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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (187,468 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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601. Prévention et traitement des nausées et vomissements après chimiothérapie anticancéreuse - Brasseur, Edmond; Silvestre, Rose-Marie; Jerusalem, Guy; Sautois, Brieuc; Polus, Marc; Fillet, Georges

602. Intensive conventional chemotherapy (ACVBP regimen) compared with standard CHOP for poor-prognosis aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma - Tilly, Hervé; Lepage, Eric; Coiffier, Bertrand; Blanc, Michel; Herbrecht, Raoul; Bosly, André; Attal, Michel; Fillet, Georges; Guettier, Catherine; Jo Molina, Thierry; Gisselbrecht, Christian; Reyes, Félix
Peer reviewed

603. L'image du mois. Une image de "lâcher de ballons" à l'imagerie thoracique - Wauters, O.; Sautois, Brieuc; Fillet, Georges

604. L'anémie par spoliation sanguine volontaire : le syndrome de Lasthénie de Ferjol - Farcy, L.; Fillet, Georges; Couvreur, Véronique; Triffaux, Jean-Marc

605. Use of glycosylated recombinant human G-CSF (lenograstim) during and/or after induction chemotherapy in patients 61 years of age and older with acute myeloid leukemia : final results of AML-13, a randomized phase-3 study - Amadori, Sergio; Suciu, Stefan; Jehn, Ulrich; Stasi, Roberto; Thomas, Xavier; Marie, Jean-Pierre; Muus, Petra; Lefrère, François; Berneman, Zwi; Fillet, Georges; Denzlinger, Claudio; Willemze, Roel; Leoni, Pietro; Leone, Giuseppe; Casini, Marco; Ricciuti, Francesco; Vignetti, Marco; Beeldens, Filip; Mandelli, Franco; de Witte, Theo

606. Non-infusional vs intravenous consolidation chemotherapy in eldery patients with acute myeloid leukemia : final results of th EORTC-GIMAMA AML-13 randomized phase III trial - Jehn, U.; Suciu, S.; Thomas, X.; Lefrère, F.; Muus, P.; Berneman, Zwi; Marie, J-P.; Adamo, F.; Fillet, Georges; Nobile, F.; Ricciuti, F.; Leone, G.; Rizzoli, V.; Montanaro, M.; Beeldens, F.; Fazi, P.; Mandelli, F.; Willemze, R.; de Witte, T.; Amadori, S.

607. Tests isotopiques en Hématologie - Fillet, Georges; Paulus

608. Une étude des staphylocoques coagulase positifs isolés à partir de grands brûlés - Biver, A.; Fillet, Georges; Demelenne, A.
Par des prélèvements quotidiens sytématiques, les auteurs ont étudié la colonisation des brûlures graves par les staphylocoques producteurs de coagulase. Ils démontrent la complexité du mécanisme de cette colonisation. Ils ont établi la sensibilité de ces staphylocoques à six antibiotiques courants, comparativement pour les périodes de 1964 à 1967 et 1968 à 1969. Ils soulignent l'efficacité de l'oxygénothérapie hyperbare comme moyen de prévention de l'infection des brûlures.

609. Interprétation mathématique de l'étude de la durée de vie des plaquettes marquées au chrome radio-actif - Paulus; Fillet, Georges; Thompson; Willems

610. A study of Staphylococcus Aureus infection in burns - Fillet, Georges; Hanquet, M.; Castermans, A.
The bacteriological control tests regularly carried out reveal the complexity of staphylococcal infection in burned patients. It is not uncommon to find several different strains which succeed one another or coexist in the same patient in the course of his hospital stay. In 5 of the 10 cases of infection of burns, an infection or superinfection of hospital origin was undoubtedly involved. Sometimes, the staphylococcus colonizes the burn furst, and subszquently tends to settle on the skin and in the nose. In other cases, the organism appears to be restricted initially to the nasal fossae, from which it subszquently spreads...

