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  1. Plasticizer Effects in the PVC Membrane of the Dibasic Phosphate Selective Electrode

    Carey, Clifton
    The PVC membrane of an ion-selective electrode (ISE) sensitive to dibasic phosphate ions (HPO4-ISE) has not been optimized for maximum selectivity, sensitivity, and useable ISE lifetime and further work was necessary to improve its performance. Two areas of investigation are reported here: include the parameters for the lipophilicity of the plasticizer compound used and the amount of cyclic polyamine ionophore incorporated in the PVC membrane. Six candidate plasticizers with a range of lipophilicity were evaluated for their effect on the useable lifetime, sensitivity, and selectivity of the ISE against 13 different anions. Selectivity was determined by a modified fixed interferent...

  2. Medicinal Chemistry of Cannabinoids

    Vemuri, V Kiran; Makriyannis, A
    The endocannabinoid system comprises the two well characterized Gi/o-protein coupled receptors (cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) and CB2), their endogenous lipid ligands, and the enzymes involved in their biosynthesis and biotransformation. Drug discovery efforts relating to the endocannabinoid system have been focused mainly on the two cannabinoid receptors and the two endocannabinoid deactivating enzymes fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) and monoacylglycerol lipase (MGL). This review provides an overview of cannabinergic agents used in drug research and those being explored clinically.

  3. Bacterial diversity along a 2600 km river continuum

    Savio, Domenico; Sinclair, Lucas; Ijaz, Umer Z.; Parajka, Juraj; Reischer, Georg H.; Stadler, Philipp; Blaschke, Alfred P.; Blöschl, Günter; Mach, Robert L.; Kirschner, Alexander K. T.; Farnleitner, Andreas H.; Eiler, Alexander
    The bacterioplankton diversity in large rivers has thus far been under-sampled despite the importance of streams and rivers as components of continental landscapes. Here, we present a comprehensive dataset detailing the bacterioplankton diversity along the midstream of the Danube River and its tributaries. Using 16S rRNA-gene amplicon sequencing, our analysis revealed that bacterial richness and evenness gradually declined downriver in both the free-living and particle-associated bacterial communities. These shifts were also supported by beta diversity analysis, where the effects of tributaries were negligible in regards to the overall variation. In addition, the river was largely dominated by bacteria that are...

  4. The Popeye Domain Containing Genes and their Function in Striated Muscle

    Schindler, Roland FR; Scotton, Chiara; French, Vanessa; Ferlini, Alessandra; Brand, Thomas
    The Popeye domain containing (POPDC) genes encode a novel class of cAMP effector proteins, which are abundantly expressed in heart and skeletal muscle. Here we will review their role in striated muscle as deduced from work in cell and animal models and the recent analysis of patients carrying a missense mutation in POPDC1. Evidence suggests that POPDC proteins control membrane trafficking of interacting proteins. Furthermore, we will discuss the current catalogue of established protein-protein interactions. In recent years, the number of POPDC-interacting proteins is rising and currently includes ion channels (TREK-1), sarcolemma-associated proteins serving functions in mechanical stability (Dystrophin), compartmentalization...

  5. Language lateralization of hearing native signers: A functional transcranial Doppler sonography (fTCD) study of speech and sign production

    Gutierrez-Sigut, Eva; Daws, Richard; Payne, Heather; Blott, Jonathan; Marshall, Chloë; MacSweeney, Mairéad
    Neuroimaging studies suggest greater involvement of the left parietal lobe in sign language compared to speech production. This stronger activation might be linked to the specific demands of sign encoding and proprioceptive monitoring.

  6. Genome-wide patterns of selection in 230 ancient Eurasians

    Mathieson, Iain; Lazaridis, Iosif; Rohland, Nadin; Mallick, Swapan; Patterson, Nick; Roodenberg, Songül Alpaslan; Harney, Eadaoin; Stewardson, Kristin; Fernandes, Daniel; Novak, Mario; Sirak, Kendra; Gamba, Cristina; Jones, Eppie R.; Llamas, Bastien; Dryomov, Stanislav; Pickrel, Joseph; Arsuaga, Juan Luís; de Castro, José María Bermúdez; Carbonell, Eudald; Gerritsen, Fokke; Khokhlov, Aleksandr; Kuznetsov, Pavel; Lozano, Marina; Meller, Harald; Mochalov, Oleg; Moiseyev, Vayacheslav; Rojo Guerra, Manuel A.; Roodenberg, Jacob; Vergès, Josep Maria; Krause, Johannes; Cooper, Alan; Alt, Kurt W.; Brown, Dorcas; Anthony, David; Lalueza-Fox, Carles; Haak, Wolfgang; Pinhasi, Ron; Reich, David
    Ancient DNA makes it possible to directly witness natural selection by analyzing samples from populations before, during and after adaptation events. Here we report the first scan for selection using ancient DNA, capitalizing on the largest genome-wide dataset yet assembled: 230 West Eurasians dating to between 6500 and 1000 BCE, including 163 with newly reported data. The new samples include the first genome-wide data from the Anatolian Neolithic culture whose genetic material we extracted from the DNA-rich petrous bone and who we show were members of the population that was the source of Europe’s first farmers. We also report a...

