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Clinical Epigenetics

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1. Age-associated DNA methylation changes in immune genes, histone modifiers and chromatin remodeling factors within 5 years after birth in human blood leukocytes - Acevedo, Nathalie; Reinius, Lovisa E; Vitezic, Morana; Fortino, Vittorio; Söderhäll, Cilla; Honkanen, Hanna; Veijola, Riitta; Simell, Olli; Toppari, Jorma; Ilonen, Jorma; Knip, Mikael; Scheynius, Annika; Hyöty, Heikki; Greco, Dario; Kere, Juha

2. Genome-wide blood DNA methylation alterations at regulatory elements and heterochromatic regions in monozygotic twins discordant for obesity and liver fat - Ollikainen, Miina; Ismail, Khadeeja; Gervin, Kristina; Kyllönen, Anjuska; Hakkarainen, Antti; Lundbom, Jesper; Järvinen, Elina A; Harris, Jennifer R; Lundbom, Nina; Rissanen, Aila; Lyle, Robert; Pietiläinen, Kirsi H; Kaprio, Jaakko

3. Differences in DNA methylation profile of Th1 and Th2 cytokine genes are associated with tolerance acquisition in children with IgE-mediated cow’s milk allergy - Berni Canani, Roberto; Paparo, Lorella; Nocerino, Rita; Cosenza, Linda; Pezzella, Vincenza; Di Costanzo, Margherita; Capasso, Mario; Del Monaco, Valentina; D’Argenio, Valeria; Greco, Luigi; Salvatore, Francesco

4. LINE-1 hypomethylation is neither present in rectal aberrant crypt foci nor associated with field defect in sporadic colorectal neoplasia - Quintanilla, Isabel; Lopez-Cerón, Maria; Jimeno, Mireya; Cuatrecasas, Miriam; Muñoz, Jennifer; Moreira, Leticia; Carballal, Sabela; Leoz, Maria Liz; Camps, Jordi; Castells, Antoni; Pellisé, Maria; Balaguer, Francesc

5. Quantitative methodology is critical for assessing DNA methylation and impacts on correlation with patient outcome - Lim, Annette M; Candiloro, Ida LM; Wong, Nicholas; Collins, Marnie; Do, Hongdo; Takano, Elena A; Angel, Christopher; Young, Richard J; Corry, June; Wiesenfeld, David; Kleid, Stephen; Sigston, Elizabeth; Lyons, Bernard; Rischin, Danny; Solomon, Benjamin; Dobrovic, Alexander

6. Methylation array data can simultaneously identify individuals and convey protected health information: an unrecognized ethical concern - Philibert, Robert A; Terry, Nicolas; Erwin, Cheryl; Philibert, Winter J; Beach, Steven RH; Brody, Gene H

7. Genome-wide methylation profiling of the different stages of hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma development in plasma cell-free DNA reveals potential biomarkers for early detection and high-risk monitoring of hepatocellular carcinoma - Zhao, Yangxing; Xue, Feng; Sun, Jinfeng; Guo, Shicheng; Zhang, Hongyu; Qiu, Bijun; Geng, Junfeng; Gu, Jun; Zhou, Xiaoyu; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Zhenfeng; Tang, Ning; He, Yinghua; Yu, Jian; Xia, Qiang

8. Differential DNA methylation of genes involved in fibrosis progression in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease - Zeybel, Müjdat; Hardy, Timothy; Robinson, Stuart M; Fox, Christopher; Anstee, Quentin M; Ness, Thomas; Masson, Steven; Mathers, John C; French, Jeremy; White, Steve; Mann, Jelena

9. Restitution of gene expression and histone acetylation signatures altered by hepatitis B virus through antiviral microRNA-like molecules in nontransformed murine hepatocytes - Jenke, Andreas CW; Hensel, Kai O; Klein, Andreas; Willuhn, Lisa; Prax, Susanna; Weil, Patrick P; Winkler, Theodor; Deba, Timo; Orth, Valerie; Baiker, Armin; Wirth, Stefan; Postberg, Jan

