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  1. Bulk milk tanks on Ohio farms

    Baumer, Elmer Frederick; Carley, D. H.

  2. Part-time farming--its influence on young families

    Hillman, Christine H.

  3. Studies on the feeding value of acetic, propionic and lactic acids with growing-fattening lambs

    Bentley, Orville G.; Johnson, Ronald R.; Royal, Gladys W.; Deatherage, Fred; Kunkle, L. E.; Tyznik, W. J.; Bell, D. S.

  4. Labor efficiency in egg assembling and grading plants

    Clayton, Paul C.; Cray, Raymond E.

  5. A study of hand versus mechanical dishwashing methods

    Weaver, Elaine Knowles; Bloom, Clarice E.; Feldmiller, Ilajean

  6. Granular insecticides for spittlebug control

    Weaver, Clyde Richard

  7. Seventy fourth annual report, 1954-1955

    Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station

  8. The use of an antibiotic in rations for hogs

    Robison, Wayne Lewis; Kunkle, L. E.; Cahill, Vern Richard,

  9. Insect and mite pests of peaches in Ohio

    Rings, Roy W.

  10. Ohio agricultural statistics, 1953 and 1954

    Kienholz, Ben U.; Kendall, James R.; Smith, Mervin G.; Greenbaum, Harry

  11. Comparative susceptibility of tomato varieties to anthracnose and their response to spraying

    Wilson, J. D.; Runnels, H. A.

  12. The use of urea to increase the crude protein content of corn silage for fattening steers

    Bentley, Orville G.; Klosterman, Earle W.; Engle, Paul

  13. Horticultural characters and reaction to two diseases of the Lycopersicon accessions in the North Central Region

    Hoover, Max M.; Alexander, L. J.; Paddock, E. F.; Crum, R. A.; Dodge, A. F.

  14. Work counter surface finishes for kitchens and utility areas

    Weaver, Elaine Knowles; Everhart, Velma Vizedom

  15. Insect pests of strawberries in Ohio [1955]

    Neiswander, Ralph Blosser

  16. Cleaning eggs with detergents and detergent-sanitizers

    Winter, A. R.; Burkart, Blanche; Clements, Patricia; MacDonald, Lois

  17. The effect of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) on wheat, oats, barley and the legumes underseeded in these crops

    Shaw, Warren Cleaton; Bernard, R. L.; Willard, C. J.

  18. Biology and control of the European pine shoot moth

    Miller, William E.; Neiswander, R. B.

  19. Retail distribution of eggs in Cleveland, Ohio, 1950

    Cray, Raymond E.

  20. Trends in the Ohio peach industry 1900-1953

    Cravens, Metellus Eugene, Jr.; Bere, R. L.

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