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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Microbial Cell Factories

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1. Putative virulence factors of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis FRC41: vaccine potential and protein expression - Santana-Jorge, Karina T. O.; Santos, Túlio M.; Tartaglia, Natayme R.; Aguiar, Edgar L.; Souza, Renata F. S.; Mariutti, Ricardo B.; Eberle, Raphael J.; Arni, Raghuvir K.; Portela, Ricardo W.; Meyer, Roberto; Azevedo, Vasco

2. Xylitol production from waste xylose mother liquor containing miscellaneous sugars and inhibitors: one-pot biotransformation by Candida tropicalis and recombinant Bacillus subtilis - Wang, Hengwei; Li, Lijuan; Zhang, Lebin; An, Jin; Cheng, Hairong; Deng, Zixin

3. Two unexpected promiscuous activities of the iron–sulfur protein IspH in production of isoprene and isoamylene - Ge, Deyong; Xue, Yanfen; Ma, Yanhe

4. Three-steps in one-pot: whole-cell biocatalytic synthesis of enantiopure (+)- and (−)-pinoresinol via kinetic resolution - Ricklefs, Esther; Girhard, Marco; Urlacher, Vlada B.

5. Engineering Escherichia coli to convert acetic acid to β-caryophyllene - Yang, Jianming; Nie, Qingjuan

6. Integrated analysis of gene expression and metabolic fluxes in PHA-producing Pseudomonas putida grown on glycerol - Beckers, Veronique; Poblete-Castro, Ignacio; Tomasch, Jürgen; Wittmann, Christoph

7. Cloning, expression and characterization of a β-d-xylosidase from Lactobacillus rossiae DSM 15814T - Pontonio, Erica; Mahony, Jennifer; Di Cagno, Raffaella; O’Connell Motherway, Mary; Lugli, Gabriele Andrea; O’Callaghan, Amy; De Angelis, Maria; Ventura, Marco; Gobbetti, Marco; van Sinderen, Douwe

8. Display of recombinant proteins at the surface of lactic acid bacteria: strategies and applications - Michon, C.; Langella, P.; Eijsink, V. G. H.; Mathiesen, G.; Chatel, J. M.
Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are promising vectors of choice to deliver active molecules to mucosal tissues. They are recognized as safe by the World Health Organization and some strains have probiotic properties. The wide range of potential applications of LAB-driven mucosal delivery includes control of inflammatory bowel disease, vaccine delivery, and management of auto-immune diseases. Because of this potential, strategies for the display of proteins at the surface of LAB are gaining interest. To display a protein at the surface of LAB, a signal peptide and an anchor domain are necessary. The recombinant protein can be attached to the membrane...

9. A nanobody:GFP bacterial platform that enables functional enzyme display and easy quantification of display capacity - Wendel, Sofie; Fischer, Emil C.; Martínez, Virginia; Seppälä, Susanna; Nørholm, Morten H. H.

10. Development of an efficient autoinducible expression system by promoter engineering in Bacillus subtilis - Guan, Chengran; Cui, Wenjing; Cheng, Jintao; Zhou, Li; Liu, Zhongmei; Zhou, Zhemin

11. RNA-Seq analysis uncovers non-coding small RNA system of Mycobacterium neoaurum in the metabolism of sterols to accumulate steroid intermediates - Liu, Min; Zhu, Zhan-Tao; Tao, Xin-Yi; Wang, Feng-Qing; Wei, Dong-Zhi

12. A mesophilic anaerobic digester for treating food waste: process stability and microbial community analysis using pyrosequencing - Li, Lei; He, Qin; Ma, Yao; Wang, Xiaoming; Peng, Xuya

13. Light-induced gene expression with photocaged IPTG for induction profiling in a high-throughput screening system - Wandrey, Georg; Bier, Claus; Binder, Dennis; Hoffmann, Kyra; Jaeger, Karl-Erich; Pietruszka, Jörg; Drepper, Thomas; Büchs, Jochen

14. Immunogenicity of Leishmania-derived hepatitis B small surface antigen particles exposing highly conserved E2 epitope of hepatitis C virus - Czarnota, Anna; Tyborowska, Jolanta; Peszyńska-Sularz, Grażyna; Gromadzka, Beata; Bieńkowska-Szewczyk, Krystyna; Grzyb, Katarzyna

15. Deregulation of S-adenosylmethionine biosynthesis and regeneration improves methylation in the E. coli de novo vanillin biosynthesis pathway - Kunjapur, Aditya M.; Hyun, Jason C.; Prather, Kristala L. J.

16. Diversity of flux distribution in central carbon metabolism of S. cerevisiae strains from diverse environments - Nidelet, Thibault; Brial, Pascale; Camarasa, Carole; Dequin, Sylvie

17. MAL62 overexpression and NTH1 deletion enhance the freezing tolerance and fermentation capacity of the baker’s yeast in lean dough - Sun, Xi; Zhang, Cui-Ying; Wu, Ming-Yue; Fan, Zhi-Hua; Liu, Shan-Na; Zhu, Wen-Bi; Xiao, Dong-Guang

18. Homogeneity and heterogeneity in amylase production by Bacillus subtilis under different growth conditions - Ploss, Tina N.; Reilman, Ewoud; Monteferrante, Carmine G.; Denham, Emma L.; Piersma, Sjouke; Lingner, Anja; Vehmaanperä, Jari; Lorenz, Patrick; van Dijl, Jan Maarten

19. New insights into paulomycin biosynthesis pathway in Streptomyces albus J1074 and generation of novel derivatives by combinatorial biosynthesis - González, Aránzazu; Rodríguez, Miriam; Braña, Alfredo F.; Méndez, Carmen; Salas, José A.; Olano, Carlos

20. Engineering and systems-level analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid via malonyl-CoA reductase-dependent pathway - Kildegaard, Kanchana R.; Jensen, Niels B.; Schneider, Konstantin; Czarnotta, Eik; Özdemir, Emre; Klein, Tobias; Maury, Jérôme; Ebert, Birgitta E.; Christensen, Hanne B.; Chen, Yun; Kim, Il-Kwon; Herrgård, Markus J.; Blank, Lars M.; Forster, Jochen; Nielsen, Jens; Borodina, Irina

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