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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Development of a LC-MS/MS analytical method for the simultaneous measurement of aldehydes coming from polyunsaturated fatty acids degradation in animal feed

    Douny, Caroline; Bayram, Pinar; Brose, François; Degand, Guy; Scippo, Marie-Louise
    Peer reviewed

  2. Endocrine activity of mycotoxins and mycotoxin mixtures

    Demaegdt; Daminet; Evrard; Scippo, Marie-Louise; Muller, Marc; Pussemier; Callebaut; Vandermeiren
    Peer reviewed

  3. Study of the Potential Zoonotic Transmission of Clostridium difficile in Belgian Cattle Farms.

    Rodriguez Diaz, Cristina; Hakimi, Djalal-Eddine; Daube, Georges; Korsak Koulagenko, Nicolas
    Peer reviewed

  4. Development of innovative and practical management tools to improve sustainability of milk production and quality of dairy products

    Arnould, Valérie
    In the current complex economical context, novel strategies are needed to help local dairy farmers to face the European dairy sector crisis. This thesis was initiated in the framework of ManageMilk project and was globally aimed to investigate the possibility to develop some innovative and practical management tools helping dairy farmers in their daily decisions. To develop such management tools, several conditions must be fulfilled. Firstly, used data must be relevant. According to the literature, the milk composition, and in particular, the milk fatty acid (FA) profile, appears to be a suitable trait allowing useful information about the dairy cow’s...

  5. Impact of cooking and species on intestinal fermentation patterns of vegetables in a humanized in vitro model of the gastro-intestinal tract

    Kalala Bolokango, Gaetan; Kambashi Mutiaka, Bienvenu; Njeumen Lemotio, Georges Patrick; Beckers, Yves; Richel, Aurore; Pachikian, Barbara; Neyrinck, A.M; Delzenne, Nathalie; Everaert, Nadia; Bindelle, Jérôme
    Obesity and associated pathologies have dramatic consequences on patients’lives as well as high societal costs. Because of the role of intestinal dysbiosis and microbiota make-up on the pathogenesis of obesity, several strategies such as eating prebiotics and dietary fibre supplements are being investigated to reshape the intestinal microbial communities of obese patients. Beyond supplement, dietary fibre is supplied through plant ingredients in the meals. In the framework of the multidisciplinary research project Food4Gut, the use of vegetables rich in specific targeted dietary fiber, namely fructans, is being scrutinized for its ability to induce positive changes in the intestinal ecophysiology. Because...

  6. Metagenomic insights into the dynamics of microbial communities in food

    Kergourlay, Gilles; Taminiau, Bernard; Daube, Georges; Champomier Vergès, Marie-Christine
    Peer reviewed

  7. Rapport d'activités final : Renforcement de l'Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP) "Beurre d'Ardenne"

    Dehareng, Frédéric; Tielemans, Magali; Colinet, Frédéric; Baeten, Vincent; Gengler, Nicolas; Dardenne, Pierre; Sindic, Marianne

  8. Binary Phase Behavior of tripalmitoylglycerol and 1,3-dipalmitoyl-2-stearoyl-sn-glycerol

    Bhaggan, K.; Smith, K. W.; Blecker, Christophe; Danthine, Sabine

  9. Crystallization behavior of neutralized and bleached shea butter under dynamic conditions

    Gibon, V.; Dijckmans, P.; Blecker, Christophe; Filocco, Sandrino; Danthine, Sabine

  10. Fingerprint profiling of polysaccharide kefiran extracted from kefir grains biomass

    Pop, Carmen; M. Rotar, Ancuta; C. Salanțӑ, Liana; A. Semeniuc, Cristina; Socaciu, Carmen; Sindic, Marianne
    Peer reviewed

  11. Changes in physicochemical and rheological properties of commercial yogurts during storage.

    Pop, Carmen; Apostu, Sorin; Rotar, Ancuta M.; Anamaria Semeniuc, Cristina; Sindic, Marianne; Mabon, Nicolas

  12. Influence of extraction conditions on characteristics of microbial polysaccharide kefiran isolated from kefir grains biomass

    Pop Rodica, Carmen; Salanţă, Liana; M. Rotar, Ancuţa; A. Semeniuc, Cristina; Socaciu, Carmen; Sindic, Marianne
    Peer reviewed

  13. Association of Targeted metagenomic analysis and classical microbiology for Clostridium difficile detection and microbial ecosystem mapping of surfaces hands and foodstuffs in a meat processing plant

    Rodriguez Diaz, Cristina; Oukbir, Meriem; Taminiau, Bernard; Daube, Georges
    INTRODUCTION Zoonoses are infectious that can be transmitted between animals and humans through direct contact, close proximity or the environment. Since domestic and food animals frequently test positive for the bacterium, it seems plausible that C. difficile could be zoonotic. PURPOSE This study aimed to determine the prevalence and the epidemiology of C. difficile in cattle farms and the possible spread of the bacterium among animals and farmers. METHODS A total of 176 faecal samples of cattle were collected from 5 different Belgian farms. A stool sample of each farmer was also requested. Detection of C. difficile was performed by classical culture on C. difficile...

