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Malaria Journal

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1. Mosquito Akirin as a potential antigen for malaria control - da Costa, Mário; Pinheiro-Silva, Renato; Antunes, Sandra; Moreno-Cid, Juan A; Custódio, Ana; Villar, Margarita; Silveira, Henrique; de la Fuente, José; Domingos, Ana

2. Operational research on malaria control and elimination: a review of projects published between 2008 and 2013 - Zhou, Shui-sen; Rietveld, Aafje EC; Velarde-Rodriguez, Mar; Ramsay, Andrew R; Zhang, Shao-sen; Zhou, Xiao-nong; Cibulskis, Richard E
A literature review for operational research on malaria control and elimination was conducted using the term 'malaria' and the definition of operational research (OR). A total of 15 886 articles related to malaria were searched between January 2008 and June 2013. Of these, 582 (3.7%) met the definition of operational research. These OR projects had been carried out in 83 different countries. Most OR studies (77%) were implemented in Africa south of the Sahara. Only 5 (1%) of the OR studies were implemented in countries in the pre-elimination or elimination phase. The vast majority of OR projects (92%) were led...

3. The effect of UGTs polymorphism on the auto-induction phase II metabolism-mediated pharmacokinetics of dihydroartemisinin in healthy Chinese subjects after oral administration of a fixed combination of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine - Zang, Meitong; Zhu, Fanping; Zhao, Lixia; Yang, Aijuan; Li, Xinxiu; Liu, Huixiang; Xing, Jie

4. Antiplasmodial activity of chloroquine analogs against chloroquine-resistant parasites, docking studies and mechanisms of drug action - de Souza, Nicolli B; Carmo, Arturene ML; da Silva, Adilson D; França, Tanos CC; Krettli, Antoniana U

5. The outcome of a test-treat package versus routine outpatient care for Ghanaian children with fever: a pragmatic randomized control trial - Ameyaw, Emmanuel; Nguah, Samuel B; Ansong, Daniel; Page, Iain; Guillerm, Martine; Bates, Imelda

6. What happens to lost nets: a multi-country analysis of reasons for LLIN attrition using 14 household surveys in four countries - Koenker, Hannah; Kilian, Albert; Zegers de Beyl, Celine; Onyefunafoa, Emmanuel O; Selby, Richmond A; Abeku, Tarekegn; Fotheringham, Megan; Lynch, Matthew

7. Mating competitiveness of sterile male Anopheles coluzzii in large cages - Maïga, Hamidou; Damiens, David; Niang, Abdoulaye; Sawadogo, Simon P; Fatherhaman, Omnia; Lees, Rosemary S; Roux, Olivier; Dabiré, Roch K; Ouédraogo, Georges A; Tripet, Fréderic; Diabaté, Abdoulaye; Gilles, Jeremie RL

8. Spatio-temporal distribution of malaria and its association with climatic factors and vector-control interventions in two high-risk districts of Nepal - Dhimal, Meghnath; O’Hara, Robert B; Karki, Ramchandra; Thakur, Garib D; Kuch, Ulrich; Ahrens, Bodo

9. Efficacy and safety of artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) for non-falciparum malaria: a systematic review - Visser, Benjamin J; Wieten, Rosanne W; Kroon, Daniëlle; Nagel, Ingeborg M; Bélard, Sabine; van Vugt, Michèle; Grobusch, Martin P

10. Serological markers for monitoring historical changes in malaria transmission intensity in a highly endemic region of Western Kenya, 1994–2009 - Wong, Jacklyn; Hamel, Mary J; Drakeley, Chris J; Kariuki, Simon; Shi, Ya Ping; Lal, Altaf A; Nahlen, Bernard L; Bloland, Peter B; Lindblade, Kim A; Were, Vincent; Otieno, Kephas; Otieno, Peter; Odero, Chris; Slutsker, Laurence; Vulule, John M; Gimnig, John E

11. Uptake of intermittent preventive treatment with sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine for malaria during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes: a cross-sectional study in Geita district, North-Western Tanzania - Mpogoro, Filbert J; Matovelo, Dismas; Dosani, Aliyah; Ngallaba, Sospatro; Mugono, Moshi; Mazigo, Humphrey D

12. A heavy legacy: offspring of malaria-infected mosquitoes show reduced disease resistance - Vantaux, Amélie; Dabiré, Kounbobr Roch; Cohuet, Anna; Lefèvre, Thierry

13. The independent effect of living in malaria hotspots on future malaria infection: an observational study from Misungwi, Tanzania - Mosha, Jacklin F; Sturrock, Hugh JW; Brown, Joelle M; Hashim, Ramadhani; Kibiki, Gibson; Chandramohan, Daniel; Gosling, Roland D

14. Artemisinin resistance – modelling the potential human and economic costs - Lubell, Yoel; Dondorp, Arjen; Guérin, Philippe J; Drake, Tom; Meek, Sylvia; Ashley, Elizabeth; Day, Nicholas PJ; White, Nicholas J; White, Lisa J

15. Patterns and predictors of malaria care-seeking, diagnostic testing, and artemisinin-based combination therapy for children under five with fever in Northern Nigeria: a cross-sectional study - Millar, Kathryn R; McCutcheon, Jennifer; Coakley, Eugenie H; Brieger, William; Ibrahim, Mohammed A; Mohammed, Zainab; Bassi, Amos; Sambisa, William

16. Characterization of the Anopheles gambiae octopamine receptor and discovery of potential agonists and antagonists using a combined computational-experimental approach - Kastner, Kevin W; Shoue, Douglas A; Estiu, Guillermina L; Wolford, Julia; Fuerst, Megan F; Markley, Lowell D; Izaguirre, Jesús A; McDowell, Mary Ann

17. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency among malaria suspects attending Gambella hospital, southwest Ethiopia - Tsegaye, Arega; Golassa, Lemu; Mamo, Hassen; Erko, Berhanu

18. Anti-malarial activity of a polyherbal product (Nefang) during early and established Plasmodium infection in rodent models - Arrey Tarkang, Protus; Okalebo, Faith A; Ayong, Lawrence S; Agbor, Gabriel A; Guantai, Anastasia N

19. Open-label, randomized, non-inferiority clinical trial of artesunate-amodiaquine versus artemether-lumefantrine fixed-dose combinations in children and adults with uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Côte d'Ivoire - Toure, Offianan A; Assi, Serge B; N’Guessan, Tiacoh L; Adji, Gbessi E; Ako, Aristide B; Brou, Marie J; Ehouman, Marie F; Gnamien, Laeticia A; Coulibaly, M’Lanhoro AA; Coulibaly, Baba; Beourou, Sylvain; Bassinka, Issiaka; Soumahoro, Adama; Kadjo, Florence; Tano, Mea A

20. First imported relapse case of Plasmodium vivax malaria and analysis of its origin by CSP sequencing in Henan Province, China - Liu, Ying; Zhang, Hong-wei; Zhou, Rui-min; Yang, Cheng-yun; Qian, Dan; Zhao, Yu-ling; Xu, Bian-li
In recent years, there has been a substantial increase of imported Plasmodium vivax incidence in Henan Province. As China is in a pre-elimination phase, the surveillance of imported malaria is essential, but there is no good way to distinguish imported cases from indigenous cases. This paper reports a case of a 39-year-old man who acquired P. vivax while staying in Indonesia for one month in 2013, and relapsed in Henan, China in 2014. This was diagnosed as vivax malaria based on rapid diagnostic test, Giemsa-stained peripheral blood smear and Plasmodium species-specific nested PCR. The genetic sequence for the circumsporozoite protein...

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