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  1. Collective Memories of Germans and Japanese About the Past Half Century

    Schuman, Howard; Akiyama, Hiroko; Knäuper, Bärbel

  2. The Generational Basis of Historical Knowledge

    Schuman, Howard; Belli, Robert; Bischoping, Katherine

  3. Preface: Method and Meaning in Polls and Surveys

    Schuman, Howard

  4. Two Sources of Antiwar Sentiment in America

    Schuman, Howard

  5. Collective Knowledge of Public Events: The Soviet Era from the Great Purge to Glasnost

    Schuman, Howard; Corning, Amy

  6. The Complexity of Ignorance

    Belli, Robert F.; Schuman, Howard

  7. Context Effects and Social Change

    Schuman, Howard

  8. Elite Revisionists and Popular Beliefs: Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?

    Schuman, Howard; Schwartz, Barry; d'Arcy, Hannah

  9. Comparing Iraq to Vietnam: Recognition, Recall, and the Nature of Cohort Effects

    Schuman, Howard; Corning, Amy

  10. Cohorts, Chronology, and Collective Memory

    Schuman, Howard; Rodgers, Willard L.

  11. Generations and Collective Memories in Lithuania

    Schuman, Howard; Rieger, Cheryl; Gaidys, Vladas

  12. History, Commemoration, and Belief: Abraham Lincoln in American Memory, 1945-2001

    Schwartz, Barry; Schuman, Howard

  13. Historical Analogies, Generational Effects, and Attitudes Toward War

    Schuman, Howard; Cheryl Rieger

  14. Generations and Collective Memories

    Schuman, Howard; Scott, Jacqueline

  15. Keeping the Past Alive: Israeli Memories at the Turn of the Millennium

    Schuman, Howard; Vinitzky-Seroussi, Vered; Vinokur, Amiram

  16. Political Excavations of the Anatolian Past: Nationalism and Archaeology in Turkey

    Gur, Asli

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