611. Anémie ferriprive - Métabolisme du fer - Traitement martial - Fillet, Georges

612. Valproic acid induces apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells through activation of the death receptor pathway and potentiates TRAIL response. - Lagneaux, Laurence; Gillet, Nicolas; Stamatopoulos, Basile; Delforge, Alain; Dejeneffe, Marielle; Massy, Martine; Meuleman, Nathalie; Kentos, Alain; Martiat, Philippe; Willems, Luc; Bron, Dominique
OBJECTIVE: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells develop chemoresistance over time associated with defects in apoptosis pathway. Novel treatment strategies are required to overcome resistance of cells to commonly used agents. The effects of valproic acid (VPA), an antiepileptic drug with histone deacetylase inhibitory activity, on mononuclear cells isolated from 40 CLL patients were evaluated. METHODS: CLL cells were treated with increasing doses of VPA (0.5, 1, 2, and 5 mM). The mode of cytotoxic drug action was determined by annexin binding, DNA fragmentation, and caspase activation. RESULTS: Exposure of CLL cells to VPA resulted in dose-dependent cytotoxicity and apoptosis in...

613. Stem cell transplantation in ALL : a donor versus no donor comparison in the EORTC ALL-4 study - Labar, Boris; Suciu, S.; Muus, P.; Willemze, R.; Marie, J.P.; Fillet, Georges; Berneman, Zwi; Jaksic, B.; Feremans, W.; Bron, D.; Sinnige, H.; Mistrik, M.; Vreugdenhil, G.; De Bock, R.; Nemet, D.; Gilotay, C.; Amadori, S.; de Witte, T.

614. Actualités thérapeutiques en oncologie sénologique: place actuelle et perspectives des traitements cibles - Jerusalem, Guy; Rorive, Andrée; Gennigens, Christine; Sautois, Brieuc; Mievis, C; Fillet, Georges
The introduction of targeted therapies has largely modified the treatment strategies in oncology. Two targets are currently used for defining the systemic treatment of breast cancer: hormone receptors and HER2 overexpression. Trastuzumab, a monoclonal antibody, is the only registered antiHER2 treatment in Belgium. The association of trastuzumab with chemotherapy is now the recommended adjuvant treatment for early breast cancer overexpressing HER2. Other antiHER2 medications are available and some will probably be registered soon. Angiogenesis is another potential target for improving the treatment results. The CHU Liege, as a reference center for the systemic treatment of solid tumors, participates in many...

615. A randomized multicenter study of optimal circadian time of vinorelbine combined with chronomodulated 5-fluorouracil in pretreated metastatic breast cancer patients : eortc trial 05971 - Coudert, Bruno; Focan, Christian; Genet, Dominique; Giacchetti, Sylvie; Cvickovic, Frédérique; Zambelli, Alberto; Fillet, Georges; Chollet, Philippe; Amoroso, Domenico; Van Der Auwera, Jaak; Lentz, Marie Ange; Marreaud, Sandrine; Baron, Benoit; Gorlia, Thierry; Biville, Fabienne; Lévi, Francis

616. PET and PET/CT imaging in lymphomas. - Jerusalem, Guy; Hustinx, Roland; Rigo, Pierre

617. The lymphomas. Nuclear Medicine - Jerusalem, Guy; Hustinx, Roland

618. Evaluation thérapeutique précoce par tomographie à émission de positons - Jerusalem, Guy; Beguin, Yves; Fassotte, Marie-France; Belhocine, Tarik; Najjar, Fadi; Hustinx, Roland; Rigo, Pierre; Fillet, Georges
Peer reviewed

619. La radiothérapie du cancer du sein - Meyns, Mia
Le traitement du cancer du sein est un des exemples les plus probants de l'approche multidisciplinaire oncologique. Dans ce contexte, la radiothérapie a renforcé sa place et son importance, même si certaines incertitudes persistent, comme la prise en charge du creux axillaire, de la chaîne mammaire interne et de la paroi thoracique. La tendance constatée depuis plusieurs années est celle d'une approche moins agressive.

620. Impact of oxygen and blood flow heterogeneities in tumors : new insights for anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic therapies - Martinive, Philippe


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