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  1. Consecutive transcatheter valve-in-valve implantations: the first in the aortic position, the second in the mitral position, in a patient with failing aortic and mitral bioprostheses

    Duncan, Alison; Davies, Simon; Rosendahl, Ulrich; Moat, Neil

  2. Easily missed, potentially fatal complication in an extremely preterm infant

    Geoghegan, Sarah F; Vavasseur, Claudine; Donoghue, Veronica; Molloy, Eleanor J

  3. Malposition of pacing lead into the left ventricle: a rare complication of pacemaker insertion

    Bashir, Ahmed; Noroozian, Neda; Bradlow, William; Marshall, Howard

  4. Crescent-shaped extensive pericardial calcification

    Devasia, Tom; Kareem, Hashir; Prasad, Rajaram; Razak, Abdul

  5. Treatment of complex infantile haemangioma in a resource-poor setting

    Natawidjaja, Ronald; Wang, Ewen

  6. Spontaneous closure of a dural arteriovenous fistula

    Al-Afif, Shadi; Nakamura, Makoto; Götz, Friedrich; Krauss, Joachim K

  7. Onyx embolization of an avulsed thalamoperforator following endoscopic colloid cyst and lamina terminalis fenestration

    Turner, Raymond D; Chaudry, Imran; Turk, Aquilla; Spiotta, Alejandro

  8. Spontaneous regression of a biopsy confirmed hepatocellular carcinoma

    Bhardwaj, Neil; Li, Mo; Price, Timothy; Maddern, Guy J

  9. Recurrent hypoglycaemia in a patient with type 1 diabetes

    Tan, Hiang Leng; Manjunatha, Rashmi; Barton, David

  10. Silent diabetes mellitus, periodontitis and a new case of thalamic abscess

    Karageorgiou, Ioannis; Chandler, Christopher; Whyte, Martin Brunel

  11. Phenytoin-induced severe gingival overgrowth in a child

    Kumar, Rakesh; Singh, Rajeev Kumar; Verma, Nidhi; Verma, Umesh Pratap

  12. A prophylactic fresh frozen plasma transfusion leads to a possible case of transfusion-related acute lung injury

    Banerjee, Debasree; Hussain, Rashid; Mazer, Jeffrey; Carino, Gerardo

  13. Delayed diagnosis of Addison's disease: an approach to management

    Mascarenhas, Janice V; Jude, Edward B

  14. A very rare cause of chronic foot pain in a child: metatarsal tubercular osteomyelitis

    Prakash, Jatin; Agnihotri, Akhil; Jaiswal, Yashwardhan; Mehtani, Anil

  15. An atypical presentation of an extremely late stent thrombosis after more than 7 years (2634 days) of DES implantation in a patient without obvious risk factors on regular dual antiplatelet therapy

    Parekh, Pritesh; Agrawal, Navin; Vasavada, Apurva; Vinchurkar, Mahesh

  16. Frank's sign: a coronary artery disease predictor

    Xu, Risheng; Pham, John

  17. Angiographic suppression of the artery of Adamkiewicz by venous hypertension resolving after embolization in a case of spinal epidural arteriovenous fistula

    Eckart Sorte, Danielle; Pardo, Carlos A; Gailloud, Philippe

  18. The truncation artefact in patients with a high body mass index on myocardial perfusion SPECT

    Matsumoto, Naoya; Suzuki, Yasuyuki; Yoda, Shunichi; Hirayama, Atsushi

  19. Conservative management of persistent facial cutaneous sinus tract with a dental origin

    Kumar, Umesh; Dharmani, Charankamal Kaur; George, Binu Johnson; Abraham, Sathish

  20. Laryngopyocoele presenting with acute airway obstruction

    Raine, J I; Allin, D; Golding-Wood, D

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