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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (249,839 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Life sciences => Entomology & pest control

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1. Développement et optimisation de toitures et parois à base de bois innovantes et durables dans le temps’ - Jourez, Benoît

2. Checklist of Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Aphelinus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) species from Belgium with respectively four and three new records - Chevalier Mendes Lopes, Thomas; Libert, Pierre-Nicolas; Starý, Petr; Japoshvili, George; Hatt, Séverin; Francis, Frédéric
Peer reviewed

3. Sexual attraction in lady beetles: fundamentals and applications - Fassotte, Bérénice
Sustainable agriculture relies on the development of environmentally friendly methods of crop production. Therefore, alternative solutions are required to decrease insecticide use and to promote the efficacy of natural enemies against insect pests. Investigating the sexual behavior of lady beetles is of practical relevance, because these insects could be used to reduce plant-feeding insect populations in crop fields by taking advantage of their predatory behavior. In this context, the objective of this PhD thesis was twofold: (1) a fundamental research that focuses on the identification of the sex pheromone of Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) and (2) an applied approach aimed at elaborating...

4. Cantharidae (Coleoptera cantharoidea) - Magis, Noël

5. Microorganisms and semiochemicals to manipulate aphidophagous predators - Verheggen, François
Semiochemicals provide a powerful way for organisms to communicate and coordinate their behaviors. But they also represent opportunities for other organisms to intercept and exploit such signals. There are now numerous examples of natural enemies eavesdropping the intraspecific communication of their prey to better locate them. Aphid natural enemies, including predators and parasitoids, frequently exhibit innate responses to chemical cues reliably associated with aphids, and there is also abundant evidence that learning of profitable chemical cues frequently occurs. Thenceforth, the efficiency of aphid natural enemies to locate their prey is mainly based on their ability to perceive and orientate toward...

6. SURVEYS OF APHIDS AND POTATO VIRUS Y IN POTATO FIELDS IN WALLONIA, BELGIUM: A FOUR YEAR OVERVIEW - Bosquée, Emilie; Yattara, Almouner A.; Crutzen, François; Bragard, Claude; Coulibaly, A.K.; Francis, Frédéric
Peer reviewed

7. Livre Blanc Céréales

8. Impact of climatic factors on the release of E-β-caryophyllene from alginate beads - Daems, Frédéric; Bera, François; Lorge, Stéphanie; Fischer, Christophe; Brostaux, Yves; Francis, Frédéric; Lognay, Georges; Heuskin, Stéphanie
Peer reviewed

9. Clé d'identification des principales familles d'insectes d'Europe - Mignon, Jacques; Haubruge, Eric; Francis, Frédéric
Quelques insectes particuliers sont identifiables du premier coup d’œil ou par comparaison avec des illustrations de qualité. Malheureusement, il s’agit là d’exceptions et l’étude des insectes est souvent rendue complexe par la nécessité d’utiliser une loupe binoculaire et de maîtriser un vocabulaire spécifique difficilement accessible aux néophytes. Principalement destinée à l’enseignement de l’entomologie, la présente clé d’identification permet de donner un nom à quelque 180 familles ou super-familles d’insectes parmi les plus couramment rencontrées en Europe. Le vocabulaire utilisé est accessible à toute personne ayant des notions de base de la morphologie des insectes. Un glossaire et des figures permettent de...

10. Coleoptera cantharidae : cartes 279 - 300 - Magis, Noël

11. Une méthode d'expression de la fréquence des espèces dans les mailles du réseau cartographique UTM - Magis, Noël

12. Sur les malacodermes paléarctiques (45-48) - Magis, Noël

13. Bibliographie de l'histoire naturelle en Belgique : CD : Zoologie (y compris l'entomologie) : 1979-1980 - Magis, Noël

14. La cécidomyie orange: repérer les blés qui lui résistent - Chavalle, Sandrine; De Proft, Michel; Jacquemin, Guillaume
Mise au point d’une méthode d’évaluation en conditions contrôlées de la résistance variétale du blé tendre d’hiver à la cécidomyie orange du blé, Sitodiplosis mosellana (Géhin).

15. Rapport d'activité 2015 de la convention de recherche : "DEPITRIM : Detection, control measures and impact study of Epitrix in Belgium" - Maes, Martine; Jansen, Jean-Pierre; De Clercq, Patrick; Gobin, Bruno; Ebrahimi, Negin; Casteels, Hans; Berkvens, Nick; Chavalle, Sandrine; San Martin y Gomez, Gilles; Denayer, Jessica; Warnier, Anne-Michèle; Goeminne, Marc; Eeckhout, Ilse; Heuvick, Jenny

16. Impact of Regiella insecticola infection on EBF production in Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris - Bauwens, Julien; Mazzucchelli, Gabriel; De Pauw, Edwin; Tsuchida, Tsutomu; Francis, Frédéric
Symbionts of aphids influence their host from many points of view. We investigate the potential influence of bacterial symbionts on the production and emission of the aphid alarm pheromone, E-β-franesene. Some trends could be observed in the total EβF production. Particularly, aphid strains infected by Buchnera only seemed to produce less alarm pheromone. By contrast, the presence of Regiella insecticola seemed to increase EβF production. Mevalonate pathway was investigated by RT-qPCR. This analysis showed a slightly lower transcription level o mIPPS in Regiella-infected strains. This enzyme is involved in the last step of EβF production. By contrast, two enzymes involved...

17. Symbiotic interactions in termites and aphids - Bauwens, Julien
Despite the intensive research focusing on digestion and interaction with symbiotic microbial community in termite gut, this complex system still holds many secrets. Comparative approach was realized by providing diverse artificial diets to Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar) and the effects were observed using proteomics, cultivation assays, 16S analysis and metabolomics. These diets induced strong perturbation of symbiotic microbial community, highlighting the role of some symbionts in response to ligno-cellulosic compounds. Mevalonate pathway leads among others to two important terpenoid compounds in aphids, the alarm pheromone and juvenile hormone. We investigated the potential influence of secondary symbionts of pea aphid on the...

18. The scent of love: how important are semiochemicals in the sexual behavior of lady beetles? - Fassotte, Bérénice; Francis, Frédéric; Verheggen, François
Peer reviewed

19. Diversity and ecology survey of mosquitoes potential vectors in Belgian equestrian farms: A threat prevention of mosquito-borne equine arboviruses - Boukraa, Slimane; de la Grandière, Maria Ana; Bawin, Thomas; Raharimalala, Fara; Zimmer, Jean-Yves; Haubruge, Eric; Thiry, Etienne; Francis, Frédéric
Peer reviewed

20. Sexual attraction in lady beetles: fundamentals and applications - Fassotte, Bérénice

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