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Clinical Epigenetics

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1. Methylation analysis of histone H4K12ac-associated promoters in sperm of healthy donors and subfertile patients - Vieweg, Markus; Dvorakova-Hortova, Katerina; Dudkova, Barbora; Waliszewski, Przemyslaw; Otte, Marie; Oels, Berthold; Hajimohammad, Amir; Turley, Heiko; Schorsch, Martin; Schuppe, Hans-Christian; Weidner, Wolfgang; Steger, Klaus; Paradowska-Dogan, Agnieszka

2. An epigenetic map of age-associated autosomal loci in northern European families at high risk for the metabolic syndrome - Ali, Omar; Cerjak, Diana; Kent, Jack W; James, Roland; Blangero, John; Carless, Melanie A; Zhang, Yi

3. Phase I study of azacitidine and oxaliplatin in patients with advanced cancers that have relapsed or are refractory to any platinum therapy - Tsimberidou, Apostolia M; Said, Rabih; Culotta, Kirk; Wistuba, Ignacio; Jelinek, Jaroslav; Fu, Siqing; Falchook, Gerald; Naing, Aung; Piha-Paul, Sarina; Zinner, Ralph; Siddik, Zahid H; He, Guangan; Hess, Kenneth; Stewart, David J; Kurzrock, Razelle; Issa, Jean-Pierre J

4. Genome-scale hypomethylation in the cord blood DNAs associated with early onset preeclampsia - Ching, Travers; Ha, James; Song, Min-Ae; Tiirikainen, Maarit; Molnar, Janos; Berry, Marla J; Towner, Dena; Garmire, Lana X

5. RARβ2 hypermethylation is associated with poor recurrence-free survival in never-smokers with adenocarcinoma of the lung - Kim, Yujin; Jin, DongHao; Lee, Bo Bin; Cho, Eun Yoon; Han, Joungho; Shim, Young Mog; Kim, Duk-Hwan

6. Inter-locus as well as intra-locus heterogeneity in LINE-1 promoter methylation in common human cancers suggests selective demethylation pressure at specific CpGs - Nüsgen, Nicole; Goering, Wolfgang; Dauksa, Albertas; Biswas, Arijit; Jamil, Muhammad Ahmer; Dimitriou, Ioanna; Sharma, Amit; Singer, Heike; Fimmers, Rolf; Fröhlich, Holger; Oldenburg, Johannes; Gulbinas, Antanas; Schulz, Wolfgang A; El-Maarri, Osman

7. Increased DNA methylation of the SLC30A8 gene promoter is associated with type 2 diabetes in a Malay population - Seman, Norhashimah Abu; Mohamud, Wan Nazaimoon Wan; Östenson, Claes-Göran; Brismar, Kerstin; Gu, Harvest F

8. The role of microRNA-1246 in the regulation of B cell activation and the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus - Luo, Shuangyan; Liu, Yu; Liang, Gongping; Zhao, Ming; Wu, Haijing; Liang, Yunsheng; Qiu, Xiangning; Tan, Yixin; Dai, Yong; Yung, Susan; Chan, Tak-Mao; Lu, Qianjin

9. The IGF1 P2 promoter is an epigenetic QTL for circulating IGF1 and human growth - Ouni, Meriem; Gunes, Yasemin; Belot, Marie-Pierre; Castell, Anne-Laure; Fradin, Delphine; Bougnères, Pierre

10. Congenital imprinting disorders: - a network to decipher their aetiology and to improve the diagnostic and clinical care - Eggermann, Thomas; Netchine, Irène; Temple, I Karen; Tümer, Zeynep; Monk, David; Mackay, Deborah; Grønskov, Karin; Riccio, Andrea; Linglart, Agnès; Maher, Eamonn R
Imprinting disorders (IDs) are a group of eight rare but probably underdiagnosed congenital diseases affecting growth, development and metabolism. They are caused by similar molecular changes affecting regulation, dosage or the genomic sequence of imprinted genes. Each ID is characterised by specific clinical features, and, as each appeared to be associated with specific imprinting defects, they have been widely regarded as separate entities. However, they share clinical characteristics and can show overlapping molecular alterations. Nevertheless, IDs are usually studied separately despite their common underlying (epi)genetic aetiologies, and their basic pathogenesis and long-term clinical consequences remain largely unknown. Efforts to elucidate...

