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2. Diagnostic Ophthalmology - Sandmeyer, Lynne S.; Bauer, Bianca S.; Grahn, Bruce H.

3. How much does a vacation cost? - Osborne, Darren

4. A case of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (MRSP) pyoderma in a Labrador retriever dog - Wan, Jennifer
An 8-year-old, neutered male Labrador retriever dog with generalized pruritis had a history of recurring atopic dermatitis and superficial pyoderma. Cocci and yeast were found on cytology and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius was cultured. A regimen of marbofloxacin, dexamethasone, ketoconazole, and cyclosporine in addition to bathing with 2% chlorhexidine shampoo resulted in marked improvement.

5. Ileocecocolic volvulus in a German shepherd dog - Javard, Romain; Specchi, Swan; Benamou, Jérôme; Lapointe, Catherine; Deffontaines, Jean-Baptiste; Planté, Jérôme; d’Anjou, Marc-André
This report describes an ileocecocolic volvulus in a German shepherd dog with risk factors of previous abdominal surgeries and concurrent chronic enteropathy. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) with multiplanar reformatting was more sensitive than abdominal radiographs or ultrasound to obtain a diagnosis, because of the presence of a “whirl-sign” on CT. A combination of colopexy and cecopexy was succesfully used to treat the patient’s condition.

6. Fascioloides magna infection causing fatal pulmonary hemorrhage in a steer - Wobeser, Bruce K.; Schumann, Fritz
A feedlot steer died suddenly without exhibiting signs of clinical illness. Cysts containing Fascioloides magna were found in the liver and lung. Fatal pulmonary hemorrhage was associated with these flukes. Neither death nor clinical pulmonary disease has been previously attributed to infections of adult cattle by F. magna.

7. Fatal diphenhydramine poisoning in a dog - Buchweitz, John P.; Raverty, Stephen A.; Johnson, Margaret B.; Lehner, Andreas F.
We report a fatal diphenhydramine poisoning of a 10-year-old, male poodle-cross dog with pre-existing conditions and suspected co-ingestion of ethanol. This case illustrates that diphenhydramine overdose can be fatal in certain circumstances and that analytical toxicology may play an important role in animal death investigations.

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9. The use of alfaxalone and remifentanil total intravenous anesthesia in a dog undergoing a craniectomy for tumor resection - Warne, Leon N.; Beths, Thierry; Fogal, Sandra; Bauquier, Sébastien H.
A 7-year-old castrated border collie dog was anesthetised for surgical resection of a hippocampal mass. Anesthesia was maintained using a previously unreported TIVA protocol for craniectomy consisting of alfaxalone and remifentanil. Recovery was uneventful, and the patient was discharged from hospital. We describe the anesthetic management of this case.

10. Star gazing in a dog: Atypical manifestation of upper gastrointestinal disease - Poirier-Guay, Marie-Pier; Bélanger, Marie-Claude; Frank, Diane
A Yorkshire terrier dog was presented for episodes of “star gazing” behavior expressed as upward raising of the head and neck extension with subsequent staring at the ceiling or sky. Erosive gastritis with reflux esophagitis was diagnosed. Treatment of these conditions was associated with resolution of the behavior, suggesting a causal link.

11. Primary immune-mediated neutropenia in a cat - Waugh, Carly E.; Scott, Katherine D.; Bryan, Laura K.
An 18-month-old male castrated indoor Himalayan cat was presented for recurrent fever, lethargy, and uveitis. Persistent neutropenia was identified and tests for infectious disease and bone marrow cytology were performed. Primary immune-mediated neutropenia was diagnosed and successfully treated. At the time of writing this report, 24 mo after the initial diagnosis. the patient was clinically normal and not receiving therapy.

12. Atlanto-axial approach for cervical myelography in a Thoroughbred horse with complete fusion of the atlanto-occipital bones - Aleman, Monica; Dimock, Abigail N.; Wisner, Erik R.; Prutton, Jamie W.; Madigan, John E.
A 2-year-old Thoroughbred gelding with clinical signs localized to the first 6 spinal cord segments (C1 to C6) had complete fusion of the atlanto-occipital bones which precluded performing a routine myelogram. An ultrasound-assisted myelogram at the intervertebral space between the atlas and axis was successfully done and identified a marked extradural compressive myelopathy at the level of the atlas and axis, and axis and third cervical vertebrae.

13. Warfarin therapy in a dog with acute arterial thrombosis and pyometra - Arai, Shiori; Callan, Mary Beth
This report describes the presentation of acute arterial thrombosis causing triparesis in a 6-year-old female Chihuahua with pyometra and its successful management in combination with warfarin therapy. This is the first case report of a dog with arterial thrombosis associated with pyometra.

14. Kinetic measurements of gait for osteoarthritis research in dogs and cats - Moreau, Maxim; Lussier, Bertrand; Ballaz, Laurent; Troncy, Eric
Over the past 2 decades the measurement of ground reaction forces (GRF) has been extensively used in dogs and cats to gain insights on normal locomotion, discrepancies under pathologic conditions, and biomechanical changes following surgical procedures. Ground reaction forces have become a well-established outcome measure of pain-related functional impairment in animals affected by experimental and naturally occurring osteoarthritis. This paper comprehensively reviews the nature of GRF and presents arguments regarding its measurement in osteoarthritis research.

15. Minimally invasive proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis using a locking compression plate and tissue engineering in horses: A pilot study - Seo, Jong-pil; Yamaga, Takashi; Tsuzuki, Nao; Yamada, Kazutaka; Haneda, Shingo; Furuoka, Hidefumi; Tabata, Yasuhiko; Sasaki, Naoki
This pilot study assessed the efficacy of 2 minimally invasive techniques for proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthrodesis in horses. The PIP joints of both forelimbs (n = 6) were stabilized with locking compression plates (LCP) using a minimally invasive technique (LCP technique). Subsequently, for 1 randomly selected PIP joint of each horse, surgical drilling (SurD) was performed and tissue engineering (TE) was applied (LCP/SurD/TE technique). Minimally invasive PIP joint arthrodesis with LCP demonstrated low postoperative infection rates. Gross and histological evaluations revealed considerable destruction of the articular cartilage in the LCP/SurD/TE-treated joints. In contrast, almost no destruction of the cartilage...

16. Canada: Porcine epidemic diarrhea in Canada: An emerging disease case study - Kochhar, Harpreet S.

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18. Ethical question of the month — November 2014 - Rollin, Bernard E.

19. The importance of public relations and communications at the CVMA - Gauvin, Jean

20. What can’t be taught - Gyles, Carlton

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