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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Malaria Journal

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1. The performance evaluation of a urine malaria test (UMT) kit for the diagnosis of malaria in individuals with fever in south-east Nigeria: cross-sectional analytical study - Oguonu, Tagbo; Shu, Elvis; Ezeonwu, Bertilla U; Lige, Bao; Derrick, Anne; Umeh, Rich E; Agbo, Eddy

2. Genetic mutations in Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) and dihydropteroate synthase (DHPS) in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands prior to the introduction of artemisinin combination therapy - Gresty, Karryn J; Gray, Karen-Ann; Bobogare, Albino; Wini, Lyndes; Taleo, George; Hii, Jeffrey; Cheng, Qin; Waters, Norman C

3. Combining organophosphate-treated wall linings and long-lasting insecticidal nets fails to provide additional control over long-lasting insecticidal nets alone against multiple insecticide-resistant Anopheles gambiae in Côte d’Ivoire: an experimental hut trial - Ngufor, Corine; Chouaïbou, Mouhamadou; Tchicaya, Emile; Loukou, Benard; Kesse, Nestor; N’Guessan, Raphael; Johnson, Paul; Koudou, Benjamin; Rowland, Mark

4. A descriptive study of 16 severe Plasmodium vivax cases from three municipalities of Colombia between 2009 and 2013 - O’Brien, Anthony T; Ramírez, Jesica F; Martínez, Sandra P

5. Severe delayed autoimmune haemolytic anaemia following artesunate administration in severe malaria: a case report - Raffray, Loic; Receveur, Marie-Catherine; Beguet, Mathilde; Lauroua, Pierre; Pistone, Thierry; Malvy, Denis

6. Enantiomerically pure amino-alcohol quinolines: in vitro anti-malarial activity in combination with dihydroartemisinin, cytotoxicity and in vivo efficacy in a Plasmodium berghei mouse model - Mullié, Catherine; Taudon, Nicolas; Degrouas, Camille; Jonet, Alexia; Pascual, Aurélie; Agnamey, Patrice; Sonnet, Pascal

7. Global and local genetic diversity at two microsatellite loci in Plasmodium vivax parasites from Asia, Africa and South America - Schousboe, Mette L; Ranjitkar, Samir; Rajakaruna, Rupika S; Amerasinghe, Priyanie H; Konradsen, Flemming; Morales, Francisco; Ord, Rosalynn; Pearce, Richard; Leslie, Toby; Rowland, Mark; Gadalla, Nahla; Bygbjerg, Ib C; Alifrangis, Michael; Roper, Cally

8. Plasmodium prevalence and artemisinin-resistant falciparum malaria in Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia: a cross-sectional population-based study - Bosman, Philippe; Stassijns, Jorgen; Nackers, Fabienne; Canier, Lydie; Kim, Nimol; Khim, Saorin; Alipon, Sweet C; Chuor Char, Meng; Chea, Nguon; Dysoley, Lek; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Etienne, William; De Smet, Martin; Ménard, Didier; Kindermans, Jean-Marie

9. Fishing with bed nets on Lake Tanganyika: a randomized survey - McLean, Kate A; Byanaku, Aisha; Kubikonse, Augustine; Tshowe, Vincent; Katensi, Said; Lehman, Amy G

10. Humanized HLA-DR4.RagKO.IL2RγcKO.NOD (DRAG) mice sustain the complex vertebrate life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum malaria - Wijayalath, Wathsala; Majji, Sai; Villasante, Eileen F; Brumeanu, Teodor D; Richie, Thomas L; Casares, Sofia

11. A nested real-time PCR assay for the quantification of Plasmodium falciparum DNA extracted from dried blood spots - Tran, Tuan M; Aghili, Amirali; Li, Shanping; Ongoiba, Aissata; Kayentao, Kassoum; Doumbo, Safiatou; Traore, Boubacar; Crompton, Peter D

12. Changing epidemiology of malaria in Sabah, Malaysia: increasing incidence of Plasmodium knowlesi - William, Timothy; Jelip, Jenarun; Menon, Jayaram; Anderios, Fread; Mohammad, Rashidah; Awang Mohammad, Tajul A; Grigg, Matthew J; Yeo, Tsin W; Anstey, Nicholas M; Barber, Bridget E

13. A fast, non-invasive, quantitative staining protocol provides insights in Plasmodium falciparum gamete egress and in the role of osmiophilic bodies - Suaréz-Cortés, Pablo; Silvestrini, Francesco; Alano, Pietro

14. Antibody response against three Plasmodium falciparum merozoite antigens in Mamuju District, West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia - Sennang, Nurhayana; Rogerson, Stephen; Wahyuni, Sitti; Yusuf, Irawan; Syafruddin, Din

15. Mosquito magnet® liberty plus trap baited with octenol confirmed best candidate for Anopheles surveillance and proved promising in predicting risk of malaria transmission in French Guiana - Vezenegho, Samuel B; Adde, Antoine; Gaborit, Pascal; Carinci, Romuald; Issaly, Jean; Pommier de Santi, Vincent; Dusfour, Isabelle; Briolant, Sébastien; Girod, Romain

16. The diminishing returns of atovaquone-proguanil for elimination of Plasmodium falciparum malaria: modelling mass drug administration and treatment - Maude, Richard J; Nguon, Chea; Dondorp, Arjen M; White, Lisa J; White, Nicholas J

17. Low genetic diversity in the locus encoding the Plasmodium vivax P41 protein in Colombia’s parasite population - Forero-Rodríguez, Johanna; Garzón-Ospina, Diego; Patarroyo, Manuel A

18. Prevalence and spectrum of illness among hospitalized adults with malaria in Blantyre, Malawi - Segula, Dalitso; Frosch, Anne P; SanJoaquin, Miguel; Taulo, Dalitso; Skarbinski, Jacek; Mathanga, Don P; Allain, Theresa J; Molyneux, Malcolm; Laufer, Miriam K; Heyderman, Robert S

19. Spatial clustering and risk factors of malaria infections in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia - Sluydts, Vincent; Heng, Somony; Coosemans, Marc; Van Roey, Karel; Gryseels, Charlotte; Canier, Lydie; Kim, Saorin; Khim, Nimol; Siv, Sovannaroth; Mean, Vanna; Uk, Sambunny; Grietens, Koen Peeters; Tho, Sochantha; Menard, Didier; Durnez, Lies

20. Association between malaria control and paediatric blood transfusions in rural Zambia: an interrupted time-series analysis - Comfort, Alison B; van Dijk, Janneke H; Mharakurwa, Sungano; Stillman, Kathryn; Johns, Benjamin; Hathi, Payal; Korde, Sonali; Craig, Allen S; Nachbar, Nancy; Derriennic, Yann; Gabert, Rose; Thuma, Philip E

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