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BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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  1. The use of complementary and alternative medicine by 7427 Australian women with cyclic perimenstrual pain and discomfort: a cross-sectional study

    Fisher, Carole; Adams, Jon; Hickman, Louise; Sibbritt, David

  2. Screening North American plant extracts in vitro against Trypanosoma brucei for discovery of new antitrypanosomal drug leads

    Jain, Surendra; Jacob, Melissa; Walker, Larry; Tekwani, Babu

  3. Down-regulatory mechanism of mammea E/BB from Mammea siamensis seed extract on Wilms’ Tumor 1 expression in K562 cells

    Rungrojsakul, Methee; Katekunlaphan, Trinnakorn; Saiai, Aroonchai; Ampasavate, Chadarat; Okonogi, Siriporn; Sweeney, Colleen A.; Anuchapreeda, Songyot

  4. Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine use by HIV patients a decade after public sector antiretroviral therapy roll out in South Africa: a cross sectional study

    Nlooto, Manimbulu; Naidoo, Panjasaram

  5. Rhodiola crenulata extract regulates hepatic glycogen and lipid metabolism via activation of the AMPK pathway

    Lin, Kuen-Tze; Hsu, Shih-Wei; Lai, Feng-Yi; Chang, Tsu-Chung; Shi, Li-Shian; Lee, Shih-Yu

  6. Verbesina encelioides: cytotoxicity, cell cycle arrest, and oxidative DNA damage in human liver cancer (HepG2) cell line

    Al-Oqail, Mai M.; Siddiqui, Maqsood A.; Al-Sheddi, Ebtesam S.; Saquib, Quaiser; Musarrat, Javed; Al-Khedhairy, Abdulaziz A.; Farshori, Nida N.

  7. Antibacterial and antibiotic-modulation activity of six Cameroonian medicinal plants against Gram-negative multi-drug resistant phenotypes

    Djeussi, Doriane E.; Noumedem, Jaurès A. K.; Ngadjui, Bonaventure T.; Kuete, Victor

  8. Homeopathic medical practice for anxiety and depression in primary care: the EPI3 cohort study

    Grimaldi-Bensouda, Lamiae; Abenhaim, Lucien; Massol, Jacques; Guillemot, Didier; Avouac, Bernard; Duru, Gerard; Lert, France; Magnier, Anne-Marie; Rossignol, Michel; Rouillon, Frederic; Begaud, Bernard;

  9. Asiatic acid attenuates renin-angiotensin system activation and improves vascular function in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet fed rats

    Maneesai, Putcharawipa; Bunbupha, Sarawoot; Kukongviriyapan, Upa; Prachaney, Parichat; Tangsucharit, Panot; Kukongviriyapan, Veerapol; Pakdeechote, Poungrat

  10. Rhus verniciflua Stokes (RVS) and butein induce apoptosis of paclitaxel-resistant SKOV-3/PAX ovarian cancer cells through inhibition of AKT phosphorylation

    Choi, Hyeong Sim; Kim, Min Kyoung; Choi, Youn Kyung; Shin, Yong Cheol; Cho, Sung-Gook; Ko, Seong-Gyu

  11. Exploring self-use, attitude and interest to study complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among final year undergraduate medical, pharmacy and nursing students in Sierra Leone: a comparative study

    James, Peter Bai; Bah, Abdulai Jawo; Kondorvoh, Idrissa Momoh

  12. Therapeutic potency of bee pollen against biochemical autistic features induced through acute and sub-acute neurotoxicity of orally administered propionic acid

    Al-Salem, Huda S.; Bhat, Ramesa Shafi; Al-Ayadhi, Laila; El-Ansary, Afaf

  13. Antimalarial properties of crude extracts of seeds of Brucea antidysenterica and leaves of Ocimum lamiifolium

    Kefe, Atetetgeb; Giday, Mirutse; Mamo, Hassen; Erko, Berhanu

  14. Chemical composition, in vitro antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils of four dietary and medicinal plants from Cameroon

    Ndoye Foe, Florentine Marie-Chantal; Tchinang, Tatiana Flore Kemegni; Nyegue, Ascencion Maximilienne; Abdou, Jean-Pierre; Yaya, Abel Joel Gbaweng; Tchinda, Alembert Tiabou; Essame, Jean-Louis Oyono; Etoa, François-Xavier

  15. Anti-wrinkle effects of Seungma-Galgeun-Tang as evidenced by the inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-I production and the promotion of type-1 procollagen synthesis

    Kim, Min Kyoung; Bang, Chae Young; Yun, Gwang Jun; Kim, Hyang-Yu; Jang, Young Pyo; Choung, Se Young

  16. Ethanolic extract of Descurainia sophia seeds sensitizes A549 human lung cancer cells to TRAIL cytotoxicity by upregulating death receptors

    Park, Jong-Shik; Lim, Chae Jun; Bang, Ok-Sun; Kim, No Soo

  17. All-trans retinoic acids induce differentiation and sensitize a radioresistant breast cancer cells to chemotherapy

    Yan, Yunwen; Li, Zhen; Xu, Xiang; Chen, Clark; Wei, Wei; Fan, Ming; Chen, Xufeng; Li, Jian Jian; Wang, Yuan; Huang, Jiaoti

  18. Exploration of anti-Malassezia potential of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L. and their application to combat the infection caused by Mala s1 a novel allergen

    Mishra, Rohit K.; Mishra, Vani; Pandey, Anand; Tiwari, Amit K.; Pandey, Himanshu; Sharma, Shivesh; Pandey, Avinash C.; Dikshit, Anupam

  19. In vitro and in vivo reduction of post-prandial blood glucose levels by ethyl alcohol and water Zingiber mioga extracts through the inhibition of carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes

    Jo, Sung-Hoon; Cho, Cha-Young; Lee, Jung-Yoon; Ha, Kyoung-Soo; Kwon, Young-In; Apostolidis, Emmanouil

  20. Effect of polysaccharide from Bacillus subtilis sp. on cardiovascular diseases and atherogenic indices in diabetic rats

    Ghoneim, Mona A. M.; Hassan, Amal I.; Mahmoud, Manal G.; Asker, Mohsen S.

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