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Malaria Journal

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1. Underestimation of foraging behaviour by standard field methods in malaria vector mosquitoes in southern Africa - Das, Smita; Henning, Tyler C; Simubali, Limonty; Hamapumbu, Harry; Nzira, Lukwa; Mamini, Edmore; Makuwaza, Aramu; Muleba, Mbanga; Norris, Douglas E; Stevenson, Jennifer C;

2. Active case surveillance, passive case surveillance and asymptomatic malaria parasite screening illustrate different age distribution, spatial clustering and seasonality in western Kenya - Zhou, Guofa; Afrane, Yaw A; Malla, Sameer; Githeko, Andrew K; Yan, Guiyun

3. Molecular detection of human Plasmodium species in Sabah using PlasmoNex™ multiplex PCR and hydrolysis probes real-time PCR - Lee, Ping Chin; Chong, Eric Tzyy Jiann; Anderios, Fread; AL Lim, Yvonne; Chew, Ching Hoong; Chua, Kek Heng

4. Poor adherence to the malaria management protocol among health workers attending under-five year old febrile children at Omdurman Hospital, Sudan - Bilal, Jalal A; Gasim, Gasim I; Abdien, Mohamed T; Elmardi, Khalid A; Malik, Elfatih M; Adam, Ishag

5. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for point-of-care detection of asymptomatic low-density malaria parasite carriers in Zanzibar - Cook, Jackie; Aydin-Schmidt, Berit; González, Iveth J; Bell, David; Edlund, Elin; Nassor, Majda H; Msellem, Mwinyi; Ali, Abdullah; Abass, Ali K; Mårtensson, Andreas; Björkman, Anders

6. Randomized non-inferiority and safety trial of dihydroartemisin-piperaquine and artesunate-amodiaquine versus artemether-lumefantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Cameroonian children - Nji, Akindeh M; Ali, Innocent M; Moyeh, Marcel N; Ngongang, Eric-Oliver; Ekollo, Aristide M; Chedjou, Jean-Paul; Ndikum, Valentine N; Evehe, Marie S; Froeschl, Guenter; Heumann, Christian; Mansmann, Ulrich; Ogundahunsi, Olumide; Mbacham, Wilfred F

7. Avian malaria parasites in the last supper: identifying encounters between parasites and the invasive Asian mosquito tiger and native mosquito species in Italy - Martínez-de la Puente, Josué; Muñoz, Joaquín; Capelli, Gioia; Montarsi, Fabrizio; Soriguer, Ramón; Arnoldi, Daniele; Rizzoli, Annapaola; Figuerola, Jordi

8. Malaria incidence and assessment of entomological indices among resettled communities in Ethiopia: a longitudinal study - Degefa, Teshome; Zeynudin, Ahmed; Godesso, Ameyu; Michael, Yohannes Haile; Eba, Kasahun; Zemene, Endalew; Emana, Daniel; Birlie, Belay; Tushune, Kora; Yewhalaw, Delenasaw

9. Airport malaria: report of four cases in Tunisia - Siala, Emna; Gamara, Dhikrayet; Kallel, Kalthoum; Daaboub, Jabeur; Zouiten, Faiçal; Houzé, Sandrine; Bouratbine, Aïda; Aoun, Karim
Four cases of airport malaria were notified for the first time in Tunisia during the summer of 2013. All patients were neighbours living within 2 km of Tunis International Airport. They had no history of travel to malarious countries, of blood transfusion or of intravenous drug use. Although malaria transmission had ceased in Tunisia since 1980, autochthonous infection by local Anopheles mosquitoes was initially considered. However, this diagnostic hypothesis was ruled out due to negative entomological survey and the absence of additional cases.

