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  1. Idealized Body Modeling of a Methane Hydrate, Methane Chimney and Basement High System Based off Gravity Observations in the Central Aleutian Basin

    Steed, Nick
    In this study, I modeled a known methane hydrate deposit and methane chimney in the Central Aleutian Basin which has an associated basaltic basement high that protrudes 3000 meters into the overlying sedimentary strata. The net gravity anomaly in area is negative due to the methane hydrate and free methane gas displacing seawater in the sediment pore space. Modeling was achieved by approximating individual layers with an infinite vertical cylinder at the top of the layer and subtracting from it an infinite vertical cylinder at the base to produce the total effect on the gravitational acceleration from each layer. Idealized...

  2. Experimental Shale-Fluid Interaction: With a Theoretical Comparison to Hydraulically Fractured Flowback Waters

    Ardrey, Daniel
    During oil and gas production, injection fluids used for hydraulic fracturing are returned to the surface as flowback fluid with a considerable increase in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The elemental compositions of eight core samples from a hydraulically fractured well in southeastern Ohio were measured using X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. In addition, bench scale sequential extractions were performed on the same samples, and the elemental concentrations of dissolved solids within supernatant solutions were measured. The goal is to correlate the chemical composition of the rock with the TDS of flowback fluids produced from a single well. The bulk rock chemistry and...

  3. Geochemical Variations of Basalts Erupted along the Reykjanes Ridge

    Dobey, Zachary
    The Reykjanes Ridge is the section of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge just south of Iceland, and is the seaward extension of the Reykjanes Peninsula on Iceland. Reykjanes, meaning smoky peninsula, describes the steam from geothermal hot springs on the peninsula. This section of mid-ocean ridge shallows from the south, near the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone, towards Iceland, and this effect is ascribed to the presence of a mantle plume beneath Iceland. It is unknown whether the plume represents a compositional anomaly, a thermal anomaly, or both. Distinct variations in the geochemistry of basalt erupted along the Reykjanes Ridge towards Iceland have...


    Copeland, Thomas
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  5. Utilizing Noble Gas Geochemistry to Trace Hydrocarbon and Fluid Migration in the Northern Appalachian Basin

    Jones, John
    A five-year embargo was granted for this item.

  6. Analysis of Gas Samples from Coalbed Methane Wells in Sullivan County, Indiana using Gas Chromatography

    Niddery, Chad
    Although there has been an increase in natural gas production from coalbed methane (CBM) reservoirs in the past few decades, there are multiple inadequately known aspects of CBM reserves. To understand the systematics of CBM production, twenty gas samples were collected from producing coalbed methane wells in Sullivan County, Indiana. These wells are producing from the Springfield and Seelyville coal seam units in the Illinois Basin and have been characterized for their noble gas chemistry previously. Here, the hydrocarbon molecular composition, isotopic composition of carbon and hydrogen in methane, and major gas composition (N2, CO2) are reported. One of the goals of this experiment is to use...

  7. Helium: Properties, Historical Data, and the Viability of 4He Concentrations in Coalbed Solids in the Powder River Basin

    Eckert, Samuel
    The properties of helium make it a valuable resource in many industrial and scientific fields. Market volatility, scarcity, and legislative decisions all affect the future of helium refinement, production, and resources. Recently, studies examined the implications of privatizing the federal helium reserve, which is effectively the global supply of helium. Secondary sources of helium, such as extraction from conventional natural gas and responsible practices likely remain the best possible solution to a potential helium crisis. This study aims to examine the potential for helium extraction from coal as an additional alternative. To accomplish this, I conducted a pilot study that...

  8. The paleogeography of the Middle and Upper Silurian period in southeastern Michigan

    Frock, Robert Stephen
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  9. A study of mine contamination in Little Kyger Creek Basin, Gallia County, Ohio

    French, Gary R.
    No embargo

  10. Conodonts from the Rushville Formation (Mississippian) of Ohio

    Ford, Nelson S.
    A type section is specified for the Mississippian Rushville Formation of central Ohio, and correlation of a limestone at the base of the formation with the Fern Glen and lower Burlington Formations of the standard Mississippi Valley section is proposed, on the basis of a study of conodonts. A new species, Bactrognathus reversus, is described.

  11. Determination and evaluation of select metal ions from Olentangy River water

    Findl, Jeff
    Seventeen water samples were collected from October 12 to December 15, at a single location on the Olentangy River, at intervals of approximately one sample every four days. These samples were analyzed for their content of the elements, Ca, Mg, K, Sr, Cd, Mn and Zn, by Atomic Absorption methods. Discharge and temperature conditions were also monitored over this period of time. The concern of this report was to understand the manner in which the metal ions, in the water samples, varied, rather than the empirical amounts of metal concentration, or of where the metal concentration stand in view of...

