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  1. Generation of nonlocal fractional dynamical systems by fractional differential equations

    Cong, N.D.; Tuan, H.T.
    We show that any two trajectories of solutions of a one-dimensional fractional differential equation (FDE) either coincide or do not intersect each other. However, in the higher-dimensional case, two different trajectories can meet. Furthermore, one-dimensional FDEs and triangular systems of FDEs generate nonlocal fractional dynamical systems, whereas a higher-dimensional FDE does not, in general, generate a nonlocal dynamical system.
    (application/pdf) - 11-nov-2017

  2. Memory dependent growth in sublinear Volterra differential equations

    Appleby, John A.D.; Patterson, Denis D.
    We investigate memory dependent asymptotic growth in scalar Volterra equations with sublinear nonlinearity. In order to obtain precise results we extensively utilize the powerful theory of regular variation. By computing the growth rate in terms of a related ordinary differential equation we show that, when the memory effect is so strong that the kernel tends to infinity, the growth rate of solutions depends explicitly upon the memory of the system. Finally, we employ a fixed point argument for determining analogous results for a perturbed Volterra equation and show that, for a sufficiently large perturbation, the solution tracks the perturbation asymptotically,...
    (application/pdf) - 11-nov-2017

  3. Regularized integral formulation of mixed Dirichlet-Neumann problems

    Akhmetgaliyev, Eldar; Bruno, Oscar P.
    This paper presents a theoretical discussion as well as novel solution algorithms for problems of scattering on smooth two-dimensional domains under Zaremba boundary conditions, for which Dirichlet and Neumann conditions are specified on various portions of the domain boundary. The theoretical basis of the proposed numerical methods, which is provided for the first time in the present contribution, concerns detailed information about the singularity structure of solutions of the Helmholtz operator under boundary conditions of Zaremba type. The new numerical method is based on the use of Green functions and integral equations, and it relies on the Fourier continuation method...
    (application/pdf) - 11-nov-2017

  4. Weak solutions for partial Pettis Hadamard fractional integral equations with random effects

    Abbas, Saïd; Albarakati, Wafaa; Benchohra, Mouffak; Zhou, Yong
    In this article, we apply M\"onch and Engl's fixed point theorems associated with the technique of measure of weak noncompactness to investigate the existence of random solutions for a class of partial random integral equations via Hadamard's fractional integral, under the Pettis integrability assumption.
    (application/pdf) - 11-nov-2017

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