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  1. Erratum: What is inside the hernia sac?

  2. ‘Diabetic ketoacidosis may not always be the answer…’

    Philbin, Deirdre; Moylett, Edina

  3. Not such a simple cyst: unusual presentation of sarcoma

    Cooper, Helen

  4. Bilateral adrenal haemorrhage associated with heparin-induced thrombocytopaenia during treatment of Fournier gangrene

    Tattersall, Timothy Lee; Thangasamy, Isaac A; Reynolds, Jamie

  5. Rectal leiomyosarcoma: a rare and long-term complication of radiation therapy

    Futuri, Solaiman; Donohoe, Kelsey; Spaccavento, Colette; Yudelman, Ian

  6. Cerebellar involvement of Griscelli syndrome type 2

    Işikay, Sedat

  7. Radical prostatectomy in the presence of ongoing refractory ESBL Escherichia coli bacterial prostatitis

    McLoughlin, Louise Catherine; McDermott, T E D; Thornhill, John Alan

  8. Moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the palm: an extremely infrequent tumour

    González-Sosa, David; Brea-García, Beatriz; Couto-González, Ivan; Taboada-Suárez, Antonio

  9. Eosinophilic cystitis: three cases, and a review over 10 years

    Mosholt, Karina Sif Søndergaard; Dahl, Claus; Azawi, Nessn Htum

  10. Fetal vulvar cysts with spontaneous resolution

    Sá, Maria Isabel; Rodrigues, Ana Isabel; Ferreira, Luisa; Rodrigues, Maria do Céu

  11. Caecal schwannoma: a rare cause of per rectal bleeding in a 72-year-old man

    Dickson-Lowe, Richard A; James, Christopher L; Bailey, Charles MH; Abdulaal, Yasser

  12. Cysticercosis of deltoid muscle

    Chaudhary, Sanjeev

  13. Superwarfarin poisoning and its management

    Card, David John; Francis, Sebastian; Deuchande, Krutika; Harrington, Dominic Jon

  14. Choledochoduodenal fistula: an unusual case of pneumobilia

    Fedidat, Raphael; Safadi, Wajdi; Waksman, Igor; Hadary, Amram

  15. Sustained complete remission of primary effusion lymphoma with adjunctive ganciclovir treatment in an HIV-positive patient

    Pereira, Rui; Carvalho, Joana; Patrício, Catarina; Farinha, Pedro

  16. A patient with severe hypoxia secondary to a large iatrogenic pulmonary artery to pulmonary vein fistula

    Diab, Khalil; Cucci, Anthony; Kukreja, Sandeep; Gupta, Rajat

  17. Chest wall myositis in a patient with acute coronary syndrome

    Hussein, Laila; Al-Rawi, Harith

  18. Isolated tuberculosis of the calcaneum in a constitutionally well patient

    Hayat, Zara; Konan, Sujith; Olivier, André; Briggs, Tim W R

  19. Pathological pelvic fracture following long-term bisphosphonate use in a 63-year-old woman

    Watson, H I; Hopper, G P; Gupta, S; Roberts, J L

  20. Importance of radiological imaging in a case of subungual glomus tumour

    Karegowda, Lakshmikanth Halegubbi; Shenoy, Poonam Mohan; Maddukuri, Sathish Babu; Kyalakond, Harsha

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