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  1. Seeds of Collapse: Exploring the Role of the Public in the Wake of Industrial Collapse

    Atkinson, Joel
    I am using printmaking as a medium for the dissemination of my critique of industrial civilization in order to affect the level of social consciousness within our society. By taking graphic and disturbed images within my prints and pairing them with a more optimistic and colorful set of images I am highlighting the process of civilization collapsing and my hopeful view of nature taking over once again. Part of this process involves increasing the public's interest in growing food and building sustainable food production in an urban environment. By using printmaking I am engaging the public in this transition by...

  2. Some Things We Forgot or Didn't Know in the First Place

    Bullock, Catherine
    The aim of my project is to explore the possibilities of creating infinite or impossible spaces within the confines of relatively small objects and structures. I am navigating the challenge of this search for space by attempting to recreate various phenomena I have researched, or in most cases personally observed and documnented. A majority of these fleeting visual happenings are moments most everyone has come across at one point or another. However, they tend to go overlooked or unexperienced entirely. Through my intensive investigation, I have experimented with the potential of light and shadow to create illusions in space. In...

  3. Volumetric Drawing: The Marriage of Forced Flatness with Dimensional Objects

    Smith, Sarah
    Dimensional restraints limit the ability of illusionistic drawing to break beyond its barriers. As a result, I made a point of exploring how the drawn image responds when placed in a situation that involves volumetric objects. In order to highlight the changes in the drawing, I utilized highly perspectival imagery in the form of industrial architecture, and juxtaposed the voluminous drawings against flattened ones in an effort to expose the shortcomings of the illusionary picture plane. The secondary conceptual focus of the work resides around the premise of architecture as portrait, and its logical extension to the industrial building.

  4. Dancing in the Vertical Plane: An exploration of vertical expressivity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and site-specific performance.

    Kristin, Loy
    Traditionally, dance is bound by gravity. Vertical expressivity can only be achieved by how high a dancer can jump, reach, or be lifted into the air. In traditional dance theatre spaces, a large amount of vertical space above the dancing body is underutilized. My research explored dancing in the extreme: on the vertical plane. Rather than being confined to the ground by gravity, I investigated the possibilities of dancing, choreographing, and performing on a climbing wall. The purpose of my research was to investigate movement in the vertical plane, to combine the athleticism of climbing with the creativity of dance,...

  5. Deconstructing Self: Ceramics in China

    Klein, Nathan
    An exploration of the deconstruction and reconstruction of one's self through ceramics.

  6. Research in Visual Arts: Communication Through Materials

    Widomski, Rachel
    Paintings are my forms of communication, creating harmonic poetry and prose through the dancing arrangement of marks, line, pigment, texture, and materials. These tools that I use to communicate are chosen through extensive experimentation and research. Just as a scientist toils in the laboratory, or a writer armed with a dictionary and thesaurus expands their vocabulary, so does the artist with their own investigative process. For me this research came in the form of extensively exploring paint making. In search of a visual vocabulary I created over one thousand ‘experiments’ using ancient and modern processes and materials. I became an...

  7. The Last Five Years

    Mills, Emily
    As a student of both theatre and music I am interested in the intersection of these two art forms. More specifically, I am interested in the stereotypes and often negative images which musical theatre carries; it has the stigma of being overacted, forced, and ridiculous. The main criticism is usually an unreasonable spontaneity of song. Musical theatre’s negative image is usually concentrated in the transition between dialogue and music. For my Honors Distinction Project I will explore the borders and relationship of music and theatre along with all the stereotypes and connotations of musical theatre. I will concentrate on contemporary...

  8. Nostalgia-Inducing Music and Perceptions of Social Support Satisfaction

    Paul, Brandon
    Recent empirical studies suggest that nostalgic emotions strengthen and extend a person’s awareness of their own social bonds with friends, family, and loved ones. Often a reported emotion while listening to autobiographically-salient songs, nostalgia evoked by music may be able to demonstrate a similar social utility. First, a review of relevant empirical literature on nostalgia is given. Discussion covers how the definition of nostalgia changes from that of a disease to a psychological construct. In the late 20th Century, empirical studies first take place by marketing researchers and then by social psychologists. More recently, nostalgia and music have become of...

