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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (216,373 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Life sciences => Phytobiology (plant sciences, forestry, mycology...)

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1. Stepwise evolution of Paleozoic tracheophytes from South China: Contrasting leaf disparity and taxic diversity - Xue, Jinzhuang; Huang, Pu; Ruta, Marcello; Benton, Michael; Hao, Shougang; Xiong, Conghui; Wang, Deming; Cascales-Miñana, Borja; Wang, Qi; Liu, Le
Peer reviewed

2. Carotenoids and phenolic compounds of seed oils of four safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) varieties grown in northeast of Morocco - Ben moumen, Abdessamad; Mansouri, Farid; Richard, Gaetan; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Abid, M.; Nabloussi, A.; Sindic, Marianne; Elamrani, A.; Serghini Caid, H.
Peer reviewed

3. Minor compounds and oxidative stability of mono-varietal virgin olive oils produced in eastern of Morocco - Mansouri, Farid; Benmoumen, Abdessamad; Richard, Gaetan; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Sindic, Marianne; Mihamou, Atika; Abid, Malika; Serghini-Caid, Hana; Elamrani, Ahmed
Peer reviewed

4. Hepatoprotective and anti-diabetic activities of Fraxinus angustifoliaVahl extracts in animal models: Characterization by HPLC analysis - Medjahed, Zineb; Atmani-Kilani, Dina; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Richard, Gaetan; Atmani, Djebbar
Peer reviewed

5. Regulation of Electron Transport in Photosynthesis - Chapter 16 - Johnson, Giles; Minagawa, Jun; Cardol, Pierre; Finazzi, Giovanni
Peer reviewed

6. Induction of Photosynthetic Carbon Fixation in Anoxia Relies on Hydrogenase Activity and Proton-Gradient Regulation-Like1-Mediated Cyclic Electron Flow in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. - Godaux, Damien; Bailleul, Benjamin; Berne, Nicolas; Cardol, Pierre
Peer reviewed

7. Isolation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mutants with altered mitochondrial respiration by chlorophyll fluorescence measurement. - Massoz, Simon; Larosa, Véronique; Horrion, Bastien; Matagne, René-Fernand; Remacle, Claire; Cardol, Pierre
Peer reviewed

8. Extracellular peptidase hunting for improvement of protein production in plant cells and roots - Lallemand, Jérôme; Bouché, Frédéric; Desiron, Carole; Stautemas, Jennifer; De Lemos Esteves, Frédéric; Périlleux, Claire; Tocquin, Pierre
Plant-based biopharmaceuticals have gained a lot of interest in the past decade due to their reduced cost and relative safety compared to mammalian cell cultures. While the first plant-made recombinant proteins are now reaching the market, the production systems still need improvements to maximize their competitiveness, proteolysis being one of the main factors limiting the yields. Identifying and inhibiting in vivo endogenous proteases involved in the degradation of recombinant proteins could then lead to a significant increase in production yields. In this study, we focused on two different production systems in Arabidopsis thaliana: rhizosecretion and cell suspensions. Extracellular proteases of both...

