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Clinical Epigenetics

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1. Environmental chemicals and DNA methylation in adults: a systematic review of the epidemiologic evidence - Ruiz-Hernandez, Adrian; Kuo, Chin-Chi; Rentero-Garrido, Pilar; Tang, Wan-Yee; Redon, Josep; Ordovas, Jose M; Navas-Acien, Ana; Tellez-Plaza, Maria
Current evidence supports the notion that environmental exposures are associated with DNA-methylation and expression changes that can impact human health. Our objective was to conduct a systematic review of epidemiologic studies evaluating the association between environmental chemicals with DNA methylation levels in adults. After excluding arsenic, recently evaluated in a systematic review, we identified a total of 17 articles (6 on cadmium, 4 on lead, 2 on mercury, 1 on nickel, 1 on antimony, 1 on tungsten, 5 on persistent organic pollutants and perfluorinated compounds, 1 on bisphenol A, and 3 on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). The selected articles reported quantitative...

2. MicroRNA-375 plays a dual role in prostate carcinogenesis - Costa-Pinheiro, Pedro; Ramalho-Carvalho, João; Vieira, Filipa Quintela; Torres-Ferreira, Jorge; Oliveira, Jorge; Gonçalves, Céline S; Costa, Bruno M; Henrique, Rui; Jerónimo, Carmen

3. Epigenetic reprogramming of melanoma cells by vitamin C treatment - Gustafson, Christopher B; Yang, Cuixia; Dickson, Kevin M; Shao, Hongwei; Van Booven, Derek; Harbour, J William; Liu, Zhao-Jun; Wang, Gaofeng

4. Coordinated epigenetic remodelling of transcriptional networks occurs during early breast carcinogenesis - Locke, Warwick J; Zotenko, Elena; Stirzaker, Clare; Robinson, Mark D; Hinshelwood, Rebecca A; Stone, Andrew; Reddel, Roger R; Huschtscha, Lily I; Clark, Susan J

5. Effects of phthalate exposure on asthma may be mediated through alterations in DNA methylation - Wang, I-Jen; Karmaus, Wilfried JJ; Chen, Su-Lien; Holloway, John W; Ewart, Susan

6. DNA methylation and gene expression profiles show novel regulatory pathways in hepatocellular carcinoma - Udali, Silvia; Guarini, Patrizia; Ruzzenente, Andrea; Ferrarini, Alberto; Guglielmi, Alfredo; Lotto, Valentina; Tononi, Paola; Pattini, Patrizia; Moruzzi, Sara; Campagnaro, Tommaso; Conci, Simone; Olivieri, Oliviero; Corrocher, Roberto; Delledonne, Massimo; Choi, Sang-Woon; Friso, Simonetta

7. Comparison of HPV genotyping and methylated ZNF582 as triage for women with equivocal liquid-based cytology results - Liou, Yu-Ligh; Zhang, Yu; Liu, Yingzi; Cao, Lanqin; Qin, Chong-Zhen; Zhang, Tao-Lan; Chang, Chi-Feng; Wang, Huei-Jen; Lin, Shu-Yi; Chu, Tang-Yuan; Zhang, Yi; Zhou, Hong-Hao

8. Racial differences in IGF1 methylation and birth weight - Straughen, Jennifer K; Sipahi, Levent; Uddin, Monica; Misra, Dawn P; Misra, Vinod K

9. Inflammation triggers specific microRNA profiles in human adipocytes and macrophages and in their supernatants - Ortega, Francisco José; Moreno, María; Mercader, Josep María; Moreno-Navarrete, José María; Fuentes-Batllevell, Núria; Sabater, Mònica; Ricart, Wifredo; Fernández-Real, José Manuel

10. A statistical method for single sample analysis of HumanMethylation450 array data: genome-wide methylation analysis of patients with imprinting disorders - Rezwan, Faisal I; Docherty, Louise E; Poole, Rebecca L; Lockett, Gabrielle A; Arshad, S Hasan; Holloway, John W; Temple, I Karen; Mackay, Deborah JG

11. Risk of re-identification of epigenetic methylation data: a more nuanced response is needed - Joly, Yann; Dyke, Stephanie OM; Cheung, Warren A; Rothstein, Mark A; Pastinen, Tomi
In this letter to the editor, we respond to the recent publication by Philibert et al. Methylation array data can simultaneously identify individuals and convey protected health information: an unrecognized ethical concern (Clinical Epigenetics 2014, 6:28). Further discussion of the issues raised by the risk of re-identification of epigenetic methylation data is needed, and a more nuanced approach should be taken with respect to its implications for data sharing policy than the one provided.

