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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Introducing Block Orders in the Italian Day-Ahead Electricity Market

    Savelli, Iacopo; Cornélusse, Bertrand; Giannitrapani, Antonio; Paoletti, Simone; Vicino, Antonio
    Peer reviewed

  2. Distributed Control of Photovoltaic Units in unbalanced LV Distribution Networks to Prevent Overvoltages

    Olivier, Frédéric; Fonteneau, Raphaël; Ernst, Damien
    As more and more photovoltaic units are being installed, some LV networks have already attained their max- imum hosting capacity, i.e. the maximum amount of distributed energy resources that they can accommodate during regular operations without suffering problems, such as overvoltages. As an alternative to network reinforcement, active network management (ANM) can, to a certain extent, increase their hosting capacity by controlling the power flows. In the framework of ANM, paper [1] presents a distributed control scheme, which makes use of a distress signal sent by each participating unit, when its terminal voltage is higher than 1.1 p.u. All units...

  3. Identification of a Reduced-Order Model of an Active Distribution Grid Using Recursive Training

    Chaspierre, Gilles; Van Cutsem, Thierry
    Peer reviewed

  4. Exploring Regulation Policies in Distribution Networks through Multi-Agent Simulator

    Manuel de Villena Millan, Miguel; Fonteneau, Raphaël; Gautier, Axel; Ernst, Damien
    Peer reviewed

  5. Intra-day Bidding Strategies for Storage Devices Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Boukas, Ioannis; Ernst, Damien; Papavasiliou, Anthony; Cornélusse, Bertrand
    Peer reviewed

  6. Blockchain et partage de l’énergie

    Vangulick, David
    We propose a blockchain design that fulfills the following important requirements: quick validation of the energy exchange transaction, synchronized with market period

  7. Note sur le calcul graphique des réseaux de distribution d'énergie électrique. Partie 2

    Campus, Ferdinand

  8. Note sur le calcul graphique des réseaux de distribution d'énergie électrique. Partie 1

    Campus, Ferdinand

  9. FEM Simulations of Crossed-field Effects in Bulk Superconducting Trapped-field Permanent Magnets

    Vanderheyden, Benoît; Fagnard, Jean-François; Hogan, Kevin; Philippe, Matthieu; Vanderbemden, Philippe
    Bulk (RE)BCO samples can be used as efficient permanent magnets achieving trapped flux densities of a few teslas at 77 K. However, their magnetization decays over time when subjected to crossed fields (with a direction perpendicular to the initially trapped flux density). Such parasitic field may be generated in synchronous motors as stray fields. In this talk, I summarize the recent work carried out in our group at the University of Liege to better understand the crossed-field effects. Under a magnetic field perturbation with a non-vanishing crossed field, the superconductor magnetization is modified due to a rearrangement of currents. We...

  10. A multi-agent system approach to model the interaction between distributed generation deployment and the grid

    Manuel de Villena Millan, Miguel; Gautier, Axel; Fonteneau, Raphaël; Ernst, Damien
    Peer reviewed

  11. Optimal operation and fair profit allocation in community microgrids

    Cornélusse, Bertrand; Ernst, Damien; Lachi, Simon
    Peer reviewed

  12. Modelling of three-phase four-wire low-voltage cables taking into account the neutral connection to the earth

    Olivier, Frédéric; Fonteneau, Raphaël; Ernst, Damien
    Peer reviewed

  13. Shape and Topology Optimization for electro-mechanical energy converters

    Kuci, Erin
    The sustained growth of the industrial sector requires high-efficiency electro-me- chanical energy converters, in particular electrical rotating machines, at the lowest possible cost. The use of modern power electronics converters at all levels of elec- trical power applications, involves, on the other hand, switching components with very low switching times and always increasing current levels. Passive components in these devices (busbars, inductors, transformers) must be designed to be com- pact without compromising their performance (e.g. power losses, electromagnetic interference/compatibility). Automated design optimization methods, in particu- lar shape and topology optimization, used so far mostly in the field of structural engineering,...

  14. Using Machine Learning to Enable Probabilistic Reliability Assessment in Operation Planning

    Duchesne, Laurine; Karangelos, Efthymios; Wehenkel, Louis
    Peer reviewed

  15. A bottom-up approach based on semantics for the interpretation of the main camera stream in soccer games

    Cioppa, Anthony; Deliège, Adrien; Van Droogenbroeck, Marc
    Peer reviewed

  16. Three-dimensional modeling of multilayer busbar incorporating domains of lesser dimension

    Velasco, Jonathan; Spirlet, Maxime; Geuzaine, Christophe; Henrotte, François
    This paper describes the efficient modeling of a three-dimensional busbar, starting from a time-harmonic full-wave finite-element model, modifying the formulation to account for the skin effect, avoiding the need for explicitly modeling the volumes of the conducting domains. This is performed by specifying jacobian methods on the geometrical transformations based on their dimension (3D, 2D or 1D).

  17. Tutorial on Evaluation of Background Subtraction Algorithms

    Bouwmans, Thierry; Laugraud, Benjamin
    The tutorial focused on the BGSLibrary ( and the CDnet 2014 dataset (, and answered three questions: how to install the BGSLibrary? How to add your own code in the BGSLibrary? How to use the CDnet 2014 dataset and its metrics?

  18. Quantification of gait sub-phase durations using an ambulatory system in Parkinson’s disease

    Boutaayamou, Mohamed; DEPIERREUX, Frédérique; PARMENTIER, Eric; Schwartz, Cédric; Bruls, Olivier; Verly, Jacques; Garraux, Gaëtan
    Peer reviewed

  19. An Overview of Background Initialization and LaBGen

    Laugraud, Benjamin
    Given a video sequence captured from a static viewpoint, the stationary background initialization problem consists in generating a unique image estimating the stationary background of the sequence (i.e. the set of elements which are motionless throughout the sequence). Generating an estimation of the background is helpful, and sometimes crucial for many applications including video surveillance, segmentation, compression, inpainting, privacy protection, and computational photography. The aim of this talk is to first introduce the background initialization field by presenting the main challenges, some important methods, and the evaluation framework. Second, LaBGen, which emerged as the best method during the Scene Background Modeling...

  20. Industrial Recommendation of Modeling of Inverter Based Generators for Power System Dynamic Studies with Focus on Photovoltaic

    Yamashita, Koji; Renner, Herwig; Martınez Villanueva, Sergio; Lammert, Gustav; Aristidou, Petros; Carvalho Martins, José; Zhu, Lingzhi; Pabon Ospina, Luis David; Van Cutsem, Thierry
    Peer reviewed

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