Peter; Naramabuye, Francois Xavier; Nsabimana, Donat; Carnol, Monique
    Erosion has been ranked as the primary cause of soil degradation in Rwanda, a land that has naturally inherited very acidic soils with low contents of organic matter. With its hilly landscape and heavy rainfall, Rwanda loses annually millions of tons of its fertile soil from unprotected slope hills. Forests plantation seems to be an efficient option, not only for land protection and restoration, but also as a timber and household energy source. Tree species may influence soil quality and soil microbial activity via litter decomposition and root exudation. Although most of these introduced fast growing exotic tree species are now...

  20. Phytochemical studies, antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of Ferula communis L. organ extracts

    Rahali, Fatma Zohra; Kefi, Sarra; Rebey, Iness Bettaieb; Tabart, Jessica; Kevers, Claire; Franck, Thierry; Mouithys-Mickalad, Ange; Ibtissem Hamrouni Sellami, Ibtissem Hamroun
    Peer reviewed

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