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1. ICD-11 symposia at the World Congress of Psychiatry - Sampogna, Gaia

2. The achievements of the WPA Scientific Publications Program – 2011-2014 - Riba, Michelle B

3. Five reasons for teaching psychopathology - Stanghellini, Giovanni; Fiorillo, Andrea

4. Effects of improved hospital architecture on coercive measures - Dresler, Thomas; Rohe, Tim; Weber, Markus; Strittmatter, Thomas; Fallgatter, Andreas J

5. Anxiety does not predict mortality. A population-based study - Saeed Mirza, Saira; Arfan Ikram, M; Hofman, Albert; Tiemeier, Henning

6. Psychotic symptoms predict health outcomes even after adjusting for substance use, smoking and co-occurring psychiatric disorders: findings from the NCS-R and NLAAS - Oh, Hans; DeVylder, Jordan

7. Cyberchondria, cyberbullying, cybersuicide, cybersex: “new” psychopathologies for the 21st century? - Starcevic, Vladan; Aboujaoude, Elias

8. Recovery, not progressive deterioration, should be the expectation in schizophrenia - Zipursky, Robert B; Agid, Ofer

9. Advancing paternal age and psychiatric disorders - Frans, Emma; MacCabe, James H; Reichenberg, Abraham

10. The development of the ICD-11 Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines for Mental and Behavioural Disorders - First, Michael B; Reed, Geoffrey M; Hyman, Steven E; Saxena, Shekhar
The World Health Organization is in the process of preparing the eleventh revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), scheduled for presentation to the World Health Assembly for approval in 2017. The International Advisory Group for the Revision of the ICD-10 Mental and Behavioural Disorders made improvement in clinical utility an organizing priority for the revision. The uneven nature of the diagnostic information included in the ICD-10 Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines (CDDG), especially with respect to differential diagnosis, is a major shortcoming in terms of its usefulness to clinicians. Consequently, ICD-11 Working Groups were asked to collate diagnostic information about the disorders under their purview...

11. Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in U.S. older adults: findings from a nationally representative survey - Reynolds, Kristin; Pietrzak, Robert H; El-Gabalawy, Renée; Mackenzie, Corey S; Sareen, Jitender
Data on the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in late life are lacking. The present study addresses this gap in the literature by examining the prevalence of the broadest range of psychiatric disorders in late life to date; comparing prevalences across older adult age groups using the largest sample of adults aged 85+; and exploring gender differences in the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in late life. Using data from Wave 2 of the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, we examined the prevalence of past-year mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders, and lifetime personality disorders in a nationally representative...

12. Efficacy and safety of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation for major depression: a prospective multicenter randomized controlled trial - Levkovitz, Yechiel; Isserles, Moshe; Padberg, Frank; Lisanby, Sarah H; Bystritsky, Alexander; Xia, Guohua; Tendler, Aron; Daskalakis, Zafiris J; Winston, Jaron L; Dannon, Pinhas; Hafez, Hisham M; Reti, Irving M; Morales, Oscar G; Schlaepfer, Thomas E; Hollander, Eric; Berman, Joshua A; Husain, Mustafa M; Sofer, Uzi; Stein, Ahava; Adler, Shmulik; Deutsch, Lisa; Deutsch, Frederic; Roth, Yiftach; George, Mark S; Zangen, Abraham
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a prevalent and disabling condition, and many patients do not respond to available treatments. Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) is a new technology allowing non-surgical stimulation of relatively deep brain areas. This is the first double-blind randomized controlled multicenter study evaluating the efficacy and safety of dTMS in MDD. We recruited 212 MDD outpatients, aged 22–68 years, who had either failed one to four antidepressant trials or not tolerated at least two antidepressant treatments during the current episode. They were randomly assigned to monotherapy with active or sham dTMS. Twenty sessions of dTMS (18 Hz...

13. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk factors and events associated with second-generation antipsychotic compared to antidepressant use in a non-elderly adult sample: results from a claims-based inception cohort study - Correll, Christoph U; Joffe, Benjamin I; Rosen, Lisa M; Sullivan, Timothy B; Joffe, Russell T
This is a study of the metabolic and distal cardiovascular/cerebrovascular outcomes associated with the use of second-generation antipsychotics (SGAs) compared to antidepressants (ADs) in adults aged 18-65 years, based on data from Thomson Reuters MarketScan® Research Databases 2006-2010, a commercial U.S. claims database. Interventions included clinicians' choice treatment with SGAs (allowing any comedications) versus ADs (not allowing SGAs). The primary outcomes of interest were time to inpatient or outpatient claims for the following diagnoses within one year of SGA or AD discontinuation: hypertension, ischemic and hypertensive heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. Secondary outcomes included the same...

14. Public mental health: the need for a broader view of the issues - Gureje, Oye

15. The effectiveness of public mental health policies: stressing the return on investment - Joachim Salize, Hans

16. Mental health services and public mental health: challenges and opportunities - Caldas de Almeida, José Miguel

17. Building behavioral health systems from the ground up - Drake, Robert E; Whitley, Rob

18. Public mental health: a call to action - Heinz, Andreas; Charlet, Katrin; Rapp, Michael A

19. Mental disorder: a public health problem stuck in an individual-level brain disease perspective? - van Os, Jim

20. Applied public mental health: bridging the gap between evidence and clinical practice - Weissman, Myrna M

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