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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

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  1. Vers l'identification non-linéaire des structures industrielles au moyen de sinus balayés

    Dossogne, Tilàn; Noël, Jean-Philippe; Kerschen, Gaëtan
    Les phénomènes vibratoires non-linéaires sont fréquemment rencontrés dans les structures mécaniques et aérospatiales. La division de ces structures en sous-systèmes assemblés ou l’usage de nouveaux matériaux favorisent l’apparition de mécanismes non-linéaires tels que le frottement, les impacts ou l'hystérésis. Il existe donc un besoin croissant en industrie de pouvoir détecter et identifier ces phénomènes non-linéaires sur des structures complexes et à grande échelle. L’ objectif de ce travail est d'établir une méthodologie d’identification des non-linéarités dans les structures industrielles, allant de la détection à la caractérisation et l’estimation de paramètres non-linéaires. Le processus d’identification est basé uniquement sur des mesures...

  2. Stochastic multiscale model of MEMS stiction accounting for high order statistical moments of non-Gaussian contacting surfaces

    Hoang Truong, Vinh; Wu, Ling; Golinval, Jean-Claude; Arnst, Maarten; Noels, Ludovic
    Peer reviewed

  3. Tribologie numerique et expertises tribologiques au service d'un contact modele : le contact "roue-rail

    BERTHIER, Yves; SAULOT, Aurélien; DESCARTES, Sylvie; NICCOLINI, Eric; DAGORN, C.; BAILLET, Laurent; FILLOT, N.; Iordanova, I.; KEROUAN, Y.; Collette, Christophe; IRIMESCU, L.; VAYSSIERE, C.

  4. Rutting Corrugation Study on a Scaled Roller Rig

    Collette, Christophe; others

  5. Wheel rail Corrugation in Urban Transport

    Collette, Christophe

  6. Towards Broadband Seismic Isolation Systems: a one d.o.f. isolation stage study

    Ding, Binlei; Watchi, Jennifer; Collette, Christophe

  7. Coil-free active stabilisation of extended payloads with optical inertial sensors

    Watchi, Jennifer; Ding, Binlei; Tshilumba, David; Artoos, Kurt; Collette, Christophe
    Peer reviewed

  8. Experimental Evidence of the Existence of Different First Passage Time Regimes in Forced and Parametrically Excited Systems

    Delhez, Elise; Golinval, Jean-Claude; Denoël, Vincent

  9. Experimental and numerical modal analyses of a pre-stressed steel strip

    Delhez, Elise

  10. Generation of open foam RVEs with sharp edges using Distance fields and Level sets

    Kilingar, Nanda Gopala; Noels, Ludovic; Massart, Thierry Jacques; Ehab Moustafa Kamel, Karim; Sonon, Bernard
    A methodology to generate Representative Volume Elements for open foam cellular materials based on distance and level set functions is explained. The main focus of this work is to properly represent the geometry of the sharp edges of the foam struts that are resulting from the solidification phase during manufacturing. An approach to generate RVEs for open-cell foams is described in [1], where arbitrary shaped tessellations are produced and specific combination of distance functions are used to generate open foam RVEs. Steep discontinuities in the distance functions derivatives result in the generation of jagged sharp edges, due to the use of discrete level...

  11. Evaluation of ground reaction forces based on kinematic data

    Van Hulle, Romain; Schwartz, Cédric; Bruls, Olivier

  12. A stochastic 3-scale method to predict the thermo-elastic behaviors of polycrystalline structures

    Wu, Ling; Lucas, Vincent; Golinval, Jean-Claude; Paquay, Stéphane; Noels, Ludovic
    The purpose of this work is to upscale material uncertainties in the context of thermo-elastic response of polycrystalline structures. The probabilistic behavior of micro-resonators made of polycrystalline materials is evaluated using a stochastic multi-scale approach defined using the following methodology. 1. Stochastic volume elements (SVEs) [1] are defined from Voronoi tessellations using experimental measurements of the grain size, orientation, and surface roughness [2]; 2. Mesoscopic apparent thermo-elastic properties such as elasticity tensor, thermal conductivity tensor, and thermal dilatation tensor are extracted using a coupled homogenization theory [3, 4] applied on the SVE realizations; 3. A stochastic model of the homogenized properties extracted from Voronoi...

  13. Generation of unidirectional composite stochastic volume elements from micro-structural statistical information

    Wu, Ling; Bidaine, Benoit; Major, Zoltan; Nghia Chung, Chi; Noels, Ludovic
    The purpose of this work is to generate Stochastic Volume Element (SVE) of unidirectional composites using statistical information obtained from imaging technique in order to study the effect of the micro-structure uncertainty on the meso-scale behavior. When considering a homogenization-based multiscale approach, the material properties are obtained at each integration point of a macro-structure from the resolution of a micro-scale boundary value problem. When the separation of scales holds, the macro-point is viewed at the micro-level as the center of a Representative Volume Element (RVE). However, for composite materials which suffer from a large scatter in their constituent properties and microstructure, the...

  14. First passage time as an analysis tool in experimental wind engineering [under review]

    Vanvinckenroye, Hélène; Denoël, Vincent; Andrianne, Thomas
    Peer reviewed

  15. First passage time as an analysis tool in experimental wind engineering [under review]

    Vanvinckenroye, Hélène; Andrianne, Thomas; Denoël, Vincent
    Peer reviewed

  16. Comparison of a dynamic model and experimental results of a residential heat pump with vapor injection and variable speed scroll compressor

    Dechesne, Bertrand; Gendebien, Samuel; Lemort, Vincent; Bertagnolio, Stéphane
    Peer reviewed


    Dechesne, Bertrand; Gendebien, Samuel; Lemort, Vincent; Bertagnolio, Stéphane
    Peer reviewed

  18. Experimental investigation and dynamic modeling of an air-to-water residential heat pump with vapor injection and variable speed scroll compressor

    Dechesne, Bertrand; Gendebien, Samuel; Lemort, Vincent; Bertagnolio, Stéphane
    Peer reviewed

  19. Effect of including a gas layer on the gel formation process during the drying of a polymer solution

    Rabani, Ramin; Machrafi, Hatim; Dauby, Pierre
    Peer reviewed

  20. Fatigue resistant designs using stress-based topology optimization

    Collet, Maxime; Bauduin, Simon; Fernandez Sanchez, Eduardo Felipe; Duysinx, Pierre
    Fatigue is an important mode of failure in mechanical engineering and accounting for it as soon as the early stage of design using topology optimization sounds primordial. Structures undergoing high-cycle fatigue can be described by the stress-based approach and then a stress-based topology optimization framework, which has received great interest since almost 20 years because of the innovative designs that can be achieved to answer strength requirements, can be used. Literature reports many good results for shape optimization [Mrzyglod & Zielinsky(2006)] whereas in the eld of topology optimization several authors have shown that considering fatigue in an optimization framework leads to more relevant solutions where fluctuating loads are...

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