  14. Glucosinolate profiles by HPLC-DAD, phenolic compositions and antioxidant activity of Eruca vesicaria longirostris: Impact of plant part and origin

    Bouacida, Saoussen; Koubaier, Hayet Ben Haj; Snoussi, Ahmed; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Bouzouita, Nabiha
    Peer reviewed

  15. Langmuir film balance- A technique to study the interaction of cyclodextrin with milk fat globule membrane monolayers

    Malik, Priyanka; Danthine, Sabine; Paul, Aman; Delvigne, Frank; Blecker, Christophe

  16. Characterization of almond kernel oils of five almonds varieties cultivated in Eastern Morocco

    Houmy, Nadia; Mansouri, F.; Benmoumen, A.; Elmouden, S.; Boujnah, M.; Sindic, Marianne; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Serghini-Caid, H.; Elamrani, A.
    Peer reviewed

  17. Caractérisation préliminaire de quelques variétés d’amande cultivées dans la région orientale du Maroc

    Houmy, Nadia; Elmoudden, S.; Boujnah, M.; Sindic, Marianne; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Serghini-Caid, H.; Elamrani, A.
    L’amande est un fruit sec riche en huile, protéines, glucides et vitamines. Il est consommé tel quel (séché, grillé) ou transformé sous d’autres formes tel que la pâte d’amande. L’huile d’amande est très utilisée en dermatologie pour ses propriétés cosmétiques, adoucissantes et hydratantes. Ce travail de recherche appliquée est mené en collaboration avec la DRA-oriental et la DPA d’Oujda. Il s’agit d’une contribution au développement la filière amandier dans la région qui porte sur la valorisation de l’amande et ces dérivées principalement l’huile et le tourteau d’amandes. Dans cette étude préliminaire les huiles et tourteaux de 5 variétés cultivées dans la...

  18. Variability in almond oil chemical traits from traditional cultivars from eastern Morocco

    Houmy, Nadia; Belhaj, K.; Abid, M.; Mihamou, A.; Addi, M.; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Sindic, Marianne; Serghini-Caid, H.; Elamrani, A.
    In Morocco, cultivation of almond tree (Prunus amygdalus L.) constitutes the second most important plantation of fruit trees after olive growing. It is mostly cultivated in two regions, « Taza, Al Houceima Taounate » in the north and « Souss Massa Draa » in the south. Almond genetic resources (Marcoma, Fournat, Ferragnes/Ferraduel and Beldi), cultivated in eastern Morocco were studied during two consecutive crop years in order to evaluate variations in kernel oil yield, fatty acid profiles, oleic /linoleic (O/L) ratio and almond oils oxydative stability (OSI,evaluated by rancimat tests) in comparison to monovarietal olive oils. Almond kernel total oil...

  19. A glance on characterization of almond kernels from five varieties cultivated in eastern Morocco

    Houmy, Nadia; Abid, M.; Addi, M.; Mihamou, A.; Serghini-Caid, H.; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Sindic, Marianne; Elamrani, A.
    The Green Morocco Plan is established for 2008-2020 to improve productivity in the agriculture sector and to plant more productive perennial tree crops such as almonds that are better suited for Morocco's climate. Belgian Development Agency support almond orchards extension in eastern Morocco in purpose to achieve socio-economic improvement. This research is part of a local project (PROFAO) for development of almond in eastern Morocco. The present study evaluates some almond oil parameters fiber and protein content of five almond varieties (Beldi, Fournat, Ferraduel/Ferragnes and Marcona). The aim is to classify varieties on the basis of kernels content of oil and their...

  20. Grasshoppers as a food source? A review

    Paul, Aman; Frederich, Michel; Uyttenbroeck, Roel; Hatt, Séverin; Malik, Priyanka; Lebecque, Simon; Hamaïdia, Malik; Miazek, Krystian; Goffin, Dorothée; Willems, Luc; Deleu, Magali; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Richel, Aurore; De Pauw, Edwin; Blecker, Christophe; Monty, Arnaud; Francis, Frédéric; Haubruge, Eric; Danthine, Sabine
    Peer reviewed

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