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  1. Spatial Variation in Density and Total Size Estimates in Fragmented Primate Populations: The Golden-Crowned Sifaka (Propithecus tattersalli)

    Quemere, E.; Champeau, J.; Besolo, A.; Rasolondraibe, E.; Rabarivola, C.
    The golden-crowned sifaka (Propithecus tattersalli) is an endangered lemur species found only in the Daraina region, a very restricted area in north-eastern Madagascar. Its forest habitat is highly fragmented and expected to suffer from significant changes in the near future. The species is poorly known and only one census study, carried out in 2000, has ever been published. It is thus crucial to update the conservation status of the golden-crowned sifaka. before major anthropogenic environmental changes take place. Using the line-transect approach, we estimated the species density in the main forest fragments located in both the peripheral and central parts...
    - 30-oct-2013

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