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1. Determinants of Cervical screening services uptake among 18–49 year old women seeking services at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kisumu, Kenya - Morema, Everlyne N; Atieli, Harrysone E; Onyango, Rosebella O; Omondi, Joyce H; Ouma, Collins

2. TargetCOPD: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of targeted case finding for COPD versus routine practice in primary care: protocol - Jordan, Rachel E; Adab, Peymané; Jowett, Sue; Marsh, Jen L; Riley, Richard D; Enocson, Alexandra; Miller, Martin R; Cooper, Brendan G; Turner, Alice M; Ayres, Jon G; Cheng, Kar Keung; Jolly, Kate; Stockley, Robert A; Greenfield, Sheila; Siebert, Stanley; Daley, Amanda; Fitzmaurice, David A

3. Circulating levels of irisin in middle-aged first-degree relatives of type 2 diabetes mellitus — correlation with pancreatic β-cell function - Yang, Meili; Chen, Peihong; Jin, Hua; Xie, Xinmiao; Gao, Ting; Yang, Lili; Yu, Xuemei

4. Clinical utility of chromosomal microarray analysis in the diagnosis and management of monosomy 7 mosaicism - Dwivedi, Alka Chaubey nee; Lyons, Michael J; Kwiatkowski, Kat; Bartel, Frank O; Friez, Michael J; Holden, Kenton R; Fung, Eric T; DuPont, Barbara R
There have been dramatic improvements in our ability to more accurately diagnose the underlying genetic causes of developmental delay/intellectual disability; however, there is less known about the treatment trajectory and whether or not patient management and outcomes have changed due to the information gained from genetic testing. Here we report a case study of a 20-month-old male first referred to the genetics clinic in 2008 for interhemispheric cysts, agenesis of the corpus callosum, left cortical dysplasia, and developmental delay of unknown etiology. The diagnostic work-up for this patient included chromosomal microarray which detected >20% mosaicism for monosomy 7, which raised...

5. The Arabidopsis ORGAN SIZE RELATED 2 is involved in regulation of cell expansion during organ growth - Qin, Zhixiang; Zhang, Xiao; Zhang, Xiaoran; Feng, Guanping; Hu, Yuxin

6. Air pollution events from forest fires and emergency department attendances in Sydney, Australia 1996–2007: a case-crossover analysis - Johnston, Fay H; Purdie, Stuart; Jalaludin, Bin; Martin, Kara L; Henderson, Sarah B; Morgan, Geoffrey G

7. Molecular signatures that correlate with induction of lens regeneration in newts: lessons from proteomic analysis - Sousounis, Konstantinos; Bhavsar, Rital; Looso, Mario; Krüger, Marcus; Beebe, Jessica; Braun, Thomas; Tsonis, Panagiotis A

8. The river and the sea: fieldwork in human ecology and ethnobiology - Begossi, Alpina
This article is a commentary on the experiences that motivated my decision to become a human ecologist and ethnobiologist. These experiences include the pleasure of studying and of having the sense of being within nature, as well as the curiosity towards understanding the world and minds of local people. In particular, such understanding could be driven by addressing the challenging questions that originate in the interactions of such individuals with their natural surroundings. I have been particularly interested in the sea and the riverine forests that are inhabited by coastal or riverine small-scale fishers. Sharing the distinctive world of these...

