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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Microbial Cell Factories

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1. Functional recombinant protein is present in the pre-induction phases of Pichia pastoris cultures when grown in bioreactors, but not shake-flasks - Bawa, Zharain; Routledge, Sarah J; Jamshad, Mohammed; Clare, Michelle; Sarkar, Debasmita; Dickerson, Ian; Ganzlin, Markus; Poyner, David R; Bill, Roslyn M

2. Use of Ubp1 protease analog to produce recombinant human growth hormone in Escherichia coli - Wojtowicz-Krawiec, Anna; Sokolowska, Iwona; Smorawinska, Maria; Chojnacka-Puchta, Luiza; Mikiewicz, Diana; Lukasiewicz, Natalia; Marciniak-Rusek, Alina; Wolinowska, Renata; Bierczynska-Krzysik, Anna; Porebska, Anna Joanna; Kuthan-Styczen, Jolanta; Gurba, Lidia; Borowicz, Piotr; Mazurkiewicz, Anna; Plucienniczak, Grazyna; Plucienniczak, Andrzej

3. Direct production of itaconic acid from liquefied corn starch by genetically engineered Aspergillus terreus - Huang, Xuenian; Chen, Mei; Lu, Xuefeng; Li, Yueming; Li, Xia; Li, Jian-Jun

4. Rational and combinatorial approaches to engineering styrene production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae - McKenna, Rebekah; Thompson, Brian; Pugh, Shawn; Nielsen, David R

5. Metabolic engineering and classical selection of the methylotrophic thermotolerant yeast Hansenula polymorpha for improvement of high-temperature xylose alcoholic fermentation - Kurylenko, Olena O; Ruchala, Justyna; Hryniv, Orest B; Abbas, Charles A; Dmytruk, Kostyantyn V; Sibirny, Andriy A

6. A moth pheromone brewery: production of (Z)-11-hexadecenol by heterologous co-expression of two biosynthetic genes from a noctuid moth in a yeast cell factory - Hagström, Åsa K; Wang, Hong-Lei; Liénard, Marjorie A; Lassance, Jean-Marc; Johansson, Tomas; Löfstedt, Christer

7. Development of a two-step cultivation strategy for the production of vitamin B12 by Bacillus megaterium - Mohammed, Yousef; Lee, Byong; Kang, Zhen; Du, Guocheng

8. Screening of lactic acid bacteria for their potential as microbial cell factories for bioconversion of lignocellulosic feedstocks - Boguta, Anna Monika; Bringel, Françoise; Martinussen, Jan; Jensen, Peter Ruhdal

9. Effects of MIG1, TUP1 and SSN6 deletion on maltose metabolism and leavening ability of baker’s yeast in lean dough - Lin, Xue; Zhang, Cui-Ying; Bai, Xiao-Wen; Song, Hai-Yan; Xiao, Dong-Guang

10. Production of medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate in metabolic flux optimized Pseudomonas putida - Borrero-de Acuña, José Manuel; Bielecka, Agata; Häussler, Susanne; Schobert, Max; Jahn, Martina; Wittmann, Christoph; Jahn, Dieter; Poblete-Castro, Ignacio

11. The naturally competent strain Streptococcus thermophilus LMD-9 as a new tool to anchor heterologous proteins on the cell surface - Lecomte, Xavier; Gagnaire, Valérie; Briard-Bion, Valérie; Jardin, Julien; Lortal, Sylvie; Dary, Annie; Genay, Magali

12. Biocatalytic anti-Prelog reduction of prochiral ketones with whole cells of Acetobacter pasteurianus GIM1.158 - Du, Peng-Xuan; Wei, Ping; Lou, Wen-Yong; Zong, Min-Hua

13. Highly efficient L-lactate production using engineered Escherichia coli with dissimilar temperature optima for L-lactate formation and cell growth - Niu, Dandan; Tian, Kangming; Prior, Bernard A; Wang, Min; Wang, Zhengxiang; Lu, Fuping; Singh, Suren
L-Lactic acid, one of the most important chiral molecules and organic acids, is produced via pyruvate from carbohydrates in diverse microorganisms catalyzed by an NAD+-dependent L-lactate dehydrogenase. Naturally, Escherichia coli does not produce L-lactate in noticeable amounts, but can catabolize it via a dehydrogenation reaction mediated by an FMN-dependent L-lactate dehydrogenase. In aims to make the E. coli strain to produce L-lactate, three L-lactate dehydrogenase genes from different bacteria were cloned and expressed. The L-lactate producing strains, 090B1 (B0013-070, ΔldhA::diflldD::Pldh-ldhLca), 090B2 (B0013-070, ΔldhA::diflldD::Pldh-ldhStrb) and 090B3 (B0013-070, ΔldhA::diflldD::Pldh-ldhBcoa) were developed from a previously developed D-lactate over-producing strain, E. coli strain B0013-070...

14. Production of scopularide A in submerged culture with Scopulariopsis brevicaulis - Tamminen, Anu; Kramer, Annemarie; Labes, Antje; Wiebe, Marilyn G

15. Getting lipids from glycerol: new perspectives on biotechnological exploitation of Candida freyschussii - Raimondi, Stefano; Rossi, Maddalena; Leonardi, Alan; Bianchi, Michele Maria; Rinaldi, Teresa; Amaretti, Alberto

16. A bacteriocin gene cluster able to enhance plasmid maintenance in Lactococcus lactis - Campelo, Ana B; Roces, Clara; Mohedano, M Luz; López, Paloma; Rodríguez, Ana; Martínez, Beatriz

17. Improved delivery of the OVA-CD4 peptide to T helper cells by polymeric surface display on Salmonella - Zhang, Junjie; De Masi, Leon; John, Beena; Chen, Wenxin; Schifferli, Dieter M

18. A variant of green fluorescent protein exclusively deposited to active intracellular inclusion bodies - Raghunathan, Govindan; Munussami, Ganapathiraman; Moon, Hyojin; Paik, Hyun-jong; An, Seong Soo A; Kim, Yong-Sung; Kang, Sebyung; Lee, Sun-Gu

19. Engineering Escherichia coli K12 MG1655 to use starch - Rosales-Colunga, Luis Manuel; Martínez-Antonio, Agustino

20. Genetically shaping morphology of the filamentous fungus Aspergillus glaucus for production of antitumor polyketide aspergiolide A - Cai, Menghao; Zhang, Ying; Hu, Wei; Shen, Wei; Yu, Zhenzhong; Zhou, Weiqiang; Jiang, Tao; Zhou, Xiangshan; Zhang, Yuanxing

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