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  1. Beginnings of Radio Depth Sounding (AKA Ice Penetrating Radar)

    Isherwood, William
    - 15-ene-2017

  2. An Antarctic Adventure: Exploration of the Ross Ice Shelf 1957-1958

    Cromie, William J.
    - 01-sep-2012

  3. Dr. R.W. Gerdel: A History of the Central Sierra Snow Laboratory in Soda Springs, California

    McLaughlin, Mark
    Dr. James E. Church is revered as the "Father of Snow Surveying" but Church did not have the equipment or academic training to delve more deeply into the complex physical structure of the snowpack. A major advance for scientific research into the Sierra Nevada snowpack would come in 1945 when U.S. Weather Bureau physicist, Dr. Robert Gerdel was directed to build the Central Sierra Snow Research Laboratory at Soda Springs (near Donner Pass). This article is a brief history of the CSSL and Dr. Gerdel's contributions to the research and the building of the laboratory.
    - 23-abr-2014

  4. With Admiral Byrd's Second Antarctic Expedition: H.R. (Bob) Young's Narrative Account of His Experiences Down South & Returning to Civilization

    Young, H. R. (Bob)
    Edited with an introduction and postscript by Bruce Young.
    - 11-feb-2010

  5. Dr. Louis Hauiti Potaka of New Zealand: a biographical essay

    Young, Bruce
    On essay: December 31, 1999. Revised December, 2005.
    (337401 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

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