9. Are care workers appropriate mentors for nursing students in residential aged care? - Annear, Michael; Lea, Emma; Robinson, Andrew

10. HIV-1 transmitted drug resistance-associated mutations and mutation co-variation in HIV-1 treatment-naïve MSM from 2011 to 2013 in Beijing, China - Jiao, Yang; Li, Shuming; Li, Zhenpeng; Zhang, Zheng; Zhao, Jianhong; Li, Li; Wang, Lijuan; Yin, Qianqian; Wang, Yan; Zeng, Zhaoli; Shao, Yiming; Ma, Liying

11. Experimental hut evaluation of linalool spatial repellent agar gel against Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto mosquitoes in a semi-field system in Bagamoyo, Tanzania - Tambwe, Mgeni Mohamed; Mbeyela, Edgar Mtaki; Massinda, Brian Migamyo; Moore, Sarah Jane; Maia, Marta Ferreira

12. Potential predictors of delay in initial treatment contact after the first onset of depression in Japan: a clinical sample study - Oguchi, Yoshiyo; Nakagawa, Atsuo; Sado, Mitsuhiro; Mitsuda, Dai; Nakagawa, Yuko; Kato, Noriko; Takechi, Sayuri; Hiyama, Mitsunori; Mimura, Masaru

13. IGFBP-4 and −5 are expressed in first-trimester villi and differentially regulate the migration of HTR-8/SVneo cells - Crosley, Erin J; Dunk, Caroline E; Beristain, Alexander G; Christians, Julian K

14. Evaluation of pregnancy and delivery in 13 women who underwent resection of a sacrococcygeal teratoma during early childhood - Kremer, Marijke EB; Koeneman, Margot M; Derikx, Joep PM; Coumans, Audrey; van Baren, Robertine; Heij, Hugo A; Wijnen, Marc HWA; Wijnen, René MH; van der Zee, David C; van Heurn, Ernest LW

15. Computer modeling and ex vivo experiments with a (saline-linked) irrigated electrode for RF-assisted heating - Arenas, Javier; Perez, Juan J; Trujillo, Macarena; Berjano, Enrique

16. Blending online therapy into regular face-to-face therapy for depression: content, ratio and preconditions according to patients and therapists using a Delphi study - van der Vaart, Rosalie; Witting, Marjon; Riper, Heleen; Kooistra, Lisa; Bohlmeijer, Ernst T; van Gemert-Pijnen, Lisette JEWC

17. A birth cohort study to investigate the association between prenatal phthalate and bisphenol A exposures and fetal markers of metabolic dysfunction - Ashley-Martin, Jillian; Dodds, Linda; Arbuckle, Tye E; Ettinger, Adrienne S; Shapiro, Gabriel D; Fisher, Mandy; Morisset, Anne-Sophie; Taback, Shayne; Bouchard, Maryse F; Monnier, Patricia; Dallaire, Renee; Fraser, William D

18. Extensive clinical, hormonal and genetic screening in a large consecutive series of 46,XY neonates and infants with atypical sexual development - Baetens, Dorien; Mladenov, Wilhelm; Delle Chiaie, Barbara; Menten, Björn; Desloovere, An; Iotova, Violeta; Callewaert, Bert; Van Laecke, Erik; Hoebeke, Piet; De Baere, Elfride; Cools, Martine

19. The relationship between ezrin and podoplanin expressions in keratocystic odontogenic tumors - Oliveira, Denise Tostes; de Santis, Laís Priscila; Assao, Agnes; Tjioe, Kellen Cristine; Nonogaki, Suely; Lauris, José Roberto Pereira; Soares, Fernando Augusto

20. Diesel biodegradation capacities of indigenous bacterial species isolated from diesel contaminated soil - Palanisamy, Nandhini; Ramya, Jayaprakash; Kumar, Srilakshman; Vasanthi, NS; Chandran, Preethy; Khan, Sudheer
Petroleum based products are the major source of energy for industries and daily life. Leaks and accidental spills occur regularly during the exploration, production, refining, transport, and storage of petroleum and petroleum products. In the present study we isolated the bacteria from diesel contaminated soil and screened them for diesel biodegradation capacity. One monoculture isolate identified by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis to be Acinetobacter baumannii was further studied for diesel oil biodegradation. The effects of various culture parameters (pH, temperature, NaCl concentrations, initial hydrocarbon concentration, initial inoculum size, role of chemical surfactant, and role of carbon and nitrogen sources)...

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