  12. History and development of the Rocky Mountain overthrust as a hydrocarbon potential

    Swanson, David Mark
    In recent years the worlds petroleum resources have dwindled drastically, this combined with exorbitant prices for foreign oil the United States has a great need for new oil exploration. Much of this new exploration has occurred in the western United States, aligned along the overthrusts and disturbed belts that extend from Canada to Mexico. This paper reviews the history of the Rocky Mountain Overthrust and the developments in petroleum exploration along it. Finally, the author attempts to draw some conclusions as to locations of other possible fields along the thrust zone and their possible importance to the petroleum supply.

  13. Effects of co-solvents on the partition coefficient of hydrophobic organic compounds

    Swank, Cathleen Robin
    Hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCs) pose a major threat to aqueous systems. The tendency for HOCs to sorb onto soil organic matter makes them less accessible for remediation with traditional pump and treat techniques. As a result, many "treated" aquifers remain contaminated after their purported remediation. The addition of alcohol solvents into the aqueous system can enhance the movement of the HOCs. Isotherm batch experiments were used to find values of the equilibrium partition coefficient for the commonly found HOCs through the following relationship, Cs= KpCe where Cs and Ce are the equilibrium solid phase and liquid phase concentrations respectively. The...

  14. A study of Wisconsin Till pebbles in Ohio: relationships between abundance and distance from the source

    Strobel, Michael Lee, 1959-
    Late Wisconsin tills in Midwestern U.S.A. contain varying abundances of igneous and metamorphic rocks derived from the Precambrian Shield of North America. The relative abundance of these clasts is determined by the distance from their source province. The Wabash and Powell-Union City Moraines of Ohio and Indiana indicate that the abundance of igneous and metamorphic clasts in the +5 mesh fractions of till decreases southward and with distance from their source. Samples from the Cuba Moraine of Ohio and from the Port Huron, Galt, Orangeville, Paris, and Dummer Moraines of Ontario, Canada show different rates of change of the abundance...

  15. Bedrock geology of the Cleveland South quadrangle, Cleveland, Ohio

    Figuli, Samuel P.
    The bed rock in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio consists of flat-lying Upper Devonian and Mississippian shale, siltstone, and sandstone. It is the purpose of this thesis to provide a detailed bedrock geologic map of the Cleveland South 7 1/2 minute quadrangle and to include a description of the structure and facies relationships observed in the strata exposed in the map area. Although the bedrock is covered by Quaternary glacial material in most places, only the thickest deposits, in the Cuyahoga Valley area, were shown on the map. These deposits fill a rather deep preglacial valley. Other glacial deposits in...

  16. Hydrologic evaluation of the proposed high-level nuclear waste repository, Palo-Duro Basin, Northern Texas

    Steen, David F.
    This paper reviews and evaluates the hydrologic criteria presently used to define potential high-level radioactive waste storage within the bedded salt deposits of the Palo-Duro Basin of Northern Texas. Two criteria are presented which are designed to characterize the hydrological performance of a nuclear waste repository within a selected geologic medium. These criteria are: I) Hydrologic analysis must define the local and regional groundwater flow regimes, and determine the effects of repository construction on those systems and II) Analysis of the geologic record and previous hydrological conditions of the selected site must be made for prediction of favorable or unfavorable...

  17. Calculations of extinction angles and refractive indices by means of a stereonet

    Springer, Katherine L.
    No embargo

  18. X-ray analysis of valley bottom sediments at North Berne, Eastern Fairfield County, Ohio

    Sheriff, J. Elizabeth
    No embargo

  19. The non-destructive analyses of some ancient Persian artifacts

    Seffens, J. R.
    No embargo

  20. A study of turbidites and coarse grained deposits on accreting continental margins of the Pacific Ocean

    Scott, K. S.
    Underwood and Karig (1980) have proposed a model which uses the processes of upslope ponding and submarine bypassing to explain the lack of coarse grained debris on the lower slope of the continental rise system. The purpose of this report was to test this model using sediment data from accreting margins in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, attempts were made to correlate similarities in the mode of deposition, location, frequency and age of turbidites in the Pacific Trench systems. Cores from 21 Deep Sea Drilling Project (D.S.D.P.) sites were used for comparison in this study. These cores were recovered during...

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