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  1. A performance analysis of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for optimization

    Pangilinan, José Maria
    The scientific objective of the dissertation is to improve the understanding of how evolutionary algorithms work in finding efficient solutions to multiobjective optimization problems through experimental research. The objective of the study is twofold: (1) to describe the performance of evolutionary algorithms in terms of stability, computational complexity, diversity and optimality of solutions in different multiobjective optimization problems, and (2) to describe their strengths and weaknesses in each of the MOOP considered in the study and identify why the MOEA succeeded or failed. The thesis evaluated the performance of two multiobjective evolutionary algorithms on four problem sets that have different...

  2. Multilevel models in traffic safety research: An investigation and illustration of a flexible solution to improve upon classical statistical analysis techniques

    Vanlaar, Ward
    This Ph.D. thesis deals with the issue of correct versus incorrect usage of statistics. More precisely, the objective is to demonstrate the applicability, usefulness and added value of multilevel models in the field of traffic safety. Multilevel models, also known as mixed models or random effects models are a family of techniques that can be considered a flexible solution to overcome some limitations of classical analysis techniques. To reach this objective, several sub-goals have been formulated. First, multilevel models are described using an intuitive and a mathematical approach. Second, the use of multilevel models is justified by explaining and illustrating...

  3. Inter-and intraday variability of Flemish travel behavior

    Cools, Mario

  4. An activity-based modelling framework for air pollution exposure assessment

    Beckx, Carolien
    Transport has both positive and negative effects on health. On the one hand, transport connections help people to reach services, maintain contacts and interactions. On the other hand, transport causes annually hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in Europe, not only due to traffic accidents, but also due to air pollution problems. Transport related gaseous and particulate emissions are one of the main sources of air pollution and air pollution is estimated to cause around 370 000 premature deaths a year in the European Union. Due to the negative effects of transport, one of the key challenges of the modern...

  5. A methodology for developing a composite road safety performance index for cross-coountry comparison

    Hermans, Elke
    In this research, countries are compared in terms of road safety. Hence, the complex and multidisciplinary concept of road safety is translated into quantifiable indicators. Up to now, country comparisons were mainly based on registered accident data (i.e., final outcome information). However, we want to gain insight into the main underlying road safety risk aspects. That way, appropriate measures able to tackle the main risk aspects can be selected before they result in an increased number of accidents and casualties. For that reason, road safety performance indicators situated at the intermediate outcome level are studied here. In particular, starting from...

  6. Knowledge discovery techniques for understanding customer behaviour with incomplete data

    Depaire, Benoît

  7. Internal fraud risk reduction by data mining and process mining: framework and case study

    Jans, Mieke
    The lack of data analysis research on internal fraud in the academic field, is an opportunity to devote attention to. We decide to focus our research objective on internal fraud, with transaction fraud (not investigated at all) being a part of this. That internal fraud is worth investigating, is already touched upon in section 1.1.5. The average financial damage to companies subjected to the PwC survey, was US$ 2.42 million per company and participants of the ACFE study estimated a loss of 7% of a company's annual revenues to fraud. Also Lynch and Gomaa (2003) draw attention to the susceptibility...

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