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  1. An Investigation Into the Spatial Distribution of Streamwater Chemistry Along the Great Miami River and Role of Land Use Type

    Schwieterman, Neill
    Previous studies have shown that the Great Miami River watershed is a top contributor to nutrient load into the Mississippi River and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico. High nutrient content corresponds to higher algal bloom rates, which can be devastating to environments and economies. Streamwater chemistry in the watershed has been studied extensively previously, however, a geospatial dataset of the scale studied here has never been collected before, which can provide insight into how the streamwater chemistry changes spatially. The land use type of the upper Great Miami River is predominantly agricultural, with 75.3% of the total upper watershed...

  2. Thermal Maturity, Composition, and Origin of the Hydrocarbon Gases of the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas, USA

    He, Dan
    The Eagle Ford Shale, a high-growth and profitable developing play, locates mainly in South Texas. Even though it has been actively developed for about 9 years, to reduce industrial exploitation risk, properties of the fluids in the Eagle Ford Shale still need to be studied. In this research, samples of oil and associated gases collected from 27 hydraulically fractured horizontal commercial wells were analyzed for major gas compositions and stable carbon isotopic ratios to characterize the natural gases of the Eagle Ford Shale. The experimental data suggest that natural gases of the Eagle Ford Shale are thermogenic, oil-associated wet gas...

  3. Exploration for He-3

    O'Reilly, Bryan
    As an essential component in the cleanest and most efficient form of fusion, Helium-3 (He-3) has the potential to produce incredible magnitudes of energy. However, naturally occurring He-3 only makes up 1.37 parts per million of He on Earth. The U.S. stockpile of He-3 has gradually decreased since 2001, with the price of He-3 jumping from 200 to 2,000 USD per liter. This reduced supply is largely due to the Department of Homeland Security’s demand for neutron detection systems along our borders following the events of September 11th 2001. Lacking an atmosphere, the Moon’s surface is only partial shielded from...

  4. Comparing the Weathering Environment of Permian and Modern Antarctic Proglacial Lake Sediments: Mineralogical and Geochemical Study

    Brewster, Shelby
    The Antarctic continent has been in a polar to subpolar position since the Permian period. Although it has experienced milder climates over this time period as evidenced by corals in the fossil record, Antarctica did undergo extensive glaciation during the Permian. This is based on the abundance of Permian tillites (sedimentary rocks derived from glacier tills) found in the Transantarctic Mountains. In this research, I have compared Permian age proglacial lake sediments that are associated with tilites to modern proglacial lake siltstones and mudstones from Antarctica. This was done to determine the climate, especially the amount of glacier melt that...

  5. Measuring the Volumetric Storage Changes in the Mississippi River

    von Clausburg, Alexander
    Storage change in rivers is a fundamental indicator of hydraulic processes, providing a numerical link between fluxes in and out of the channel, both via tributaries and via exchange with hyporheic groundwater. The spatial nature of storage change makes its in situ characterization impossible over long distances. New applications of remote sensing allow for measurement of this fundamental quantity. River width and height measurements derived from satellite data can be used to compute change. Storage change for a 2000 km stretch of the Mississippi River was computed for 2008 to 2010 assuming no temporal change in river width. Rates of...

  6. Literature Review of Oceanic Transforms

    Hollis, Taylor
    Ocean transform faults create segments of the mid-ocean ridge and rise systems. The transform morphology and offset are controlled by spreading rate, temperature, heat flow, and crustal strength. Numerical and analog modeling with modern computational power has made significant advances in the understanding of transforms. Heat distribution numerical modeling indicates that most heat is retained in the center of the transforms. In other modeling of oceanic transform faults, the greater part of the deformation made by the fault system to the ridge was in the center of the transform zone. The rheological properties of the mantle and crust is highly...

  7. Investigation of Water Quality and Availability in Rural Tanzanian Villages

    Goeller, Devon
    Many rural African villages rely on groundwater to meet domestic water needs, and solar-powered pumps are often sought to replace traditional hand pumps in village boreholes. As part of a collaborative project at The Ohio State University, a team of students is planning to design and install a solar-powered pump in an existing borehole within the rural village of Marwa, Tanzania. Herein, I report on a hydrogeologic assessment of boreholes within the surrounding regions of Kilimanjaro and Manyara to determine potential groundwater quality concerns and well yields. Based on an analysis of 67 water samples, boreholes commonly have low nitrate...

  8. A Numerical Simulation of a Tsunami Generated by a Submarine Landslide, Offshore Puerto Rico

    Rodgers, Nicholas
    The deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean is an area north of Puerto Rico known as the Puerto Rico Trench. Bathymetry data of the trench were acquired from the US Geological Survey and can be used to locate areas where the seafloor failed and created a marine landslide event. These events leave behind amphitheater-like cutouts in the cliff known as headscarps. In 1918 Puerto Rico experienced an earthquake and tsunami, leaving behind 116 dead. Surveyors were sent after the event to record damage and the data can be used today to study the tsunami. The tsunami is traditionally believed to...


