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  1. Comparative study of four impact measures and qualitative conclusions

    Egghe, L.
    We present a study of four impact measures: the h-index, the g-index, the R-index and the j-index. The g-index satisfies the transfer principle, the j-index satisfies the opposite transfer principle while the h- and R-indices do not satisfy any of these principles. We study general inequalities between these measures and also determine their maximal and minimal values, given a fixed total number of citations.

  2. Over het herstel van putten in de weg en andere gebrekkige zaken: de gemeente heeft recht op terugbetaling door de bewaarder

    Vanheusden, Bernard; Dekoninck, Dennis

  3. Selectie van rechtsleer verschenen in de periode van 1 mei 2012 tot en met 22 juni 2012

    Vanheusden, Bernard

  4. Selectie van rechtsleer verschenen in de periode van 21 februari 2012 tot en met 30 april 2012

    Vanheusden, Bernard

  5. Ik ben bezorgd

    Vanheusden, Bernard
    Eind juni maakte de Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL) een tussenbalans op van het milieubeleid van de Vlaamse regering. En die balans is behoorlijk negatief. De BBL gaat in het rapport in op de volgende beleidsthema's : klimaat, luchtkwaliteit, logistiek, ruimtelijke ordening, natuur, energie, duurzaam materialenbeheer, geluid, snellere en betere procedures, en innovatie. Voor meerdere van deze thema's zijn de cijfers allerminst rooskleurig.

  6. Non-commutative P-1-bundles over commutative schemes

    VAN DEN BERGH, Michel
    In this paper we develop the theory of non-commutative P-1-bundles over commutative (smooth) schemes. Such non-commutative P-1-bundles occur in the theory of D-modules but our definition is more general. We can show that every non-commutative deformation of a Hirzebruch surface is given by a non-commutative P-1-bundle over P-1 in our sense.

  7. Biodesulphurized low rank coal: Maritza east lignite and its "humus-like" byproduct

    Gonsalvesh, L.; Marinov, S. P.; Stefanova, M.; Carleer, R.; Yperman, J.
    Bulgarian coal sample from "Maritza East'' lignite deposit, with a significant impact in the total energy supply for the country, is biodesulphurized on laboratory scale. In order to improve the desulphurization effect, sample under study is preliminary chemically treated, i.e. demineralized, depyritized and oxidized. For microbial treatment the microorganism Pseudomonas putida is applied. Maximum total (71.0%), pyritic (90.6%) and organic (49.4%) sulphur desulphurization effects are achieved as a result of combined action of chemical and microbial attacks. The protocol of Maritsa East lignite biotreatment by P. putida bacterial strain persisted on copious washing of the coal. During it, a high...

  8. Phytoremediation of Trace Element-Contaminated Environments and the Potential of Endophytic Bacteria for Improving this Process

    Cherian, Sam; WEYENS, Nele; Lindberg, Sylvia; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco
    Trace elements (heavy metals and metalloids) are among the most widespread contaminants that pose serious threat to all living organisms. Plant and microbial-assisted remediation holds great promise for in situ remediation of trace-element contaminated environments. An extended knowledge of plant processes generally involved in the uptake, translocation, storage, and detoxification of contaminants, and plant-microbe interactions were essential in developing improved technologies for environmental cleanup. Presently, with the initiation of transgenic technologies, great strides have been made in trace element phytoremediation research. In this review, the authors provide an overview of the present knowledge of how plants cope with trace elements...

  9. A Clinical Study Comparing a Hydroactive Colloid Gel to a Dexpanthenol Cream for the Treatment of Skin Reactions in Breast Irradiation

    Claes, G.; THIJS, Herbert; BRAEKERS, Roel; Orlandini, M.; Sente, F.; BULENS, Paul
    Purpose/Objective(s): Currently there is no general consensus on the prevention or treatment of radiation dermatitis, a common side effect of radiation therapy. The primary objective of this retrospective study was to compare hydroactive colloid gel to dexpanthenol for the treatment of grade 1 skin erythema resulting from radiation therapy. A secondary objective was to investigate the relationship between breast size and the development of moist desquamation. Materials/methods: Patients undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer applied dexpanthenol during the first 12 days of treatment. Acute skin toxicity was scored with a modified EORTC scoring system. Two groups of patients were studied:...

  10. Current-induced nanogap formation and graphitization in boron-doped diamond films

    Seshan, V.; Arroyo, C.R.; Castellanos-Gomez, A.; Prins, F.; Perrin, M. L.; Janssens, S. D.; HAENEN, Ken; NESLADEK, Milos; Sudhoelter, E. J. R.; de Smet, L. C. P. M.; van der Zant, H. S. J.; Dulic, D.
    A high-current annealing technique is used to fabricate nanogaps and hybrid diamond/graphite structures in boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond films. Nanometer-sized gaps down to similar to 1 nm are produced using a feedback-controlled current annealing procedure. The nanogaps are characterized using scanning electron microscopy and electronic transport measurements. The structural changes produced by the elevated temperature, achieved by Joule heating during current annealing, are characterized using Raman spectroscopy. The formation of hybridized diamond/graphite structure is observed at the point of maximum heat accumulation. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []

  11. HIPEC in T4a colon cancer: a defendable treatment to improve oncologic outcome?

    Hompes, D.; Tiek, J.; Wolthuis, A.; FIEUWS, Steffen; Penninckx, F.; Van Cutsem, E.; D'Hoore, A.
    Adequate estimation of the potential benefits of 'adjuvant' hyperthermia and intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in T4 patients through assessment of the burden of peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) in T4 tumors and the risk of PC as the only metastatic site. Analysis of prospectively collected data on patients who underwent surgery for colon cancer (Jan 2004-Jan 2007). About 379 patients (M/F = 204/175) were included, with a median age of 71.8 years (range 35.4-95.0): 39 stage I, 126 stage II, 89 stage III, 116 stage IV disease (+9 with unknown stage). The median follow-up was 34.8months [range 0.0-79.4]. The 3- and 5-year overall...

  12. Spatiotemporal dynamics of Puumala hantavirus in suburban reservoir rodent populations

    Dobly, Alexandre; Yzoard, Chloe; Cochez, Christel; Ducoffre, Genevieve; AERTS, Marc; Roels, Stefan; Heyman, Paul
    The transmission of pathogens to susceptible hosts is dependent on the vector population dynamics. In Europe, bank voles (Myodes glareolus) carry Puumala hantavirus, which causes nephropathia epidemica (NE) in humans. Fluctuations in bank vole populations and epidemics in humans are correlated but the main factors influencing this relationship remain unclear. In Belgium, more NE cases are reported in spring than in autumn. There is also a higher incidence of human infections during years of large vole populations. This study aimed to better understand the link between virus prevalence in the vector, vole demography, habitat quality, and human infections. Three rodent...

  13. Environmental and socio-economic impacts of landfills

    Danthurebandara, Maheshi; Van Passel, Steven; Nelen, Dirk; Tielemans,Yves; Van Acker, Karel
    A modern landfill is an engineered method for depositing waste in specially constructed and protected cells on the land surface or in excavations into the land surface. Despite the fact that an increasing amount of waste is reused, recycled or energetically valorized, landfills still play an important role in waste management strategies. The degradation of wastes in the landfill results in the production of leachate and gases. These emissions are potentials threats to human health and to the quality of the environment. Landfill gas consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, both important greenhouse gases. Landfill sites contribute 20% of...

  14. A techno-economic evaluation of a biomass energy conversion park

    Van Dael, Miet; Van Passel, Steven; Pelkmans, Luc; Guisson, Ruben; Reumerman, Patrick; Marquez-Luzardo, Nathalie; Witters, Nele; Broeze, Jan
    Biomass as a renewable energy source has many advantages and is therefore recognized as one of the main renewable energy sources to be deployed in order to attain the target of 20% renewable energy use of final energy consumption by 2020 in Europe. In this paper the concept of a biomass Energy Conversion Park (ECP) is introduced. A biomass ECP can be defined as a synergetic,multi-dimensional biomass conversion site with a highly integrated set of conversion technologies in which a multitude of regionally available biomass (residue) sources are converted into energy and materials. A techno-economic assessment is performed on a...

  15. Reflections and prospects about the relationship between master thesis and design project in interior architectural education

    Petermans, Ann; Vanrie, Jan; Pint, Kris; Van Cleempoel, Koenraad

  16. Photo-elicitation: using photographs to read retail interiors through consumers' eyes

    Petermans, Ann; Kent, Anthony; Van Cleempoel, Koenraad

  17. Semi-autonomous blended learning for Intercultural Communication in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

    Verjans, M.; Gelan, A.
    INTERcCOM (Intercultural communication in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine) is an Interreg project co-ordinated by the Center of Applied Linguistics - Hasselt University. The projects' aims are to improve mutual communication and to simplify studying and working in the EMR, composed of 3 different languages and 5 different cultures. To achieve this goal, a scientific research consisting of a language and a culture part was undertaken, in which we sought an answer to the following main questions: - What interference errors and other recurrent errors do native youngsters and young Polish and Turkish immigrants keep on making in the other region's languages?...

  18. Theorie getoetst aan de praktijk - Semi-autonoom gecombineerd taal en cultuur leren in hoger onderwijs

    Verjans, Martine
    Universiteit Hasselt, faculteit Bedrijfseconomische Wetenschappen, kiest voor autonoom digitaal leren in combinatie met contacturen. De kloof tussen het niveau van de heterogene groep instromende studenten aan de faculteit en de hoge eisen van de arbeidsmarkt, het beperkt aantal verplichte studiepunten en de minimale personeelsomkadering gaven aanleiding tot een grondige reflectie over inhoud en didactiek van het vak Economisch en Zakelijk Frans aan de universiteit van Hasselt. Via e-learning vergaren studenten nu de bouwstenen van economisch en zakelijk Frans volgens hun persoonlijke voorkeur. Daarna komen de bouwstenen van de taal tot leven in hun communicatie met de docent en hun medestudenten.

  19. De zilveren editie van de 'Vlaamse Olympiade van het Frans', huidige gegevens, verleden en impact

    Verjans, Martine; Clijsters, Willy

  20. Semi-autonoom gecombineerd taalleren: theorie aan de praktijk getoetst

    Verjans, Martine; Clijsters, Willy

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