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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Wytyczne ESC dotyczaçe leczenia infekcyjnego zapalenia wsierdzia w 2015 roku

    Habib, G.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Antunes, M. J.; Bongiorni, M. G.; Casalta, J.-P.; Del Zotti, F.; DULGHERU, Raluca Elena; El Khoury, G.; Erba, P. A.; Iung, B.; Miro, J. M.; Mulder, B. J.; Płońska-Gościniak, E.; Price, S.; Roos-Hesselink, J.; Snygg-Martin, U.; Thuny, F.; Mas, P. T.; Vilacosta, I.; Zamorano, J. L.
    Peer reviewed

  2. Clinical Trial Design Principles and Endpoint Definitions for Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement: Part 1: Clinical Trial Design Principles A Consensus Document from the Mitral Valve Academic Research Consortium

    Stone, G. W.; Vahanian, A. S.; Adams, D. H.; Abraham, W. T.; Borer, J. S.; Bax, J. J.; Schofer, J.; Cutlip, D. E.; Krucoff, M. W.; Blackstone, E. H.; Généreux, P.; Mack, M. J.; Siegel, R. J.; Grayburn, P. A.; Enriquez-Sarano, M.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Filippatos, G.; Kappetein, A. P.
    Peer reviewed

  3. European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) position paper: Multimodality imaging in pericardial disease

    Cosyns, B.; Plein, S.; Nihoyanopoulos, P.; Smiseth, O.; Achenbach, S.; Andrade, M. J.; Pepi, M.; Ristic, A.; Imazio, M.; Paelinck, B.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI); European Society of Cardiology Working Group (ESC WG) on Myocardial and Pericardial diseases
    Peer reviewed

  4. Appropriateness criteria for cardiovascular imaging use in heart failure: Report of literature review

    Garbi, M.; McDonagh, T.; Cosyns, B.; Bucciarelli-Ducci, C.; Edvardsen, T.; Kitsiou, A.; Nieman, K.; Lancellotti, Patrizio
    Peer reviewed

  5. Secondary mitral valve regurgitation

    Fattouch, K.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Angelini, G. D.
    Ischemic or idiopathic mitral valve disease (so called secondary mitral valve regurgitation) is a rather new concept. This topic is deeply polarizing the attention of the cardiologist and cardiothoracic community. Although there is an impressive amount of efforts to understand the etiology, mechanism, treatment and prognostic factors, still clear indications and guide-lines are missing. Therefore this group of patients lie in a grey-area and physicians looking after them cannot count on proper recommendations. The main purpose of this book is to review the most relevant knowledge about secondary mitral valve regurgitation, from the anatomy, definition, classification, diagnosis and prevalence to...

  6. Recommendations for the Evaluation of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function by Echocardiography: An Update from the American Society of Echocardiography and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging.

    Nagueh, Sherif F.; Smiseth, Otto A.; Appleton, Christopher P.; Byrd, Benjamin F. Rd; Dokainish, Hisham; Edvardsen, Thor; Flachskampf, Frank A.; Gillebert, Thierry C.; Klein, Allan L.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Marino, Paolo; Oh, Jae K.; Popescu, Bogdan Alexandru; Waggoner, Alan D.
    Peer reviewed

  7. Stanowisko ESC dotyczace toksycznego wplywu leczenia onkologicznego na uklad sercowo-naczyniowy w 2016 roku, opracowane pod auspicjami Komisji ESC do spraw Wytycznych Postepowania.

    Zamorano, Jose Luis; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Munoz, Daniel Rodriguez; Aboyans, Victor; Asteggiano, Riccardo; Galderisi, Maurizio; Habib, Gilbert; Lenihan, Daniel J.; Lip, Gregory Y. H.; Lyon, Alexander R.; Fernandez, Teresa Lopez; Mohty, Dania; Piepoli, Massimo F.; Tamargo, Juan; Torbicki, Adam; Suter, Thomas M.
    Peer reviewed

  8. 2015 ESC Guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes in patients presenting without persistent st-segment elevation: Task force for the management of acute coronary syndromes in patients presenting without persistent ST-segment elevation of the european society of cardiology (ESC)

    Roffi, M.; Patrono, C.; Collet, J.-P.; Mueller, C.; Valgimigli, M.; Andreotti, F.; Bax, J. J.; Borger, M. A.; Brotons, C.; Chew, D. P.; Gencer, B.; Hasenfuss, G.; Kjeldsen, K.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Landmesser, U.; Mehilli, J.; Mukherjee, D.; Storey, R. F.; Windecker, S.; Baumgartner, H.; Gaemperli, O.; Achenbach, S.; Agewall, S.; Badimon, L.; Baigent, C.; Bueno, H.; Bugiardini, R.; Carerj, S.; Casselman, F.; Cuisset, T.; Erol, C.; Fitzsimons, D.; Halle, M.; Hamm, C.; Hildick-Smith, D.; Huber, K.; Iliodromitis, E.; James, S.; Lewis, B. S.; Lip, G. Y. H.; Piepoli, M. F.; Richter, D.; Rosemann, T.; Sechtem, U.; Steg, P. G.; Vrints, C.; Zamorano, J. L.
    Peer reviewed

  9. Young community of EACVI: The transition from EACVI Club 35 to Heart Imagers of Tomorrow: A promising yet challenging step

    Grapsa, J.; Cameli, M.; Granier, C.; Muraru, D.; Ernande, L.; Popescu, B. A.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Habib, G.
    Peer reviewed

  10. A joint procedural position statement on imaging in cardiac sarcoidosis: from the Cardiovascular and Inflammation & Infection Committees of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, and the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology.

