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  1. An experimental hut evaluation of Olyset Plus, a long-lasting insecticidal net treated with a mixture of permethrin and piperonyl butoxide, against Anopheles fluviatilis in Odisha State, India

    Gunasekaran, Kasinathan; Sahu, Sudhansu Sekhar; Vijayakumar, Tharmalingam; Subramanian, Swaminathan; Yadav, Rajpal Singh; Pigeon, Olivier; Jambulingam, Purushothaman

  2. Chicken volatiles repel host-seeking malaria mosquitoes

    Jaleta, Kassahun T.; Hill, Sharon Rose; Birgersson, Göran; Tekie, Habte; Ignell, Rickard

  3. Cytokine gene polymorphisms are not associated with anti-PvDBP, anti-PvAMA-1 or anti-PvMSP-119 IgG antibody levels in a malaria-endemic area of the Brazilian Amazon

    Furini, Adriana A. C.; Capobianco, Marcela P.; Storti-Melo, Luciane M.; Cunha, Maristela G.; Cassiano, Gustavo C.; Machado, Ricardo Luiz D.

  4. Determinants of public malaria awareness during the national malaria elimination programme: a cross-sectional study in rural China

    Tang, Shangfeng; Ji, Lu; Hu, Tao; Bishwajit, Ghose; Da Feng; Ming, Hui; Xian, Yue; Fu, Qian; He, Zhifei; Fu, Hang; Wang, Ruoxi; Feng, Zhanchun

  5. Adherence to national guidelines for the diagnosis and management of severe malaria: a nationwide, cross-sectional survey in Malawi, 2012

    Shah, Monica P.; Briggs-Hagen, Melissa; Chinkhumba, Jobiba; Bauleni, Andy; Chalira, Alfred; Moyo, Dubulao; Dodoli, Wilfred; Luhanga, Misheck; Sande, John; Ali, Doreen; Gutman, Julie; Mathanga, Don P.; Lindblade, Kim A.

  6. Evaluation of the paediatric dose of chloroquine in the treatment of Plasmodium vivax malaria

    Añez, Arletta; Moscoso, Manuel; Garnica, Cecilia; Ascaso, Carlos

  7. Vertical stratification of adult mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) within a tropical rainforest in Sabah, Malaysia

    Brant, Hayley L.; Ewers, Robert M.; Vythilingam, Indra; Drakeley, Chris; Benedick, Suzan; Mumford, John D.

  8. Public awareness of malaria in the middle stage of national malaria elimination programme. A cross-sectional survey in rural areas of malaria-endemic counties, China

    Tang, Shangfeng; Ji, Lu; Hu, Tao; Wang, Ruoxi; Fu, Hang; Shao, Tian; Liu, Chunyan; Shao, Piaopiao; He, Zhe; Li, Gang; Feng, Zhanchun

  9. The relationship of malaria between Chinese side and Myanmar’s five special regions along China–Myanmar border: a linear regression analysis

    Xu, Jian-Wei; Liu, Hui

  10. A review of new challenges and prospects for malaria elimination in Mutare and Mutasa Districts, Zimbabwe

    Sande, Shadreck; Zimba, Moses; Chinwada, Peter; Masendu, Hieronymo Takundwa; Mberikunshe, Joseph; Makuwaza, Aramu
    This review outlines and discusses the new challenges in malaria control and prospects for its elimination in Mutare and Mutasa Districts, Zimbabwe. The burden of malaria has declined significantly over the past 5 years in most regions in Zimbabwe, including Mutare and Mutasa Districts. The nationwide malaria reduction has been primarily linked to scaled-up vector control interventions and early diagnosis and treatment with effective anti-malarial medicines. The successes recorded have prompted Zimbabwe’s National Malaria Control Programme to commit to a global health agenda of eliminating malaria in all districts in the country. However, despite the decline in malaria burden in Mutare...

