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  1. Waveform plot data used in 'Evidence for Universal Earthquake Rupture Initiation Behavior'

    Meier, Men-Andrin; Heaton, Thomas H.; Clinton, John F.
    [Description of dataset] This data set contains a plot of all waveforms used in this study, including acceleration, velocity, displacement, prelogram and log(Pd) vs log(time)

  2. Data from 'Re-evaluating offset measurements in the maximum slip zone of the 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake surface rupture'

    Sousa, Francis J.
    [Description of dataset] This archived dataset comprises four files containing field-based offset measurements and notes; screenshot documentation of new lidar-based measurements; and field observations of published lidar measurements. These data were collected and analyzed as part of the research investigation described in Sousa et al, 2016, Re-evaluating offset measurements in the maximum slip zone of the 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake surface rupture, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (in press), and Sousa's June 2016 Caltech doctoral thesis.

  3. Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project – Core Logs

    DePaolo, Don J.; Stolper, Edward M.; Thomas, Don M.
    Core-drilling for the first phase of the Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project (HSDP) took place from October 25 to December 10, 1993 at a site just east of downtown Hilo. A total depth of 3,464 feet (1,056 meters) was achieved with a recovery rate of greater than 90%. In parallel with the drilling, a major effort was undertaken to process the core in essentially real-time. This involved washing, marking, boxing, splitting, photographing, logging, and sampling the core. Keeping up with the highly successful drilling turned out to be a monumental task, but the team of dedicated geologists, most of whom were effectively volunteering their time, managed to...

  4. Tables of X-, Y-, K-, and L- Functions Relevant to Rayleigh Scattering Atmospheres

    Natraj, Vijay; Hovenier, J. W.

  5. Rayleigh Scattering Tables for Thick Atmospheres

    Natraj, Vijay; Hovenier, J. W.

  6. Compiled Information of Unknown ROSAT X-ray sources

    Tie, Suk Sien
    Compiled information from SIMBAD and Vizier on unknown ROSAT objects

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