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Muncie Post-Democrat Newspaper

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1. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1936-01-17, Vol. 16, No. 51 - Dale, George R., 1867-1936
Nothin' Yaller About Congressman Gray

2. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-12-29, Vol. 32, No. 43
Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.), 1950-12-29, 32:43

3. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1935-08-30, Vol. 16, No. 32 - Dale, George R., 1867-1936
Mayor Bunch Raises Taxes Aplenty

4. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1940-03-15, Vol. 20, No. 42
Juggling Necessary For Delegate Districts; Local Receipts From State Excise Tax Total $155,000

5. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1941-10-17, Vol. 21, No. 52
Edward J. Flynn Comes To Indiana For Address; Trophy Of Liar's Club Should Come To Muncie

6. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1931-01-16, Vol. 10/11, No. 52/01, No. 01, Sec. 03 - Dale, George R., 1867-1936
City Street Department has Good Record

7. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1931-01-16, Vol. 10/11, No. 52/01, No. 01, Sec. 02 - Dale, George R., 1867-1936
Police Activity Fulfills Campaign Pledge

8. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1931-01-16, Vol. 10/11, No. 52/01, No. 01, Sec. 01 - Dale, George R., 1867-1936
Progress Marks Mayor Dale's First Issue

9. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1927-12-30, Vol. 07, No. 50 - Dale, George R., 1867-1936
John M'Creery Rivals M'Cray

10. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1941-12-19, Vol. 22, No. 09
Few County Offices Change Hands At Start Of New Year; Local Tax Melon Nearly Ready For Distribution

11. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1941-12-12, Vol. 22, No. 08
Parking Meters Are Contributing Much to Muncie Expenses; Japanese Battle Fleet Flees from American Ships

12. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-08-18, Vol. 32, No. 24
Demands For More City Services To Boost Muncie Tax Rate 30 Cents Per Hundred Dollar Assessments; School Properties In Delaware County Valued At Three And One-Half Million

13. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-08-11, Vol. 32, No. 23
Highway Commission Advertises For Bids For Repaving Of Madison Street After The Removal Of Railroad Tracks; Facts On Prices And Values Given By Jacobs

14. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-07-07, Vol. 32, No. 18
Rewidening And Repaving Of Madison Street Between' Charles And Gilbert Approved By State Highway Officials

15. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-06-23, Vol. 32, No. 16
State Watches Three-Way Race For The Democratic Senatorial Nomination At the State Convention Next Tuesday; Delaware County De mocrafic Delegates To State Convention Meet Tonight To Organize for Party's Big Conclave

16. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-01-27, Vol. 31, No. 37
Hoosier Congressman Asserts Democracy Won In House Of Representatives Last Week In Vote On Rules Committee

17. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1950-01-20, Vol. 31, No. 36
President's First Three Messages To Congress Called Reasoned, Temperate, Yet A Forceful Outline Of Fair Deal

18. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1947-12-05, Vol. 29, No. 01
Recommends Leo Voisard Head Of The Muncie Parks; Demo State Committee Maps Strategy For '48

19. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1947-12-18, Vol. 29, No. 03
Peace And Good Will At The Christmastide; Police, Fire Department Heads Are Recommended

20. Post-Democrat (Muncie, Ind.) 1947-12-12, Vol. 29, No. 02
Appointments Revealed By Mayor-Elect Holloway; America Need A Clear Definition Of A "Red"

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