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Clinical Epigenetics

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1. Identification and validation of the methylation biomarkers of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) - Guo, Shicheng; Yan, Fengyang; Xu, Jibin; Bao, Yang; Zhu, Ji; Wang, Xiaotian; Wu, Junjie; Li, Yi; Pu, Weilin; Liu, Yan; Jiang, Zhengwen; Ma, Yanyun; Chen, Xiaofeng; Xiong, Momiao; Jin, Li; Wang, Jiucun

2. Decreased expression of cell proliferation-related genes in clonally derived skin fibroblasts from children with Silver-Russell syndrome is independent of the degree of 11p15 ICR1 hypomethylation - Heckmann, Doreen; Urban, Christina; Weber, Karin; Kannenberg, Kai; Binder, Gerhard

3. Combining the differentiating effect of panobinostat with the apoptotic effect of arsenic trioxide leads to significant survival benefit in a model of t(8;21) acute myeloid leukemia - Salmon, Jessica M; Bots, Michael; Vidacs, Eva; Stanley, Kym L; Atadja, Peter; Zuber, Johannes; Johnstone, Ricky W

4. Globalization, climate change, and transgenerational epigenetic inheritance: will our descendants be at risk? - Guerrero-Bosagna, Carlos; Jensen, Per
Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance has gained increased attention due to the possibility that exposure to environmental contaminants induce diseases that propagate across generations through epigenomic alterations in gametes. In laboratory animals, exposure to environmental toxicants such as fungicides, pesticides, or plastic compounds has been shown to produce abnormal reproductive or metabolic phenotypes that are transgenerationally transmitted. Human exposures to environmental toxicants have increased due to industrialization and globalization, as well as the incidence of diseases shown to be transgenerationally transmitted in animal models. This new knowledge poses an urgent call to study transgenerational consequences of current human exposures to environmental toxicants.

5. Enzymatic cleavage of histone H3: a new consideration when measuring histone modifications in human samples - Howe, Caitlin G; Gamble, Mary V
Histone modifications are increasingly being used as biomarkers of cancer prognosis and survival. However, we identified a cleavage product of histone H3 in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, which interferes with measures of certain H3 modifications. Therefore, the potential for enzymatic cleavage of histones should be considered when measuring histone modifications in human samples. Furthermore, the enzymatic cleavage of human H3 is itself a fascinating area of research and two important questions remain to be answered: 1) Does cleavage of human H3 occur in vivo, as it does in other organisms? and 2) Does it serve a biologically important function?

6. Hypermethylation of the TGF-β target, ABCA1 is associated with poor prognosis in ovarian cancer patients - Chou, Jian-Liang; Huang, Rui-Lan; Shay, Jacqueline; Chen, Lin-Yu; Lin, Sheng-Jie; Yan, Pearlly S; Chao, Wei-Ting; Lai, Yi-Hui; Lai, Yen-Ling; Chao, Tai-Kuang; Lee, Cheng-I; Tai, Chien-Kuo; Wu, Shu-Fen; Nephew, Kenneth P; Huang, Tim H-M; Lai, Hung-Cheng; Chan, Michael W Y

7. The importance of distinguishing pseudogenes from parental genes - Hesson, Luke B; Ward, Robyn L

8. Nucleosome positioning is unaltered at MLH1 splice site mutations in cells derived from Lynch syndrome patients - Sloane, Mathew A; Hesson, Luke B; Nunez, Andrea C; Thompson, Bryony A; Ward, Robyn L

9. Expression profiling of DNA methylation-mediated epigenetic gene-silencing factors in breast cancer - Kar, Swayamsiddha; Sengupta, Dipta; Deb, Moonmoon; Shilpi, Arunima; Parbin, Sabnam; Rath, Sandip Kumar; Pradhan, Nibedita; Rakshit, Madhumita; Patra, Samir Kumar

10. Hypomethylation and overexpression of ITGAL (CD11a) in CD4+ T cells in systemic sclerosis - Wang, YaoYao; Shu, Ye; Xiao, YangFan; Wang, Qing; Kanekura, Takuro; Li, YaPing; Wang, JiuCun; Zhao, Ming; Lu, QianJin; Xiao, Rong

11. Allelic variation in the canine Cox-2 promoter causes hypermethylation of the canine Cox-2 promoter in clinical cases of renal dysplasia - Whiteley, Mary H

12. Identifying diagnostic DNA methylation profiles for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy in blood and saliva using bisulfite sequencing - Jones, Takako I; Yan, Chi; Sapp, Peter C; McKenna-Yasek, Diane; Kang, Peter B; Quinn, Colin; Salameh, Johnny S; King, Oliver D; Jones, Peter L

13. Transcriptional repression is epigenetically marked by H3K9 methylation during SV40 replication - Kallestad, Les; Christensen, Kendra; Woods, Emily; Milavetz, Barry

14. Epigenetic therapy of acute myeloid leukemia using 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (decitabine) in combination with inhibitors of histone methylation and deacetylation - Momparler, Richard L; Côté, Sylvie; Momparler, Louise F; Idaghdour, Youssef

15. High-frequency aberrantly methylated targets in pancreatic adenocarcinoma identified via global DNA methylation analysis using methylCap-seq - Zhao, Yangxing; Sun, Jinfeng; Zhang, Hongyu; Guo, Shicheng; Gu, Jun; Wang, Wei; Tang, Ning; Zhou, Xiaoyu; Yu, Jian

16. Oral contraceptives modify the effect of GATA3 polymorphisms on the risk of asthma at the age of 18 years via DNA methylation - Guthikonda, Kranthi; Zhang, Hongmei; Nolan, Vikki G; Soto-Ramírez, Nelís; Ziyab, Ali H; Ewart, Susan; Arshad, Hasan S; Patil, Veeresh; Holloway, John W; Lockett, Gabrielle A; Karmaus, Wilfried

17. Methylation analysis of the phosphates and tensin homologue on chromosome 10 gene (PTEN) in multiple myeloma - Piras, Giovanna; Monne, Maria; Palmas, Angelo D; Calvisi, Anna; Asproni, Rosanna; Vacca, Francesco; Pilo, Laura; Gabbas, Attilio; Latte, Giancarlo

18. High-throughput DNA analysis shows the importance of methylation in the control of immune inflammatory gene transcription in chronic periodontitis - De Souza, Ana Paula; Planello, Aline Cristiane; Marques, Marcelo Rocha; De Carvalho, Daniel Diniz; Line, Sergio Roberto Peres

19. Acetylsalicylic acid, aging and coronary artery disease are associated with ABCA1 DNA methylation in men - Guay, Simon-Pierre; Légaré, Cécilia; Houde, Andrée-Anne; Mathieu, Patrick; Bossé, Yohan; Bouchard, Luigi

20. Epigenetic response in mice mastitis: Role of histone H3 acetylation and microRNA(s) in the regulation of host inflammatory gene expression during Staphylococcus aureus infection - Modak, Rahul; Das Mitra, Susweta; Vasudevan, Madavan; Krishnamoorthy, Paramanandhan; Kumar, Manoj; Bhat, Akshay V; Bhuvana, Mani; Ghosh, Sankar K; Shome, Bibek R; Kundu, Tapas K

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