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1. Infant feeding information, attitudes and practices: a longitudinal survey in central Nepal - Karkee, Rajendra; Lee, Andy H; Khanal, Vishnu; Binns, Colin W

2. Clinical, molecular and cytogenetic analysis of 46, XX testicular disorder of sex development with SRY-positive - Wu, Qiu-Yue; Li, Na; Li, Wei-Wei; Li, Tian-Fu; Zhang, Cui; Cui, Ying-Xia; Xia, Xin-Yi; Zhai, Jin-Sheng

3. A systematic review of resilience and mental health outcomes of conflict-driven adult forced migrants - Siriwardhana, Chesmal; Ali, Shirwa Sheik; Roberts, Bayard; Stewart, Robert

4. Clinicopathological characteristics of oral squamous cell carcinoma in Northern Norway: a retrospective study - Rikardsen, Oddveig G; Bjerkli, Inger-Heidi; Uhlin-Hansen, Lars; Hadler-Olsen, Elin; Steigen, Sonja E

5. Drosophila linker histone H1 coordinates STAT-dependent organization of heterochromatin and suppresses tumorigenesis caused by hyperactive JAK-STAT signaling - Xu, Na; Emelyanov, Alexander V; Fyodorov, Dmitry V; Skoultchi, Arthur I

6. Evaluation of implant loosening following segmental pedicle screw fixation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a 2 year follow-up with low-dose CT - Abul-Kasim, Kasim; Ohlin, Acke

7. Cytotoxicity of purified listeriolysin O on mouse and human leukocytes and leukaemia cells - Stachowiak, Radosław; Łyżniak, Marcin; Grabowska, Maja; Roeske, Katarzyna; Jagielski, Tomasz; Bielecki, Jacek; Budziszewska, Bożena K; Hoser, Grażyna; Kawiak, Jerzy

8. Total joint Perioperative Surgical Home: an observational financial review - Raphael, Darren R; Cannesson, Maxime; Schwarzkopf, Ran; Garson, Leslie M; Vakharia, Shermeen B; Gupta, Ranjan; Kain, Zeev N

9. Retinal vein occlusion in retinal racemose hemangioma: a case report and literature review of ocular complications in this rare retinal vascular disorder - Qin, Xue-jiao; Huang, Chao; Lai, Kun

10. Adverse effects of small-volume red blood cell transfusions in the neonatal population - Keir, Amy; Pal, Sanchita; Trivella, Marialena; Lieberman, Lani; Callum, Jeannie; Shehata, Nadine; Stanworth, Simon

11. Screen-viewing among preschoolers in childcare: a systematic review - Vanderloo, Leigh M

12. Submicroscopic deletion of 5q involving tumor suppressor genes (CTNNA1, HSPA9) and copy neutral loss of heterozygosity associated with TET2 and EZH2 mutations in a case of MDS with normal chromosome and FISH results - Hemmat, Morteza; Chen, Weina; Anguiano, Arturo; Naggar, Mohammed El; Racke, Frederick K; Jones, Dan; Wang, Yongbao; Strom, Charles M; Chang, Karl; Boyar, Fatih Z
Advances in genome-wide molecular cytogenetics allow identification of novel submicroscopic DNA copy number alterations (aCNAs) and copy-neutral loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH) resulting in homozygosity for known gene mutations in myeloid neoplasms. We describe the use of an oligo-SNP array for genomic profiling of aCNA and cnLOH, together with sequence analysis of recurrently mutated genes, in a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) presenting with normal karyotype and FISH results. Oligo-SNP array analysis revealed a hemizygous deletion of 896 kb at chromosome 5q31.2, representing the smallest 5q deletion reported to date. The deletion involved multiple genes, including two tumor suppressor candidate genes (CTNNA1...

13. Effect of metformin on serum interleukin-6 levels in polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review - Xu, Xinghua; Du, Chigang; Zheng, Qingmei; Peng, Lina; Sun, Yuanyuan

14. Extended normobaric hyperoxia therapy yields greater neuroprotection for focal transient ischemia-reperfusion in rats - Yuan, Zhongrui; Pan, Rong; Liu, Wenlan; Liu, Ke Jian

15. Otitis media in children vaccinated during consecutive 7-valent or 10-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination schedules - Leach, Amanda Jane; Wigger, Christine; Andrews, Ross; Chatfield, Mark; Smith-Vaughan, Heidi; Morris, Peter Stanley

16. The distribution of insertionally polymorphic endogenous retroviruses in breast cancer patients and cancer-free controls - Wildschutte, Julia H; Ram, Daniel; Subramanian, Ravi; Stevens, Victoria L; Coffin, John M

17. A time course-dependent metastatic gene expression signature predicts outcome in human metastatic melanomas - Chen, Rongyi; Zhang, Guoxue; Zhou, Ying; Li, Nan; Lin, Jiaxi

18. Possible involvement of lysosomal dysfunction in pathological changes of the brain in aged progranulin-deficient mice - Tanaka, Yoshinori; Chambers, James K; Matsuwaki, Takashi; Yamanouchi, Keitaro; Nishihara, Masugi

19. Younger age, higher body mass index and lower adiponectin concentration predict higher serum thromboxane B2 level in aspirin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes: an observational study - Kaplon-Cieslicka, Agnieszka; Postula, Marek; Rosiak, Marek; Peller, Michal; Kondracka, Agnieszka; Serafin, Agnieszka; Trzepla, Ewa; Opolski, Grzegorz; Filipiak, Krzysztof J

20. Etanercept restores normal insulin signal transduction in β2-adrenergic receptor knockout mice - Jiang, Youde; Zhang, Qiuhua; Ye, Eun-Ah; Steinle, Jena J

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