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Ockerman, Herbert W.

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  1. Illustrated Chemistry Laboratory Terminology

    Ockerman, Herbert W.
    lxii, 211 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

  2. Scientific Terminology and Definitions

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Ockerman, Frances; Kaul, Lopa Basu; Swidan, Ayman N.
    Early food terminology

  3. Fermented Meat Products: Production and Consumption

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Basu, Lopa
    I. Introduction II. Current fermentation and drying procedures A. Definitions B. Quantity of Production C. Raw Meat 1.Whole pieces of meat 2.Meat chopped 3.Unusual animal parts D. Inoculum E. Starter cultures or "seed" utilized F. Yeast and Fungi G. Other ingredients 1. Salt 2. Nitrite 3. Sugars 4. Spices 5. Ascorbate 6. Other additives 7. Meat properties 8. Unintentional contaminants H. Processing I. Stuffing J. Fermentation K. Smoking L. Heating 1. Drying/ Ripening 2. Packaging 3. Storage and Marketing M. Metabolism and acidulation N. Sensory 1. Flavour and aroma 2. Taste 3. Proteins 4. Lipids 5. Combination of taste and aroma 6. Volatiles 7. Nonvolatiles 8. Both volatiles and nonvolatiles III. Physical properties A. Texture B. Colour IV. Pathogens V. Composition

  4. World Food Prize Request for Information about Professor Ockerman's Influence Up to 2005

    Ockerman, Herbert W.
    Dr. Ockerman was asked by the nominator to estimate the number of citizens he as an individual, had educated in some capacity and a fair estimate of the number of people influenced by the Learning Cascade of Ockerman Educators in the World. This revolution of igniting aspiring minds over the last two generations (Last 45+ years) is often called 'The Ockerman Catalyst' by his alumni. This is a very difficult task to numerically estimate since steadfast information is not always available; data may vary as it differs from the different sources based on the realms of judgment and interpretation. Emphatically,...

  5. Equatorial Guinea Perspectives on the United States: the significance of American Missionary Activities and Internal Equatoguinean Politics (Expanded Version)

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Adua, Lazarus; Basu, Lopa
    Equatorial Guinea is a small country in western Central Africa, consisting of three physically separate major territories and a number of tiny islands. The major territories are Rio Muni, which is on the continent sandwiched between Cameroon and Gabon, and the insular territories of Bioko (formally Fernando Po) in the Bight of Biafra and Annobon, which is about 357 kilometers off the coast and just south of the equator. The tiny islands are Corisco, Belobi, Mbane, Conga, Cocotiers, and Elobey, all located off the coast of Rio Muni. Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa. It gained independence...

  6. Argentina Perspectives on the United States: the Significance of American Activities and Internal Argentinian Politics

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Gonzales, Claudia; Basu, Lopa
    National profile; Argentine exports; Argentine imports; Political and social history; Argentine - U.S. Relations; Perspectives on the U.S.;

  7. Edible Rendering -- Rendered Products for Human Use

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Basu, Lopa
    This chapter focuses on animal by-products used directly by humans. Preliminary information on world and U.S. meat and by-product production is discussed. The main products focused upon are fats and oils and their properties, animal by-products that are harvested from the carcass and cooked by the consumer or incorporated into consumable food items. Also discussed is gelatin extraction, edible tissue separated from bone, and medical and pharmaceutical products for human treatment.

  8. Food science sourcebook

    Ockerman, Herbert W.
    Pt. 1. Terms and descriptions -- pt. 2. Food composition,properties, and general data.

  9. Sausage and processed meat formulations

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
    vii, 603 p.

  10. Animal By-Product Processing

    Ockerman, Herbert W.; Hansen, C. L. (Conly L.), 1946-
    Preface. -- Chapter 1. Introduction to animal by-product processing.-- Chapter 2. Edible meat by-products. -- Chapter 3. Rendering. -- Chapter 4. Hide and skin by-products. -- Chapter 5. Glue and gelatine. -- Chapter 6. Edible tissue from bone. -- Chapter 7. Medicinal and pharmaceutical uses of by-products. -- Chapter 8. Sausage containers. -- Chapter 9. Blood utilization. -- Chapter 10. Pet or exotic animal food. -- Chapter 11. Sea food by-products. -- Chapter 12. Poultry by-products. -- Chapter 13. Animal processing waste disposal, reduction and utilization. -- Index.

  11. Quality control of post-mortem muscle tissue

    Ockerman, Herbert W.
    v. 1. Meat and additives analysis -- v. 2. Environmental control -- v. 3. Carcass quantity, quality and color evaluation -- v. 4. Microbiology -- v. 5. Tables

  12. Statistical sampling principles

    Ockerman, Herbert W.
    Author Affiliation: Department of Animal Science, The Ohio State University and The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

  13. Chemistry of meat tissue

    Ockerman, Herbert W.
    Author Affiliation: Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University and The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

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