10. Polycomb-mediated silencing in neuroendocrine prostate cancer - Clermont, Pier-Luc; Lin, Dong; Crea, Francesco; Wu, Rebecca; Xue, Hui; Wang, Yuwei; Thu, Kelsie L; Lam, Wan L; Collins, Colin C; Wang, Yuzhuo; Helgason, Cheryl D

11. Leucine alters hepatic glucose/lipid homeostasis via the myostatin-AMP-activated protein kinase pathway - potential implications for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease - Zarfeshani, Aida; Ngo, Sherry; Sheppard, Allan M

12. Multiplex bisulfite PCR resequencing of clinical FFPE DNA - Korbie, Darren; Lin, Erica; Wall, David; Nair, Shalima S; Stirzaker, Clare; Clark, Sue J; Trau, Matt

13. From inflammaging to healthy aging by dietary lifestyle choices: is epigenetics the key to personalized nutrition? - vel Szic, Katarzyna Szarc; Declerck, Ken; Vidaković, Melita; Vanden Berghe, Wim
The progressively older population in developed countries is reflected in an increase in the number of people suffering from age-related chronic inflammatory diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia. The heterogeneity in biological aging, chronological age, and aging-associated disorders in humans have been ascribed to different genetic and environmental factors (i.e., diet, pollution, stress) that are closely linked to socioeconomic factors. The common denominator of these factors is the inflammatory response. Chronic low-grade systemic inflammation during physiological aging and immunosenescence are intertwined in the pathogenesis of premature aging also defined as ‘inflammaging.’...

14. Premature aging of leukocyte DNA methylation is associated with type 2 diabetes prevalence - Toperoff, Gidon; Kark, Jeremy D; Aran, Dvir; Nassar, Hisham; Ahmad, Wiessam Abu; Sinnreich, Ronit; Azaiza, Dima; Glaser, Benjamin; Hellman, Asaf

15. Somatic cancer mutations in the MLL3-SET domain alter the catalytic properties of the enzyme - Weirich, Sara; Kudithipudi, Srikanth; Kycia, Ina; Jeltsch, Albert

16. Methylation analysis of histone H4K12ac-associated promoters in sperm of healthy donors and subfertile patients - Vieweg, Markus; Dvorakova-Hortova, Katerina; Dudkova, Barbora; Waliszewski, Przemyslaw; Otte, Marie; Oels, Berthold; Hajimohammad, Amir; Turley, Heiko; Schorsch, Martin; Schuppe, Hans-Christian; Weidner, Wolfgang; Steger, Klaus; Paradowska-Dogan, Agnieszka

17. An epigenetic map of age-associated autosomal loci in northern European families at high risk for the metabolic syndrome - Ali, Omar; Cerjak, Diana; Kent, Jack W; James, Roland; Blangero, John; Carless, Melanie A; Zhang, Yi

18. Phase I study of azacitidine and oxaliplatin in patients with advanced cancers that have relapsed or are refractory to any platinum therapy - Tsimberidou, Apostolia M; Said, Rabih; Culotta, Kirk; Wistuba, Ignacio; Jelinek, Jaroslav; Fu, Siqing; Falchook, Gerald; Naing, Aung; Piha-Paul, Sarina; Zinner, Ralph; Siddik, Zahid H; He, Guangan; Hess, Kenneth; Stewart, David J; Kurzrock, Razelle; Issa, Jean-Pierre J

19. Genome-scale hypomethylation in the cord blood DNAs associated with early onset preeclampsia - Ching, Travers; Ha, James; Song, Min-Ae; Tiirikainen, Maarit; Molnar, Janos; Berry, Marla J; Towner, Dena; Garmire, Lana X

20. RARβ2 hypermethylation is associated with poor recurrence-free survival in never-smokers with adenocarcinoma of the lung - Kim, Yujin; Jin, DongHao; Lee, Bo Bin; Cho, Eun Yoon; Han, Joungho; Shim, Young Mog; Kim, Duk-Hwan

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