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E-prints UPC cobreix dues finalitats: per una banda, és el dipòsit institucional de la UPC que recull els articles de revista, les comunicacions de congrés i els reports de recerca generats en les activitats de recerca del personal docent i investigador de la universitat; per l'altra, és una eina que permet accelerar la producció científica, allotjant versions de documents prèvies a la publicació en una revista o a les actes d’un congrés.

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  1. (Re)Shaping knowledge: the contribution of Sustainability Science

    Segalàs Coral, Jorge; Tejedor Papell, Gemma; Cebrián Bernat, Gisela
    Global challenges faced by society in the 21st century - including climate change, resource limitations and extreme poverty - are complex and interconnected, transcending the confines of traditional scientific disciplines. Despite this, the disciplines dealing with these issues (including engineering) are becoming increasingly specialized and compartmentalized in nature. Moreover, global challenges are characterized by uncertainty and dissent, as well as asymmetrical power relations that give particular interests more weight than others. As a result, engineers and professionals face important shortcomings in problem identification and often lack new intellectual skills and competences in searching for sustainable solutions. This course introduces participants to...

  2. Key learning theories in GDEE

    Segalàs Coral, Jorge
    This course will build on the existing experience of participants, including topics covered in the Course 7, to provide a framework for academics interested in developing undergraduate and postgraduate modules focusing on the global dimension. It will take participants through the logistical and practice aspects of conceptualizing a course, including developing intended learning outcomes, assessment strategies, and teaching methods consistent with global dimension topics. It will also provide participants with best practice and advice for communicating the importance of such modules to engineering/technical students, who may not feel that non-technical subjects are relevant to their degree. The aim of this course...

  3. Multicultural constructive community learning course for education in sustainable development applying backcasting

    Segalàs Coral, Jorge; Tejedor Papell, Gemma
    The International Seminar on Sustainable Technology Innovation is a course offered in the framework of the master of Sustainability of the UPC-Barcelona Tech University and financed by the ERASMUS Intensive Program scheme. It introduces backcasting scenarios methodology in real sustainability problems. The learning environment is international, transdisciplinary, intergenerational and intercultural. It includes stakeholders’ dialogues and discussions. The course is organized around current sustainability relevant topics that are analysed in study cases based in different contexts: going from developed to developing countries and from local to global cases. Students apply scenario methodologies to the study cases in order to set up the most contextualized sustainable strategies. The course is structured...

  4. Being scared is not enough! Motivators for education for sustainable development

    Mulder, Karel F.; Ferrer-Balas, Didac; Segalàs Coral, Jorge; Kordas, Olga; Nikiforovich, Eugene; Pereverza, Kateryna
    This chapter presents an overview of positive motivators for students, lecturers, and educational managers to prioritize Sustainable Development in education. Very often, we implicitly assume that students and colleagues should all be motivated by the great challenges that the world faces. And if they appear not to react sufficiently to these challenges, we sometimes tend to give these challenges an apocalyptic character. But is this the right motivator for students and colleagues to work on Sustainable Development? We all know that if you only use a stick and no carrot… So why don’t we use more carrots? The bureaucracy that comes with tools for checking/auditing/evaluating the (SD content...

  5. Axial piston pumps, new trends and development

    Bergadà Granyó, Josep Maria; Kumar, Sushil; Watton, John

  6. Expert system design for sewage treatment plant

    Bouza Fernández, Javier; Gonzalez Filgueira, Gerardo; Heras Jiménez, Salvador Augusto de las; Vazquez Gonzalez, David

  7. Using CFD to estimate external mass transfer coefficients and intra-particle diffusional effects on the supercritical hydrogenation of sunflower oil

    Guardo Zabaleta, Alfredo de Jesús; Ramírez Rangel, Eliana; Larrayoz Iriarte, María Angeles; Recasens Baxarías, Francisco Javier
    Hydrogenation of vegetable oils is an important process in the food industry because of its widespread application to produce margarines, shortenings, and other food components. Supercritical technology has proven to be a reliable alternative to conventional hydrogenation process because not only the trans isomer levels can be reduced, but also offers a clean, economic and environmental friendly process. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling applied to the supercritical hydrogenation reaction can be useful in visualizing and understanding the mass transfer phenomena involved. CFD is applied to the study of the catalytic hydrogenation of sunflower oil in the presence of a supercritical solvent. A mix of sunflower...

  8. European Project Semester: a semester of project based learning in sustainability with multicultural and multidisciplinary bachelor of engineering student groups

    Segalàs Coral, Jorge; Benson Murphy, Patricia; Esbrí Solanas, Maria Eugènia

  9. Declaración de Luarca sobre el Derecho Humano a la Paz

    Xercavins, Josep; Villán Durán, Carlos; Vega López, Jesús E.; Salado Osuna, Ana; Rueda Castañón, Carmen Rosa; Mancisidor, Mikel; Leret O'Neill, Carlota; Chueca Sancho, Angel; Faleh Pérez, Carmelo; Faúndez Ledesma, Héctor; Fernández Menéndez, Mercedes; Fernández Sánchez, Pablo Antonio; García Fernández, Román; Gómez Isa, Felipe; Hidalgo Tuñón, Alberto

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