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1. On-pump versus off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery in patients older than 60 years: five-year follow-up of MASS III trial - Vieira de Melo, Rodrigo Morel; Hueb, Whady; Rezende, Paulo Cury; Lima, Eduardo Gomes; Hueb, Alexandre Ciappina; Ramires, José Antonio Franchini; Filho, Roberto Kalil

2. Anaphylactic reaction to platelet transfusion as the initial symptom of an undiagnosed systemic mastocytosis: a case report and review of the literature - Blieden, Clifford R; Campuzano-Zuluaga, German; Moul, Adrienne; Chapman, Jennifer R; Cioffi-Lavina, Maureen; Ikpatt, Offiong F; Byrne, Gerald E; Vega, Francisco

3. Pneumonia severity, comorbidity and 1-year mortality in predominantly older adults with community-acquired pneumonia: a cohort study - Wesemann, Thomas; Nüllmann, Harald; Pflug, Marc Andre; Heppner, Hans Jürgen; Pientka, Ludger; Thiem, Ulrich

4. Immune responses associated with homologous protection conferred by commercial vaccines for control of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in turkeys - Sadeyen, Jean-Rémy; Wu, Zhiguang; Davies, Holly; van Diemen, Pauline M; Milicic, Anita; La Ragione, Roberto M; Kaiser, Pete; Stevens, Mark P; Dziva, Francis
Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) infections are a serious impediment to sustainable poultry production worldwide. Licensed vaccines are available, but the immunological basis of protection is ill-defined and a need exists to extend cross-serotype efficacy. Here, we analysed innate and adaptive responses induced by commercial vaccines in turkeys. Both a live-attenuated APEC O78 ΔaroA vaccine (Poulvac® E. coli) and a formalin-inactivated APEC O78 bacterin conferred significant protection against homologous intra-airsac challenge in a model of acute colibacillosis. Analysis of expression levels of signature cytokine mRNAs indicated that both vaccines induced a predominantly Th2 response in the spleen. Both vaccines resulted...

5. Erratum: Expression changes of ionic channels in early phase of cultured rat atrial myocytes induced by rapid pacing - Cheng, Wei; Ji, Qiang; Liu, Hua; Mei, Yunqing; Wang, Xisheng; Feng, Jing; Ding, Wenjun

6. Complications and salvage options after laser lithotripsy for a vesical calculus in a tetraplegic patient: a case report - Vaidyanathan, Subramanian; Singh, Gurpreet; Selmi, Fahed; Hughes, Peter L; Soni, Bakul M; Oo, Tun

7. Measuring social capital through multivariate analyses for the IQ-SC - Campos, Ana Cristina Viana; Borges, Carolina Marques; Vargas, Andréa Maria Duarte; Gomes, Viviane Elisangela; Lucas, Simone Dutra; Ferreira e Ferreira, Efigênia

8. Multilevel modeling and value of information in clinical trial decision support - Cui, Yuanyuan; Murphy, Brendan; Gentilcore, Anastasia; Sharma, Yugal; Minasian, Lori M; Kramer, Barnett S; Coates, Paul M; Gohagan, John K; Klenk, Juergen; Tidor, Bruce

9. Reproductive health services utilization and its associated factors among Madawalabu University students, Southeast Ethiopia: cross-sectional study - Dida, Nagasa; Darega, Birhanu; Takele, Abulie

10. MicroRNA miR-466 inhibits Lymphangiogenesis by targeting prospero-related homeobox 1 in the alkali burn corneal injury model - Seo, Minkoo; Choi, Jun-Sub; Rho, Chang Rae; Joo, Choun-Ki; Lee, Suk Kyeong

11. An engineered autotransporter-based surface expression vector enables efficient display of Affibody molecules on OmpT-negative E. coli as well as protease-mediated secretion in OmpT-positive strains - Fleetwood, Filippa; Andersson, Ken G; Ståhl, Stefan; Löfblom, John

12. No transmission of hepatitis E virus in pigs fed diets containing commercial spray-dried porcine plasma: a retrospective study of samples from several swine trials - Pujols, Joan; Rodríguez, Carmen; Navarro, Nuria; Pina-Pedrero, Sonia; Campbell, Joy M; Crenshaw, Joe; Polo, Javier

13. Once upon a time the cell membranes: 175 years of cell boundary research - Lombard, Jonathan

14. The Dutch Obesity Intervention in Teenagers (DOiT) cluster controlled implementation trial: intervention effects and mediators and moderators of adiposity and energy balance-related behaviours - van Nassau, Femke; Singh, Amika S; Cerin, Ester; Salmon, Jo; van Mechelen, Willem; Brug, Johannes; Chinapaw, Mai JM

15. Identification of human papillomaviruses from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded pre-cancer and invasive cervical cancer specimens in Zambia: a cross-sectional study - Bateman, Allen C; Katundu, Katundu; Polepole, Pascal; Shibemba, Aaron; Mwanahamuntu, Mulindi; Dittmer, Dirk P; Parham, Groesbeck P; Chibwesha, Carla J

16. Herbivore associated elicitor-induced defences are highly specific among closely related Nicotiana species - Xu, Shuqing; Zhou, Wenwu; Pottinger, Sarah; Baldwin, Ian T

17. Hierarchy of non-glucose sugars in Escherichia coli - Aidelberg, Guy; Towbin, Benjamin D; Rothschild, Daphna; Dekel, Erez; Bren, Anat; Alon, Uri

18. Breast cancer risk reduction - is it feasible to initiate a randomised controlled trial of a lifestyle intervention programme (ActWell) within a national breast screening programme? - Anderson, Annie S; Macleod, Maureen; Mutrie, Nanette; Sugden, Jacqueline; Dobson, Hilary; Treweek, Shaun; O’Carroll, Ronan E; Thompson, Alistair; Kirk, Alison; Brennan, Graham; Wyke, Sally

19. Functional analysis of Girardia tigrina transcriptome seeds pipeline for anthelmintic target discovery - Wheeler, Nicolas J; Agbedanu, Prince N; Kimber, Michael J; Ribeiro, Paula; Day, Tim A; Zamanian, Mostafa

20. Breast vibro-acoustography: initial experience in benign lesions - Alizad, Azra; Mehrmohammadi, Mohammad; Ghosh, Karthik; Glazebrook, Katrina N; Carter, Rickey E; Karaberkmez, Leman Gunbery; Whaley, Dana H; Fatemi, Mostafa

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