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  1. Palomar Observatory Hale Telescope : Prime Focus Nebular Spectrograph Log Book

    Vaughan, A. H.; Deutsch, A. J.; Arp, Halton; Sandage, A. R.; Sandage, A.; Preston, G. W.; Humason, Milton; Greenstein, J. L.; Minkowski, Rudolph; Münch, G.; Penston, M. V.; Osterbrock, D. E.; Brucato, Robert; Kraft, R. P.; Schmidt, M.; Sargent, Wallace L. W.; Zwicky, F.
    The Prime Focus Nebular Spectrograph was used at the Hale Telescope from June 1950 to June 1973 -- a span of 33 years -- by which time it was supplanted by Cassegrain spectrographs equipped with image intensifiers. In 1981, the instrument (without the two semi-solid Bowen-Schmidt cameras) was given on a long-term loan to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for use at the Table Mountain Observatory. This book consists of copies of the observing log in which the exposures were recorded. The two original log books have been deposited in the Caltech Archive.
    (application/pdf; image/png) - 27-dic-2012

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