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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Physicochemical characterization and thermal behaviour of almonds oils from two morphotypes of T. catappa grown in two regions with three soil types

    Aboudou, Kowiou; Malumba Kamba, Paul; Blecker, Christophe; Tyteca, Eva; Soumanou Manzourou, Mohamed; Danthine, Sabine

  2. Influence of the ripening stage and the lyophilization of wild cardoon flowers on their chemical composition, enzymatic activities of extracts and technological properties of cheese curds

    Ben Amira, Amal; Blecker, Christophe; Richel, Aurore; Arguelles Arias, Anthony; Fickers, Patrick; Francis, Frédéric; Besbes, Souhail; Attia, Hamadi
    Peer reviewed

  3. Enzymatic Inter-Esterification of Binary Blends Containing Irvingia gabonensis Seed Fat to Produce Cocoa Butter Substitute

    Yamoneka, J.; Malumba, P.; Lognay, Georges; Bera, François; Blecker, Christophe; Danthine, Sabine
    Peer reviewed

  4. Ultrafiltration and thermal processing effects on Maillard reaction products and biological properties of date palm sap syrups (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

    Makhlouf-Gafsi, Ines; Krichen, Fatma; Ben Mansour, Riadh; Mokni, Abir; Sila, Assad; Bougatef, Ali; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, Hamadi; Besbes, Souhail
    Peer reviewed

  5. Morphological, structural and functional properties of starch granules extracted from the tubers and seeds of Sphenostylis stenocarpa

    Malumba Kamba, Paul; Doran, Lynn; Zanmenou, W.; Odjo, S.; Katanga, J.; Blecker, Christophe; Bera, François
    Peer reviewed

  6. Impact of ethanol on the air-water interfacial properties of enzymatically hydrolyzed wheat gluten

    Wouters, A.G.B.; Rombouts, I.; Fierens, E.; Brijs, K.; Blecker, Christophe; Delcour, J.A.
    Peer reviewed

  7. Morphological, structural and functional properties of starch granules extracted from the tubers and seeds of Sphenostylis stenocarpa

    Malumba, P.; Doran, Lynn; Zanmenou, W.; Odjo, S.; Katanga, J.; Blecker, Christophe; Bera, François
    Peer reviewed

  8. Sulphated polysaccharide isolated from Sargassum vulgare: Characterization and hypolipidemic effects

    Kolsi, R. B. A.; Salah, H. B.; Jardak, N.; Chaaben, R.; Jribi, I.; Feki, A. E.; Rebai, T.; Jamoussi, K.; Allouche, N.; Blecker, Christophe; Belghith, H.; Belghith, K.
    Peer reviewed

  9. Foaming and air-water interfacial characteristics of solutions containing both gluten hydrolysate and egg white protein

    Wouters, A. G. B.; Rombouts, I.; Fierens, E.; Brijs, K.; Blecker, Christophe; Delcour, J. A.; Murray, B. S.
    Peer reviewed

  10. Effect of extraction procedures on structural, thermal and antioxidantproperties of ulvan from Ulva lactuca collected in Monastir coast

    Yaich, H.; Ben Amira, A.; Abbes, F.; Bouaziz, M.; Besbes, S.; Richel, Aurore; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, H.
    Peer reviewed

  11. Chemical composition, cooking quality, texture and consumer acceptance of pasta with Eruca vesicaria leaves

    Bouacida, S.; Ben Amira, A.; Ben Haj Koubaier, H.; Blecker, Christophe; Bouzouita, N.
    Peer reviewed

  12. Procédé d’extraction et de production d’hydrolysats de protéines de pois chiche enrichis en peptides antioxydants. Purification et identification de deux biopeptides

    Mokni, Abir; Sila, Assad; Przybylski, Rémy; Nedjar-Arroume, Naima; Makhlouf, Ines; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, Hamadi; Dhulster, Pascal; Bougatef, Ali; Besbes, Souhail

  13. Effet des Procédés d’extraction sur les propriétés rhéologiques du polysaccharide sulfaté de l’algue marine Ulva lactuca

    Yaich, Hela; Garna, Haikel; Ennouri, Monia; Besbes, Souhail; Richel, Aurore; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, Hamadi

  14. The effect of upstream setting parameters of extrusion-cooking on the physicochemical and functional properties of wheat flour extrudate

    Malumba Kamba, Paul; Nicodème, T.; Doran, Lynn; Werner, R.; Roiseux, O.; Blecker, Christophe; Bera, François

  15. Caractérisation structurale, fonctionelle et activité hyperthensive des polysaccharides extraits des graines de pois chiche

    Mokni, Abir; Sila, Assad; Makhlouf, Ines; Blecker, Christophe; Danthine, Sabine; Attia, Hamadi; Bougatef, Ali; Besbes, Souhail

  16. Does pearling process concentration β-Glucans in barley grain?

    Fernandez, Alexis; Malumba Kamba, Paul; Roiseux, Olivier; Olive, Gilles; Blecker, Christophe

  17. Rheological and thermal proprieties of artemisa compestris polysaccharide

    Moalla, Salma; Ammar, Imène; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, Hamadi

  18. Focus sur la sécurité sanitaire des insectes comestibles

    Blecker, Christophe; Caparros Megido, Rudy; Haubruge, Eric; Francis, Frédéric
    L'actuelle pression environnementale exercée par la production de protéines animales conventionnelles a entrainé les marchés d'aliments à destination humaine et animale à la recherche de sources de protéines alternatives et innovantes. Parmi les alternatives, les insectes font figure de candidat plus que sérieux. Cet exposé fera tout d'abord le point sur le développement de l'entomophagie. Les risques potentiels liés à la consommation d'insectes seront ensuite abordés de façon générale. Pour terminer, certaines recherches plus spécifiques, sur la charge microbiologique d'insectes trouvés dans le commerce ainsi que sur l'allergénicité d'insectes d'élevage, seront présentées.

  19. Enrichment of bread dough with dietary fibers: A rheological and thermal study

    Douiri, Sabrine; Dhouib, Wala; Danthine, Sabine; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, Hamadi; Ghorbel, Dorra

  20. Effect of extraction procedures and plasticizer concentration on the physical and structural proprieties of new ulvan edible films

    Guidara, Mariem; Yaich, Hela; Benelhadj, Sonda; Boufi, Sami; Richel, Aurore; Blecker, Christophe; Attia, Hamadi; Garna, Haikel

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