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Brain and Cognitive Sciences - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Defining "good science" in today's World : a video compilation of perspectives and advice for incoming graduate students

    Jones, Brianna (Brianna J.)
    Although graduate science education does an excellent job training students in the technical and career aspects of science, there is too little attention paid to teaching the wisdom of "good" science that encourages riskier path-breaking work over fluff, with the highest goal of research being discovery rather than scholarly publication. In an attempt to help fill this gap, I interviewed fifteen senior life scientists over the past year. These interviews were filmed and edited into four topic videos: The Allure of Science, I-ow to Do Good Science, On Mentorship, and Where Science Is Headed. Geared towards graduate students in the...
    (iii, 11 pages) - 13-ago-2016

  2. The Toppler Effect : irregular leader transitions and the rate of state failure recovery

    Wahedi, Laila A
    State failure is becoming increasingly prevalent across the globe, creating human suffering, black markets, lost economic opportunities, and safe havens for militant actors. It is imperative that the international community find a way to combat state failure. This study investigates the effects of irregular leadership transitions on state failure recovery. Irregular leadership transitions occur when the executive of a state comes to power through unconstitutional means. Regular leaders are more likely than irregular leaders to have personal experience as a ruler, beneficial domestic and international ties, and familiarity among the population. Irregular transitions may damage bureaucracies, damaging government functionality and...
    (94 p.) - 13-ago-2016

  3. Ca2+ dependant synaptic modification

    Huh, Dongsung, 1981-
    It has been assumed that Ca2+ influx of different duration and amplitude would generate different level of potentiation. The conventional protocols of generating LTP have been 1. tetanic stimulation of presynaptic cell, 2. theta burst stimulation of presynaptic cell, and 3. correlated stimulation of pre- and post-synaptic cells. However, the effects of different Ca2+ influx can not be precisely dissected with the conventional protocols for the following defects: 1. the protocols do not discriminate between pre- and post-synaptic side plasticity, 2. the protocols observe synaptic plasticity between two cells which involve multiple synapses with heterogeneous properties, 3. precise control and...
    (44 p.; 2500300 bytes; 2500382 bytes; application/pdf; application/pdf) - 28-abr-2015

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