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  1. Spectral-element modeling of spontaneous earthquake rupture on rate and state faults: Effect of velocity-strengthening friction at shallow depths

    Kaneko, Y.; Lapusta, N.; Ampuero, J.-P.
    We develop a spectral-element methodology (SEM) for simulating dynamic rupture on rate and state faults and use it to study how the rupture is affected by a shallow fault region of steady-state velocity-strengthening friction. Our comparison of the developed SEM and a spectral boundary-integral method (BIM) for an anti-plane (two-dimensional) test problem shows that the two methods produce virtually identical solutions for the finest resolution we use and that the convergence with grid reduction of the developed SEM methodology is comparable to that of BIM. We also use the test problem to compare numerical resolution required for different state evolution...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 02-sep-2017

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