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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Microbial Cell Factories

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1. Identification of new Saccharomyces cerevisiae variants of the MET2 and SKP2 genes controlling the sulfur assimilation pathway and the production of undesirable sulfur compounds during alcoholic fermentation - Noble, Jessica; Sanchez, Isabelle; Blondin, Bruno

2. Dynamic regulation of gene expression using sucrose responsive promoters and RNA interference in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Williams, Thomas C; Espinosa, Monica I; Nielsen, Lars K; Vickers, Claudia E

3. L-lactic acid production by Aspergillus brasiliensis overexpressing the heterologous ldha gene from Rhizopus oryzae - Liaud, Nadège; Rosso, Marie-Noëlle; Fabre, Nicolas; Crapart, Sylvaine; Herpoël-Gimbert, Isabelle; Sigoillot, Jean-Claude; Raouche, Sana; Levasseur, Anthony

4. Activation and enhancement of Fredericamycin A production in deepsea-derived Streptomyces somaliensis SCSIO ZH66 by using ribosome engineering and response surface methodology - Zhang, Yonghe; Huang, Huiming; Xu, Shanshan; Wang, Bo; Ju, Jianhua; Tan, Huarong; Li, Wenli

5. Lactic acid fermentation as a tool to enhance the antioxidant properties of Myrtus communis berries - Curiel, José Antonio; Pinto, Daniela; Marzani, Barbara; Filannino, Pasquale; Farris, Giovanni Antonio; Gobbetti, Marco; Rizzello, Carlo Giuseppe

6. Engineered baker’s yeast as whole-cell biocatalyst for one-pot stereo-selective conversion of amines to alcohols - Weber, Nora; Gorwa-Grauslund, Marie; Carlquist, Magnus

7. Furaldehyde substrate specificity and kinetics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae alcohol dehydrogenase 1 variants - Laadan, Boaz; Wallace-Salinas, Valeria; Carlsson, Åsa Janfalk; Almeida, João RM; Rådström, Peter; Gorwa-Grauslund, Marie F

8. Biological synthesis of coumarins in Escherichia coli - Yang, So-Mi; Shim, Geun Young; Kim, Bong-Gyu; Ahn, Joong-Hoon

9. Eliminating the isoleucine biosynthetic pathway to reduce competitive carbon outflow during isobutanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Ida, Kengo; Ishii, Jun; Matsuda, Fumio; Kondo, Takashi; Kondo, Akihiko

10. Role of N-linked glycosylation in the secretion and enzymatic properties of Rhizopus chinensis lipase expressed in Pichia pastoris - Yang, Min; Yu, Xiao-Wei; Zheng, Haiyan; Sha, Chong; Zhao, Caifeng; Qian, Meiqian; Xu, Yan

11. Engineering Saccharomyces pastorianus for the co-utilisation of xylose and cellulose from biomass - Kricka, William; James, Tharappel C; Fitzpatrick, James; Bond, Ursula

12. Acthi, a thiazole biosynthesis enzyme, is essential for thiamine biosynthesis and CPC production in Acremonium chrysogenum - Liu, Yan; Zhang, Wei; Xie, Liping; Liu, Hong; Gong, Guihua; Zhu, Baoquan; Hu, Youjia

13. Improved cell surface display of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis antigens in Escherichia coli - Gustavsson, Martin; Do, Thi-Huyen; Lüthje, Petra; Tran, Ngoc Tan; Brauner, Annelie; Samuelson, Patrik; Truong, Nam Hai; Larsson, Gen

14. Iterative carotenogenic screens identify combinations of yeast gene deletions that enhance sclareol production - Trikka, Fotini A; Nikolaidis, Alexandros; Athanasakoglou, Anastasia; Andreadelli, Aggeliki; Ignea, Codruta; Kotta, Konstantia; Argiriou, Anagnostis; Kampranis, Sotirios C; Makris, Antonios M

15. Photosynthetic production of enantioselective biocatalysts - Bartsch, Maik; Gassmeyer, Sarah K; Köninger, Katharina; Igarashi, Kosuke; Liauw, Pasqual; Dyczmons-Nowaczyk, Nina; Miyamoto, Kenji; Nowaczyk, Marc M; Kourist, Robert

16. Evaluation of genes involved in oxidative phosphorylation in yeast by developing a simple and rapid method to measure mitochondrial ATP synthetic activity - Ye, Xiaoting; Morikawa, Kana; Ho, Shih-Hsin; Araki, Michihiro; Nishida, Keiji; Hasunuma, Tomohisa; Hara, Kiyotaka Y; Kondo, Akihiko

17. A proposed framework for an appropriate evaluation scheme for microorganisms as novel foods with a health claim in Europe - Miquel, Sylvie; Beaumont, Martin; Martín, Rebeca; Langella, Philippe; Braesco, Véronique; Thomas, Muriel
This paper concerns the procedure and the scientific approach to obtain market authorization for a microorganism to be recognized as a novel food with a health claim. Microorganisms that have not been traditionally used during food production in Europe prior to 1997 are considered as novel foods, which should undergo an in-depth characterization and safety assessment before being authorized on the European market. If a novel food bacterium is claimed to provide a beneficial effect on health, these claims must also be investigated before they can be authorized. Some requirements to obtain novel food certification are shared with those required...

18. Increased production of inosine and guanosine by means of metabolic engineering of the purine pathway in Ashbya gossypii - Ledesma-Amaro, Rodrigo; Buey, Ruben M; Revuelta, Jose Luis

19. Cultivation strategies for production of (R)-3-hydroxybutyric acid from simultaneous consumption of glucose, xylose and arabinose by Escherichia coli - Jarmander, Johan; Belotserkovsky, Jaroslav; Sjöberg, Gustav; Guevara-Martínez, Mónica; Pérez-Zabaleta, Mariel; Quillaguamán, Jorge; Larsson, Gen

20. High production of ectoine from aspartate and glycerol by use of whole-cell biocatalysis in recombinant Escherichia coli - He, Yong-Zhi; Gong, Jiao; Yu, Hai-Ying; Tao, Yong; Zhang, Shan; Dong, Zhi-Yang

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