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  1. Chronic granulomatous disease associated with common variable immunodeficiency - 2 clinical cases

    Pacheco, C; Morais, A; Rolo, R; Ferreira, L; Nabiço, R; Cunha, J
    INTRODUCTION: Chronic granulomatous disease associated with common variable immunodeficiency (GD-CVID), although well documented, is rare. Granulomatous lesions can affect several organs and are histologically indistinguishable from sarcoidosis. CLINICAL CASES: Case 1: A 39-year-old male patient with CVID, asymptomatic although with thrombocytopenia and mediastinal-hilar adenopathies. GD-CVID was diagnosed by bone marrow biopsy. Progressive clinical and radiological improvement was obtained with corticotherapy. Case 2: A 38-year-old male patient with CVID, suffered from asthenia, anorexia, myalgia, lower limbs edemas, and dry cough. He had mediastinal and bilateral hilar adenopathies within which biopsy revealed non-necrotizing granulomatous infiltrate. A spontaneous resolution was detected after 9 months of evolution. CONCLUSION: GD-CVID...

  2. The Impact of Polymorphic Variations in the 5p15, 6p12, 6p21 and 15q25 Loci on the Risk and Prognosis of Portuguese Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    de Mello, RA; Ferreira, M; Soares-Pires, F; Costa, S; Cunha, J; Oliveira, P; Hespanhol, V; Reis, RM
    INTRODUCTION: Polymorphic variants in the 5p15, 6p12, 6p21, and 15q25 loci were demonstrated to potentially contribute to lung cancer carcinogenesis. Therefore, this study was performed to assess the role of those variants in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) risk and prognosis in a Portuguese population. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Blood from patients with NSCLC was prospectively collected. To perform an association study, DNA from these patients and healthy controls were genotyped for a panel of 19 SNPs using a Sequenom® MassARRAY platform. Kaplan-Meier curves were used to assess the overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS). RESULTS: One hundred and forty-four patients with NSCLC were successfully...

  3. Prevalência do consumo de tabaco em adolescentes escolarizados portugueses por sexo: podemos estar otimistas?

    Precioso, J; Samorinha, C; Macedo, M; Antunes, H
    Abstract INTRODUCTION: According to the MPOWER approach adopted in 2008 by the WHO, monitoring smoking epidemics is necessary in order to assess the effectiveness of the preventive measures used in smoking control in adolescents and adults. OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence of smoking in Portuguese school-aged adolescents by region. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The sample is made up of 8764 students, 4060 boys and 4704 girls, and is representative of the Portuguese students in regular public education. The data was collected in the 2008/2009 academic year, through a quantitative self-report questionnaire. RESULTS: In the total sample, 10.2% of boys and 9.1% of girls are regular smokers. Smoking increases with...

  4. Sedation with midazolam in flexible bronchoscopy - a prospective study

    Rolo, R; Mota, PC; Coelho, F; Alves, D; Fernandes, G; Cunha, J; Hespanhol, V; Magalhães, A
    INTRODUCTION: Sedatives have been increasingly used to improve patient comfort during flexible bronchoscopy (FOB). Due to its rapid-onset, anxiolytic and amnestic properties, midazolam is one of the most commonly used sedatives. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effect of sedation with midazolam, including patient tolerance, complications and its potential use on a daily routine basis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A multi-centre, prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled study was made on 100 patients submitted to FOB in two Pulmonology Departments. Midazolam (0.05mg/kg) was administered to patients in Group 1 and saline solution (0,9% NaCl) to patients in Group 2, five minutes before the procedure. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS-A)...

  5. Implicações terapêuticas do lobo da veia ázigos em doente com adenocarcinoma do pulmão

    Pinto, CS; Santos, N; Alves, D; Cunha, J; Miranda, J; Vouga, L

  6. Crohn's disease and intestinal tuberculosis: A clinical challenge.

    Rolo, R; Campainha, S; Duarte, R

  7. Mixoma endobrônquico: Caso clínico

    Rolo, R; Pereira, R; Eisele, L; Ferreira, L; Nogueira, R; Cunha, J
    INTRODUCTION: Pulmonary myxoma is an extremely rare benign neoplasm. It is mostly parenchymal but may occasionally occur within the tracheobronchial tree. There are very few reports of endobronchial myxoma. CASE REPORT: We describe a case of endobronchial myxoma in a 40-year-old female patient with a history of asthma and repeated right-sided pneumonia. Thoracic computed tomography (CT) showed medium lobe atelectasis. Fiber optic bronchoscopy revealed a polypoid, well-circumscribed tumor, causing total obstruction of the medium lobe bronchus. Biopsy of the mass was non-diagnostic. Further study included a positron emission tomography (PET) which demonstrated low metabolic activity of the tumor and no evidence...

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