  11. Factors associated with the non-use of insecticide-treated nets in Rwandan children

    Ruyange, Monique Murindahabi; Condo, Jeanine; Karema, Corine; Binagwaho, Agnes; Rukundo, Alphonse; Muyirukazi, Yvette

  12. ‘Nature or nurture’: survival rate, oviposition interval, and possible gonotrophic discordance among South East Asian anophelines

    Derek Charlwood, J.; Nenhep, Somalay; Sovannaroth, Siv; Morgan, John C.; Hemingway, Janet; Chitnis, Nakul; Briët, Olivier J. T.

  13. The development of malaria diagnostic techniques: a review of the approaches with focus on dielectrophoretic and magnetophoretic methods

    Kasetsirikul, Surasak; Buranapong, Jirayut; Srituravanich, Werayut; Kaewthamasorn, Morakot; Pimpin, Alongkorn
    The large number of deaths caused by malaria each year has increased interest in the development of effective malaria diagnoses. At the early-stage of infection, patients show non-specific symptoms or are asymptomatic, which makes it difficult for clinical diagnosis, especially in non-endemic areas. Alternative diagnostic methods that are timely and effective are required to identify infections, particularly in field settings. This article reviews conventional malaria diagnostic methods together with recently developed techniques for both malaria detection and infected erythrocyte separation. Although many alternative techniques have recently been proposed and studied, dielectrophoretic and magnetophoretic approaches are among the promising new techniques...

  14. Transfusion-transmitted severe Plasmodium knowlesi malaria in a splenectomized patient with beta-thalassaemia major in Sabah, Malaysia: a case report

    Bird, Elspeth M.; Parameswaran, Uma; William, Timothy; Khoo, Tien Meng; Grigg, Matthew J.; Aziz, Ammar; Marfurt, Jutta; Yeo, Tsin W.; Auburn, Sarah; Anstey, Nicholas M.; Barber, Bridget E.

  15. A cross-sectional study of the availability and price of anti-malarial medicines and malaria rapid diagnostic tests in private sector retail drug outlets in rural Western Kenya, 2013

    Kioko, Urbanus; Riley, Christina; Dellicour, Stephanie; Were, Vincent; Ouma, Peter; Gutman, Julie; Kariuki, Simon; Omar, Ahmeddin; Desai, Meghna; Buff, Ann M.

  16. Genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum in human malaria cases in Mali

    Nabet, Cécile; Doumbo, Safiatou; Jeddi, Fakhri; Konaté, Salimata; Manciulli, Tommaso; Fofana, Bakary; L’Ollivier, Coralie; Camara, Aminata; Moore, Sandra; Ranque, Stéphane; Théra, Mahamadou A.; Doumbo, Ogobara K.; Piarroux, Renaud

  17. Improved malaria case management in formal private sector through public private partnership in Ethiopia: retrospective descriptive study

    Argaw, Mesele D.; Woldegiorgis, Asfawesen GY.; Abate, Derebe T.; Abebe, Mesfin E.

  18. Erratum to: Monitoring iCCM referral systems: Bugoye Integrated Community Case Management Initiative (BIMI) in Uganda

    English, Lacey; Miller, James S.; Mbusa, Rapheal; Matte, Michael; Kenney, Jessica; Bwambale, Shem; Ntaro, Moses; Patel, Palka; Mulogo, Edgar; Stone, Geren S.

  19. Factors associated with use of malaria control interventions by pregnant women in Buwunga subcounty, Bugiri District

    Muhumuza, Elizabeth; Namuhani, Noel; Balugaba, Bonny Enock; Namata, Jessica; Ekirapa Kiracho, Elizabeth

  20. Assessing supply-side barriers to uptake of intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy: a qualitative study and document and record review in two regions of Uganda

    Rassi, Christian; Graham, Kirstie; Mufubenga, Patrobas; King, Rebecca; Meier, Joslyn; Gudoi, Sam Siduda

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