  7. The Effect of Ignoring Statistical Interactions in Regression Analyses Conducted in Epidemiologic Studies: An Example with Survival Analysis Using Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Model

    Vatcheva, KP; Lee, M; McCormick, JB; Rahbar, MH

  8. Analyses of mitochondrial genes reveal two sympatric but genetically divergent lineages of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus in Kenya

    Kanduma, Esther G.; Mwacharo, Joram M.; Githaka, Naftaly W.; Kinyanjui, Peter W.; Njuguna, Joyce N.; Kamau, Lucy M.; Kariuki, Edward; Mwaura, Stephen; Skilton, Robert A.; Bishop, Richard P.

  9. Chloroplast genomes: diversity, evolution, and applications in genetic engineering

    Daniell, Henry; Lin, Choun-Sea; Yu, Ming; Chang, Wan-Jung
    Chloroplasts play a crucial role in sustaining life on earth. The availability of over 800 sequenced chloroplast genomes from a variety of land plants has enhanced our understanding of chloroplast biology, intracellular gene transfer, conservation, diversity, and the genetic basis by which chloroplast transgenes can be engineered to enhance plant agronomic traits or to produce high-value agricultural or biomedical products. In this review, we discuss the impact of chloroplast genome sequences on understanding the origins of economically important cultivated species and changes that have taken place during domestication. We also discuss the potential biotechnological applications of chloroplast genomes.

  10. Retrozymes are a unique family of non-autonomous retrotransposons with hammerhead ribozymes that propagate in plants through circular RNAs

    Cervera, Amelia; Urbina, Denisse; de la Peña, Marcos

  11. Common asymptomatic and submicroscopic malaria infections in Western Thailand revealed in longitudinal molecular and serological studies: a challenge to malaria elimination

    Baum, Elisabeth; Sattabongkot, Jetsumon; Sirichaisinthop, Jeeraphat; Kiattibutr, Kirakorn; Jain, Aarti; Taghavian, Omid; Lee, Ming-Chieh; Huw Davies, D.; Cui, Liwang; Felgner, Philip L.; Yan, Guiyun

  12. Hammerhead ribozymes going viral

    Hammann, Christian
    An association between hammerhead ribozymes and non-autonomous, long terminal repeat retrotransposons is uncovered in plants, shedding light on the biological function of genomically encoded ribozymes.

  13. Real-time estimation of FES-induced joint torque with evoked EMG: Application to spinal cord injured patients

    Li, Zhan; Guiraud, David; Andreu, David; Benoussaad, Mourad; Fattal, Charles; Hayashibe, Mitsuhiro

  14. Increased tauopathy drives microglia-mediated clearance of beta-amyloid

    Chen, Wesley; Abud, Edsel A.; Yeung, Stephen T.; Lakatos, Anita; Nassi, Trevor; Wang, Jane; Blum, David; Buée, Luc; Poon, Wayne W.; Blurton-Jones, Mathew
    Alzheimer disease is characterized by the accumulation of β-amyloid (Aβ) plaques and tau-laden neurofibrillary tangles. Emerging studies suggest that in neurodegenerative diseases, aggregation of one protein species can promote other proteinopathies and that inflammation plays an important role in this process. To study the interplay between Aβ deposition, tau pathology, and microgliosis, we established a new AD transgenic mouse model by crossing 5xfAD mice with Thy-Tau22 transgenic mice. The resulting ‘T5x’ mice exhibit a greater than three-fold increase in misfolded and hyperphosphorylated tau and further substantiates the hypothesis that Aβ accelerates tau pathology. Surprisingly, T5x mice exhibit a 40-50 % reduction...

  15. Burden of disease resulting from lead exposure at toxic waste sites in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay

    Caravanos, Jack; Carrelli, Jonathan; Dowling, Russell; Pavilonis, Brian; Ericson, Bret; Fuller, Richard

  16. Effects of undergraduate medical students’ individual attributes on perceptions of encounters with positive and negative role models

    Tagawa, Masami

  17. Transmembrane protein 147 (TMEM147): another partner protein of Haemonchus contortus galectin on the goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)

    Li, Yan; Yuan, Cheng; Wang, LiKun; Lu, MingMin; Wang, YuJian; Wen, YuLing; Yan, RuoFeng; Xu, LiXin; Song, XiaoKai; Li, XiangRui

  18. Training the next generation of global health experts: experiences and recommendations from Pacific Rim universities

    Withers, Mellissa; Press, David; Wipfli, Heather; McCool, Judith; Chan, Chang-Chuan; Jimba, Masamine; Tremewan, Christopher; Samet, Jonathan

  19. Interaction between polyphenols intake and PON1 gene variants on markers of cardiovascular disease: a nutrigenetic observational study

    Rizzi, Federica; Conti, Costanza; Dogliotti, Elena; Terranegra, Annalisa; Salvi, Erika; Braga, Daniele; Ricca, Flavia; Lupoli, Sara; Mingione, Alessandra; Pivari, Francesca; Brasacchio, Caterina; Barcella, Matteo; Chittani, Martina; D’Avila, Francesca; Turiel, Maurizio; Lazzaroni, Monica; Soldati, Laura; Cusi, Daniele; Barlassina, Cristina

  20. An evaluation of processing methods for HumanMethylation450 BeadChip data

    Liu, Jie; Siegmund, Kimberly D.

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