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Physical Culture Magazine

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  4. Physical Culture 1934-06, Vol. 71, No. 06

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    A Cure for Crime; Sorry I've Been a "Good Boy"; Superstition and Mind Health; My Fifty Years of Physical Culture; Shall We Breed or Sterilize Defectives?; Why I Had Myself Sterilized; "Misunderstanding"; The Valves of Your Heart; My Jealous Wife; Eczema: and How I Cured It; We Women Want Beauty in Sensible Shoes; He Was the "Unwanted Baby"; My Little Boy Says He Hates Me; The Body Beautiful; The Spirit of Strength; The 1934 Bathing Beauty; "Hips! Hips! Hurray!"; Where Do We Go From Here?; Hazards of the Honeymoon; Try These New Stunts; Man Is a Salt-Water Animal; Not So...

  5. Physical Culture 1937-08, Vol. 78, No. 02

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    Be a Winner in Life's Great Game; Will Hitler's Sex Complex Force New War?; Why I'm an Athlete at Ninety; Do You Believe These Myths about Heredity?; Making Your Boys' and Girls' Camps Safe; Cancer Not Increasing; A Widow Looks at Life: and Men; Why Athletes Should Marry; How Much Baby Needs Water; Why I Was an Unwed Wife; Save Our Half-Starved Adolescents; Brain Workers Need Big-Muscle Exercise; Has Your Love a Cash Value?; Why My Honeymoon Was Tragic; Shall I Forgive My Husband for Stepping Out?; The Body Beautiful; Hollywood Could Not Make Over Joan Blondell; Pattern for Vacation...

  6. Physical Culture 1933-12, Vol. 70, No. 06

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    The Courage to Live; Building Honesty Patterns in Our Children; My Adventures with a Bad Heart; And Now the Sun Shines Every Night; I Married a Younger Man; Care of the Eyes; My Fifty Years of Physical Culture; Divorce: My Big Mistake; Arthritis: The Devil's Torment; What Our Young People Think About Petting; My Starved Womanhood; The Body Beautiful; "Young Sandow's" Own Story; Laughing Eyes; My Child Has Such a Temper; Have Your a Truth Mirror?; Body Building at the P. C. Convention; How to Choose Your Exercises; The New Law Will Enforce Food Standards; Here's a Better Holiday Dinner;...

  7. Physical Culture 1937-06, Vol. 77, No. 06

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    Strength Through Joy; I Took a Trailer Away from Trouble; What Is Brain Poisoning?; My Daughter Became Damaged Goods; How to Master Your Life; Can You Be Honest about Divorce?; Syphilis Can Be Stamped Out; I've Battled Down Cancers for 36 Years; The Bunk About Ancestry; How Dangerous is Child Marriage?; New Light on Hardened Arteries . The Body Beautiful; Finding America's Most Beautiful Woman; How Skinny Women Can Gain Weight; Better Babies and Their Buddies; Your Baby in Summer; How I Keep Physically in Tune; Sonja Henie: The Secret of Her Vital Charm; Business Girls Dance for Better Posture;...

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  9. Physical Culture 1928-06, Vol. 59, No. 06

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    Make Your Vacation Pay Health Dividends; Sex Appeal Analyzed; Three Doctors Gave Me Up; How High Is Your Blood Pressure?; Freckles Should Not Worry You; Quicksands of Sex Ignorance; The Isle of Unchanging Youth; How I Made My Boy Physically Fit; Buy Foot Comfort When You Buy Your Shoes: Here's How; The Body Beautiful; I Accepted the Challenge; A Perfect Bust for Every Woman; Why Shouldn't They Be Happy?; The Right Way to Wean Your Baby; Second Prize Winning Diets: Cooked and Uncooked; Shall We Eat Raw Food?; How I Cured Myself of Cancer; The Truth About Great Strength and...

  10. Physical Culture 1936-12, Vol. 76, No. 06

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    Vitality and Virility Lost Through Over-Eating; Can Diet Save Edward VIII from Obesity?; How New Jersey is Fighting Venereal Disease; Every Church a Marriage Clinic; Fighting Fitness for Presidents; Behind the Scenes with the Great Fighters; My Spendthrift Wife; Do You Eat Too Much Salt?; Are You One of These Gluttons for Punishment?; What Diet Did for My Sinus Trouble; My Lack of Concentration; The Body Beautiful; The Truth About Art Models; The Famous Quads at Home; Every Day a Better World; Why Do Doctors Fight Birth Control?; A Beautiful Back; How You Can Have Better Legs; Honey: Sweetest of...

  11. Physical Culture 1935-02, Vol. 73, No. 02

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    War is an Ugly Word!; What Is True "Sex Freedom"?; Giving the Child a Chance; The Truth About Food and Sex; What I've Learned About Love; My Fifty Years of Physical Culture; Married to a Child Mind; My Nagging Husband; Fighting Winter Ills; Starved Wives; Stomach Ulcer: How I Licked It; Neurasthenia: What It Means; The Body Beautiful; Secrets of a Secretary; Cry-Babies; Why Does My Husband Go in Debt?; How to Lift People; Build Personality through Vitality; Eat Apples for Health; How Are Nutritional Elements "Destroyed"?

  12. Physical Culture 1948-12, Vol. 92, No. 10

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    Marriage Laws Are Out Of Date; What Should a Bride Know About Sex?; Teen Agers Have a Special Kind of Sex Appeal; "Only A Cold"; One of the Greatest Killers: Cigarettes; Do Men Want Chastity in Women?; Is There Hope for the Unawakened Woman?; You Can Make Love Last; Five Rules for a Happy Marriage; No Cancer in Vineyards; Baby Talk; Lola Albright: Posture Personality; ABC to Health, Beauty and Feminine Appeal; ABC to Health, Virility and Masculine Appeal; Long Lasting Youth, Beauty and Peace of Mind; Roller Skating to Dynamic Health; Bernarr Macfadden's All American Football Team; Ice Skating...

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  19. Physical Culture 1933-01, Vol. 69, No. 01

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    What's the Matter with Marriage?; Motherhood Is My Career; Paul Whiteman's New Personality; How to Make People Like You; Making Our Own Sunshine; Men Were Fighters Then; The Drunkard Who "Came Back"; There's No "Middle Age" for Women; Vitality and Virility from Walking; What Shall I Tell My Child: and How?; Voices Don't Grow Old; Why Have Headaches?; The Body Beautiful; What Is Feminine Beauty?; Speechless But Not Silent; Rest and Fatigue; Rebuilding a Nervous Wreck; Give Them Helpful Toys: Not Junk; Kitchen-Made Holiday Gifts; At Ten Paces; Eat Wheat: the Staff of Life; The Cost of Your Dinner; Acid...

  20. Physical Culture 1937-12, Vol. 78, No. 06

    Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
    Youthful Spirits at Seventy; Sex Code Before Marriage; How Chicago Finds Its Syphilis Victims; My Experience With First Love At 36; What Should Be Done About Lust Killers?; Fasting for Health; Physical Culture Girls in Many Lands; The Body Beautiful; Some Do's and Dont's for the Thin Girl; How W. C. Fields Fought His Way to Health; Swim the Year Round for the Joy of Living; Good Arms Mean Physical Fitness; Faces Made to Order; Bathing Beauty; A Formula for Your Baby; Know Your "After Self": You Must Face It; Why I Was An Unwed Wife; The Longbow and Physical...

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