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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

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1. Extending Single-Molecule Microscopy Using Optical Fourier Processing - Backer, Adam S.; Moerner, W. E.

2. Identification and Validation of Novel PERK Inhibitors - Wang, Qiantao; Park, Jihyun; Devkota, Ashwini K.; Cho, Eun Jeong; Dalby, Kevin N.; Ren, Pengyu

3. Trisubstituted 2-Trifluoromethyl Pyrrolidines via Catalytic Asymmetric Michael Addition/Reductive Cyclization - Corbett, Michael T.; Xu, Qihai; Johnson, Jeffrey S.

4. Denoising perturbation signatures reveal an actionable AKT-signaling gene module underlying a poor clinical outcome in endocrine-treated ER+ breast cancer - Teschendorff, Andrew E; Li, Linlin; Yang, Zhen

5. ‘I know it has worked for millions of years’: the role of the ‘natural’ in parental reasoning against child immunization in a qualitative study in Switzerland - Gross, Karin; Hartmann, Karin; Zemp, Elisabeth; Merten, Sonja

6. Ideal and reality: do countries adopt and follow recommended procedures in comprehensive multiyear planning guidelines for national immunization programmes? - Mala, Peter; Zuber, Patrick; Politi, Claudio; Paccaud, Fred

7. The dignified approach to care: a pilot study using the patient dignity question as an intervention to enhance dignity and person-centred care for people with palliative care needs in the acute hospital setting - Johnston, Bridget; Pringle, Jan; Gaffney, Marion; Narayanasamy, Melanie; McGuire, Margaret; Buchanan, Deans

8. Cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial - Huang, Fang; Qian, Qiujin; Wang, Yufeng

9. Solid state fermentation of rapeseed cake with Aspergillus niger for degrading glucosinolates and upgrading nutritional value - Shi, Changyou; He, Jun; Yu, Jie; Yu, Bing; Huang, Zhiqing; Mao, Xiangbing; Zheng, Ping; Chen, Daiwen

10. Ion therapy of prostate cancer: daily rectal dose reduction by application of spacer gel - Rucinski, Antoni; Brons, Stephan; Richter, Daniel; Habl, Gregor; Debus, Jürgen; Bert, Christoph; Haberer, Thomas; Jäkel, Oliver

11. Retraction Note: Estimation of flood environmental effects using flood zone mapping techniques in Halilrood Kerman, Iran - Boudaghpour, Siamak; Bagheri, Majid; Bagheri, Zahra

12. 10 years of mindlines: a systematic review and commentary - Wieringa, Sietse; Greenhalgh, Trisha

13. Retraction Note: Meeting Abstract: A post-hoc qualitative analysis of real time heads-up pollen counting versus traditional microscopy counting in the environmental exposure unit (EEU) - Steacy, Lisa M; Walker, Terry JB; Hobsbawn, Barnaby; Thiele, Jenny; Ellis, Anne K

14. Cyclin D1 sensitizes myeloma cells to endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated apoptosis by activating the unfolded protein response pathway - Bustany, Sophie; Cahu, Julie; Guardiola, Philippe; Sola, Brigitte

15. Synthetic lethals in HIV: ways to avoid drug resistance: Running title: Preventing HIV resistance - Petitjean, Michel; Badel, Anne; Veitia, Reiner A; Vanet, Anne

16. Health literacy as a moderator of health-related quality of life responses to chronic disease among Chinese rural women - Wang, Cuili; Kane, Robert L; Xu, Dongjuan; Meng, Qingyue

17. Clinicopathologic characterization of visceral gout of various internal organs -a study of 2 cases from a venom and toxin research center - Nasoori, Alireza; Pedram, Behnam; Kamyabi-Moghaddam, Zahra; Mokarizadeh, Aram; Pirasteh, Hamid; Fayyaz, Amir Farshid; Shooshtari, Mohammad Barat

18. Clinical features of infectious endophthalmitis in South Korea: a five-year multicenter study - Nam, Ki Yup; Lee, Joo Eun; Lee, Ji Eun; Jeung, Woo Jin; Park, Jung Min; Park, Jong Moon; Chung, In Young; Han, Yong Seop; Yun, Il Han; Kim, Hyun Wong; Byon, Ik Soo; Oum, Boo Sup; Yoon, Hee Sung; Park, Dong; Yu, Byeng Chul; Park, Eun-Kee; Lee, Hu-Jang; Lee, Sang Joon

19. Cutis Aplasia as a clinical hallmark for the syndrome associated with 19q13.11 deletion: the possible role for UBA2 gene - Melo, Joana B; Estevinho, Alexandra; Saraiva, Jorge; Ramos, Lina; Carreira, Isabel M

20. Impact of MBL and MASP-2 gene polymorphism and its interaction on susceptibility to tuberculosis - Chen, Mengshi; Liang, Ying; Li, Wufei; Wang, Mian; Hu, Li; Abuaku, Benjamin Kwaku; Huang, Xin; Tan, Hongzhuan; Wen, Shi Wu

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