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  1. In situ expression of (R)-carbonyl reductase rebalancing an asymmetric pathway improves stereoconversion efficiency of racemic mixture to (S)-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol in Candida parapsilosis CCTCC M203011

    Zhang, Rongzhen; Wang, Lei; Xu, Yan; Liang, Hongbo; Zhou, Xiaotian; Jiang, Jiawei; Li, Yaohui; Xiao, Rong; Ni, Ye

  2. Hypoxia-elicited impairment of cell wall integrity, glycosylation precursor synthesis, and growth in scaled-up high-cell density fed-batch cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    Aon, Juan C.; Sun, Jianxin; Leighton, Julie M.; Appelbaum, Edward R.

  3. Engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae with the deletion of endogenous glucosidases for the production of flavonoid glucosides

    Wang, Huimin; Yang, Yan; Lin, Lin; Zhou, Wenlong; Liu, Minzhi; Cheng, Kedi; Wang, Wei

  4. The comprehensive profile of fermentation products during in situ CO2 recycling by Rubisco-based engineered Escherichia coli

    Yang, Cheng-Han; Liu, En-Jung; Chen, Yi-Ling; Ou-Yang, Fan-Yu; Li, Si-Yu

  5. High production of fatty alcohols in Escherichia coli with fatty acid starvation

    Liu, Yilan; Chen, Sha; Chen, Jinjin; Zhou, Jiemin; Wang, Yanyan; Yang, Maohua; Qi, Xianni; Xing, Jianmin; Wang, Qinhong; Ma, Yanhe

  6. Enhanced production of polyhydroxybutyrate by multiple dividing E. coli

    Wu, Hong; Fan, Zhongyun; Jiang, Xiaoran; Chen, Jinchun; Chen, Guo-Qiang

  7. Parallelised online biomass monitoring in shake flasks enables efficient strain and carbon source dependent growth characterisation of Saccharomycescerevisiae

    Bruder, Stefan; Reifenrath, Mara; Thomik, Thomas; Boles, Eckhard; Herzog, Konrad

  8. EctD-mediated biotransformation of the chemical chaperone ectoine into hydroxyectoine and its mechanosensitive channel-independent excretion

    Czech, Laura; Stöveken, Nadine; Bremer, Erhard

  9. Versatile biocatalysis of fungal cytochrome P450 monooxygenases

    Durairaj, Pradeepraj; Hur, Jae-Seoun; Yun, Hyungdon
    Cytochrome P450 (CYP) monooxygenases, the nature’s most versatile biological catalysts have unique ability to catalyse regio-, chemo-, and stereospecific oxidation of a wide range of substrates under mild reaction conditions, thereby addressing a significant challenge in chemocatalysis. Though CYP enzymes are ubiquitous in all biological kingdoms, the divergence of CYPs in fungal kingdom is manifold. The CYP enzymes play pivotal roles in various fungal metabolisms starting from housekeeping biochemical reactions, detoxification of chemicals, and adaptation to hostile surroundings. Considering the versatile catalytic potentials, fungal CYPs has gained wide range of attraction among researchers and various remarkable strategies have been accomplished...

  10. Efficient production of 2H, 13C, 15N-enriched industrial enzyme Rhizopus chinensis lipase with native disulfide bonds

    Zhang, Meng; Yu, Xiao-Wei; Swapna, G. V. T.; Xiao, Rong; Zheng, Haiyan; Sha, Chong; Xu, Yan; Montelione, Gaetano T.

  11. Erratum to: SHuffle, a novel Escherichia coli protein expression strain capable of correctly folding disulfide bonded proteins in its cytoplasm

    Lobstein, Julie; Emrich, Charlie A.; Jeans, Chris; Faulkner, Melinda; Riggs, Paul; Berkmen, Mehmet

  12. Revisiting overexpression of a heterologous β-glucosidase in Trichoderma reesei: fusion expression of the Neosartorya fischeri Bgl3A to cbh1 enhances the overall as well as individual cellulase activities

    Xue, Xianli; Wu, Yilan; Qin, Xing; Ma, Rui; Luo, Huiying; Su, Xiaoyun; Yao, Bin

  13. Activation of a plasmid-situated type III PKS gene cluster by deletion of a wbl gene in deepsea-derived Streptomyces somaliensis SCSIO ZH66

    Huang, Huiming; Hou, Lukuan; Li, Huayue; Qiu, Yanhong; Ju, Jianhua; Li, Wenli

  14. CRISPR/Cas9 mediated targeted mutagenesis of the fast growing cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus UTEX 2973

    Wendt, Kristen E.; Ungerer, Justin; Cobb, Ryan E.; Zhao, Huimin; Pakrasi, Himadri B.

  15. Fermentation of mixed substrates by Clostridium pasteurianum and its physiological, metabolic and proteomic characterizations

    Sabra, Wael; Wang, Wei; Surandram, Sruthi; Groeger, Christin; Zeng, An-Ping

  16. Development of an accurate kinetic model for the central carbon metabolism of Escherichia coli

    Jahan, Nusrat; Maeda, Kazuhiro; Matsuoka, Yu; Sugimoto, Yurie; Kurata, Hiroyuki

  17. Lycopene overproduction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae through combining pathway engineering with host engineering

    Chen, Yan; Xiao, Wenhai; Wang, Ying; Liu, Hong; Li, Xia; Yuan, Yingjin

  18. Maintenance-energy requirements and robustness of Saccharomyces cerevisiae at aerobic near-zero specific growth rates

    Vos, Tim; Hakkaart, Xavier D. V.; de Hulster, Erik A. F.; van Maris, Antonius J. A.; Pronk, Jack T.; Daran-Lapujade, Pascale

  19. The fed-batch principle for the molecular biology lab: controlled nutrient diets in ready-made media improve production of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli

    Krause, Mirja; Neubauer, Antje; Neubauer, Peter
    While the nutrient limited fed-batch technology is the standard of the cultivation of microorganisms and production of heterologous proteins in industry, despite its advantages in view of metabolic control and high cell density growth, shaken batch cultures are still the standard for protein production and expression screening in molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories. This is due to the difficulty and expenses to apply a controlled continuous glucose feed to shaken cultures. New ready-made growth media, e.g. by biocatalytic release of glucose from a polymer, offer a simple solution for the application of the fed-batch principle in shaken plate and flask...

  20. Enabling low cost biopharmaceuticals: high level interferon alpha-2b production in Trichoderma reesei

    Landowski, Christopher P.; Mustalahti, Eero; Wahl, Ramon; Croute, Laurence; Sivasiddarthan, Dhinakaran; Westerholm-Parvinen, Ann; Sommer, Benjamin; Ostermeier, Christian; Helk, Bernhard; Saarinen, Juhani; Saloheimo, Markku

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