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BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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  1. Histopathological and biochemical investigations of protective role of honey in rats with experimental aflatoxicosis

    Yaman, Turan; Yener, Zabit; Celik, Ismail

  2. Ancient peat and apple extracts supplementation may improve strength and power adaptations in resistance trained men

    Joy, Jordan M.; Vogel, Roxanne M.; Moon, Jordan R.; Falcone, Paul H.; Mosman, Matt M.; Pietrzkowski, Zbigniew; Reyes, Tania; Kim, Michael P.

  3. Additional effects of acupuncture on early comprehensive rehabilitation in patients with mild to moderate acute ischemic stroke: a multicenter randomized controlled trial

    Chen, Lifang; Fang, Jianqiao; Ma, Ruijie; Gu, Xudong; Chen, Lina; Li, Jianhua; Xu, Shouyu

  4. Alleviation of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide induced oxidative stress by Oroxylum indicum (L.) leaf extract in albino Wistar rats

    Mohan, Shalini; Thiagarajan, Kalaivani; Sundaramoorthy, Balaji; Gurung, Vivek; Barpande, Manas; Agarwal, Shilpi; Chandrasekaran, Rajasekaran

  5. Acupuncture for insomnia after stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    Lee, Sook-Hyun; Lim, Sung Min

  6. Resistin mediates tomato and broccoli extract effects on glucose homeostasis in high fat diet-induced obesity in rats

    Aborehab, Nora M.; El Bishbishy, Mahitab H.; Waly, Nermien E.

  7. Cnidium officinale extract and butylidenephthalide inhibits retinal neovascularization in vitro and in vivo

    Lee, Yun Mi; Lee, Yu-Ri; Kim, Chan-Sik; Jo, Kyuhyung; Sohn, Eunjin; Kim, Jin Sook; Kim, Junghyun

  8. Effect of acupuncture and instruction on physiological recovery from maximal exercise: a balanced-placebo controlled trial

    Urroz, Paola; Colagiuri, Ben; Smith, Caroline A.; Yeung, Alan; Cheema, Birinder S.

  9. Fraxinus xanthoxyloides leaves reduced the level of inflammatory mediators during in vitro and in vivo studies

    Younis, Tahira; Khan, Muhammad Rashid; Sajid, Moniba; Majid, Muhammad; Zahra, Zartash; Shah, Naseer Ali

  10. Erratum to: Effect of transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation on impaired glucose tolerance: a pilot randomized study

    Huang, Feng; Dong, Jianxun; Kong, Jian; Wang, Hongcai; Meng, Hong; Spaeth, Rosa B.; Camhi, Stephanie; Liao, Xing; Li, Xia; Zhai, Xu; Li, Shaoyuan; Zhu, Bing; Rong, Peijing

  11. Chondroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of ChondroT, a new complex herbal medication

    Park, Jung Up; Kim, Seon-Jong; Na, Chang-Su; Choi, Chan-hun; Seo, Chang Seob; Son, Jong-Keun; Kang, Bok Yun; Kim, Young Ran

  12. Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F versus conventional synthetic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs as monotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

    Wang, Hai-Long; Jiang, Quan; Feng, Xing-Hua; Zhang, Hua-Dong; Ge, Lin; Luo, Cheng-Gui; Gong, Xun; Li, Bo

  13. Evidence-based practice, research utilization, and knowledge translation in chiropractic: a scoping review

    Bussières, André E.; Al Zoubi, Fadi; Stuber, Kent; French, Simon D.; Boruff, Jill; Corrigan, John; Thomas, Aliki

  14. Effectiveness and safety of moxibustion for primary insomnia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    Sun, Yu-Jiao; Yuan, Jia-Min; Yang, Zhi-Min

  15. Anti-allodynic effect of intrathecal processed Aconitum jaluense is associated with the inhibition of microglial activation and P2X7 receptor expression in spinal cord

    Yang, Jihoon; Park, Keun Suk; Yoon, Jae Joon; Bae, Hong-Beom; Yoon, Myung Ha; Choi, Jeong Il

  16. The electroacupuncture-induced analgesic effect mediated by 5-HT1, 5-HT3 receptor and muscarinic cholinergic receptors in rat model of collagenase-induced osteoarthritis

    Seo, Byung-Kwan; Sung, Won-Suk; Park, Yeon-Cheol; Baek, Yong-Hyeon

  17. Characterization and evaluation of antibacterial and antiproliferative activities of crude protein extracts isolated from the seed of Ricinus communis in Bangladesh

    Al-Mamun, M. Abdulla; Akter, Zerin; Uddin, Md Josim; Ferdaus, K. M. K. B.; Hoque, K. M. F.; Ferdousi, Z.; Reza, M. Abu

  18. Partial characterization and antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of the aqueous extracellular polysaccharides from the thermophilic microalgae Graesiella sp.

    Trabelsi, Lamia; Chaieb, Olfa; Mnari, Amira; Abid-Essafi, Salwa; Aleya, Lotfi

  19. Neuroprotective effects of Paeonia Lactiflora extract against cell death of dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells is mediated by epigenetic modulation

    Lee, Gyuhwi; Joo, Jong Cheon; Choi, Bo Yoon; Lindroth, Anders M.; Park, Soo Jung; Park, Yoon Jung

  20. Treatment with Rhodiola crenulata root extract ameliorates insulin resistance in fructose-fed rats by modulating sarcolemmal and intracellular fatty acid translocase/CD36 redistribution in skeletal muscle

    Chen, Ting; Yao, Ling; Ke, Dazhi; Cao, Weiguo; Zuo, Guowei; Zhou, Liang; Jiang, Jian; Yamahara, Johji; Li, Yuhao; Wang, Jianwei

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