    Lester, Elizabeth
    Concretions in sedimentary deposits form through chemical processes mediated by the decay of organic matter. Concretions often contain conspicuous macrofossils (Maples, 1986; Borkaw and Babcock, 2003). Use of X-ray computerized tomography (XTC) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) reveals body fossils of microscopic organisms and pyrite framboids (Borkow and Babcock, 2003), which may be secondary to organic material, in some concretions. By exploring the biological origins of the concretions we can learn how concretions form, develop insight into the processes of exceptional preservation, and enhance understanding of the environmental conditions at the time of sedimentation. A field emission gun (FEG) SEM,...

  10. Seawater 87Sr/86Sr Stratigraphy of the Middle Ordovician in Central Virginia

    Newby, Sean
    Throughout most of the past century, the correlation of strata in a region has mainly been defined through biostratigraphy, the dating of rock through fossil succession. However, work over the past several decades has put increasing emphasis on dating rock formations through chemostratigraphy. This process utilizes secular trends in ancient seawater chemistry preserved in fossils and rocks, which can, in some cases, provide more accurate dating of strata. This project utilized the 87Sr/86Sr seawater curve and existing δ13C data to more accurately date the New Market Formation and underlying Knox Unconformity in central Virginia, which are approximately Middle Ordovician in...

  11. Modeling Crystallization of Basalt Magmas Along the Reykjanes Ridge

    Schultz, Rachel M.
    The Reykjanes Ridge is a section of the Mid-Atlantic ridge located south of Iceland and extending to the south west from the Reykjanes Peninsula. This ridge is interesting because it intersects a mantle plume centered beneath Iceland and therefore provides the opportunity to study how magma plumbing systems are affected by the additional heat provided by a mantle plume. Geophysical, geochemical and petrological studies show that along the ridge towards Iceland the oceanic crust thickens and that pre-eruptive magmatic water contents increase. To understand magma crystallization and crustal accretion along the Reykjanes Ridge, parent melt compositions were selected from glasses...

  12. Carbon-14 Plant Evidence of mid-Holocene Quelccaya Ice Cap Margin Fluctuations

    Stahl, Henry
    The North Lake Lobe of the Quelccaya Ice Cap in southern Peru represents a wholly unique location for reconstructing paleoclimate conditions. At this location, plant samples were preserved in-situ beneath the advancing glacial ice, and since 2004 have been collected as the ice retreats. The ages of the collected samples were obtained through radiocarbon dating methods. Samples were collected at the surface and at depth. The fine-grained nature of the matrix surrounding the preserved buried samples indicates that several flood events occurred at these sites between ~6,630 cal yr BP and ~6450 cal yr BP due to the ice damming...

  13. The cathodoluminescence study of a lead ore and a critical assessment of cathodoluminescence as a tool in ore microscopy

    Marchese, David
    Several thin sections and polished sections of a lead ore deposit were studied under transmitted and reflected light, and under cathode-ray bombardment. Through cathodolurninescence, compositional variations, not observable with the petrographic microscope, .were discovered in grains of cerussite. The use of the luminoscope as an aid in ore microscopy is therefore considered to have merit.

  14. Glacial deposits in Wakatomika River Valley, Perryton, Ohio

    Mallory, Charles W.; Handwerk, Roger H.
    During the Illinoian ice advance, large volumes of glacial outwash were carried east from the ice front near the present Madison Twp. Accumulation of outwash to an elevation of over 900 feet blocked the Teays valley forming a lake in Wakatomika Valley, a tributary to the north. This lake became filled with fine sediments and some spillover occurred at a low spot in the surrounding hills, creating an outlet 2.4 miles to the east of the former stream course. Wisconsin ice advances again blocked the westvvard flowing streams. Headward cutting by Wakatomika Creek pirated a stream in Jackson Twp. to...

  15. A petrographic study of metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks in the southwestern part of the Clayville quadrangle, Rhode Island

    Lydic, Carol S.
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  16. An investigation of a selected group of cataclastically deformed rocks by petrographic and X-ray diffraction methods

    Lund, Gary A.
    A suite of rocks from the Kings Canyon Shear Zone, located in the Northgate fluorspar district in Jackson county, Colorado, was made available for study by Dr. John F. Sutter, Ohio State University. The investigation of these rocks was limited to the mineralogical and textural changes observed by the use of the petrographic microscope and by x-ray diffraction. Previous studies by Dr. Sutter have been mainly concerned with K/Ar age dating and the geochemistry of these cataclastically deformed rocks. His findings show a decrease in apparent age of tt1e rock from both sides of the shear zone toward the center,...

  17. Textural and mineralogical analysis of glacial beach sands in Fulton County, Ohio

    Stuckey, George H.
    Twelve samples of sand were collected on glacial beach ridges in west-central Fulton County, Ohio. The samples were analyzed, texturally and mineralogically, in an attempt to determine their depositional environment.

  18. K-Ar ages of muscovite and biotite from the Blue Ridge Province, northern Virginia

    Stomberg, Martha J.
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  19. Chitinozoa from the Ordovician Point Pleasant and Kope formations of southwestern Ohio

    Spielman, Jay R.
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  20. Comparison of calculated d-values with d-values on JCPDS cards

    Smith, Michael William
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