    Slart, Riemer H. J. A.; Glaudemans, Andor W. J. M.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Hyafil, Fabien; Blankstein, Ron; Schwartz, Ronald G.; Jaber, Wael A.; Russell, Raymond; Gimelli, Alessia; Rouzet, Francois; Hacker, Marcus; Gheysens, Olivier; Plein, Sven; Miller, Edward J.; Dorbala, Sharmila; Donal, Erwan
    Peer reviewed

  11. Clinical practice of contrast echocardiography: recommendation by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) 2017.

    Senior, Roxy; Becher, Harald; Monaghan, Mark; Agati, Luciano; Zamorano, Jose; Vanoverschelde, Jean Louis; Nihoyannopoulos, Petros; Edvardsen, Thor; Lancellotti, Patrizio
    Peer reviewed

  12. Lipoprotein (a): A promising target in the treatment of stenotic valvular diseases

    Pibarot, P.; Rosenhek, R.; Lancellotti, Patrizio
    Peer reviewed

  13. EACVI/EHRA Expert Consensus Document on the role of multi-modality imaging for the evaluation of patients with atrial fibrillation

    Donal, E.; Lip, G. Y. H.; Galderisi, M.; Goette, A.; Shah, D.; Marwan, M.; Lederlin, M.; Mondillo, S.; Edvardsen, T.; Sitges, M.; Grapsa, J.; Garbi, M.; Senior, R.; Gimelli, A.; Potpara, T. S.; Van Gelder, I. C.; Gorenek, B.; Mabo, P.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Kuck, K.-H.; Popescu, B. A.; Hindricks, G.; Habib, G.
    Peer reviewed

  14. EuroEcho-Imaging 2015 in Seville, Spain: What has been hot?

    Lancellotti, Patrizio; Habib, G.; Cosyns, B.
    Peer reviewed

  15. 2017 ESC/EACTS Guidelines for the management of valvular heart disease

    Baumgartner, H.; Falk, V.; Bax, J. J.; De Bonis, M.; Hamm, C.; Holm, P. J.; Iung, B.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Lansac, E.; Muñoz, D. R.; Rosenhek, R.; Sjögren, J.; Tornos Mas, P.; Vahanian, A.; Walther, T.; Wendler, O.; Windecker, S.; Zamorano, J. L.; Roffi, M.; Alfieri, O.; Agewall, S.; Ahlsson, A.; Barbato, E.; Bueno, H.; Collet, J.-P.; Coman, I. M.; Czerny, M.; Delgado, V.; Fitzsimons, D.; Folliguet, T.; Gaemperli, O.; Habib, G.; Harringer, W.; Haude, M.; Hindricks, G.; Katus, H. A.; Knuuti, J.; Kolh, Philippe; Leclercq, C.; McDonagh, T. A.; Piepoli, M. F.; Pierard, Luc; Ponikowski, P.; Rosano, G. M. C.; Ruschitzka, F.; Shlyakhto, E.; Simpson, I. A.; Sousa-Uva, M.; Stepinska, J.; Tarantini, G.; Tche, D.; Aboyans, V.
    Peer reviewed

  16. Strategies for radiation dose reduction in nuclear cardiology and cardiac computed tomography imaging: a report from the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI), the Cardiovascular Committee of European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), and the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology (ESCR).

    Gimelli, Alessia; Achenbach, Stephan; Buechel, Ronny R.; Edvardsen, Thor; Francone, Marco; Gaemperli, Oliver; Hacker, Marcus; Hyafil, Fabien; Kaufmann, Philipp A.; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Nieman, Koen; Pontone, Gianluca; Pugliese, Francesca; Verberne, Hein J.; Gutberlet, Matthias; Bax, Jeroen J.; Neglia, Danilo
    Peer reviewed

  17. Variation of Ciliary Beat Pattern in Three Different Beating Planes in Healthy Subjects.

    Kempeneers, Céline; Seaton, Claire; Chilvers, Mark A.
    Peer reviewed

  18. Response.

    KEMPENEERS, Céline; Seaton, Claire; Chilvers, Mark A.
    Peer reviewed

  19. Heterotaxy syndrome with intestinal malrotation, polysplenia and azygos continuity.

    CUPERS, Stéphanie; VAN LINTHOUT, Christine; DESPRECHINS, Brigitte; Rausin, Léon; Demarche, Martine; Seghaye, Marie-Christine
    Peer reviewed

  20. When baby's heart reveals mum's disease : Diagnosis of Sjögren's disease in a woman whose fetus shows complete atrioventricular block

    André, Hélène; VAN LINTHOUT, Christine; Gewillig, Marc; De Catte, L.; MALAISE, Olivier; Seghaye, Marie-Christine
    Peer reviewed

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