9. An estimate of the number of tropical tree species - Slik, J.W. Ferry; Arroyo-Rodriguez, Victor; Aiba, Shin-Ichiro; Alvarez-Loayza, Patricia; Alves, Luciana F.; Ashton, Peter; Balvanera, Patricia; Bastian, Meredith L.; Bellingham, Peter J.; van den Berg, Eduardo; Bernacci, Luis; da Conceiçao Bispo, Polyanna; Blanc, Lilian; Bönhing-Gaese, Katrin; Boeckx, Pascal; Bongers, Frans; Boyle, Brad; Bradford, Matt; Brearley, Francis Q.; Breuer-Ndoundou Hockemba, Mireille; Bunyavejchewin, Sarayudh; Calderado Leal Matos, Darley; Castillo-Santiago, Miguel; Catharino, Eduardo L.M.; Chai, Shauna-Lee; Chen, Yukai; Colwell, Robert K.; Robin, Chazdon L.; Clark, Connie; Clark, David B.; Clark, Deborah A.; Culmsee, Heike; Damas, Kipiro; Dattaraja, Handanakere S.; Dauby, Gilles; Davidar, Priya; DeWalt, Saara J.; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Duque, Alvaro; Durigan, Giselda; Eichhorn, Karl A.O.; Eisenlohr, Pedro V.; Eler, Eduardo; Ewango, Corneille; Farwig, Nina; Feeley, Kenneth J.; Fereira, Leandro; Field, Richard; de Oliveira Filho, Ary T.; Fletcher, Christine; Forshed, Olle; Franco, Geraldo; Fredriksson, Gabriella; Gillespie, Thomas; Gillet, Jean-François; Amarnath, Giriraj; Griffith, Daniel M.; Grogan, James; Gunatilleke, Nimal; Harris, David; Harrison, Rhett; Hector, Andy; Homeier, Jürgen; Imai, Nobuo; Itoh, Akira; Jansen, Patrick A.; Joly, Carlos A.; de Jong, Bernardus H.J.; Kartawinata, Kuswata; Kearsley, Elizabeth; Kelly, Daniel L.; Kenfack, David; Kessler, Michael; Kitayama, Kanehiro; Kooyman, Robert; Larney, Eileen; Laumonier, Yves; Laurance, Susan; Laurance, William F.; Lawes, Michael J.; Leao do Amaral, Ieda; Letcher, Susan G.; Lindsell, Jeremy; Lu, Xinghui; Mansor, Asiraf; Marjokorpi, Antti; Martin, Emmanuel H.; Meilby, Henrik; Melo, Felipe P.L.; Metcalfe, Daniel J.; Medjibe, Vincent P.; Metzger, Jean-Paul; Millet, Jerome; Mohandass, D.; Montero, Juan C.; de Morisson Valeriano, Marcio; Mugerwa, Badru; Nagamasu, Hidetoshi; Nilus, Reuben; Ochoa-Gaona, Susana; Onrizal; Page, Navendu; Parolin, Pia; Parren, Marc; Parthasarathy, Narayanaswamy; Paudel, Ekananda; Permana, Andrea; Piedade, Maria T.F.; Pitman, Nigel C.A.; Poorter, Lourens; Poulsen, Axel D.; Poulsen, John; Powers, Jennifer; Prasad, Rama C.; Puyravaud, Jean-Philippe; Razafimahaimodison, Jean-Claude; Reitsma, Jan; Roberto dos Santos, Joao; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; Romero-Saltos, Hugo; Rovero, Francesco; Rozak, Andes Hamuraby; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Rutishauser, Ervan; Saiter, Felipe; Saner, Philippe; Santos, Braulio A.; Santos, Fernanda; Sarker, Swapan K.; Satdichanh, Manichanh; Schmitt, Christine B.; Schöngart, Jochen; Schulze, Mark; Suganuma, Marcio S.; Sheil, Douglas; da Silva Pinheiro, Eduardo; Sist, Plinio; Stevart, Tariq; Sukumar, Raman; Sun, I.-Fang; Sunderand, Terry; Suresh, H.S.; Suzuki, Eizi; Tabarelli, Marcello; Tang, Jangwei; Targhetta, Natalia; Theilade, Ida; Thomas, Duncan W.; Tchouto, Peguy; Hurtado, Johanna; Valencia, Renato; van Valkenburg, Johan L.C.H.; Van Do, Tran; Vasquez, Rodolfo; Verbeeck, Hans; Adekunle, Victor; Vieira, Simone A.; Webb, Campbell O.; Whitfeld, Timothy; Wich, Serge A.; Williams, John; Wittmann, Florian; Hannsjoerg, Wöll; Yang, Xiaobo; Adou Yao, C. Yves; Yap, Sandra L.; Yoneda, Tsuyoshi; Zahawi, Rakan A.; Zakaria, Rahmad; Zang, Runguo; de Assis, Rafael L.; Garcia Luize, Bruno; Venticinque, Eduardo M.
Peer reviewed

10. Empowering NGS technologies for the study and diagnostic of plant viruses - European COST Action FA1407 - Massart, Sébastien; Gentit, Pascal; Olmos, Antonio; Boonham, Neil; Büttner, Carmen; Candresse, Thierry; Felix, Rosario; Font, Isabel; Glasa, Miroslav; Jalkanen, Risto; Kominek, Petr; Laimer, Margit; Malinowski, Tadeusz; Maliogka, Varvara; Minafra, Angelanotio; Ortega Parra, Nelia; Poliverari, Annalisa; Ravnikar, Maja; Safarova, Dana; Vandervlugt, Rene; Varveri, Christina; Witzell, Johanna; Zagrai, Ioan; Wetzel, Thierry
Peer reviewed

11. Towards the identification of cis-elements responsible for the high expression of HMA4, an essential gene for Zn hyperaccumulation in Arabidopsis halleri. - Spielmann, Julien; Nouet, Cécile; Scheepers, Maxime; Krämer, Ute; Motte, Patrick; Hanikenne, Marc
A. halleri is a Zn and Cd hypertolerant and hyperaccumulator plant which stores metals in shoot vacuoles. One key step for hyperaccumulation is a highly efficient root-to-shoot translocation of metals. The Zn/Cd plasmamembrane pump HMA4 (heavy metal ATPase 4) plays a central role in this process and is involved in xylem loading/unloading. Moreover, HMA4 is overexpressed in A. halleri compare to its non-tolerant and non-hyperaccumulator sister, Arabidopsis thaliana. The HMA4 overexpression is determined by a combination of gene triplication and cis-regulatory changes increasing transcription levels of each three HMA4 copies. In this study, we are focusing on the two most...

