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  1. On homotopically trivial links

    KOBAYASHI, Kazuaki

  2. A remark on the Steenrod representation of $B(Z_p \times Z_p)$

    KOSHIKAWA, Hiroaki

  3. On the sectional curvatures and the Euler-Poincaré characteristic of a Riemannian manifold

    HASEGAWA, Izumi

  4. On perturbation of closed operators in a Banach space

    YOSHIKAWA, Atsushi

  5. Generalized Minkowski formulas for closed hypersurfaces in a Riemannian manifold

    MURAMORI, Takao

  6. On the propagation speed of hyperbolic operator with mixed boundary conditions

    SHIROTA, Taira

  7. A remark on doubly transitive groups

    KIMURA, Hiroshi

  8. On Riemannian Manifolds Admitting a Certain Transformation

    FUJIMUR, Shigeyoshi

  9. On Riemannian Manifolds Satisfying the Condition $R(X, Y)R=O$

    FUJIMURA, Shigeyoshi

  10. Particle path length estimates for the Navier Stokes equations in three space dimensions

    DUFF, G. F. D.

  11. Local solution of Cauchy problem for nonlinear hyperbolic systems in Gevrey classes

    KAJITANI, Kunihiko

  12. Analytic wavefront sets and operators with multiple characteristics

    SJÖSTRAND, Johannes

  13. The Cauchy problem for effectively hyperbolic operators

    MELROSE, Richard

  14. Elliptic surfaces and contact conics for a 3-nodal quartic

    TUMENBAYAR, Khulan; TOKUNAGA, Hiro-o
    Let ${\mathcal Q}$ be an irreducible $3$-nodal quartic and let ${\mathcal C}$ be a smooth conic such that ${\mathcal C} \cap {\mathcal Q}$ does not contain any node of ${\mathcal Q}$ and the intersection multiplicity at $z \in {\mathcal C} \cap {\mathcal Q}$ is even for each $z$. In this paper, we study geometry of ${\mathcal C} + {\mathcal Q}$ through that of integral sections of a rational elliptic surface which canonically arises from ${\mathcal Q}$ and $z \in {\mathcal C} \cap {\mathcal Q}$. As an application, we construct Zariski pairs $({\mathcal C}_1 + {\mathcal Q}, {\mathcal C}_2 + {\mathcal...

  15. Arithmetic identities for class regular partitions

    MIZUKAWA, Hiroshi; YAMADA, Hiro-Fumi
    Extending the notion of $r$-(class) regular partitions, we define $(r_{1},\dots,r_{m})$-class regular partitions. Partition identities are presented and described by making use of the Glaisher correspondence.

  16. Characteristic function of Cayley projective plane as a harmonic manifold

    EUH, Yunhee; PARK, JeongHyeong; SEKIGAWA, Kouei
    Any locally rank one Riemannian symmetric space is a harmonic manifold. We give the characteristic function of a Cayley projective plane as a harmonic manifold. The aim of this work is to show the explicit form of the characteristic function of the Cayley projective plane.

  17. On the symmetric algebras associated to graphs with loops

    BARBERA, Mariacristina; IMBESI, Maurizio; LA BARBIERA, Monica
    We study the symmetric algebra of monomial ideals that arise from graphs with loops. The notion of $s$-sequence is investigated for such ideals in order to compute standard algebraic invariants of their symmetric algebra in terms of the corresponding invariants of special quotients of the polynomial ring related to the graphs.

  18. An almost complex Castelnuovo de Franchis theorem

    BISWAS, Indranil; MJ, Mahan
    Given a compact almost complex manifold, we prove a Castelnuovo–de Franchis type theorem for it.

  19. Certain bilinear operators on Morrey spaces

    FAN, Dashan; ZHAO, Fayou
    In this paper, we consider that $T(f,g)$ is a bilinear operator satisfying \begin{equation*} |T(f,g)(x)|\preceq \int_{\mathbb{R}^{n}}\frac{|f(x-ty)g(x-y)|}{|y|^{n}}dy \end{equation*} for $x$ such that $0\notin {\rm supp}~(f(x-t\cdot )) \cap {\rm supp}~(g(x+\cdot ))$. We obtain the boundedness of $T(f,g)$ on the Morrey spaces with the assumption of the boundedness of the operator $T(f,g)$ on the Lebesgues spaces. As applications, we yield that many well known bilinear operators, as well as the first Calderón commutator, are bounded from the Morrey spaces $L^{q,\lambda_{1}}\times L^{r,\lambda_{2}}$ to $L^{p,\lambda}$, where $\lambda /p={\lambda_{1}}/{q}+{\lambda_{2}}/{r}$.

  20. The Fermat septic and the Klein quartic as moduli spaces of hypergeometric Jacobians

    KOIKE, Kenji
    We study the Schwarz triangle function with the monodromy group $\Delta(7,7,7)$, and we construct its inverse by theta constants. As consequences, we give uniformizations of the Klein quartic curve and the Fermat septic curve as Shimura curves parametrizing Abelian $6$-folds with endomorphisms $\mathbb{Z}[\zeta_7]$.

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