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  1. Construction and application of a built-in dual luciferase reporter for microRNA functional analysis

    Yanzhen Bi; Xinmin Zheng; Changwei Shao; Wen Pan; Li Jiang; Huiwu Ouyang
    Biosensor, luciferase, ligase-independent, miRNA, target.

  2. Sodium azide mutagenesis resulted in a peanut plant with elevated oleate content

    Chuan Tang Wang; Yue Yi Tang; Xiu Zhen Wang; Shu Wei Zhang; Gui Jie Li; Jian Cheng Zhang; Shan Lin Yu
    Chemical mutant, FAD2B, NIRS, oleate, peanut.

  3. Xylanolytic enzymes production by Aspergillus niger GS1 from solid-state fermentation on corn stover and their effect on ruminal digestibility

    Carlos Regalado; Immer Vázquez-Obregón; Blanca Estela García-Almendárez; Jorge Domínguez-Domínguez; Araceli Aguilera-Barreyro; Aldo Amaro-Reyes
    Aspergillus niger GS1, corn stover, digestibility, solid-state fermentation, xylanolytic activity.

  4. Rapid automated selection of mammalian cell line secreting high level of humanized monoclonal antibody using Clone Pix FL system and the correlation between exterior median intensity and antibody productivity

    Suba Dharshanan; Heilly Chong; Cheah Swee Hung; Zulkeflie Zamrod; Nazlee Kamal
    Cancer immunotherapy, high producer cell line, high-throughput selection, NS0 cells, semi-solid media.

  5. New stereoisomeric derivatives of jasmonic acid generated by biotransformation with the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi affect the viability of human cancer cells

    Marcela Carvajal; Luis Espinoza; Silvia Caggia; Venera Cardile; Juan A. Garbarino; Hugo Peña-Cortés; Alessandra Russo
    Apoptosis, biotransformations, cancer cells, cell vitality, Gibberella fujikuroi, jasmonic acid.

  6. High density process to cultivate Lactobacillus plantarum biomass using wheat stillage and sugar beet molasses

    Magorzata Krzywonos; Thomas Eberhard
    Distillery wastewater, high density fermentation, lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum, sugar beet molasses, wheat stillage.

  7. Effects of fermentation temperature on the composition of beer volatile compounds, organoleptic quality and spent yeast density

    Ademola O. Olaniran; Yushir R Maharaj; Balakrishna Pillay
    Beer volatile compounds, fermentation temperature, organoleptic quality, spent yeast density.

  8. Characterization of novel genic SSR markers in Linum usitatissimum (L.) and their transferability across eleven Linum species

    Braulio J. Soto-Cerda; Hector Urbina Saavedra; Cristell Navarro Navarro; Paula Mora Ortega
    EST-SSRs, expressed sequence tag, flaxseed, polymorphic loci, relatives.

  9. Biosorption kinetics of a direct azo dye Sirius Blue K-CFN by Trametes versicolor

    Emre Erden; Yasin Kaymaz; Nurdan Kasikara Pazarlioglu
    Biosorbent, biosorption, direct dye, kinetics, Sirius Blue K-CFN, Trametes versicolor.

  10. Biochemical properties of an extracellular b-D-fructofuranosidase II produced by Aspergillus phoenicis under Solid-Sate Fermentation using soy bran as substrate

    Cynthia Barbosa Rustiguel; Arthur Henrique Cavalcanti de Oliveira; Héctor Francisco Terenzi; João Atílio Jorge; Luis Henrique Souza Guimarães
    Agroindustrial substrate, Aspergillus, b-D-fructofuranosidase, solid state fermentation, sucrose.

  11. Accommodating the difference in students' prior knowledge of cell growth kinetics

    Janneke van Seters; Miriam Ossevoort; Martin Goedhart; Johannes Tramper
    Adaptive digital learning material, bioreactor design, biotechnology, education, intelligent tutoring system, intelligent Web-based educational system.

  12. Selection of reference genes for normalization of quantitative real-time PCR in cell cultures of Cyclamen persicum

    Claudia Hoenemann; Annette Hohe
    Gene expression analysis, in vitro propagation, primer design, somatic embryogenesis.

  13. Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) enumeration through epifluorescence microscopy: Technical aspects

    Maria Soledad Pavlov; Yoanna Eissler; Juan Carlos Espinoza; David E. Garland; Juan Kuznar
    Digital image analysis, fluorescence microscope methods, immunofluorescence, Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV), SYBR-Green I.

  14. A simple ethanol wash of the tissue homogenates recovers high-quality genomic DNA from Corchorus species characterized by highly acidic and proteinaceous mucilages

    Avijit Kundu; Debabrata Sarkar; Amit Bhattacharjee; Niladri Topdar; Mohit Kumar Sinha; Bikash Sinha Mahapatra
    Corchorus, DNA extraction, microsatellite, mucilage, PCR, restriction digestion.

  15. A real-time PCR genotyping assay to detect FAD2A SNPs in peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)

    Noelle A. Barkley; Ming Li Wang; Roy N. Pittman
    Fatty acid composition, gas chromatography, peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.), real-time PCR, SNP genotyping.

  16. Suppression subtractive hybridization PCR isolation of cDNAs from a Caribbean soft coral

    Jose V. Lopez; Angela Ledger; Lory Z. Santiago-Vázquez; Mihai Pop; Dan D. Sommer; Llanie K. Ranzer; Robert A. Feldman; Russell G. Kerr
    cDNA, Erythropodium caribaeorum, EST, Gorgonia ventalina, gorgonian, sea fan.

  17. Thiosulphate oxidation by Thiobacillus thioparus and Halothiobacillus neapolitanus strains isolated from the petrochemical industry

    Emky H. Valdebenito-Rolack; Tamara C. Araya; Leslie E. Abarzua; Nathaly M. Ruiz-Tagle; Katherine E. Sossa; Germán E. Aroca; Homero E. Urrutia
    Biofiltration, dimethyldisulphide, dimethylsulphide, Thiobacillus, thiosulphate.

  18. Plant-antivenom: Database of anti-venom medicinal plants

    Saulo França Amui; Renato David Puga; Andreimar Martins Soares; Silvana Giuliatti
    Animal venoms, natural plant inhibitors, web system.

  19. Natural selection in common bean microsatellite alleles and identification of QTLs for grain yield

    Monik Evelin Leite; João Bosco dos Santos; Flávia Fernandes Carneiro; Karla Rodrigues Couto
    Bulk method, fitness coefficient, Phaseolus vulgaris, SSR markers.

  20. Ethanol production from sweet sorghum juice under very high gravity conditions: Batch, repeated-batch and scale up fermentation

    Sunan Nuanpeng; Lakkana Laopaiboon; Penjit Srinophakun; Preekamol Klanrit; Prasit Jaisil; Pattana Laopaiboon
    Batch, ethanol fermentation, repeated-batch, scale up, sweet sorghum, VHG.

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