12. Towards the identification of mechanisms underlying the high expression of HMA4, an essential gene for zinc hyperaccumulation in Arabidopsis halleri. - Spielmann, Julien; Nouet, Cécile; Scheepers, Maxime; Motte, Patrick; Krâmer, Ute; Hanikenne, Marc
To maintain metal homeostasis within physiological limits independently of metal concentrations present in soil, plants developed a complex network including metal uptake, chelation, trafficking, and storage processes. In this network, transporters have a central role. To study the molecular basis of zinc homeostasis in plants, we are using A. halleri, a zinc- and cadmium-tolerant and zinc-hyperaccumulating species representing the extreme end of natural variation in terms of metal homeostasis. Indeed, A. halleri stores high amount of metals in vacuoles of above-ground tissues (>1% Zn or 0.01% Cd in shoot dry weight). Cross-species transcriptomic studies identified about thirty genes which are...

13. Functional study of SR proteins from the RS2Z subfamily in Arabidopsis thaliana - Fanara, Steven; Schloesser, Marie; Hanikenne, Marc; Motte, Patrick

14. Fiches techniques de mesure de la biomasse - Bauwens, Sébastien; Fayolle, Adeline; Dubiez, Emilien; Peroche, Adrien

15. Screening of essential oils on rice pathogen isolated from Madagascar - Mamiharisoa Razanakoto, Léa; Massart, Sébastien; De Clerck, Caroline; Parisi, Olivier; Rabemanantsoa, Christian; El Jaziri, Mondher; Rakotozandrindrainy, Raphaël; Jijakli, Haissam
Peer reviewed

16. How Tightly Linked Are Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae) Patches to Anthropogenic Disturbances in Southeastern Cameroon? - Bourland, Nils; Cerisier, François; Daïnou, Kasso; Livingstone Smith, Alexandre; Hubau, Wannes; Beeckman, Hans; Brostaux, Yves; Fayolle, Adeline; Biwolé, Achille; Feteke, Fousseni; Gillet, Jean-François; Morin-Rivat, Julie; Lejeune, Philippe; Ntoundé Tiba, Eric; Van Acker, Joris; Doucet, Jean-Louis
Peer reviewed

17. Globally, functional traits are weak predictors of juvenile tree growth, and we do not know why - Paine, C.E. Thimothy; Amissah, Lucy; Auge, Harald; Baraloto, Christopher; Baruffol, Martin; Bourland, Nils; Bruelheide, Helge; Daïnou, Kasso; de Gouvenain, Roland C.; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Doust, Susan; Fine, Paul V.A.; Fortunel, Claire; Haase, Joséphine; Holl, Karen D.; Jactel, Hervé; Li, Xuefei; Kitajima, Kaoru; Koricheva, Julia; Martinez-Garza, Cristina; Messier, Christian; Paquette, Alain; Philipson, Christopher; Piotto, Daniel; Poorter, Lourens; Posada, Juan M.; Potvin, Catherine; Rainio, Kalle; Russo, Sabrina E.; Ruiz-Jaen, Mariacarmen; Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael; Webb, Campbell O.; Wright, S. Joseph; Zahawi, Rakan A.; Hector, Andy
Peer reviewed

18. Biotechnological uses of RNAi in plants: Risk assessment considerations - Casacuberta, J. M.; Devos, Y.; du Jardin, Patrick; Ramon, M.; Vaucheret, H.; Nogué, F.
Peer reviewed

19. Study of essential oil activity on Curvularia sp. a rice leaf spot pathogen in Madagascar - Mamiharisoa Razanakoto, Léa; Parisi, Olivier; Massart, Sébastien; De Clerck, Caroline; Rabemanantsoa, Christian; Raherimandimby, Marson; El Jaziri, Mondher; Rakotozandrindrainy, Raphaël; Jijakli, Haissam
Peer reviewed

20. Flora Lumut Jati (Bryophyta) di Hutan Simpan Gunung Tebu dan Kawasan Sekitarnya, Terengganu - Damanhuri, Ahmad; Maideen, Haja; Nur-Aqidah, N.; Aishah, S.; Nik Norhazrina Binti Nik Mohd Kamil
Flora lumut jati di Hutan Simpan Gunung Tebu dan kawasan sekitarnya terdiri daripada 100 spesies, 7 subspesies dan 20 varieti dalam 46 genus dan 18 famili. Bilangan ini mewakili 22.8% daripada 558 takson pada peringkat spesies dan ke bawah, 29.1% daripada 158 genus dan 39.1% daripada 46 famili yang telah dilaporkan bagi Semenanjung Malaysia sehingga kini. Bilangan ini juga mewakili 61.1% daripada 208 takson pada peringakat spesies dan ke bawah yang dilaporkan terdapat di negeri Terengganu. Daripada 127 takson yang ditemui, 16 spesies, dua subspesies dan satu varieti dilaporkan buat pertama kali bagi negeri Terengganu. Calymperaceae merupakan famili terbesar dengan...

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