10. SMS photograph-based external quality assessment of reading and interpretation of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Mukadi, Pierre; Gillet, Philippe; Barbé, Barbara; Luamba, Jean; Lukuka, Albert; Likwela, Joris; Mumba, Dieudonné; Muyembe, Jean-Jacques; Lutumba, Pascal; Jacobs, Jan

11. Increased sample volume and use of quantitative reverse-transcription PCR can improve prediction of liver-to-blood inoculum size in controlled human malaria infection studies - Hodgson, Susanne H; Douglas, Alexander D; Edwards, Nick J; Kimani, Domtila; Elias, Sean C; Chang, Ming; Daza, Glenda; Seilie, Annette M; Magiri, Charles; Muia, Alfred; Juma, Elizabeth A; Cole, Andrew O; Rampling, Thomas W; Anagnostou, Nicholas A; Gilbert, Sarah C; Hoffman, Stephen L; Draper, Simon J; Bejon, Philip; Ogutu, Bernhards; Marsh, Kevin; Hill, Adrian VS; Murphy, Sean C

12. Simultaneous quantitation of chloroquine and primaquine by UPLC-DAD and comparison with a HPLC-DAD method - Miranda, Tiago A; Silva, Pedro HR; Pianetti, Gerson A; César, Isabela C

13. Splenic CD11c(+) cells derived from semi-immune mice protect naïve mice against experimental cerebral malaria - Bao, Lam Q; Nhi, Dang M; Huy, Nguyen T; Kikuchi, Mihoko; Yanagi, Tetsuo; Hamano, Shinjiro; Hirayama, Kenji

14. A cohort study of the effectiveness of insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria in an area of moderate pyrethroid resistance, Malawi - Lindblade, Kim A; Mwandama, Dyson; Mzilahowa, Themba; Steinhardt, Laura; Gimnig, John; Shah, Monica; Bauleni, Andy; Wong, Jacklyn; Wiegand, Ryan; Howell, Paul; Zoya, John; Chiphwanya, John; Mathanga, Don P

15. Interactions between a fungal entomopathogen and malaria parasites within a mosquito vector - Heinig, Rebecca L; Thomas, Matthew B

16. Efficacy of chloroquine for the treatment of Plasmodium vivax in the Saharan zone in Mauritania - Ould Ahmedou Salem, Mohamed Salem; Mohamed Lemine, Yeslim Ould; Deida, Jemila Mint; Lemrabott, Mohamed Aly Ould; Ouldabdallahi, Mohamed; Ba, Mamadou dit Dialaw; Boukhary, Ali Ould Mohamed Salem; Khairy, Mohamed Lemine Ould; Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Boubacar; Ringwald, Pascal; Basco, Leonardo K; Niang, Saidou Doro; Lebatt, Sidi Mohamed

17. Addition of histamine to subcutaneously injected Plasmodium berghei sporozoites increases the parasite liver load and could facilitate whole-parasite vaccination - Pfeil, Johannes; Heine, Jan F; Mueller, Ann-Kristin

18. The impact of livestock on the abundance, resting behaviour and sporozoite rate of malaria vectors in southern Tanzania - Mayagaya, Valeriana S; Nkwengulila, Gamba; Lyimo, Issa N; Kihonda, Japheti; Mtambala, Hassan; Ngonyani, Hassan; Russell, Tanya L; Ferguson, Heather M

19. Perceptions and utilization of the anti-malarials artemether-lumefantrine and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine in young children in the Chikhwawa District of Malawi: a mixed methods study - Ewing, Victoria L; Terlouw, Dianne J; Kapinda, Andrew; Pace, Cheryl; Richards, Esther; Tolhurst, Rachel; Lalloo, David G

20. Changes in malaria epidemiology in a rural area of Cubal, Angola - Salvador, Fernando; Cossio, Yolima; Riera, Marta; Sánchez-Montalvá, Adrián; Bocanegra, Cristina; Mendioroz, Jacobo; Eugenio, Arlette N; Sulleiro, Elena; Meredith, Warren; López, Teresa; Moreno, Milagros; Molina, Israel

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