11. Reviewer acknowledgement 2015 - Mahlknecht, Ulrich
The Editors of Clinical Epigenetics would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in volume 6 (2014).

12. Two independent epigenetic biomarkers predict survival in neuroblastoma - Yáñez, Yania; Grau, Elena; Rodríguez-Cortez, Virginia C; Hervás, David; Vidal, Enrique; Noguera, Rosa; Hernández, Miguel; Segura, Vanessa; Cañete, Adela; Conesa, Ana; de Mora, Jaime Font; Castel, Victoria

13. Identification of subgroup-specific miRNA patterns by epigenetic profiling of sporadic and Lynch syndrome-associated colorectal and endometrial carcinoma - Kaur, Sippy; Lotsari, Johanna E; Al-Sohaily, Sam; Warusavitarne, Janindra; Kohonen-Corish, Maija RJ; Peltomäki, Päivi

14. Vitamin B12 insufficiency induces cholesterol biosynthesis by limiting s-adenosylmethionine and modulating the methylation of SREBF1 and LDLR genes - Adaikalakoteswari, Antonysunil; Finer, Sarah; Voyias, Philip D; McCarthy, Ciara M; Vatish, Manu; Moore, Jonathan; Smart-Halajko, Melissa; Bawazeer, Nahla; Al-Daghri, Nasser M; McTernan, Philip G; Kumar, Sudhesh; Hitman, Graham A; Saravanan, Ponnusamy; Tripathi, Gyanendra

15. Replicative senescence is associated with nuclear reorganization and with DNA methylation at specific transcription factor binding sites - Hänzelmann, Sonja; Beier, Fabian; Gusmao, Eduardo G; Koch, Carmen M; Hummel, Sebastian; Charapitsa, Iryna; Joussen, Sylvia; Benes, Vladimir; Brümmendorf, Tim H; Reid, George; Costa, Ivan G; Wagner, Wolfgang

16. Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis reveals estrogen-mediated epigenetic repression of metallothionein-1 gene cluster in breast cancer - Jadhav, Rohit R; Ye, Zhenqing; Huang, Rui-Lan; Liu, Joseph; Hsu, Pei-Yin; Huang, Yi-Wen; Rangel, Leticia B; Lai, Hung-Cheng; Roa, Juan Carlos; Kirma, Nameer B; Huang, Tim Hui-Ming; Jin, Victor X

17. Aberrant DNA methylation of imprinted loci in hepatocellular carcinoma and after in vitro exposure to common risk factors - Lambert, Marie-Pierre; Ancey, Pierre-Benoit; Esposti, Davide Degli; Cros, Marie-Pierre; Sklias, Athena; Scoazec, Jean-Yves; Durantel, David; Hernandez-Vargas, Hector; Herceg, Zdenko

18. Concomitant downregulation of the imprinted genes DLK1 and MEG3 at 14q32.2 by epigenetic mechanisms in urothelial carcinoma - Greife, Annemarie; Knievel, Judith; Ribarska, Teodora; Niegisch, Günter; Schulz, Wolfgang A

19. Synthetic epigenetics—towards intelligent control of epigenetic states and cell identity - Jurkowski, Tomasz P; Ravichandran, Mirunalini; Stepper, Peter
Epigenetics is currently one of the hottest topics in basic and biomedical research. However, to date, most of the studies have been descriptive in nature, designed to investigate static distribution of various epigenetic modifications in cells. Even though tremendous amount of information has been collected, we are still far from the complete understanding of epigenetic processes, their dynamics or even their direct effects on local chromatin and we still do not comprehend whether these epigenetic states are the cause or the consequence of the transcriptional profile of the cell. In this review, we try to define the concept of synthetic...

20. DNA methylation-based subtype prediction for pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia - Nordlund, Jessica; Bäcklin, Christofer L; Zachariadis, Vasilios; Cavelier, Lucia; Dahlberg, Johan; Öfverholm, Ingegerd; Barbany, Gisela; Nordgren, Ann; Övernäs, Elin; Abrahamsson, Jonas; Flaegstad, Trond; Heyman, Mats M; Jónsson, Ólafur G; Kanerva, Jukka; Larsson, Rolf; Palle, Josefine; Schmiegelow, Kjeld; Gustafsson, Mats G; Lönnerholm, Gudmar; Forestier, Erik; Syvänen, Ann-Christine

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