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  1. Imaging the Small-Scale Circumstellar Gas Around T Tauri Stars

    Koerner, D. W.; Sargent, A. I.
    We have detected circumstellar molecular gas around a small sample of T Tauri stars through aperture synthesis imaging of CO(2→1) emission at ˜2"-3" resolution. RY Tauri, DL Tauri, DO Tauri, and AS 209 show resolved and elongated gaseous emission. For RY Tau, the deconvolved, half-maximum radius along the direction of elongation, P.A. ˜48°, is 110 AU. Corresponding radii and orientations for the other sources are: DL Tau-250 AU at P.A. ˜84°; DO Tau-350 AU at P.A. ˜160°; AS 209-290 AU at P.A. ˜138°. RY Tau, DL Tau, and AS 209 show velocity gradients parallel to the elongation, suggesting that the...
    (application/pdf) - 01-sep-2017

  2. Aperture Synthesis Maps of CO Emission from M51

    Lo, K. Y.; Berge, G.; Claussen, M.; Heiligman, G.; Keene, J.; Masson, C.; Phillips, T.; Sargent, A.; Scoville, N.; Watson, D.; Woody, D.
    7"-resolution maps of CO emission from the central 2' of M51 have been made with the Owens Valley millimeter-wave interferometer. Relative warm gas from giant molecular clouds is seen largely confined to arms coincident with the dust lanes, forming coherent structure on the scale of ~3 Kpc. There is a minimum of CO emission within 400 pc of the center. Integrated CO intensity maps are presented. Non-circular motion of the CO gas is evident from the velocity field.
    (application/pdf) - 01-sep-2017

  3. The Caltech Millimeter Wave Interferometer

    Masson, C. R.; Berge, G. L.; Claussen, Mark J.; Heiligman, G. M.; Leighton, R. B.; Lo, K. Y.; Moffett, A. T.; Phillips, T. G.; Sargent, Anneila I.; Scott, S. L.; Woody, David P.; Young, A.
    The Caltech Millimeter-Wave Interferometer has recently begun observations at a wavelength of 2.6 mm. We describe the instrument and some of the first results from it.
    (application/pdf) - 01-sep-2017

  4. Methane Abundance Variations toward the Massive Protostar NGC 7538 IRS 9

    Boogert, A. C. A.; Blake, G. A.; Öberg, K.
    Absorption and emission lines originating from the ν_3 C–H stretching manifold of gas-phase CH_4 were discovered in the high-resolution (R = 25,000) infrared L-band spectrum along the line of sight toward NGC 7538 IRS 9. These observations provide a diagnostic of the complex dynamics and chemistry in a massive star-forming region. The line shapes resemble P Cygni profiles with the absorption and emission components shifted by ~7 km s^(-1) with respect to the systemic velocity. Similar velocity components were observed in CO at 4.7 μm, but in contrast to CH_4, the CO shows deep absorption due to a high-velocity outflow...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 01-sep-2017

  5. Molecular abundances in OMC-1: The chemical composition of interstellar molecular clouds and the influence of massive star formation

    Blake, Geoffrey A.; Sutton, E. C.; Masson, C. R.; Phillips, T. G.
    We present here an investigation of the chemical composition of the various regions in the core of the Orion molecular cloud (OMC-1) based on results from the Caltech Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) millimeter-wave spectral line survey (Sutton et al.; Blake et al.). This survey covered a 55 GHz interval in the 1.3 mm (230 GHz) atmospheric window and contained emission from over 800 resolved spectral features. Of the 29 identified species 14 have a sufficient number of detected transitions to be investigated with an LTE "rotation diagram" technique, in which large numbers of lines are used to estimate both the rotational...
    (application/pdf) - 02-sep-2017

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