  9. Discovering Content Through Process

    Coressel, Garrett
    I use a method of transferring weathered table surfaces from drawing rooms onto paper using acetone. These surfaces have a distinct quality that I felt could be used in making a dynamic background. Planes of varnish that transfer onto the paper have a certain level of depth that creates a washed out sense of positive and negative space. In many instances I found that pencil, paint, and ink were able to react with the acetone as well. This highlighted the idea that I was collaborating, in a sense, with my peers. Some of the sketches and notes began to show...

  10. The Colony - A New Work by Galen Roth

    Roth, Galen
    This is a new piece of theatre created to explore life, art, and fate. Six artists interact in 90s Seattle while their stories intertwine. When certain members of the group become dissatisfied, they take matters into their own hands. The way they handle themselves judges how their stories will play out. This piece also explores some of the stereotypes associated with the "artist" and a "Bohemian" lifestyle.

  11. Unbroken

    McCartney, Mary Katherine
    Line in the form of string knitted together takes on new properties as the scale increases to be larger than humans.

  12. Inherited Movement, Traditions Redefined

    Young, Robyn
    Movement of the African Diaspora has a rich history that has yet to be studied and practiced as widely as other movement traditions today. The integration of movement of the African Diaspora into required curriculums across institutions of education is relatively small. Access to viewing this genre of movement also remains smaller than more prevalent forms of dance such as ballet and modern. Through this research we intended to expand our knowledge and movement vocabulary in order to help perpetuate the rich traditions that lie within movement of the African Diaspora. We desired to continue to create opportunities for citizens...

  13. Performing The Zoo Story and Writing Morality Day Two Character Development Processes: Exploring Character Development Challenges for the Actor and the Playwright

    O'Rourke, Kevin Jr.
    Explores the challenges of character development as a playwright and as an actor, and the commonalities between the two that are crucial to the collaborative art of live theatre.

  14. Scandinavian Functionalist Ceramics & the Landscape

    Ryba, Christopher R.
    This thesis examines and reinterprets the landscape that informed the period of Scandinavian Functionalist Ceramic Design (1930-1960).

  15. Red Umbrellas

    Heimlich, Betsy
    Red Umbrellas is a photographic project that explores concepts of composition, space, color, object and memory.

  16. Psychology of Removal: An Artist's Perspective

    Louer, Nancy
    The art of painting can be combined with a subtractive process to work like a secure form of journaling for use in therapy.

  17. Columbus Moves: The Design of Urban Transportation

    Hickey, Katherine
    Projects like the Downtown Columbus Streetcar Group have the potential to act as a viable transportation network solution that encourages economic development by using an effective visual campaign to communicate its benefits to the public. Through this research, I hope to continue with my studies in information design and visual wayfinding systems that I began last fall in Zurich, Switzerland. This thesis will look at the design concept of the Columbus streetcar proposal. A visual representation of the Columbus Streetcar project will have a role in the planning, advertisement, and implementation of the project in the community. The research for...

  18. An Exploration in Dramaturgy: A Comparison of Classical and New Work Dramaturgy

    Baggs, Laura
    In the world of theatre, the least known and therefore least understood position is that of the dramaturg. In fact, most theatre-goers have never heard of a dramaturg. The dramaturg is the person on the production team for a play who researches everything the actors and director could possibly need to know in order to successfully perform the piece of theatre. The research covers everything from definitions and explanations of the text, to the history of the play and its various transformations, to information about the time period it was set in by the playwright and in some cases by...

  19. Columbus Cares: A Benefit Dance Performance

    Grund, Meagan E.
    During the summer of 2007, I traveled to New York City to collect data on audience development for dance. At meetings, I talked with a variety of professional dance companies and theatre groups about their strategies and struggles of marketing dance. Through this research I found that the more involved a company was in their community by maintaining a constant presence, the more successful their audience development was. Dancers Responding to AIDS is a program of Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS based in New York City. Through audience appeals and volunteer performances of dancers, DRA raises money to donate to...

  20. Taking Care of a Dancing Body: An investigation of how anatomical knowledge effects a dancer's risk of injury and performance quality

    Lehman, Sarah
    My Senior Distinction project, Taking Care of a Dancing Body, investigates how the body can be trained to extend the career of a contemporary dancer. This study’s goal is to develop a movement series that prepares a dancer’s body for athletic movement encountered in choreography. The purpose of the research deals with injury prevention, as well as investigating the possible secondary benefit of improved performance quality. My research method involves comparing the theories and findings of related topics from various fields such as Pilates, Yoga, strength training, and contemporary dance techniques. I am also working with a group of five...

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