12. Individual epigenetic status of the pathogenic D4Z4 macrosatellite correlates with disease in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy - Jones, Takako I; King, Oliver D; Himeda, Charis L; Homma, Sachiko; Chen, Jennifer C J; Beermann, Mary Lou; Yan, Chi; Emerson, Charles P; Miller, Jeffrey B; Wagner, Kathryn R; Jones, Peter L

13. Platelet mitochondrial DNA methylation: a potential new marker of cardiovascular disease - Baccarelli, Andrea A; Byun, Hyang-Min

14. DNA methylation differences between in vitro- and in vivo-conceived children are associated with ART procedures rather than infertility - Song, Sisi; Ghosh, Jayashri; Mainigi, Monica; Turan, Nahid; Weinerman, Rachel; Truongcao, May; Coutifaris, Christos; Sapienza, Carmen

15. Age-associated DNA methylation changes in immune genes, histone modifiers and chromatin remodeling factors within 5 years after birth in human blood leukocytes - Acevedo, Nathalie; Reinius, Lovisa E; Vitezic, Morana; Fortino, Vittorio; Söderhäll, Cilla; Honkanen, Hanna; Veijola, Riitta; Simell, Olli; Toppari, Jorma; Ilonen, Jorma; Knip, Mikael; Scheynius, Annika; Hyöty, Heikki; Greco, Dario; Kere, Juha

16. Genome-wide blood DNA methylation alterations at regulatory elements and heterochromatic regions in monozygotic twins discordant for obesity and liver fat - Ollikainen, Miina; Ismail, Khadeeja; Gervin, Kristina; Kyllönen, Anjuska; Hakkarainen, Antti; Lundbom, Jesper; Järvinen, Elina A; Harris, Jennifer R; Lundbom, Nina; Rissanen, Aila; Lyle, Robert; Pietiläinen, Kirsi H; Kaprio, Jaakko

17. Differences in DNA methylation profile of Th1 and Th2 cytokine genes are associated with tolerance acquisition in children with IgE-mediated cow’s milk allergy - Berni Canani, Roberto; Paparo, Lorella; Nocerino, Rita; Cosenza, Linda; Pezzella, Vincenza; Di Costanzo, Margherita; Capasso, Mario; Del Monaco, Valentina; D’Argenio, Valeria; Greco, Luigi; Salvatore, Francesco

18. LINE-1 hypomethylation is neither present in rectal aberrant crypt foci nor associated with field defect in sporadic colorectal neoplasia - Quintanilla, Isabel; Lopez-Cerón, Maria; Jimeno, Mireya; Cuatrecasas, Miriam; Muñoz, Jennifer; Moreira, Leticia; Carballal, Sabela; Leoz, Maria Liz; Camps, Jordi; Castells, Antoni; Pellisé, Maria; Balaguer, Francesc

19. Quantitative methodology is critical for assessing DNA methylation and impacts on correlation with patient outcome - Lim, Annette M; Candiloro, Ida LM; Wong, Nicholas; Collins, Marnie; Do, Hongdo; Takano, Elena A; Angel, Christopher; Young, Richard J; Corry, June; Wiesenfeld, David; Kleid, Stephen; Sigston, Elizabeth; Lyons, Bernard; Rischin, Danny; Solomon, Benjamin; Dobrovic, Alexander

20. Methylation array data can simultaneously identify individuals and convey protected health information: an unrecognized ethical concern - Philibert, Robert A; Terry, Nicolas; Erwin, Cheryl; Philibert, Winter J; Beach, Steven RH; Brody, Gene H

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