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DSpace - Universidade do Porto (71,235 recursos)
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1. Management of research data at Porto University: from research needs to curation workflows supported on a data repository - Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes; Cristina Ribeiro; João Silva

2. Curadoria de Dados na U.Porto: Identificação de práticas em diversas áreas disciplinares - Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes; Cristina Ribeiro

3. The current state of CRIS-IR interoperability at the University of Porto - Lígia Maria Ribeiro; Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes

4. Managing Access Rights for the Repositories of U.Porto - Cristina Ribeiro; Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes
Digital repositories are replacing traditional archives, and their functions largely exceed those of their ancestors. In a higher education institution, wheremultiple activities take place motivated by its teaching, research, community engagement and cultural missions, repositories may become endowed with aspectrum of functionalities that range from the support for teaching resources, the registry of academic publication, the management of research data, thepreservation of heritage materials and the dissemination of timely news.In this paper we are looking at the repository structure of U.Porto from the point of view of access rights and access restrictions. The experience at U.Portohas shown that an institutional...

5. Management of research data at Porto University: from research needs to curation workflows supported on a data repository - Cristina Ribeiro; João Silva; Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes

6. Curadoria de Dados na U.Porto: Identificação de práticas em diversas áreas disciplinares - Cristina Ribeiro; Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes
A Universidade do Porto é a maior universidade portuguesa e gera uma parte significativa da produção científica portuguesa. A preocupação com a gestão dos dados produzidos em contexto de investigação levou a U.Porto a lançar um projecto de auditoria sobre os dados existentes nos grupos de investigação em vários domínios. Os resultados preliminares mostram uma grande diversidade de dados em natureza, volume e estrutura, a necessidade comum de preservação dos dados e a motivação dos investigadores para a disponibilização de dados sujeita a restrições inerentes aos próprios dados e ao processo de investigação.

7. Data Curation at U.Porto: Identifying current practices across disciplinary domains - Cristina Ribeiro; Maria Eugénia Matos Fernandes
The University of Porto is currently concerned with the curation of and the access to the scientific data generated by its researchers. There is a growing awareness of the fragility of digital archives, and researchers feel that they need to keep their data assets alive as the scientific infrastructure becomes more sophisticated. The possibilities of scientific impact derived from open datasets are also becoming evident to them. As a result of an identification task, we present a preliminary study on the datasets which are being used in current research, picking examples from life sciences, engineering, social sciences and arts. The...

8. The Adoption of a Smart Card at the University of Porto - Ricardo Faria; José A. Sousa; Lígia M. Ribeiro
The University of Porto, recognizing the relevance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the overall performance of the institution, is committed to technology leadership for the benefit of the academic community. The Digital University Department is a central department dedicated to ICT, whose mission is to promote and extend the use of ICT to all the activities of the University, as well as to induce the development and adoption of innovative services in this area.In this context and following a recent partnership celebrated in July 2008 between the University and the Santander Totta Bank, the Digital University Department is...

9. The U.Porto Open Repository: The Role of the Information System - Eugénia Matos Fernandes; Lígia Maria Ribeiro
The creation and the dissemination of knowledge are nuclear to the mission of universities. As JohnNewman anticipated in his work quot;The Idea of a University1] Knowledge is capable of being its own end.We all know and experiment the influence of the new information and communication technologies (ICT)in our daily work and in the way we live in society. These technologies are having a tremendous impacton production and diffusion of knowledge. The open access movement for scholarly communicationbears on the possibilities of Internet technologies, and institutional repositories on the Web are seen asnew ways to support that primary constituent of the...


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