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Cardiovascular Ultrasound

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1. Echocardiographic characteristics of patients with acute heart failure requiring tolvaptan: a retrospective study - Nakada, Yasuki; Okayama, Satoshi; Nakano, Tomoya; Ueda, Tomoya; Onoue, Kenji; Takeda, Yukiji; Kawakami, Rika; Horii, Manabu; Uemura, Shiro; Fujimoto, Shinichi; Saito, Yoshihiko

2. The effects of nicorandil on microvascular function in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary PCI - Kostic, Jelena; Djordjevic-Dikic, Ana; Dobric, Milan; Milasinovic, Dejan; Nedeljkovic, Milan; Stojkovic, Sinisa; Stepanovic, Jelena; Tesic, Milorad; Trifunovic, Zoran; Zamaklar-Tifunovic, Danijela; Radosavljevic-Radovanovic, Mina; Ostojic, Miodrag; Beleslin, Branko

3. Mitral valve analysis adding a virtual semi-transparent annulus plane for detection of prolapsing segments - Dumont, Karl-Andreas; Karlsen, Jørn Skaarud; Helle-Valle, Thomas; Fiane, Arnt Eltvedt; Lundblad, Runar; Urheim, Stig

4. The left ventricle in aortic stenosis – imaging assessment and clinical implications - Călin, Andreea; Roşca, Monica; Beladan, Carmen Cristiana; Enache, Roxana; Mateescu, Anca Doina; Ginghină, Carmen; Popescu, Bogdan Alexandru
Aortic stenosis has an increasing prevalence in the context of aging population. In these patients non-invasive imaging allows not only the grading of valve stenosis severity, but also the assessment of left ventricular function. These two goals play a key role in clinical decision-making. Although left ventricular ejection fraction is currently the only left ventricular function parameter that guides intervention, current imaging techniques are able to detect early changes in LV structure and function even in asymptomatic patients with significant aortic stenosis and preserved ejection fraction. Moreover, new imaging parameters emerged as predictors of disease progression in patients with aortic...

5. Severity of aortic regurgitation assessed by area of vena contracta: a clinical two-dimensional and three-dimensional color Doppler imaging study - Sato, Hirotomo; Ohta, Tetsuro; Hiroe, Kimiko; Okada, Seiji; Shimizu, Koji; Murakami, Rinji; Tanabe, Kazuaki

6. Evaluation of cardiac masses by real-time perfusion imaging echocardiography - Uenishi, Eliza K; Caldas, Márcia A; Tsutsui, Jeane M; Abduch, Maria C D; Sbano, João C N; Filho, Roberto Kalil; Mathias, Wilson

7. Structural and functional changes in maternal left ventricle during pregnancy: a three-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography study - Cong, Juan; Fan, Tingpan; Yang, Xiaoqian; Squires, Jared Wynn; Cheng, Guomei; Zhang, Linlin; Zhang, Zhan

8. Dual imaging stress echocardiography versus computed tomography coronary angiography for risk stratification of patients with chest pain of unknown origin - Ciampi, Quirino; Rigo, Fausto; Grolla, Elisabetta; Picano, Eugenio; Cortigiani, Lauro

9. Left carotid adventitial vasa vasorum signal correlates directly with age and with left carotid intima-media thickness in individuals without atheromatous risk factors - Arcidiacono, Maria Vittoria; Rubinat, Esther; Borras, Mercè; Betriu, Angels; Trujillano, Javier; Vidal, Teresa; Mauricio, Didac; Fernández, Elvira

10. Variability in echocardiographic measurements of left ventricular function in septic shock patients - De Geer, Lina; Oscarsson, Anna; Engvall, Jan

11. The role of renin angiotensin system antagonists in the prevention of doxorubicin and trastuzumab induced cardiotoxicity - Akolkar, Gauri; Bhullar, Navdeep; Bews, Hilary; Shaikh, Bilal; Premecz, Sheena; Bordun, Kimberly-Ann; Cheung, David YC; Goyal, Vineet; Sharma, Anita K; Garber, Philip; Singal, Pawan K; Jassal, Davinder S

12. Anti-inflammatory and morphologic effects of pitavastatin on carotid arteries and thoracic aorta evaluated by integrated backscatter trans-esophageal ultrasound and PET/CT: a prospective randomized comparative study with pravastatin (EPICENTRE study) - Watanabe, Takatomo; Kawasaki, Masanori; Tanaka, Ryuhei; Ono, Koji; Kako, Nobuo; Saeki, Maki; Onishi, Noriyuki; Nagaya, Maki; Sato, Noriaki; Miwa, Hirotaka; Arai, Masazumi; Noda, Toshiyuki; Watanabe, Sachiro; Minatoguchi, Shinya

13. Validity of a 5-minute focused echocardiography with A-F mnemonic performed by non-echocardiographers in the management of patients with acute chest pain - Sobczyk, Dorota; Nycz, Krzysztof; Andruszkiewicz, Pawel

14. Prediction of left ventricular reverse remodeling after therapy with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor blockers and β blockers in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy - Matsumura, Yoshihisa; Hoshikawa-Nagai, Eri; Kubo, Toru; Yamasaki, Naohito; Kitaoka, Hiroaki; Takata, Jun; Doi, Yoshinori; Sugiura, Tetsuro

15. The use of strain, strain rate, and displacement by 2D speckle tracking for assessment of systolic left ventricular function in goats: applicability and influence of general anesthesia - Berli, Ann-Sabin J; Jud Schefer, Rahel; Steininger, Kathrin; Schwarzwald, Colin C

16. Ultrasound entropy may be a new non-invasive measure of pre-clinical vascular damage in young hypertensive patients - Bleakley, Caroline; McCann, Aaron; McClenaghan, Vivienne; Hamilton, Paul Kevin; Millar, Auleen; Pumb, Richard; Harbinson, Mark; McVeigh, Gary Eugene

17. Cardiac and renal function in a large cohort of amateur marathon runners - Hewing, Bernd; Schattke, Sebastian; Spethmann, Sebastian; Sanad, Wasiem; Schroeckh, Sabrina; Schimke, Ingolf; Halleck, Fabian; Peters, Harm; Brechtel, Lars; Lock, Jürgen; Baumann, Gert; Dreger, Henryk; Borges, Adrian C; Knebel, Fabian

18. The utility of pocket-sized echocardiography to assess left ventricular systolic function prior to permanent pacemaker implantation - Lau, Lawrence; Ducas, Robin; Rizkallah, Jacques; Jassal, Davinder S; Seifer, Colette M

19. Myocardial function in aortic stenosis – insights from radial multilayer Doppler strain - Cramariuc, Dana; Gerdts, Eva; Hjertaas, Johannes Just; Cramariuc, Alexandru; Davidsen, Einar Skulstad; Matre, Knut

20. Comparison of left ventricular mechanics in runners versus bodybuilders using speckle tracking echocardiography - Szauder, Ipoly; Kovács, Attila; Pavlik, Gábor

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