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Cardiovascular Ultrasound

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  1. Right ventricular dysfunction as predictor of longer hospital stay in patients with acute decompensated heart failure: a prospective study in Indonesian population

    Yamin, Paskariatne Probo Dewi; Raharjo, Sunu Budhi; Putri, Vebiona Kartini Prima; Hersunarti, Nani

  2. Acceleration rate of mitral inflow E wave: a novel transmitral doppler index for assessing diastolic function

    Badkoubeh, Roya Sattarzadeh; Tavoosi, Anahita; Jabbari, Mostafa; Parsa, Amir Farhang Zand; Geraeli, Babak; Saadat, Mohammad; Larti, Farnoosh; Meysamie, Ali Pasha; Salehi, Mehrdad

  3. Ultrasonographic caval indices do not significantly contribute to predicting fluid responsiveness immediately after coronary artery bypass grafting when compared to passive leg raising

    Sobczyk, Dorota; Nycz, Krzysztof; Andruszkiewicz, Pawel; Wierzbicki, Karol; Stapor, Maciej

  4. Coronary flow velocity reserve by echocardiography: feasibility, reproducibility and agreement with PET in overweight and obese patients with stable and revascularized coronary artery disease

    Olsen, Rasmus Huan; Pedersen, Lene Rørholm; Snoer, Martin; Christensen, Thomas Emil; Ghotbi, Adam Ali; Hasbak, Philip; Kjaer, Andreas; Haugaard, Steen B.; Prescott, Eva

  5. Echocardiographic markers of inducible myocardial ischemia at baseline evaluation preparatory to exercise stress echocardiography

    Cherubini, Antonella; Cioffi, Giovanni; Mazzone, Carmine; Faganello, Giorgio; Barbati, Giulia; Tarantini, Luigi; Russo, Giulia; Stefenelli, Carlo; Humar, Franco; Grande, Eliana; Fisicaro, Maurizio; Pandullo, Claudio; Di Lenarda, Andrea

  6. Comprehensive left ventricular mechanics analysis by speckle tracking echocardiography in Chagas disease

    Lima, Marcio Silva Miguel; Villarraga, Hector R.; Abduch, Maria Cristina Donadio; Lima, Marta Fernandes; Cruz, Cecilia Beatriz Bittencourt Viana; Bittencourt, Marcio Sommer; Voos, Mariana Callil; Sbano, Joao Cesar Nunes; Mathias, Wilson; Tsutsui, Jeane Mike

  7. Arterial adaptations to training among first time marathoners

    Hafner, Nicole M.; Womack, Christopher J.; Luden, Nicholas D.; Todd, Mikel K.

  8. Reproducibility of a novel echocardiographic 3D automated software for the assessment of mitral valve anatomy

    Aquila, Iolanda; González, Ariana; Fernández-Golfín, Covadonga; Rincón, Luis Miguel; Casas, Eduardo; García, Ana; Hinojar, Rocio; Jiménez-Nacher, José Julio; Zamorano, José Luis

  9. Long-term clinical and echocardiographic outcomes of extensive septal myectomy for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy in Chinese patients

    Yao, Lei; Li, Li; Lu, Xiong-Jun; Miao, Yan-Ling; Kang, Xiao-Ning; Duan, Fu-Jian

  10. Early changes in right ventricular longitudinal function in chronic asymptomatic alcoholics revealed by two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography

    Meng, Sisi; Guo, Lijuan; Li, Guangsen

  11. Erratum to: ‘Left ventricular twist mechanics and its relation with aortic stiffness in chronic kidney disease patients without overt cardiovascular disease’

    Sulemane, Samir; Panoulas, Vasileios F.; Konstantinou, Klio; Bratsas, Athanasios; Graspa, Julia; Tam, Frederick W.; Brown, Edwina A.; Nihoyannopoulos, Petros

  12. Strain-time curve analysis by speckle tracking echocardiography in cardiac resynchronization therapy: Insight into the pathophysiology of responders vs. non-responders

    To, Andrew C. Y.; Benatti, Rodolfo D.; Sato, Kimi; Grimm, Richard A.; Thomas, James D.; Wilkoff, Bruce L.; Agler, Deborah; Popović, Zoran B.

  13. Combination of single quantitative parameters into multiparametric model for ischemia detection is not superior to visual assessment during dobutamine stress echocardiography

    Čelutkienė, Jelena; Burneikaitė, Greta; Petkevičius, Linas; Balkevičienė, Laura; Laucevičius, Aleksandras

  14. Evaluation of right ventricular function in fetal hypoplastic left heart syndrome using spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC)

    Zhang, Jing; Zhou, Qichang; Zhao, Yili; Peng, Qinghai; Gong, Zheli; Long, Xiangdang

  15. Respiratory influence on left atrial volume calculation with 3D-echocardiography

    Sørgaard, Mathias; Linde, Jesper J.; Ismail, Hafsa; Risum, Niels; Kofoed, Klaus F.; Kühl, Jørgen T.; Tittle, Benjamin; Nielsen, Walter B.; Hove, Jens D.

  16. Left ventricular twist mechanics and its relation with aortic stiffness in chronic kidney disease patients without overt cardiovascular disease

    Sulemane, Samir; Panoulas, Vasileios F.; Konstantinou, Klio; Bratsas, Athanasios; Tam, Frederick W.; Brown, Edwina A.; Nihoyannopoulos, Petros

  17. Status and potential clinical value of a transthoracic evaluation of the coronary arteries

    Labombarda, Fabien; Castelnuovo, Samuela; Goularas, Dionysis; Sirtori, Cesare R.
    The growing need for coronary evaluation has raised interest in non-radioactive, non-invasive monitoring systems. In particular, radiation exposure during coronary investigations has been shown to be a possible cause of an enhanced risk of secondary tumors. Literature search has indicated that transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) has been widely applied to coronary arteries up to 2003, following which the lack of adequate equipment and the increased availability of invasive diagnostics, has reduced interest in this low cost, low-risk technology. The more recent availability of newer, more sensitive machines, allows evaluation of a larger number of arterial trees, including the aorta in newborns,...

  18. Quantitative evaluation of myocardial fibrosis by cardiac integrated backscatter analysis in Kawasaki disease

    Xie, Lijian; Wang, Renjian; Huang, Min; Zhang, Yongwei; Shen, Jie; Xiao, Tingting

  19. The potential clinical value of contrast-enhanced echocardiography beyond current recommendations

    Larsson, Malin K.; Da Silva, Cristina; Gunyeli, Elif; Ilami, Ali Akebat Bin; Szummer, Karolina; Winter, Reidar; Bjällmark, Anna

  20. Reliability, repeatability, and reproducibility of pulmonary transit time assessment by contrast enhanced echocardiography

    Herold, Ingeborg H. F.; Saporito, Salvatore; Bouwman, R. Arthur; Houthuizen, Patrick; van Assen, Hans C.; Mischi, Massimo; Korsten, Hendrikus H. M.

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